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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

In 1880 Cass County, Illinois, Katie Reahm is 5, with parents Fred 42 and Belle Reahm, 32. Malinda is 11, William 7, Katie 5, and Carrie 1.

In 1900 DeKalb County, Missouri, Fredrick Reahm Sept 1836, Sylvia Dec 1847 born in Germany (married 32 years). She's had seven kids, six living. Lillie L. July 1885, and Bertha M. March 1888 were born in Illinois.
William P. Shaw, 33, married Kate Reahm, 20, on September 6, 1895 in Dodge County, Nebraska.

In 1900 DeKalb County, on the same page as the Reahm family, William P. Shaw is a house carpenter, born Nov 1862 in Missouri, married five years to Katie R. born June 1875 in Illinois. Zetta August 1896, Elwell August 1898, and Ruth Feb 1900 were born in Missouri.

Katie's brother William F. Reahm 1872-1950 is buried in Antelope County # 78522201.
January 19, 1950

1954 "Mrs. Marie Lane arrived on the bus from Denver to spend the holidays with her rothero-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. ray Haverland. She plans to go to her home in Glendale, California when she leaves Yuma."
Katie's sister Marie is buried in Yuma # 60544743.

Katie's sister Bertha Haverland is buried in Yuma 1888-1959 # 50790442.

Bertha was in Yuma in 1910, next to the Shaw family. She's married three years to ray E Haverland 27, both born in Nebraska, with Hazel 2 born in Nebrasaka.

She was in Washington County, Colorado in 1920, 31, married to Ray E. Haverland 36. Hazel is 12, Harley 8.

In 1923 the Elgin, Nebraska alumni included:
Class of 1897 May HAVERLAND WATSON, Yuma, CO
Class of 1921 Earl WATSON, Yuma, Colorado.
Class of 1900 Ray HAVERLAND --- married, Ord, NE

Ray 1883-1959 is buried in Yuma # 50790446.
Ruth Alma Shaw was born Feb 26, 1900 in Weatherby Missouri to William P. Shaw and Katherine R. Reahm, dying in Fresno County, California as Ruth Carson July 29, 1980.
They had a daughter Lois Bernice Mays in Colorado, who died January 31, 2014 in Fresno, buried there # 124648131.
1952 Fresno "Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Mays are announcing the birth of a son, Larry Gilbert, Thursday in the Fresno Community Hospital. They also have a daughter, Linda Sue. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carson of Van Nuys and Mr. and Mrs. John C. Willard of Fresno."

In 1910 Yuma County, William Shaw is farming, 45, born in Missouri, married 14 years to Katie 39 Illinois. Zetta B. is 13, Darrel E. 11, A. Ruth 10, Virgil R. 5, and a newborn son, - the first three kits born in Missourik, the last two in Nebraska.

William had proved up two quarters in 28, 1N 47W in 1914.

1914 Yuma "H. W. Jackson sold the building known as the Eldredge House to W. P. Shaw this week."
1915 Yuma "W. P. Shaw is building a five-room cottage for Morris Diderickson in Andersen's addition, north of the railroad tracks."
1915 "Notice—After May 15th I will discontinue serving meals to any except regular boarders. Rooms for lodging.
- Mrs. W. P. Shaw "
1917 "Mrs. Fred Carson returned to her home in Wray Tuesday, after a short visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Shaw."

1917 "Miss Marie Rheam, of Elgin, Nebraska, who had been visiting with her sister, Mrs. W. P. Shaw, went to Otis Wednesday to visit other relatives."
1918 "Mr. and Mrs. Fred "Rehms" of Elgin were guests at the home of Mrs. W. P. Shaw."

1918 "Miss Josie? Smart of Maysville, Missouri came in from Denver last Friday to visit her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Shawl"

1920 "W.P. Shaw went up to Denver to join Mrs. Shaw, who has been in a hospital in that city during the past few weeks recovering from the effects of an operation."

In 1920 Yuma, William is a carpenter, 59, Katy R. 45, Virgil 15, and Harold 9, both born in Nebraska ??

Katherine R. Shaw is widowed in 1930 Los Angeles, living with married son Virgil 24 and his wife Violet 25 brn in Utah and their daughter Janice eight months old. Harold, 20 is living with them.

Virgil Raymond Shaw, born Dec 4, 1904 in Nebraska, died January 29, 1953 in Los Angleles County.
He's buried in Glendale # 85515733. So is Violet (Taylor) Shaw 1912-1999 # 85515732.

1926 "W.P. Shaw, who had been in Yuma for a week or more attending to business matters and greeting old time friends, left for his home at Glendale, California."

August 13, 1915.

1917 Yuma "Ray Bingaman is building a home for himself and wife in Geer's addition, north of the track."

1962 Yuma "Ray Bingaman, in a visit to the Pioneer office, says he left Yuma 41 years ago and often had to take a second look last week to identify old friends. While living here he was a carpenter for the Hoch Lumber Company, and is now a superintendent at Kaiser Steel in L.os Angeles.

Zetta B. Bingaman, mother Reahm, father Shaw, born August 16, 1896 in Missouri, died Dec 21, 1985 in Los Angeles County.

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