Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Rufus L and Ellen Marie (Ham) Graves, Kirk.

   Rufus (1859-1938) and Ellen (1856-1934) came to the Kirk area in 1906 from Waverly, Kansas. Rufus claimed a homestead one mile west of Kirk. Rufus and Ellen had four children; Glen, Fred, Bessie and John H "Marcus". Only Marcus and Bessie came to Colorado with their parents. Rufus and Ellen are buried in the Kirk Cemetery.

Rufus Graves

Photograph of the Graves homestead from the 1900s.
Rufus, Ellen, Stella (granddaughter) and Bessie

Bessie Alice married George T. Liming in 1910. Glenn married Lily Gwartney (Stella's mother) who died in childbirth. Fred married Florence Abercrombie. Marcus never married.

Marcus Graves (on the left) photographed in a World War I Infantry training camp. The other solider is unknown to us. Graves was discharged after the war as an infantry sergeant.

Images and family information contributed by Dallas Riedesel.

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