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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles Brockman

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 4N 46 W in 1891.

In 1903 and  1904 he was delinquent on taxes for the nw of 31, 5N 48 W.  That quarter was cash-claimed in 1891 by Frank F. Runner.

1908 Wray  "N.S. Brockman of Clark, Mo., who has been visiting his old friend Tom Dunnington for the past two weeks, was joined here last Sunday by his wife."

1912 Fort Collins - policeman Charles Brockman was killed.

1919 "Miss Ruth Brockman of Centralia, Mo., is spending the summer with her sister, Mrs. Frank Pollack of Wray."

NOT THE YUMA ONE - Charles Emil Brockman, son of Carl Brockmann and Margareth Wiese, married Josephine Ludmilla Eby, daughter of Johannes Eby and Anna Maria Buchner, in Scott County Iowa, January 7, 1890.

In 1900 Denver, Charles Brockman is a railroad section foreman, born Feb 1867 in Sweden, married six years to Josie Feb 1867 Sweden, with Lillie Jan 1895, Alice March 1896, and William Aug 1897, all three born in Colorado.
In 1920 Denver, Charles is 49, widowed, with Lilian 25, Alice 23, Carl 21, and Eddie 16..
Charles William Burkman 1868-1940 is buried in Denver # 315o63568, , with Josephine 1867-1912, and son Carl William 1897-1949.
In 1930 Denver Charles, 63, has daughter Alice G. Carlson 31, Harry W. Carlson 34, Josephine A. 7 and Harry W. Jr. 3.


1922 "Frank Pollock and sister, Miss Ruth Brockman, left for Boulder the latter part of last week, where Miss Brockman will enter a sanitarium for treatment.  Mr. Pollock will return home as soon as his sister is nicely located."

Ora Austin wrote in 1914

                                                                Holyoke, Colo.

                                                                Oct. 2, 1914


Dear Muriel & family,


        How are you all by this time.  Wish I could step in and see for myself.  Hope L. is better.  If he is so he can go out of doors he won't be so lonesome. 


Mrs. Ford was over this forenoon to do some sewing.  She has no machine so she comes over here quite often.  They got through stacking at noon. 


We have been having some excitement here.  Mr. C. and some others have been missing calves off the range for some time.  George told us about it some time ago but said Mr. C. didn't want us to say anything but we had better get ours in and brand them, so we did.  They have been looking pretty sharp while riding after the cattle and the other day he found 5 of his calves in Mr. Curtis's pasture.  He (Mr. C) asked him where he got them and he said he bought them of Frank Pollock.  They caught the calves and could see where Frank had cut out Clarksons ear mark, so they went over to see Frank.  He told them that he bought them of a man over west of here.  Mr. Clarkson asked him if he would go over to see that man with them and he said he would so he told Shannon and Mr. Curtis to go over there with Frank.  Then instead of his (Mr. C) going home as Frank thought he was going to, he went to Wray after the sheriff.  Of course that man had never sold Frank any calves.  Frank had just got home and in bed when the sheriff arrested him. They took him to Wray and locked him up.  He has his preliminary trial this evening.  Mr. & Mrs. C went to Wray today.  They say Frank laid it all to his younger brother.  Don't know whether they have found him yet or not.  Folks are not saying much on Leda's account as every one likes her and feels sorry for her.  She is expecting an addition to the family before long too.  Poor Leda.  Isn't it too bad.  I feel so sorry for her and I feel sorry for Mrs. Clarkson too.  She is so uneasy if Mr. C. is out of her sight.  She is so afraid they will do him some harm, and I can't blame her.  Yet I don't suppose there is any danger, but we Iowa folks can't get used to the "wild and wooly" part of the west.  I hope if Frank is guilty, they put him where he won't steal any more calves. 


        Well guess that is enough of that.  We are all well.  Pa is going to town tomorrow after a load of coal, so I will have a long lonesome day.  Wish I had Leonard here to stay with me.  Guess Lucy will be here tho


        Must close and write to Ora. 


                                Love to all from Pa and Ma


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