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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:


Oliver Cromwell Sheridan was born October 3, 1854, In 1860 he was in Jackson County, Ohio with Andrew and Margaret and six older brothers. He's still with them in 1870, and one brother (Andrew 8, must be a nephew)

In 1880 Oliver is in Taylor County, Iowa, boarding,  He's a farmer

But 1885 Taylor County has him married to Maggie, with Ellis 2, Magret 1, and Arthus 8  (Arthur Parnell Sheridan in registering said he was born July 3, 1877 in Grand City Missouri, so Maggie must have been living there). 

(Wonder if the Elmer M. Sheridan marrying Lizzie E. Grogg December 1, 1887 in Logan County is a relative)

In 1894 Oliver proved up a quarter southwest of Sterling, so he must have moved there prior to 1890, and another quarter on a "tree claim" in 1896.

In 1900 O.C. and Maggie are in Washington County (closer to Sterling than to Akron).

They have Ellis L. 18, Rettie 16, Homer A. 14, Chas. 13, Jessie 7, Fred 5, Goldie 3, and Dewy 1.

Margaret Belle Huss was born August 23, 1863, in Jefferson County, Iowa


He June 1900 "Ol.C. Sheridan has bought 160 acres of land near Bryant of John R. Davis.  This quarter has running water on it and O.C. will use it for a cattle ranch.  The gentlemen were in town this morning closing the deal.  Guess Washington county must be getting crowded to cause friend Sheridan to buy additional land elsewhere."

(This land might be in Phillips County - where a John R. Davis got three quarters - one homestead, one cash, and one timber - but this land wasn't patented until 1901 or later.)  

July 1900 the Sterling newspaper " O.C. Sheridan came in from his new ranch near Bryant to-day.  He had just learned of the death of Mr. H.C. Sherman, which occurred Friday night last".

May 1902  BRYANT SQUIBS BY "Lucky Sue"
The Clark Cattle company and O.C. Sheridan are putting in a dipping vat on the latter's place north of Bryan (might be Bryant)
Messrs. Ellis and Charlie Sheridatn, A.V. Clark and Misses Genie Hill and Ethel Bryant spent a very pleasant evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Lett.  (Sam Lett married  Margaret Sheridan May 14, 1902)

Samuel E. Lett proved up a claim for a quarter in 4N 47W, Yuma County in 1894 - so he was one of the early settlers.

He and John Lett attended the 1900 wedding of Fred Korf and Mary Landauer at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. August Beckman, north of Yuma.


March 1902 "Miss Rettie Sheridan closed a five months term of school in the Eckman district, and has returned to her home at Merino.

May 1902 "Samuel E. Lett of Magee precinct and Miss Margaret Sheridan of Merino were married at Sterling, Wednesday, May 14.  Sam was pretty sly about it and did not take us into his confidence, or we would have said all kinds of nice things about the wedding.  We congratulate the young couple and wish them all kinds of happiness and no troubles at all.

September 1903 "just to let the people know what another Yuma county man is realizing for a few hours work each day, we call attention to the fact that at Haxtun, a little town north of Yuma, there is a creamery doing a good business, and that Samuel Lett, who has a few Short-horn Herefords, cows, sells the cream to this creamery and has been receiving fifty-four dollars per month.  This same opportunity to make money awaits every ranchman in Yuma county, and we beliefe that if they will all give the business a trial they will continue and agree with us when we say, it is the best and easiest money made in Eastern Colorado."

November 1904 "Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lett are the proud parents of a big baby boy.  All parties doing well."

In 1910 Samuel, born Ireland 1867, are Rettie have Lewis 7, Vida 5, and Franklin 4.

October 1911 "Sam Lett is laying the foundation for his new $1,500 barn"

July 1913 the Wray Rattler "Miss Goldie Sheridan returned Tuesday from Holyoke where she has been visiting since before the fourth.  Miss Jennie, the little sister, who has also been making a long visit with her brother, Ellis, and sister, Mrs. Sam Lett, both living near Holyoke, returned with Miss Goldie."

In 1920 they have Louis L. 16, Vida V. 15, Franklin F. 14, and Pearl P. 1.

In 1930 they have Pearl , 12

They're still on the farm in 1940, with a hired man.  Frank married Iona Salvador and farmed many years in the north Yuma County area - Buffalo Grass and Wages communities.


Rettie Lett's SSDI record has her born June 20, 1883, and dying February 15, 1971, with Denver as last known address.

O.C. Sheridan of Merino visited at the Clark Cattle ranch last week

In 1910 Wray Oliver C. and Maggie B. have Jesse C. 17, Fred L. 15, Goldie B. 13, Dewey 11, Ralph 7, and Jennie 3.

November 1911 "Fred Sheridan, son of O.C. Sheridan, a prominent ranchman of north of town, met with a serious accident last Sunday.  He was thrown from a horse and dislocated his shoulder and broke his arm just above the elbow.  He was brought to town and placed under a physician's care and at the present writing is doing very nicely"

March 1913

April 1913


October 1914 the Wray Ralttler

October 1914


September 1915  "O.C. Sheridan returned Tuesday evening from Madrid, Nebr., where he had been called by the death of his brother, Josh Sheridan.  The brother was eighty-three years of age and had spent..." lots of misspellings, and ended abruptly

April 1916

Mrs. Joslin - four miles east of Wages - wrote about a Wray visit "We came home Tuesday, stopped to Fred Sheridan’s for dinner.  Was there about two hours so I got rested.  He has only been married a few weeks, married a school teacher from Boulder.  She used to board at Warren’s so I knew her.  It is about half way from here to Wray.  "

April 1917 O.C. Sheridan left Monday evening on a visit with his brother at South Coffeyville, Oklahoma.
October 1917 "O.C. Sheridan purchased the John Styer property in South Wray near the brick yard yesterday"

   In 1920 Denver Oliver C. is widowed, a real estate salesman in Denver.  He has Jennie and Ralph  .  Jennie Alice Sheridan - March 20, 1907 - June 2, 1920 is buried in Sterling Riverside Cemetery.  Her name is on the tombstone with O.C. , Margaret, and Oscar (April 20, 1890 - July 28, 1891)

Ralph T. Sheridan is a laborer on a paving gang in 1930 Scott County, Kansas -he said he was married.

  February 1922 Fred Sheridan was in Wray Tuesday calling upon the business men for donations to help build a community hall at Corwin Corner, 16 miles north of Wray.  Mrs. Sheridan met with splendid success, as practically every business man and many others chipped in liberally.  The plan is to erect a community hall approximately 24 x 48 feet in size.  This hall will be used for church purposes and for other community meetings,.  It is believed that enough money has been subscribed to warrant the promoters to go ahead with the building

Ellis L. Sheridan, 27,  married Jessie Fern Guernsey, 18, September 16, 1907 in Holyoke.  He  homesteaded south of Holyoke in 1913

Fred north of Wray in 1921

On January 23, 1906 in Sterling Homer Allen Sheridan married Edith Amelia Elebundsa

In 1910 the Yuma Pioneer "The baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sheridan on Oct. 17, died on Oct. 18th"Homer A. east of Sterling in 1914.  Homer registered for WWI with an address of Crook, Colorado, said he was born August 14, 1885, and was married to Mrs. Edith Sheridan

Homer 1918 and Edith 1987 are buried in Sterling Riverside Cemetery.

The Homer E. Sheridan, 29, marrying Lola A. Windsheimer in Sterling on January 6, 1936 might be a nephew?.

 In 1930 Oliver, 75, was a widowed lodger in Denver.  FindAGrave says he died April 5, 1930.

It looks like Jesse moved a couple of hundred miles south to Crowley County - he's single in 1920,  Married Lula M. Ferree on April 6, 1922 in Sugar City. married to Lulu in 1930,

Jesse 1956 and Lulu M. 1987 are buried in the Rocky Ford Cemetery

Dewey Sheridan, of Wray, was a witness in a 1919 homestead claim.

1920 Eagle "Dewey Sheridan arrived from Wray, Colo., one day last week and relieved his father in the management of the pool hall, while the latter made a business trip to Wray."

In 1921 newspapers mentioned a Dewey Sheridan of Maybell (Moffat County) exploring a cave in that area, and in 1922 he was a party in a court case there, accused of altering brands, and placing their brands on cattle in that end of the country..

In January 1927 the Eagle newspaper "Dewey Sheridan arrived from Denver this past week to take charge of the pool hall conducted by U.L. Peo the past year.  Mr. Sheridan's father owns the building in which the pool hall is located and Mr. Poe is quitting the business owing to the poor health of Mrs. Poe, the family intending to move to the Pacific coast."

 Dewey Sheridan, 27, married Emily J. Edwards, 32 in Craig on June 29, 1927.

Dewey January 21, 1899 - September 21, 1962 and Emily Edwards Sheridan 1897 - 1990 are buried in the Craig cemetery.

C.R. Sheridan, 23, married Stella Davidson, 17, in Holyoke on November 23, 1910.  (See the Eckman page for more information on Stella)

August 1912 "O.C. Sheridan went to visit his daughter, Mrs. Sam Lett, who was injured a short time ago by being kicked by a horse."

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