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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Martha McClelland married Noah Reynolds in Lawrence County Indiana August 2, 1829.

In 1840, Noah Reynolds cash-claimed 80 acres in 20, 6N 3E, Jackson County, Indiana. In 1854 he cash-claimed another 35 acres in 27, 7N 4E, about ten miles away.
Others claiming land in that 7N 4E township were Samuel Ayers in sections 15 and 22, Levi Blevins in Section 33, Lewis Blevins in 1838 in section 30, Eli Lawrance in section 33 in 1854, Peter Lawrance in 1843, John Lorance in section 21 and 33, and Peter Lowrance in 32.
Noah Reynolds married Nancy Blevins in Jackson County, Indiana March 5, 1846.
Nancy is said to be the sister of Eli 1814-1888 # 13010298 and Sarah (Motsinger) Lorance 1822-1888, both buried in Iola, Kansas.

In 1850 Jackson County, Noah is 50, Nancy 29, Marion 16, Mary A. 15, Daniel Walker 14, William Reynolds 11, Thomas E. 9, Noah 7, John M. 6, Peter 3, then Elizabeth Blevins is 11, Adeline 9, Martha A. Reynolds 1, and Matilda one month. So they must have both been married before.

Mary A. Reynolds, daughter of Noah Reynolds, was born about 1825 and died before 1854. She and Henry Hawkins were married 20 Oct 1851 in Jackson County.

They were the parents of only one child Samuel A. Hawkins, born in 1853

Family researchers tell that she "died in childbirth and was buried in a cemetery near Wray's Church Road"

No record of the death or burial of Mary A (Reynolds)Hawkins has been found. It is also possible that she may have been buried in the Old Pleasantville Cemetery.

Henry married, for the second time to Mary (Lorance) Martin 02 Dec 1854.

Elizabeth Blevins Ayers - 1839-1898 # 116160174 says married Henry C. Ayers June 20, 1858 in Jackson County..
There's a Marion Reynolds, 65, in the Marion County Indiana state hospital, single, female.
In 1870 Jackson County, a Peter Reynolds, 22, works in a saw mill, living with the Arthur and Julia Smith family.
In 1860 Jackson County, Indiana, Noah Reynolds is 50, farming, born in Kentucky, Nancy 46 Indiana, Peter 14, Martha 12, Irena 8, Jane 6, Cymanthta 4, Jonas 3 born in Indiana, with Wm. 24 and Jane 24.

In 1870 Jackson County, Jonas Reynolds is 13, working on a farm, with John Laurence 34 and Elizabeth 34. That's probably an uncle or cousin on the mother's side.

Nancy G. (Blevins) Reynolds 1822-1862 is buried in Jackson County # 117532604.

In 1880 Jackson County, Indiana are John R. Spelts, 35,  Martha A. 29, William E. 8, Felix D. 7, Geo. S. 4, and Willis C. 1

Jonas 23 and Jane Reynolds 24 (brother-in-law and sister-in-law, both single, born in Indiana) and   John Harrison 22 nephew are also with them.

This may or may not be the same Jonas Reynolds - Omaha Nebraska, February 20, 1896.

George Kingen and William Winninger, the two men who were arrested in Lincoln a few days ago for the crime of petit larceny, are In the city Jail at this place. Their hearing was today. While the complaint which is against them is for stealing chickens, which they seem to have done in a wholesale way, more serious charges will be instituted against them, for a crime committed at this place some nights ago, when they held up and robbed John W. Miller of this place. As told by Miller, he received a note from a woman, whose husband Is now in the county jail, Jonas Reynolds, to call at her house, as she wished to see him on some urgent business. According to the story told by him, he called one evening and was admitted by Mrs. Reynolds. While talking with her there was a loud rap and a second later the door was broken down and two men stood before Miller, one having a double barrelled shotgun leveled at Miller's breast. The command was given to throw up his hards. Tbo two mon were Kingen and Winninger. They bound him firmly, and ho was laid on the floor. Kingen told him that he had but a few minutes to live, for, as he said, "they intended to blow the top of his head off, and chuck his body under the ice of the creek." A creek runs close to the house. Miller summoned up all his power of moral persuasion and tried to convince them that they would gain nothing by that kind of a procedure, but they could have what he had about him. Thy then proceeded to search him, all the while abusing him shamefully. They found some change and a silver watch. This did not suit them and they insisted upon Miller giving them an order for a team which he owned. Miller declined to do this. While they were parleying, Miller edged his way toward the stove and kicked it over, hoping to attract attention from outsiders. However, this failed, as he was immediately covered with a gun, and ordered to lay quiet. At last a settlement was effected. Miller signing a note for $200 in favor of Kingen, which would bo due in September. Miller was then allowed to depart, but forced to walk home, about half a mile, without shoes or coat or vest. Before allowing him to go they made him swear that he would never tell what they had done, and made awful threats in the event he did so. For several years there has been hard feelings between Miller and Kingen. Kingen was incarcerated in the county Jail at one time and escaped. Miller discovered him doing so and notified the Jailer. Kingen was captured and sent to the penitentiary for the crime he was being held for, that of assault with attempt to kill. Since his return he has made frequent threats to get "even" with Miller, and it is thought by many that Miller's going to the house was all planned prior to the robbery. Kingen had been in the penitentiary but a short time when he was paroled to a farmer of this county. He had not been there but a short time, however, when he was shot and seriously wounded by Frank Hazelett, his brother-in-law. He was tried for the crime, but acquitted. Winnlnger, the other man, has also served a term in the penitentiary for holding up a man several years ago.

April 16, 1896

April 19, 1896

January 1, 1897 "Sam Winnegar, Wm. Winnegar, Jonas Reynolds and a man named Bru- ing , who were recently arrested in Hastings for robbing hencoops, were turned over to Sheriff Dean of Grand Island. Hall county has charges against them for grand larceny. The prisoners kicked on going to Grand Island, preferring to stand trial and sentence for petit larceny in Hastings."

October 14, 1897

October 2, 1900

February 25, 1906

February 26, 1906 Omaha - Mrs. Wheeler's first husband Jonas Reynolds and her brother, about five years ago, broke jail at Grand Island, and threatened her because of her acquaintance of James Diggs. Diggs was charged with killing Frank Wheeler.
In December 1906 Jonas Reynolds, whose sentence began November 21, 1901 for burglary, was paroled to F.D. Spelts.

Jonas Reynolds proved up a quarter in 3, 4N 47W, Yuma County, Colorado in 1913, witnesses John J. Sylvester, William H. Johnson (Should be Johnston) Isaac J. Elwood and Michael L. Weekly.
and John C. Reynolds eighty acres in section 2 in 1918 - next to the Spelts claims, witnesses Fred Korf,Hazel White, William Johnson (Johnston) and John Sylvester.

There's a tombstone in Forest Lawn cemetery, Omaha "Jonas Reynolds - April 3, 1855 -June 26, 1926." # 73069479.

In 1920 Blaine County, Nebraska, Jonas is 65, divorced, with daughter Nina Champion 32 born in Nebraska, and her husband Ray O. who has a retail meat market, 37
Nina and Ray were alone in 1910 Blaine County, and Nina is widowed in 1930 Adams County, Nebraska, 42, working at the Hastings State Hospital.
Nina is probably the one in 1900 Omaha, born March 1887 in Nebraska, Clifford May 1889 Nebraska, with mother Dora Reynolds Feb 1867 Indiana, married fifteen years but no spouse, a laborer. They're with Emily Brown born June 1843 in Indiana, widowed.
In 1915 Council Bluffs, Iowa, Emily Brown is 66, living at 2323 Avenue J, born in Indiana, father North Carolina, mother Indiana.

March 29, 1918 "J.C. Reynolds, of northeast of Yuma, was summoned to Omaha Wednesday evening by a message announcing the death of his grandmother.
That must be Emily Brown, June 23, 1848- March 26, 1918, buried in Omaha # 142462559.
In 1885 York County, there's a John Brown 52, with Emily 36, William 16, Mariah 14, Bernetta 14, Amanda 10, Davis 10, Rutherford 7, Samuel 7, Burdett 5, and Solomon 10 months.

Clifford registered for WWI in Yuma County, Colorado, born May 22, 1889 at York Nebraska, farming with a wife and baby.
He's in Dawson County, Nebraska in 1920, 32, with Lizzie 27, Lois 5, and Keith 1, all born in Nebraska.
Still in Dawson County in 1930 with Lois 15, Keith 12, and Dean 7.
In 1940 they only have Keith 22 and Dean 18.
Clifford A. 1886-1969 # 10937016 and Elizabeth 1891-1953 are buried in Frontier County, Nebraska.

February 9, 1917 - J.C. Reynolds had letters to be picked up in Yuma.

"Dr. Bilsborrow reports the arrival of a baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Reynolds on Saturday, December 20, 1917."

March 29, 1918 "J.C. Reynolds, of northeast of Yuma, was summoned to Omaha Wednesday evening by a message announcing the death of his grandmother.
That must be Emily Brown, June 23, 1848- March 26, 1918, buried in Omaha # 142462559.
In the same cemetery is Jonas Reynolds dying 1926 # 73069479.

August 14, 1919

In 1920 Cheyenne County, Colorado, there's a John C. Reynolds doing rental farming, 30 born in Nebraska, with Estella A. 22 Iowa, with Dorothea M. 4 and Donald V. 2 born in Colorado.

They're back in Omaha in 1930, John a railroad bridge worker, with Stella - they've been married 18 years, with Dorothy 14, Donald 12, Idabelle 10, Bonnie 8, John Jr. 6 and Audry 5 all born in Colorado.

John C. Reynolds, born Feb 10, 1924 in Colorado, died January 22, 1987 in San Bernardino County, mother's maiden name Rushing.

Audrey Reynolds is a lodger in 1940 Hastings, Nebraska, 13, with Alfonse and Evelyn Shroer, both born in Nebraska. Audrey was in Omaha in 1935, the Shroers in Hastings.
One tree said she married George William Gooch, had Geraldine June Gooch, and died in Omaha in 1990.
It said Geraldine married Robert Paul Fletcher 1929-1993, and died April 15, 1982 in Spokane Washington.

Dorothy Madge Wilson, born August 16, 1916 in Colorado, father Reynolds, mother Edwards, died June 3, 1990 in San Bernardino County.
This FindaGrave # 44605647 says she was born in Canon City, with a brother Glen, and a sister surviving - so it's not likely.

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