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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles and Clas P. Kullerstrand

They proved up adjoining quarters in 5N 47W - northeast of Clarkville in 1894 - so they settled around 1887.

One tree says Charles J.V. Kullerstrand was born December 19, 1861 in Ostergotland, Sweden, immigrating in 1886.

In 1900 Jefferson County Charles Dec 1861 is a farmer, and brother Emil Dec 1865 with him is a farm laborer. Emil's married to Hedwig Sep 1876.  All three born in Sweden.

There are three Kullerstrand families on one page in 1910 Jefferson County, Colorado, all truck farmers.

Pontus is 46, Sophia 41, both Sweden, with Almer 16, MInnie 9, and Julia 5, all Colorado.

Emil is 42, Nellie 33, both Sweden, with Nomia 11 and Lillian 6, both Colorado.

Naomi Kullerstrand Olson was a teacher in Jefferson County in 1930..  She was born in Wheat Ridge April 27, 1899, attending school there, adbn was elected Jefferson County superintendent of schools - 1933 -1941, and inducted in 1988 into the Jefferson County Hall of Fame. . She died June 9, 1996

Charles is 48, single, Sweden. 
In 1920 Jefferson County Charles says he's widowed, and in 1930, still following Emil and Hattie n the census, he's single.

In 1940 Jefferson County he doesn't have an occupation.  Following him on the page is Emil 74 and Hattie M. 63.

Charles Kullerstrand's will was probated in Jefferson County January 23, 1951.

July 18, 1916 E. Kullerstrand married Elsie Holman  -

1920 Jefferson County "Elsie Kullerstrand was appointed guardian of Theodore Halman, minor, her brother."

In 1934 Theodore married Nina Bjork of Greeley.  Theodore was a florist in Wheat Ridge, Elmer Kullerstrand of Wheat Ridge being best man.  Theodore's sister Mrs. Elmer Kullerstrand and Mr. and Mrs. Gust Olson of Kersey were also there.

One tree C. Pontus Kullerstrand was born before 1870 in SE. He immigrated before 1888 to Kiron Kountry. He emigrated before 1888 from SE. C. filed a declaration of intention for citizenship on 11 October 1888 in Crawford County, Iowa

Another tree says that Pontus Claus Kullerstrand married Anna Sophie Johansdotter in Julesburg December 29, 1892

In 1895 Denver Pontus is a teamster, living on 18th between Blaine and Fairview Avenue, Denver.

In 1900 Jefferson County P. Kulenstrand, born Nov 1863 in Sweden, with Sophe Oct 1866 in Sweden, have Almar Sep 1893

In 1917 Pontus (Sophie)  are at 1416 Front, San Diego - he's a gardener.

They're back in Jefferson County in 1920, with Minnie 19 and Julia 15.

"Mrs. Ponto Kullerstrand" 's obituary was in the Jefferson County Republican August 26, 1926.

One tree said that Elmer was born 9/15/1893 in Colorado, dying April 1938 in San Diego.


Augusta M. Kullerstrand married Per Fritiof Johanson October 20, 1888

E. Thure Kullerstrand married Emma Sward October 21, 1897

Erick Thure Kullerstrand was naturalized in U.S. District Court, Colorado.

Elmer Kullerstrand's will was probated in Jefferson County May 19, 1938

Emma's obituary was in the Rocky Mountain News September 13, 1943

Emil's was probated. in Jefferson County July 17, 1945

In Crown Hill cemetery, Jefferson County a stone reads "Lilly Kullerstrand 1907 1994"

Kullerstrand Elementary in Wheat Ridge Named for pioneer, Hattie Kullerstrand, an active supporter of schools and education throughout her life time.

Hattie's obituary was in the Rock Mountain News Mach 15, 1966.

Dorothy's obituary was in the Jefferson County Republican December 27, 1928.  One tree said she was born February 26, 1918, the daughter of Elmer and Elsie.

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