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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Mary (Chaney) Routon, son Paul and Iva (Howell) Routon, mother Elizabeth Frances (Ballew) Chaney, Pleasant Valley

In 1850 Boone County, Missouri, Elizabeth Ballew is 15, with parents William 45 and Mary J. Ballew, 32. Thomas is 19, William 13, Detrrett 11, George 9, John 6, James 4, and Charles 2.
William 1804-1880 is buried in Callaway County, Missouri, # 80300716.

In 1860 Mary E. is 2, David T. 5, with C.M.A. 26 and Elizabeth F. "Chena" "in Carroll County, Missouri.

One tree said Cicero Marcus Aurelius Chaney, 1833-1887, died June 28, 1887 in Sedalia, and Elizabeth Frances (Ballew) 1835-1928 had Mary Elizabeth Chaney Sept 16, 1854 in Callaway County, Missouri.

C.M.A. Chaney, sergeant in Company E, First Regiment, Fourth Division Missouri State Guard, (United Confederate Veterans Reunion) was wounded during the Action of August 10, 1861.

The Crown Hill cemetery, Sedalia, has C. M. G. Chaney dying 1887, lot 11, block 29, grave 1. Lot 7, block 29, grave 3 is "Infant of D. Chaney", grave 4 is "Mrs. D. Chaney",

Mary E. Routon, 22, born in Missouri, is married to Lanceford L. Routon, a music teacher  in 1880 Johnson County, Missouri, with John L. 3 and William 1.

Missouri marriage records have Lanceford marrying Miss Mary Eliza Chaney in Pettis County September 13, 1875. 

She married Lansford L. "Lans" Routon 1846-1905 - He died Sept 4, 1905 in Holden, Johnson County.

The tree said they had John L. Routon 1876-1933, Willie Eugene Routon 1879-1902, William Golden Routon 1881-1881, Paul Routon 1884-1912, and Alice Lee Routon 1886-

In 1870 Pettis County, Missouri, Cicero is 37, Elizabeth 36, David T. 15, Mary E. 12, Roxanna 8, and Pie 7.

In 1882 C.M.A. Chaney and his son D.T. Chaney were stockholders in the Pettis County Bank of Sedalia, Missouri.  Later articles said his wife Elizaeth F. Chaney was devised the house and lots, northwest corner of Sixth and Lafayette streets.

In November 1887 David T. Chaney filed a protest against the appointment of T.L. Metchem for administration of the estate of C.M.A. Chaney, deceased.

In February 1882 the Holden Enterprise "Mr. C. M. A. Chaney and daughter, of Sedalia, spent last Sabbath with Prof. and Mrs. Routon in this city."

In Pettis County, Missouri, January 19, 1884, Mary E. (Chaney) Routon and Lanceford L. Routon, musician, had a male child, her fourth.

1892  Missouri "John Chaney, from Sedalia, is visiting with his sister, Mrs. M.E. Routon in this city." Lamonte Record

In 1910 Johnson County, Missouri, E.F. Chaney is widowed, 74, born in Kentucky, with six children, three living. 

In 1914 Yuma "Mrs. E.F. Chaney" had undelivered mail waiting at the post office.

In 1920 Johnson County, Mrs. E. F. Chaney is 84, widowed, born in Kentucky, "Mother" to Jessie 34 and Lillian A. 30 Bruner, both born in Illinois.  So either this is a different one, or they are grandchildren.

January 12, 1928 "Mrs. Mary Routon's mother is still pretty poorly. She is 93 years of age and is staying with Mrs. Routon."

Elizabeth F. Chaney 1835-1928 is buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Yuma County # 35478138.

March 8, 1928

  Thanks to Donna Duprey

In 1880 Pettis County, D.T. Chaney is 25, a clerk in a store, married to Hellen 22.  Mother in law Olga T. Pobuson, 53 is also with them.



Roxana Lee Chaney, born February 2, 1860 in Carroll County, Missouri to C.M.A. Chaney and Elizabeth, died in San Antonio December 18, 1949, widowed, informant Wm. S. Chaney,  to be buried in Mission Burial Park.

William S. Chaney was a clerk in 1880 Lafayette County, Missouri, 20, born in Missouri.  In 1900 William and Roxanna are in Kansas City, with Ruth and Helen, and in 1910 San Antonio they've added William S. Chaney, Jr., 8.

In 1900 Johnson County, Missouri Lansfir* Routan is 54, Mary C. E. is 42, Willie E. is 21, Paul is 16, and Alice L. is 13.  One Mytree listing has John L. born 1877, William Eugene 1879, Paul 1884, and Alice Lee 1886., and a camweb listing has Lansford L. "Lans" dying September 1905 in Holden, Johnson County, Missouri. In the Holden Cemetery is Lanceford # 100081308.

Mary Routon had claimed in 1912 land in sections 14 and 15, 4N 46W - just a couple of miles south of Gerry Brower's place.   Gerry was even a witness for her claim. 

April 15, 1910 "Roe Bennit has completed a well for Lee Graham, and is putting down one for Mrs. Routon"

In 1910 Yuma County, Mary E. Routon is widowed, 52, born in Missouri.   Paul 26 and Iva 19 are on the same census page in 1910.  They have ten-month-old Howard.


In 1920 Yuma County, Mary E. is 62, widowed - The census taker listed George W. Goddard 42 and Guy G. Goddard, 37, both born in Missouri, father in England, as partners. 

August 27, 1925 - Yuma Pioneer "Mrs. Mary Routen returned the latter part of last week from Missouri, in chich state she had been visitingwith her mother, who is very ill."
January 1928 "Mrs. Mary Routon's mother is still pretty poorly She is 93 years of age and is staying with Mrs. Routon."
May 3, 1928 "Mrs. Routon and George and Ira Goddard were Sunday visitors at the Brower and Monk homes."
1929 "Mrs. Mary Routen and Guy Goddard returned from Hot Springs, Arkansas, where they visited the latter's brother, George, who is taking medical treatments at that place."

February 1930

 In 1930 Benton County, Arkansas, Mary E. RoutEn is 70, with son George 52 and Guy 47, all three born in Missouri.

Arkansas death records have a Mary E. Routon dying November 30, 1930 in Benton County.

Yuma Pioneer "Mrs. Mary E. Routon expired at her home at Siloam Springs, Arkansas, at the age of 70 years."
December 4, 1930


"Iva Routon's maiden name was Howell."  - thanks to Lanny Routon.

If so, she might be the Ivie A. Howell in 1900 Sumner County Kansas.  Henry Howell born April 1853 in Iowa, is widowed. He has Fred April 1880 - ten (sic) and Ivie A. Dec 1882, 7 (sic) both born in Iowa.  In 1895 Dickinson County, Iowa, Iva is 3,  Fred 4, so the 1900 census is incorrect.  With James in 1895 are Gail 17, Jesse 15, Rex 14 Louis 11.  Fred and Iva were born in Dickinson County.

In 1910 James B. Howell 57 and Fred 19 are in Skagit County, Washington, and in 1920 J.L. is a blacksmith, working in his son's shop in Crawford, Delta County, Colorado.

When Oliver Gail Howell married Magdalena Shutts in Allamakee County, Iowa on May 16, 1906, he said his father was James Leonard Howell, mother Mary Viola Hoffman.



In 1920 Oliver G. Howell, 42 and Lena Howell 46, with Mary E. Howell, 12, all born in Iowa, are rooming with Elizabeth William 81 in Waterloo, Iowa.

Oliver and Lena are in California in 1930 and 1940, and he died January 25, 1962 in San Bernardino County, born September 27, 1877.




Lewie W. Howell 1883-1948 # 41432234 and Etta 1888-1966 are buried in Crawford.   Etta A. Newburg and Lewie W. Howell were married Nov 22, 1911 in Delta County



Jesse B. Howell is farming in Delta County in 1920, 40, with Dorkis E. 35, Ima J. 10, Veria M. 8, Eaton L 6, and Waldo W. 1.

Jesse Howell, 60, is in Delta County in 1904, with wife Darkes 54 West Virginia.  Waldo 21 and Rex 18 were born in Colorado.

Jesse B. Howell - May 27, 1879 - July 22, 1947 # 41432220 is buried in Crawford.  Findagrave  326458179 says Dorcas E. Howell 1885-1973 is buried in Cory Cemetery, Delta County.



(Rex Howell, 21 married Mary Conners, 17, in Aspen, Colorado November 14, 1901.   He's a delivery man for Harts grocery in 1902 Aspen.

  1904 Aspen

 In 1920 Mesa County, Rex is a locomotive engineer, 38, born in Iowa, and Mamie 33, born in Colorado. Mayme A. Howell 1884-1924 is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Mesa County # 69336595.  Rex 1881-1958 # 84368885 and Lydda (1900-1976) are buried in Fruita, Colorado

Rex Howell, 44, married Lydda E. Tols, 25, in Delta Colorado July 5, 1925 - the marriage was recorded in Mesa County, where he lived in later census.

In 1952 Rex Howell was the radio station manager for KGLN in Glenwood Springs.

In 1957 Rex Howell of Grand Junction is a Colorado state representative - Republican.  In 1961 he was "a Grand Junction radio-TV magnate")




In 1940 Skagit County, Washington, Howard is 30, a farmer, with Olive 28.  They have Charlotte 9, and Lanny 5.

 (Lanceford Howard - Jun 14, 1909 - per one tree, married Olive Mabel Houser, and died June 14, 1984 in Skagit County, Washington  FindaGrave # 134260525 has him buried with Olive in Green Hills Memorial, Skagit County)

Olive Houser Routon, 100, passed away on July 28, 2012 in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Olive was born on February 25, 1912, in Bonaparte, Iowa, to Rex V. Houser, Sr., and Ethel Mae Houser, and moved to Washington State as a young girl. She was the oldest of nine children.

Olive graduated from Edison High School in 1930 and married Howard Routon that same year.

Olive and Howard farmed in the Bow-Edison area, purchasing a farm on the Ershig Road in 1945 and living there until 1983. Olive was also in the real estate business for several years, retiring in 1985. Howard passed away in 1984.

Olive is survived by two children, Lottie Overway, of Bay View and Lanny and Elaine Routon, of Alger; five grandchildren: Patti Chambers Moore and her husband, Jim Moore, Jay Overway and his wife, Nanci, Cheryl Combs and her husband, John, Jeff Routon, and Kevin Routon and his wife, Linda; great-grandchildren: Sarah Overway, Gena Gullette and her husband, Sam, Lindsay Brown and her husband, Jordan, Mike Burt and his wife, Amy, Marc Burt and his wife, Joyce, and Brittani Combs; seven great-great-grandchildren; and two great-great-great-grandchildren.

Olive also had a foster daughter, Treva Nielsen and her children  Ronnie and Pam.

She is further survived by her brother, Ray Houser and his wife Mary, as well as her sister, Bettye Lou Houser and her husband Dennis, and a sister-in-law, Betty Houser, Jr. There are also numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Howard; her siblings: Gay, Evalyne, Jim, Rex Jr., Hazel and Jack; stepbrother, Leslie Wilkinson; a sister-in-law, Winnie Houser; her son-in-law, Gene Overway; and grandson-in-law, Joe Chambers.

October 1909 "Paul Routen has been doing some concrete work at the C-1-H ranch."

1910 Waverly items "Lester Smith has had his hair cut."

 In June 1911 "the two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Routon was quite sick the fore part of the week, but is much better at this writing."  Paul died June 6, 1912 and is buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery. 

Both Paul and Mary "proved up" land in 4 N 46 W. 

January 1911 "Lester Smith says he has two horses, five cows and several hogs, and that he has asked the girl and she said 'yes.'"

That must be another girl - Paul didn't die until June 1912.

  Thanks to Donna Duprey

Lester Smith married Ina "Rauton" in Wray, Colorado, both 20, on September 30, 1912, performed by F.W. Imbodem, minister of Wray.

October 1912

July 1914 "Lester Smith, of northeast of Yuma, had an attack of appendicitis last week, but Dr. Cavey was able to give the sufferer relief without an operation."

Lester proved up a quarter in 15, 3N 46W in 1916.

In 1930 Snohomish, Washington, Lester E. is 38, Iva A. 36, with Howard Routen 20, Irma E. Smith 16, Norman L. 14, and Albert W. 9.

John, born October 3, 1876 in Holden, Missouri, died in St. Louis April 6, 1933.  He was a printer for the Globe Democrat, and the informant was Mrs. Ruth Routon.  He was to be buried in Oak Grove.

Gordon Goddard
Fredona Goddard
Olin Goddard
Ara Lynna Goddard
 Mary E. Chaney, daughter of Henry Chaney 1808-1863, was born about 1834 in Cooper County, Missouri, and married William H. Goddard in 1853.

Mary Elizabeth Chaney was born Sept 16, 1854 in Callaway County, Missouri, and married Lansford Routon.

In 1880 Osage County, Missouri, "Alfrid Gaddord" is 32, Morrah F. 35, Mirrick F. 14, George 2, and Edward newborn, Joseph 8, and Bertha A. 11, all kids born in Missouri.

In 1900 Johnson County, Missouri, Alfred Goddard born August 1846 in England, and Marrier Feb 1844 Tennessee have George Jan 1888, Lafe Feb 1880, and Guy G. Dec 1882, all sons born in Missouri.

In 1910 Johnson County, Missouri, George Goddard is 32, Guy 28, with their parents A.L. 63 and M.H. 65, Tennessee.

George Wallace Goddard of Eckley, born January 27, 1878,  was on the registration list. Guy Gordon Goddard registered with an Eckley address, born Dec 20, 1882, nearest relative brother and sister.)

In 1900 Johnson County, Missouri, Alfred L. 53 and Marrier 56 have George 22, Lafiet E. 20, and Guy G 17.

Izola married Guy G. Goddard, (in 1920 Guy and George Goddard were partners in farming with widowed Mary E. Routon, on the next line in the census from the Robertsons). 

The Goddards lived on Petain Street in north Yuma in 1940.  Guy, 56  is a laborer on a road maintenance project.  He and Izola, 36 have Arvilla 15, Gordon 8 Fredona (son) 6, Olin 2, and Ora Lynna three months.  So Izola had Arvilla before she married Guy.


Guy was in the 1934 Yuma County directory, farming in Section 33, 1N 46 (that's near Eckley)

In 1937 Goddard, Guy (w) Izola - 2W 7S 1E Eckley, Star Rt. Eckley, O.
    Farmer, (Gordon, Fred Olin, Arvilla).

They're both in Olinger Highland Cemetery.

Death:1967 Thornton Adams County, Colorado

June 30, 1932 "Mrs. Chas. Brower was in Yuma over the week end caring for her sister, Mrs. Guy Goddard, who had been quite ill, but is some better.
March 1938 "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Goddard and family, who recently returned from Washington state, are living with John Williams. Arvilla entrolled in the Hill Top school." ( Hill Top was two miles east of Charles Brower's place.)
1945 "Fredona and Gordon Goddard of Denver are here to spend the summer with their aunt, Mrs. Charles Brower, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ona "Robinson."

September 15, 1938 "Guy Goddard received the sad message of the death of his brother George at Liberty, Missouri, the last of lasat week. Death was caused by lockjaw after stepping on a rust nail. George was well know here having made his home with Guy till the past year. The Goodard family have the sympathy of the community."
March 8, 1956

Guy G. Goddard 1882-1958 # 45205203 and wife Izola (Robertson) Goddard - 1903- 1967 are buried in Thornton, Colorado.

"Alferd" Goddard, a merchant born Oct 27 1846 in London to Stanhope Goddard and Elizabeth Lifely, died Jan 7, 1913 in Kingsville, to be buried in Kingsville.

Maria Francis Goddard, born Feb 24, 1844 near Nashville, Tennessee, died May 2, 1915 in Kingsville. Father was Andrew Jackson Laughton, mother Rosana E. Lampkin, born in Baltimore, Maryland.  She was to be buried in Kingsville.  James H. Lampkin of Warrensburg Missouri was the informant.

    Rosana's uncle

One message board said "also had a John Routon b 3 Oct 1876 and d 6 May 1933 in St Louis, he was Editor of the Globe Democrat newspaper, He was married to a Ruth Crowson daughter Ruth Elizabeth Routon born abt 1925"

The Typographical Journal said "when news of the armistice was flashed throughout the state, many were the ideas of celebrating the event.  A unique idea originated with John Routon of the Globe-Democrat chapel, who is also a musician.  Starting from home with a cornet, he played the "Star-Spangled Banner" in front of the windows displaying a service flag in the neighborhood.  Routon and his wife soon had a large following which quickly entered into the spirit of the occasion, and, as an accompaniment to the cornet, a chorus of voices joined in singing the national anther, in fact a "community sing" was started.  Thus a mere noisy jubilee was turned into a soul-stirring celebration, enjoyed by all participating."

Missouri death certificate has John Routon of 3611 Clay Avenue, St. Louis, dying April 6, 1933 in St. Louis.  He was born Oct 3, 1876 in Holden Missouri to Lansford Routon and Mary Chaney, a printer for the Globe Democrat.  Informant was Mrs. Ruth Routon of 3611 Clay Avenue.  Burial to be in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Ruth Routon, 42 is widowed in 1940 St. Louis, with daughter Ruth, 9, and sister  - a practical nurse - Mary Crowson, 47.

FAG #  100081308  has a record of L.L. Routon born April 26, 1846, dying September 4, 1905  buried in the Holden Cemetery., and Alice Lee Routon and Willie Eugene Routon (both with no dates).  OneGreatFamily says William was born March 1879, and died April 29, 1902.

In 1930 Snohomish County Washington are Lester E. and Iva A. Smith, with Howard RoutEn, stepson.  They have Irma E., 16 , Norman L. 14, and Albert W. 9 ..

Howard is married by 1940 Washington, and Lester -working at a lumber mill  and Iva - a cook in a restaurant born 1893 in Iowa - are in Snohomish County, with Norman 24 born in Colorado - an ice truck driver.

FROM A MESSAGE BOARD "I'm looking for information regarding a Mary Elizabeth Chaney Routon whom lived in siloam springs ark. about 1857 1930 she passed away about 1930 and left the 40 acre farm to John L. Routon son for st.louis Mo. and Paul Routon of yuma Co. I can't seem to find any paper work at all it was around the time that the bank went out of business because the family lost money.
thank youz"



Elizabeth Ballew Cheney's sister Miranda J. Quinn was born December 8, 1850 to Wm. Balley and Polly Gillespie, and died October 29, 1935 in Columbia, Missouri. She was to be buired at Stephens, Missouri. Informant was Marjorie Sparks of Columbina.
One tree said she had married Elijah Thomas Stephens, and he died in 1884, buried in Stephens cemetery, Callaway COunty, Miranda Jane Ballew Stephens 1850-1935 is buried there.

In 1880 Pettis County, D.T. Chaney is 25, Hellen 24, with Helen's sister Eliza Robison 33.

Helen M. (Robison) Chaney 1856-1901 is buried in Sedalia, # 104697581 "daughter of William L. and Eliza E. Robison."

A marker in Harrisonville, Cass County Missouri, has Alice Doggett 1858-1940 "Buried at sea" # 7575789, wife of Wiliam E. DOggett 1858-1931.


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