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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

G.W. Limbocker married Harriet A. Gray May 7, 1857 in Louisa County, Iowa.

In 1860 Grand County Wisconsin are H.A. and G.W. Limbocker, with Lillian A. 2.

The Boscobel Weekly Democrat was established Dec. 1859 by George W. Limbocker and A. J. Parttridge suspended May 1860.

Possibly the Wisconsin  Grant County Union Guards, organized at Boscobel, by Capt. George
W. Limbocker, accepted April 3. 1863,

In 1880 Clay County, Nebraska Geo. W. Limbocker 50 is a newspaper editor.  He's married to Henrietta, and with them are Lillie A. 22, a music teacher.  Rose I, 10 and Kate W. 6 are at school.

There's a Thomas R. Gaige 23, telegraph operator in the same town.

And a Thomas R. Gaige married a Carmen S. Arviso on September 22, 1890 in Gila Bend Arizona.  Maricopa County.

 The Harvard Journal was established March 18, 1879, and has continued under its present management until the present time and is consequently entitled to claim to be the oldest paper in the county. It is a live, wide-awake paper and heartily devoted to the best interests of Harvard and Clay county. Independent in politics. G. W. Limbocker, editor and proprietor.

In April 1887 G.W. Limbocker was chosen Mayor.

In 1890 it was the Clay County Journal


The Omaha Daily Bee of 1881 says Geo W. was editor of the Clay County Journal.

In 1882 it was the Harvard Journal.

1885 G.W. Limbocker was appointed sergeant-at-arms of the Nebraska legislature.

Buried in the Columbus City cemetery, Louisa County, Iowa. Mr. Limbocker died from complications incurred in 1863 during a battle of the Civil War, possible Shiloh, Tenn.

WILSON, LILLIAN A. GAIGE       6N 47W S10   1890  SALE - CASH ENTRY - This would be in Phillips County, about six miles north of her other claim and Richard's.

Richard H. Wilson married Lillian A. Gage May 9, 1887 in Colorado.

November 1887 "'Dick' Wilson is almost kept busy locating new comers.  Let them come.  He informs us that he expects a brother soon from New York."
September 1888 "R.H. Wilson has moved into his house in south Holyoke."

October 1888 "R.H. Wilson received a telegram from N.Y. this morning stating that his brother Elmer was found dead in his bed at Hoboken yesterday morning.  Mrs. and Mrs. Wilson were expecting this brother here in a short time, when they received the sad intelligence."

December 1888 "Mrs. R.H. Wilson left Sunday night for Harvard, Nebraska to spend the holidays with home folks.

Lillian cash-claimed a quarter in section 8, 5N 46W - adjoining John Y. Eckman's claim the same year, a mile away from Richard H. Wilson's quarter the same year.

May 1889 Mr. Limbocker, editor of the Harvard Journal, arrived Saturday for a short visit with his daughter, Mrs. R.H. Wilson."

1888 "Frank & Wilson" advertised as land agents and locators.


May 3 1889 Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Wilson were among the attendees at the gala Q.A.O. Ball held in the eating hall of the Burlington station.

June 1889 "Miss Kate Limbocker, a sister of Mrs. R.H. Wilson, arrived Saturday to remain all summer."

June 1889 "Jacob Wilson of Denver, and brother of R.H. is here on a visit.  The gentleman and his family have resided in California for the past two years."

In 1900 Denver Richard H. Wilson, born August 1855 in New York, is a real estate agent.  He's been married twelve years to Lillian A., born May 1858 in Iowa. 

The 1902 Denver directory has a John Toohey, stone contractor, living at 828 S. 11th.  Also at that address is John, Jr., Miss Lillian Toohey, a clerk, and Miss Mary Toohey, a telephone operator.

Richard H. Wilson, real estate and rentals office at 401 W. 4th, residence 308 W. 4th.

In 1905 Miss Lillian M. Toohey is a clerk for R. H. Wilson.  She lives at 1376 Santa Fe (same address as John J. , John .

She's a clerk in 1906, still living at 1376 Santa Fe.

In 1907 she's a bookkeeper for R.H. Wilson, rooms at 1376 Jason. (same address as father John Toohey)

The 1908 directory has Lillian as clerk for R.H. Wilson,. living at 320 Fox (same address as John C. Toohey).

Fairmont Cemetery, Denver has a Lill Linnbocker ??? (hard to make out the stone)

Richard H. Wilson married Lillian M. Toohey April 20, 1908

The 1910 Denver census, with Richard 54 born in New York, but he's a "lather - contractor" and wife Lillian is 29 married two years.

In 1920 Denver Richard is a realtor /insurance.

In 1930 Denver Richard is an insurance agent, with Lillian - but with her mother Anne Toohey.

In 1940 Denver Lillian M. Wilson, 59, is widowed.

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