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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William and Almira Hesp, sons Ralph O. Hesp and Earl Hesp, Pleasant Valley

In 1860 Pickaway County, Ohio, William is 13, with parents George 42 and Sarah 39, Hannah 16, Ann 14, Garfitt 8, A. Elisaabeth 3, SAarah J. 1, and an infant.
(1901 Mont Ida, Kansas - George Hesp was proprietor of a livery, feed and sale stable. George Hesp, age 73, died in 1891, and is buried in Anderson County # 86258182, with "beloved wife" "Sarah 1823-1889 # 86258283)
In 1870 Anderson County, Kansas, Spink Hess is 23, a farm laborer for Thomas and Ann Wardell, both born in England.
He married Almira Walker March 15, 1875 in Anderson County, Kansas - he was 22, she was 17.
In 1880 Anderson County William is a carpenter, and they have May G., 1.
In 1885 Anderson County, still a carpenter, they have M.G. 7, E.3, and Ralph seven months.
In 1892 John H. Currier, Jr., William S. Hesp, and Samuel Crum, citizens of the U.S. residing at Garenett, Kansas, applied for a patent for a device to support doors.
William Lyle Hesp, 1891-1895 is buried in Anderson County # 65258232. "son of William S & Almira A age 3y 4m 22d "
In 1896 "Thirty-two of the I.O.O.F. lodge of Garnett went to COlony and instituted a lodge. It was a jolly corwd, including W.S. Hesp. .. They took Hershel Cloud's donkey along for a 'goat.'"

In 1900 Anderson County, William is a grocer, born Feb 1847 in England, and Almina June 1858 Kansas, have Ralph Sept 1884 California, and Glen July 1888 Kansas.

1904 Welda Kansas - population 250, a village on the A.T. # S. Fe. Ry, 10 miles south of Garnett and 8 from Colony. J.M. Ghormley was proprietor of the City Hotel adn W.S. Hesp was a grocer.

In 1905 Anderson County, W.S. is 56, A. 47, with Earl T. 22, Ralph 19, and Glenn 16.
1908 Garnett, Kansas "W. F. Hesp and wife, who have been here for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Sarah Walker and other relatives and friends, left Tuesday for Kansas City for a short visit with Clarence Walker. From there they will go to Hampton, Neb., for an extended visit with their son, Earl Hesp. Before returning to Kansas Mr. and Mrs. Hesp expect to take a trip to Tacoma, Wash., to visit their daughter, Mrs. May Alexander. Mr. and Mrs. Hesp have decided on no location as yet but it is thought they will locate in the West. "

In 1910 Hamilton County, Nebraska, Earl is farming, 28, married to Bertha B. 25, with Laura M. 3 born in Kansas, Meriam A. -six months born in Nebraska. Brothers Ralph 25 and Glenn 22 are working on the farm.
1914 Osawatomie, Kansas "Mr. William Hesp of Hampton. Neb., who had been visiting relatives at Mont Ida, Westphalia and Garnett for the past month, visited his sister, Mrs. W. G. Boisvert, of this city from Friday to Sunday of last week on his way to his home"
In 1920 Ralph owned three quarters two miles west of the Pleasant Valley church, and Earl two quarters north of Ralph.
In 1920 Yuma County, on the same page, are:
Wm. S. Hesp 72 born in England, with Almira 62 Kansas.
Earl Hesp, 38 Kansas, Bertha B. 35 Missouri, Laura May 13 Kansas, Margaret A. 8 Washington, Bertha J. 5 Washington, and Vivian L. 2 Nebraska.
Ralph O. Hesp, 34 California, and Francis 21, Nebraska.
William Spink Hesp, 1848-1931, is buried in Tulare, California # 74641952, with Almira Aldulla (Walter) Hesp 1858-1927 # 74641997.

1904 Garnett Kansas "Ralph Hess, who has been farming in Nebraska since January, returned Wednesday. He stopped off here on his return to Welda, to visit his grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Walker."

Ralph Orlan Hesp registered for WWI in Hampton, Hamilton County, Nebraska, born Sept 31, 1884, nearest relative Elmira A. Hesp, mother, also of Hampton.
1920 Yuma County "Hesp, Ralph O, Farmer, PO Yuma, came to Yuma County 1918, Born Colorado 1884, married Frances Thompson."
Ralph and Earl were both delinquent on taxes in Yuma County in 1923.
1922 Nebraska State Journal " Delmer D. Norton filed suit against the Bankers Fire Insurancs company Saturday afternoon In district court asking judgment in the sum of $10,200. He sets forth in his petition that he formerly owned a note for that amount, executed by Ralph O. Hesp and Earl Hesp, secured by a mortgage on Colorado land. "

In 1930 Lincoln County, Nebraska, Ralph and Frances are farming, no chidren.
Ralph 1884-1948, is buried in North Platte, Nebraska, # 50458931, with Frances E. Brodine 1899-1992.
(Frances married George Ervin Brodine 1885-1961)
1895 Garnett
1904 Welda Kansas - population 250, a village on the A.T. # S. Fe. Ry, 10 miles south of Garnett and 8 from Colony. J.M. Ghormley was proprietor of the City Hotel adn W.S. Hesp was a grocer.

1911 Garnett, Kansas "Mrs. Ada Bowman Dunlap left today for Hampton, Neb. to nurse the little daughter of her nephew, Earl Hesp, who is sick"
Mary 12, 1911 Garnett "LITTLE MIRIAM HESP DEAD
Walter Warren received a telegram Tuesday evening from Earl Hesp, of Hampton, Neb., stating that their little girl Miriam, two years old had died, death resulting from measles followed by an attack of pneumonia. The remains will arrive in Garnett on the noon train Friday, and funeral services, conducted by Rev. C. E. Matson, be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren at 3:30 Friday afternoon. Mrs. Hesp was formerly Miss Bertha Ghormley,and is a sister of Mrs. Walter Warren of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Hesp visited in Garnett last summer and little Miriam attracted all by her exceptional beauty and lovable ways, and her loss will be a sad blow to the parents, who have the sincere sympathy of many friends."
"Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hesp, who came from Hampton, Neb., last Friday with the remains of their little girl who died there, will go to Welda tonight to visit friends, and will gc from there to Mont Ida to continue their visit. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Warren and little son John Martin will accompany them to Welda. "

Margaret Aldula Hesp was born Jan 24, 1912 in Yakima County, Washington to Earl Hes and Bertha Ghormley.
Courtest Yakima Valley Museum
1912 Yakima, Washington "Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Anderson and children and Mr. and Mrs. Warl Hesp and children took a trip up above Soda Springs Sunday."
March 11, 1920

1922 Yuma County " Hesp, Earl, Farmer and Breeder of Registered Clydesdale Horses and Poland China Hogs, PO Yuma, came to Yuma County 1919, Born Kansas 1881, married Bertha B Ghormley. "
March 6, 1924

March 20, 1924 Yuma "Earl Hesp and family left Tuesday bound for their new home in the state of Washington. Presley Spelts will farm the Hesp place this summer as Mr. Hesp left it fully eequipped for farming."
"The Ladies Aid cleared over $40 at the Earl Hesp sale and they served a might good meal at that."
"Many attended the farewell party given by the Waverly high school students at the home of A.D> Moran in honor of Miss Laura Hesp. A good time is reported by all who attended."
In 1930 Yakima, Washington, Earl is managing a transfer company, 48, with Bertha B. 44 born in Missouri, with Laura M. - his bookkeeper - 23 Kansas, Bertha J. 14 Washington, and Vivian L. 12 Nebraska.
In 1940 Earl and Bertha, still in Yakima County, farming, have Jean 25, a bookkeeper for a motion picture.

Earl Thomas Hesp registered for WWII with a residence of nine miles west of Yakima, Washington, born June 28, 1881 at Garnett, Kansas - self employed. His reference was W. L. Warren of Yakima.
Bertha died May 12, 1949 in Yakima County.
June 20, 1957
Margaret Aldula (Hesp) Meerdink 1912-1984 is buried in Loomis, Washington # 120204732.
Laura M. Buchanan, age 87, died in Selah , Washington Nov 30, 1994.
Leo Lorrain Franklin, born 1892, son of William Henry Buchanan and Irene Strangeway, is in the Yakima genealogy index. Leo is buried at Terrace Heights Cemetery in Yakima, WA with his wife Laura May Hesp (daughter of Bertha Belle Ghormley and Earl Thomas Hesp).
Bertha Jean Cornwell, born April 1915, died Sept 2, 1974 in Jefferson COunty, Oregon, spouse Varney. Jean and Varney 1914-2008 are buried in Yakima # 47404264.
Glenn R. 1888-1971 and Effie L. Hesp -1889-1968 are buried in Hamilton County, Nebraska # 115238352.

Orland E. Hesp 1916-1918 - "son of G.R. and E.L. Hesp" is buried in Hamilton County # 115238592.

1897 Garnett, Kansas

1899 Garnett, Kansas

FindaGrave # 74641877 says Gertrude May (Hesp) Alexander, born 1878 in Anderson County, Kansasm died 1947 in Chico, and is also buried in Tulare.

December 20, 1947 Fresno, California
"MRS. WAY ALEXANDER -Graveside services were conducted for Mrs. May Alexander, 68, in the Tulare Cemetery today. Mrs. Alexander, a former resident died Wednesday at her home in Chico, after a lingering illness. She was a native of Kansas. The funeral services held in Chico yesterday. She is survived by her husband, and son, Glenn V. Alexander, Earlimart; two daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Rogers of Chester and Mrs. Margaret Pattison brothers; Earl Hesp of Yakima, Wash., Ralph Hesp of Suthern Neb., and Glenn Hesp of Phillips, Neb.: 10 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. "

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