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September 15, 1899 "Abraham Brower, father of commissioner Joseph Brower, returned last Friday from quite an extended trip to Ohio."

October 13, 1899


It is with profound regret that the people of the county were notified of the death of Abraham Brower, father of County Commissioner Brower, on Tuesday last.  He was an old man, having reached the annual mark of 85 years.  For many years he has been a resident of Yuma county, and a man who made many friends who will join in mourning his loss and extending their sympathy to the bereaved family of the son.

October 20, 1899

Probably West Alexandria, Ohio - Preble County


JOHN BROWER, the grandfather of the subject of this sketch (George), emigrated to Ohio from Rockingham Co VA in 1801 & settled in Montgomery Co, near Germantown. He lived there until his death, which occurred several years after his settlement. His wife MAGDALINE survived him & died in Indiana. His children were JOHN, ABRAHAM, JACOB, GEORGE, SUSAN, POLLY & BETSEY. All are now dead except George, who resides in Miami Co Indiana & is over 80 years of age.

ABRAHAM BROWER, THE FATHER OF OUR SUBJECT (GEORGE), was a native of Rockingham Co VA; married near the close of the last century, ELIZABETH HARTER, daughter of George Harter, who was one of the early emigrants from Virginia to Preble County. Abraham Brower moved out from Virginia in 1801 & settled on Little Twin in Montgomery Co, where he resided until 1815, when he moved to Preble & settled in the woods on the farm now owned by George T POTTERF. He died in 1821 42ys, his wife surviving him many years. They were the parents of 12 children, 5 boys 7 girls: JOHN, POLLY(BANTA), REBECCA (SHIVELY), CATHARINE (HART), NANCY (TEAL), JOSEPH, SUSAN (PARKER), GEORGE (OUR SUBJECT), ELIZABETH (HART), ABRAHAM, HENRY & CHRISTENA (CAMPBELL). All are living except the first three.

 in Preble County - Brower, Abraham  married  Parker, Barbara           21 Jan 1836, Book 001  3Page 08  by J. Wilson, JP

One Ancestry tree says Abraham's parents were Abraham Brower, born 1779 in Rockingham, Virginia, dying 1821 in Preble County. and Elizabeth Harter, born 1780 in Frederick, Maryland and dying 1854 in Preble County, and they were married November 3, 1800 in Franklin, Virginia

In 1850 De Kalb County, Indiana is Abraham Brown 36, Barbara 36, Isabella 13, Mary Elizabeth 12, Nelson 10, George 5, Joshua 4, and Christian 1.

The 1856 census of Jasper County, Iowa has Abraham, 41, Barbara 41, Elizabeth 19, Mary E. 18, Nelson 16, George 11, Joshua 9, Joseph 5, Eliza J. 3.

In 1860 in Jasper County is Abraham BROWN, 45, Barbary 45, Nelson 19, Christian 10, Joseph 8, Eliza J. 7, Elbridge 5, Clary 3,. (has to be Gary)

A Nelson Brower of Ohio enlisted at Fort Wayne, Indiana May 26, 1862, in the army at age 22.- probably the same one going through Fort Preble, Maine in 1863.

A Flora Graybill of Iowa filed for a pension in 1898, naming Nelson Brower as the soldier and James F. Smith as a minor.

One web blogger wrote "Of the twelve children mentioned in his obituary, ten were found among existing records:   Isabelle (Monroe), Mary Elizabeth (Smith), Nelson, George W., Joshua, Joseph, Christina (Petty), Eliza Jane (Patchin), Elbridge and Gerry.   Nelson and Joshua predeceased their father." 


First Row - Mae..... Mildred

Second Row - Grandpa Fred Herbough, Great Grandpa Seborn Elliott, Mr. Edwards, Ray and Uncle Marvin Elliott (Martha's brother)

Third Row - Arthur..... Ella, Mary Brower (Martha's sister), Viola ....... Mrs. Edwards,  Ida, ....Ethel

Fourth Row - Grandma Martha Herbough,.., Carl Hathaway.......

Martha H, Arthur H......Ella M.... Carl Hathaway, Mary Brower, Viola H.,

Mrs. Edwards, Iva Ackers, Ethel Hathaway,

SEATED - Fred Herbough, Seborn Elliott, Mr. Edwards, Ray H., Marvin
census, with Charles W.,  46, Lucy A., 47, both  born Missouri, and 11-





Mary probably is the Mary E. Smith born April 1838 in Indiana, married to James F. Smith, living in Humboldt, Richardson, Nebraska in 1880.,because that's where Abraham and Barbara were.  Mary and James were in the same household as Abraham in 1860 in Jasper County.  Mary has Abraham Smith, 1, and Abraham P. , two months.  This has to be the same Abraham Pleasant Smith who ran a livery stable in Fraser, Colorado in 1910 and 1920 and was buried there in 1926

In 1880 Council Bluffs, Iowa are James F. Smith, 57, Mary E. Smith 41, Anderson V. Smith 21, Pleasant A. Smith 20, Ona Belle Smith 18, John Foley 64 boarder railroad worker, and Gerry Browen 1 - the census has him as a grandson, but one Ancestry tree calls him an adopted son,.


The 1890 "Farmers List" of Richardson County has a Jas. Smith in Humboldt, Richardson

In 1900 James F. and Mary E. are still in Humboldt.  At age 67, James is a day laborer.  Mary has had five children, three of which still live.


There's a Gerry BrowN, 24 in 1885 Pawnee County Nebraska.  He's with his brother Joseph, 34, father Abraham, 70 and mother Margat, 70.  In 1880 Gerry, Abraham, and Barbara Brower - same ages i- wee in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska with Gerry's sister ???? Petty  (Chrissa in the 1900 Burt County census).

In 1885 Pawnee County, Nebraska are Abraham BROWN 70, Margaret 70, Gerry 27 and Joseph 35

  Jun. 15, 1967 Colorado, USA Mary (Williams) Robertson was born in 1881 in Missouri to James & Sarah Williams.

Ona Robertson on Dec 23, 1900 in Daviess, Missouri

Izola married Guy G. Goddard, (in 1920 Guy and George Goddard were partners in farming with widowed Mary E. Routon, on the next line in the census from the Robertsons). 

The Goddards lived on Petain Street in north Yuma in 1940.  Guy, 56  is a laborer on a road maintenance project.  He and Izola, 36 have Arvilla 15, Gordon 8 Fredona (son) 6, Olin 2, and Ora Lynna three months.  So Izola had Arvilla before she married Guy.


Guy was in the 1934 Yuma County directory, farming in Section 33, 1N 46 (that's near Eckley)

In 1937 Goddard, Guy (w) Izola - 2W 7S 1E Eckley, Star Rt. Eckley, O.
    Farmer, (Gordon, Fred Olin, Arvilla).

They're both in Olinger Highland Cemetery.

Death:1967 Thornton Adams County, Colorado
Gordon Goddard
Fredona Goddard
Olin Goddard
Ara Lynna Goddard
Daughter of James F. and Mary Smith  in Sparrow family tree

Emanuel Walter Peterson

Birth 28 Mar 1844 Illinois, USA
Death 6 DEC 1926 Woodward Co, OK

Oney Isabella Smith

Birth 19 Jan 1862 Iowa, USA
Death 29 DEC 1915 Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS


In September 1902 "Gerry Brower and family, who left here about seven years ago, are on the road to Yuma again.  So says his brother, our county commissioner, Joseph Brower."

The History of Montgomery County, Ohio   1882  Perry Township - 395

DR. J. BROWER, physician and surgeon, Johnsville. Born in West Alexandria, Preble County, Ohio, February 14, 1841 ; is a son of Joseph and Maria ‎(Spatty)‎ Brower, he a native of this county, and she of Switzerland. The grandfather, Abraham Brower, was a native of Virginia ; he emigrated to Ohio and located near Germantown about 1805, being one of the early pioneers ; he resided there a short time, thence he moved into Preble County, where he resided till his death. Joseph, who was born about 1809, or about four years after his father came to this county, was rocked in the pioneer cradle, and grew up to manhood inured to the scenes and hardships of those primitive times, receiving but a meager education, such as those days afforded ; but he possessed a natural ability and became a very popular man of his day ; was elected Justice of the Peace when only eighteen years of age ; held many of the offices of his township and county ; was County Treasurer for four years, and became a man of wealth and influence, and is still residing near West Alexandria, now over three score years and ten," loved and respected by all who know him. Our subject, who was born and raised in Preble County, and educated in the common schools, conceived the idea in his youthful days of becoming a physician, and early commenced to prepare for that profession by entering upon a course of study under Dr. O. E. Tillson, of West Alexandria, with whom he remained several years, thence in the winter of 1875 entered the Eclectic Medical Institute at Cincinnati ; went through their complete course on the practice of medicine and surgery, and graduated in 1878, receiving his diploma with honors. e immediately located in Johnsville, and commenced the practice of his profession ; has now been located here four years ; has a good, lucrative practice, and from his affableness of manners and social qualities, his thorough course and preparation for his profession, with his natural ability and love for the same, we may safely predict for him a growing practice and a success in his profession second to but few in the county.

 Joseph Brower was born in 1807; married Maria Spatty in 1838, and resides one mile east of West Alexandria. He has been, with the exception of a few months, a resident of the township since 1815. A daughter is the wife of Dr. Tillson, of West Alexandria.


In August 1905 the Eckley news "Gerry Brower is now west section foreman."

Mary had married Gerry Brower, and they homesteaded in 4N 46W. 

In April 1906 "Mr. Joe Brower drove over from his ranch north of town Monday, returning Tuesday with his brother Gerry Brower, who will try ranch life a while."

In February 1907 the Eckley news "Mrs. Garry Brower and little son visited over Saturday with Mrs. Elliott."

In 1910 Seborn is living with the Browers  ( they had completed the three-room cement house by then).

The caption on Ancestry says this photo was 1908 - Mary, Charlie, Viola, and Gerry Brower - but it has to be later - Charles was single

1n 1912 their house was designated the polling place for the Weld City precinct - four townships.  They were doing it in 1914, with Gerry receiving $10 polling place rent and Chas. $5. for election board

Charles Emory Brower registered for the WWI draft, saying he was single, born June 27, 1892.  On February 13, 1913 in the Wray Rattler "John Adcock, county clerk, has issued a marriage license to Charles E. Browers (sic) of Yuma and Miss Viola Robertson of Eckley."


In 1920 Gerry's 63, Mary  51, and Gerry's  brother Eldridge E. 64 and his wife Delila 68 are living with them.  Eldridge didn't stay long, because he died in 1923 in Charles Hix County, South Dakota.  He really got around - in 1910 he was farming in Kittitas County, Washington and in 1900 in Polk County, Iowa.

Mary, the only one of the Elliott children to stay in Yuma, is buried in the Yuma Cemetery with husband Gerry Brower.
December 1, 1955

Their son Charlie Brower married Viola Robertson (her parents Ona and Mary were in the same precinct in 1920), and Charlie operated a blacksmith shop in the 4 N 46 W township for many years, moving to Yuma (Cedar Street, according to one resident). 
March 1938 the Pleasant Valley news itmes included "Charles BROWN has erected some gas pumps at his blacksmith shop and is now selling gas."

Charlie and Viola have a tombstone in the Yuma Cemetery, but the Yuma cemetery records don't show Viola.

November 5, 1981
November 26, 1981

The Robertsons were in Smith County, Kansas in 1905 - Ona 26, Mary C. 19, Viola 3 and Izola 2..  They're still in Smith County in 1910, having added a son, Ora, 5.

In 1930 Eckley Ona is a section worker (railroad), Mary does laundry, Izala 27 is an assistant to her, and they  have 5i-year-old Arvilla.  In 1940 Ona and Mary are in North Yuma, with no occupation listed.  They have a 12-year-old boarder.

In 1934 Mary C. Robertson is in the Yuma County directory, Section 20, 3N 46W (that's northwest of Eckley)

Ora and Mary are in Oliinger Highland cemetery

Birth:  Sep. 22, 1881
Missouri, USA Death: 


Ora in is Yuma in 1930. married to Georgia L., 31.  They have Doris Jean, two months, "adopted daughter".  "Arthur O". is a foreman at the Ford garage.

ROBERTSON, Doris Jeanne ( ); 73; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2003-2-28; clh

One Ancestry tree submitter says he married Ruth Francis Hilliker in Denver June 9, 1946, and that she died in Denver September 5, 1984

Ruth, born in Colorado in 1914, was a teacher in 1940 Denver, living with her widowed mother.

Ruth Frances Hilliker Robertson is buried in Denver's Fairmount cemetery - same tombstone as her parents.

Arthur O. Robertson, a resident of Bennett, died July 14. He was 89.A funeral service was Monday at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Strasburg Branch. Interment was in Mountain View Cemetery.
Robertson was born April 20, 1905, in Belaire Smith, Kan. On Nov. 25, 1968, he married M. Carolyn Zeeb in Clark County, Nev.
Robertson was a member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Strasburg Branch and Aurora Stake.

He is survived by his wife; and a son, A.R. Howard Jr., Veradale, Wash.

Denver Post, The (CO) Date: July 22, 1994

May 3, 1928 "Ruby and Ruth Northcut, Donna and Melvin Brady, Geneva Woodcock and Beulah Monk were guests of Miss Velma Herbaugh and Opal and Ethel Brower Sunday afternoon."

Charlie applied for a BrowerPatent.pdf in 1928 for a "seeding machine" - usually called a "planter."

In 1930 Charlie and Viola have Opal A. 8, born in Colorado, and Ethel  P. 6.

In December 1939 "A large crowd attended the bridal shower for Miss Opal Brower at the home of Mrs. Geo. Fix Tuesday of last week."
January 4, 1940

In 1940 they're in 4N 46W, with Ethel P. 16, born in Nebraska.  Mary is living with Charles 47 and Viola 39.

August 1941
This is almost certainly FREDERICK S. Palmer in 1930 Sterling, Colorado with parents Amos and Ethel. Siblings are Robert A. 25, Hazel M. 16, Frederick S. 13, Marjorie A. 11, and Arthur L. 8.
In 1940 Frederick is 23, a hired hand for Charlie Brower.
In 1940 Denver, Melvin B. Brady is 24, Opal A. 18.
Melvin Bernard Brady was born Jan 21, 1916 at Hayes Nebraska to Lewis E. Brady and Martha Washington, dying Jan 22, 2003,, lasat residence Hidalgo County, Texas.
November 5, 1942 "A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brady in Denver last Thursday, called Bernard Stanley. Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Chas Borwer and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brady of Yuma."
In 1943 Melvin and Opa and son moved to the Chas Brower farm where they will assist Mr. Brower with his blacksmith work." )that building is still standing, a shop at 15050 Road 53.)

In 1949 Opal Brady, of Edinburg, Texas, served the cake at the wedding of Alma Esther Brady, daughter of Lewis E. Brady, to Warren Lee Spangler of Otis.
1971 Harlingen, Texas "The engagement of Miss Cecilia Dawn Savage, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Judson C. Savage of Raymondville, and Carrol Francis Brady of Corpus Christi was announced Friday at a large tea given by Mrs. Richard Willard Hutchins Jr. at her home in Raymondville. The future bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brady of Edinburg."
1985 Yuma "Jennie Johnston and Phoebe Josh visited Melvin and Opal Brady of Texas who have been visitin ghes mother, Martha Brady.

Ethel P. Palmer 1923-1986 buried in Fort Logan "Wife of Frederic S. Palmer" # 36085117.

Also in 1910

Marvin, Ed, Mary Brower,  Martha Herbaugh, Albert


In 1900 the Yuma County census has Joseph, 49, born in Indiana, with Adilia F. Brower, 49, born Indiana.  They've been married six years.

February 1900 "Luthur Mustain, Jos. Brower, John Felderman, John McNichols and G.H. Hatcher all from north of Yuma, brought horses and mules to Pickett Tuesday"  (C. D. Pickett was a livestock dealer)

The Wray Gazette in 1904 said

"After a Prosperous Career Joseph Brower Wants to Retire and Take Life Easier.

(Photo - Harvest Scene on the Joseph Brower Ranch was not included in the text)

     One of the many money making ranches of the county is that owned by Joseph Brower, twenty miles northeast of Yuma.

     Mr. Brower is a native of Indiana, where he was born fifty-three years ago. After he grew to manhood he farmed in the Hoosier State, Iowa and Nebraska, but he came to Colorado in May, 1887, and settled on a government claim which is now a part of his ranch. He commenced general farming and prosperity smiled upon him. His crops were abundant, his yield of wheat going as high as thirty bushels an acre, oats forty bushels, and he has harvested fifty bushels of corn per acre, with other crops equally good in proportion. He generally grows a large quantity of cane and millet for winter feed for his stock.

     Mr. Brower owns 320 acres on which his home is situated, and 100 acres only twelve miles from Yuma station. He has a comfortable residence, good barns, sheds, etc., and his farm is generously supplied with the necessary agricultural implements, including a first-class binder. His ranch is amply protected with seven miles of good wire fence, and adjacent to it is a vast area of free range on which buffalo and other native grades grow luxuriously. He owns two inexhaustible wells of pure water, with pumps operated by windmills and necessary drinking tanks for stock. The land is a level prairie and the soil is very productive.

     In addition to general farming, Mr. Bower is in the cattle business. He owns four horses and 100 cattle, the stock being well bred and desirable.

     Mr. Brower has been county commissioner for six years, his last term having expired about one year ago. He made an enviable record as a county officer. He has been a school director of his district almost continuously since he came to the county.

     In February, 1894, Mr. Brower married Miss Adelia Moore, an estimable Yuma county lady, and the couple are highly esteemed by all who know them. (the record shows Joseph Brower, 42 marrying Adelia F. Kuhns, 33, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, February 18, 1894 at the home of the groom in Yuma County, ceremony performed by Joseph H. Shackley, justice of the peace in Magee Precinct, witnessed by George Thornton and W. A. McNichols) 

This has to be the Adelia Francis Moore who married James M. Kuhns May 6, 1878 in Allen County, Indiana - and there's a James Monroe Kuhns -1851- 1888 buried in Sparta Cemetery, Noble County Indiana..  He was the brother of David Kuhns buried there, sons of Samuel and Martha (James) Kuhns.

Wants to Sell Ranch

     Mr. Brower has made money on his Yuma county ranch and he wants to retire from the cares, anxieties and hard work of farm life. For that reason, he offers his entire ranch, including his horses, cattle, agricultural implements and every other farm adjunct for only $6,000. This offers a special opportunity to secure a profitable ranch, well stocked, at a very reasonable figure. Mr. Brower's address is Yuma, Colo.

In 1904 the Pioneer reported

In April 1905 the Pioneer reported that "Joseph Brower has been appointed guardian for Mary A. Card."  Mary married Henry Meier in 1909, so she wasn't a young child,.

The  May 1907 marriage license to W.B. (Roscoe) Elliott and Adelia Brower of Yuma must be a niece., because in February "Miss Adelia Brower has gone out to their ranch north of Eckley for a few weeks vacation."

In 1908 "Joseph Brower has been building a barn for Preston Stephens."

In April 1909 "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brower left Tuesday for Hicksville, Ohio, where they hope to dispose of their property by fall and again return to Yuma."

In 1910 Magee Precinct Joseph, 59, and "Delia" 49,  are Visitors in the John and Emily Conley house.  Gogen Hatcher, 49 - one-time mayor of Yuma is a boarder, and Maud McDonald, 27, is a servant.

Fort Wayne Sentinel May 3, 1919 HICKSVILLE NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brower have left for Colorado, where they expect to take up their home, having been residents of that state prior to moving to Hicksville several years ago...

A KOONS family had married into the Abraham Brower family in Defiance County in the early 1800's

In 1930 Hicksville, Defiance County, Ohio Adelia Brower, widowed is 70.


n 1920 Gerry's 63, Mary  51, and Gerry's  brother Eldridge E. 64 and his wife Delila 68 are living with them.  Eldridge didn't stay long, because he died in 1923 in Charles Hix County, South Dakota.  He really got around - in 1910 he was farming in Kittitas County, Washington and in 1900 in Polk County, Iowa.

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