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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

George Washington and Nora May (Godfrey) Davisson, Kirk
Photographs donated by Stephen Schneider.

George Washington Davisson was born in Iowa in 1871, the son of Franklin and Elzia Davisson. He came to Colorado in the 1890s with his mother, two brothers and two sisters. All of them settled in the Kirk/Idalia area of Yuma County. George homesteaded a quarter section nine miles southeast of Kirk in Sec 29 T5S R45W and received his patent in June 1899.

Nora May Godfrey was born in Kansas in 1888, the daughter of Thomas and Malissa (Hitchcock) Godfrey. She came to Colorado in the early 1900s with her uncle and aunt Marion and Molly Hitchcock. She got a job working for Eliza Davisson where she met George. George and Nora were married December 23, 1907 and they had fifteen children, three of whom died in infancy. Nora passed away in 1941 and George in 1947. They are buried in the Lucas Cemetery west of Idalia.

August 7, 1941

George lived in a dugout on his homestead until shortly before he married Nora when he built the sod house shown below photographed after a couple of additions.

From the left Lewis A, George, Franklin T, William E, Nora and Hazel M.

George and Nora's surviving children were:
   Lewis A. "Lew" married Marie [-?-}
   William E. "Bill" married Lela Smith.
   Franklin T. "Frank" married Anna Higdon.
   Hazel M. married Coyle Higdon.
   Arthur J."Art" married 1) Linda Lansdon and 2) Mary Abshere.
   Mary E.
   Mabel A. married Virgil Willhite
   Mane M. married Harold Jackson.
   Fred E. married Eva Lightle.
   Ella O. married Dale Davis.
   Laura E. married Ernie Black.
   Sarah Anna "Ann"

G.W. Davisson family and threshing crew circa 1916
Since the steam engine is populated by men leaning on hay forks and powering another machine via endless belt, I assume this is a threshing crew photo.

Stephen can identify only the small boy on the left (Frank Davisson); Hazel, Art and Mary (held by Nora Davisson) on the right. George Davisson is the one in the center hidden behind the tractor's steam dome drinking from a water bottle.

Would suggest that the small child beside the tractor driver (on the left) is Bill and the young boy, sitting on the drive belt is Lew since they both appear in the 1912 photo and aren't identified here. Stephen would very much like to confirm that and identify other men in the photograph.

Here is a photo collage I did of my grandparents James Coyle Higdon, and Hazel 
May Davisson Higdon. They were married December 18, 1935 at the Kit Carson 
County Court house in Burlington, Colorado. Frank and Anna Higdon Davisson were 
witnesses for them. Coyle, and Hazel both lived, and continued to live in Yuma 
County until their move to Oregon in 1949. (also will attach a photo of family 
in front of car before 1945 move taken at the Davisson homestead) Coyle's family 
lived in Mildred, Colorado. (Martin Alexander , and Ethel Louvina Kindred 
Higdon) Hazel's family lived near Kirk, Colorado - she Hazel living with her 
parents and siblings at the Davisson Homestead. (George Washington, and Nora May 
Godfrey Davisson). 
After their marriage Coyle & Hazel rented a small home in between, and South of 
Kirk, and Idalia. Their daughter and first child Erma Higdon (My Mother) was 
born there. At some point there was a house fire. Afterwards Coyle & Hazel lived 
in a dugout less then a mile just over the hill West of the Davisson homestead a 
few miles from Kirk. Their second and third children both boys, Jim, and Bob 
Higdon were born in that dugout. They later had another daughter, Margaret 
Higdon, the only one of their four children to be born in a hospital that being 
in Burlington. 
Coyle, and then his family traveled to Oregon a few times for work. Then the 
family made a permanent move to just West of Creswell, Oregon in 1949.  This 
move was part for work, but also to help care for  Kathy, and Cecelia Davisson, 
who were daughters of  Hazel's brother Art Davisson (Arthur John Davisson) 
already living in Oregon. A house fire had taken the life of Art's wife Linda 
(Melinda Pearl Lansdon), and infant son Joseph. 
The family did not return to Colorado after this move except for yearly visits 
to see family. In Oregon Coyle, and later his sons worked in the timber 
Photo # 1 Collage of Coyle & Hazel & Kit Carson County Courthouse. (No known 
photo exists of their marriage day - probably lost in house fire). 

Description of Photo #2 
Photo of the Higdon family as they were ready to move from Colorado to Oregon. 
It is my understanding that Grandma and Grandpa moved between Colorado and 
Oregon at least three times before finally staying in Oregon. The move in this 
photo would have been 1945. Left to Right: Hazel Higdon holding Margaret, Erma, 
Bob, Coyle Higdon, Jim. The Dog in front of Mother is Jack. 
Photo #3 
Coyle & Hazel Higdon Family in front of their car prior to their final move to 
Oregon in 1949. Left to Right in the photo are Jim, Erma, Coyle, Bob standing 
behind Margaret, and Hazel. Photo believed to be taken at the Davisson 
Homestead. (Jim recalls how the family would sleep under the stars at night 
along their way taking the mattresses off of the trailer then re-packing them in 
the morning.) 
This was taken at the Davisson Homestead near Kirk Colorado.  Left to right are George Washington 
Davisson, his son-n-law James Coyle Higdon (who married Georges daughter Hazel) and Georges son Lew Davisson. The original black and white photo came from one 
of George, and Nora Davisson's old albums which I photographed courtesy of Sara Ann Davisson. I colorized the image in 2009 (one of my hobbies). 
The original image was probably taken in the early 1940s (George passed away in 1947). George Washington Davisson is my great grandfather. Coyle is my 
grandfather, Lew my great Uncle. 
~ Stephen Schneider 
*Note as of this writing December 4, 2014 Sarah Ann Davisson (George & Nora Godfrey Davisson's  youngest child) still lives at the Davisson homestead. The 
farm has been in the Davisson family for well over 100 years now. 


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