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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

In 1850 Jackson County, Indiana, Noah Reynolds is 50, Nancy 29, marion 16, Mary A. 15, Daniel Walker 14, William H. 11, Thomas E. 9, Noah W. 7, John M. 6, and Peter L. 3 Elizabeth Blevins is 11, Adaline Blevins 9, MArtha A.l Reynolds 1, and newborn Matilda A.

In 1860 Jackson County, Noah Reynolds is 50, Nancy 46, Peter 14, MARTHA 12, Irena 8, Jane 6, Cymantha 4, Jonas 3. Wm and Jane Reynolds are both 24, Phebe E. Youtsey 17, Saran L. Youtsey 12, Yilpha Ann Youtsey 10, and Bene Sciheest 14.

John R. Speltz married Martha Ann Reynolds on January 13, 1870 in Jackson County, Indiana. Performed by Aaron Stephens, justice of the Peace.

In 1870 Courtland, Jackson County, Indiana John Riley Spelts and Martha Ann REYNOLDS Spelts have George W. Spelts 23 brother living with them, and 16-year-old Samantha Renold (probably Martha's sister ) 

In 1880 Jackson County, Indiana are John R. Spelts, 35,  Martha A. 29, William E. 8, Felix D. 7, Geo. S. 4, and Willis C. 1

Jonas and Jane Reynolds (brother-in-law and sister-in-law) and   John Harrison 22 nephew are also with them.

January 23, 1891 Lincoln, Nebraska

In 1900 Lancaster County, Nebraska John and Martha have William E. 29, daughter-in-law Myrtle 27, Felix I. 27, George S. 21, Leroy 19, Cora L. 16, Effie M. 14, Charles H. 9..  Nephew Charles F. 14 and niece Frances Saylor 21 are living with them.

In 1910 Yuma County John and Martha had son Henry, 20

John R. Spelts proved up a quarter in 4N 46W in 1913,  exactly one mile south of the Pleasant Valley church.  The same day George S. Spelts proved up a quarter in 35, 5N 47W - about two miles north of John's.  The same month Leeroy (sic) Spelts proved up land adjoining George's.

In 1914 William E. proved up land adjoining Felix's in 5 N 46 W, and Charles S. in 1914 a portion of 5, 4N 46W - about two miles northeast of John's.

In 1920 John and Martha A. only had granddaughter E. Jane, 19, living with them in Yuma County.

February 9, 1922

February 16, 1922


Felix D. Spelts married "Matie" M. Hotchkiss on April 25, 1899 in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Mary Hotchkiss is in the 1880 census of Walworth County, Wisconsin, five months old, with brother George a year old. Aaron Hotchkiss is 25, Jeannette 22. They're living with eanette's parents Joseph Mckinstry 62 and Eunice/Emily.

In 1900 Felix was listed with his parents as married one year, but his spouse is not on the page.

He's also listed as a separate household in 1900, born February 1873 in Indiana, with Mary born March 1880 in Wisconsin. Jennie is newborn. Borther William April 1849 born in Indiana, and Charlie February 1887 in Nebraska, a cousin ar ewith them.
Next household is Aaron Hotchkiss born April 1860, with Jeanette January 1860, both born in Pennsylvania. Hattie is 18, Nellie 16, both born in Wisconsin, Libbie 14, Dora 12, and Aaron 6 were born in Nebraska. Roy Spelts is a boarder born January 1881 in Indiana.

Mar 12, 1929 Lincoln " Hotchkiss – Aaron Hotchkiss, seventy-four, died at 2 a. m. Tuesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nettie Zimmer. He is survived by his wife, Jeannette; five daughters, Mrs. F. D. Spelts of Haxtum, Colo., and Mrs. A. D. Barry, Mrs. Nettie Zimmer, Mrs. Libby Cox, and Mrs. Dora Hunt of Lincoln; two sons, George of Sedgwick, Colo., and Aaron J. Hotchkiss of Lincoln. Twenty-seven grandchildren also survive. The body is at Splain & Schnell's."
Aaron # 37039145 is buried in Lincoln, with Jeanette 1857-1932 # 32831566.
"Mrs. Jeanette Hotchkiss died Friday at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Dora Hunt, 800 South Twenty-third street. She was 74 years old. She is survived by a son, Aaron of Lincoln, four other daughters, Mrs. Mattie Spelts of Haxtun, Colo., Mrs. Hattie Barry, Mrs. Nettie Zimmer and Mrs. Libbie Cox of Lincoln. Funeral services will be held at 9:30 o'colck Monday morning at St. Mary's cathedral, with Msgr. P. L. O'Loughlin in charge. Burial in Calvary."

In 1908 Felix D. Spelts was contesting a land claim for the southwest quarter of 19, 5N 46W.  He proved up on this land in 1913.

April 1909 "Mr. and Mrs. George Hotchkiss of Lincoln, Nebraska who have been making Mrs. Hotchkiss' brother, F.B. Spelts living near Yuma, a ten days visit, wanted to see the county seat and came down Monday on 16 and were passengers on 14 to their eastern home the same evening."

(George and Lena Hotchkiss, both 41, are farming in Sedgwick County in 1920)
"Lena BARTELS, born Jan 1879 and died Feb 1939 in Lincoln, Nebraska. She married George HOTCHKISS in 1901. They had 1 daughter, name unknown, born and died between 1901 and 1910. Lived in Sedgwick County, Colorado. No other children. "
Friday, January 1, 1930 Lincoln "George Hotchkiss, 52, died at 1:55 o’clock Friday morning at a local hospital. His home was at Ovid, Colo. He is survived by his wife, Lena, his mother, Mrs, Aaron Hotchkiss of Lincoln; a brother, Aaron of Lincoln, and five sisters, Mrs. Mattie Speltz of Yuma. Colo,; Mrs. Dora Hunt, Mrs. Hattie Berry, Mrs. Nettie Zimmer and Mrs. William Cox, all of Lincoln. The body is at Splaln and Schnell’s pending funeral arrangements. "

February 8, 1939 "Funeral services for Mrs. Lena Hotchkiss will be held at 3 p. m. Wednesday at Hodgmans, Rev. Leland H. Lesher officiating. Burial in Lincoln Memorial Park."

1953 Lincoln " Four sisters--all living in Lincoln- -decided to visit their aunt, Mrs. Emma Miller of Waukesha, Wis., on her 81st birthday. Mrs. Hattie Berry, Mrs. Dora Hunt, Mrs. Henry Zimmer, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Libbie Cox drove to Wisconsin with Mrs. Zimmer's husband, Henry, and visited many family landmarks. Their parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hotchkiss, had lived in Waukesha before moving to Lincoln."

1966 Lincoln "Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hotchkiss, 3849 St. Marys, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house from 3-5 p.m. Monday at the home of their son Robert Hotchkiss. 1239 Mulder Dr. Friends may call without further invitation. Mr. and Mrs. Hotchkiss were married May 31, 1916. in Lincoln, and have lived here since. The other Hotchkiss children are Mmes. Staley Powell and Don Yakel. The Aaron Hotchkisses have five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren."

April 29, 1910 "The little eight year old daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. F.D. Spelts died last Friday after a short sickness of one week.  She was buried Sunday, Rev. York preaching the service

We certainly thank our friends and neighbors for the kindness they showed us in our late bereavement at the death of our little daughter.- Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Spelts."

Mr.. and Mrs. Felix Spelts lost their little daughter Nettie, Friday the 15th, age 8 years.  The funeral was held in the new church at Ford, Sunday, the 17th"

Felix Demundrum Spelts registered for WWI in Yuma County  saying he was married, born March 19, 1873

Felix 1873-1931 is buried in Pleasant Valley # 35478223, with "Mattie" 1879-1948 # 35478233.

March 19, 1931 "The community was saddened Tuesday night of last week by the sudden death of Felix Spelts of heart trouble. The funeral services wee held from the United Brethren church Friday. The bereaved family has teh sympathy of the entire community."

July 29, 1948 Eckley items
August 4, 1948


July 1908 Roy Spelts was appointed one of the election judges for Yuma precinct.

One tree said Alfred Saylor's parents were Henry Saylor 1840-1883 and Mary Samanta (Reynolds) Saylor 1855-1921 born and died in Indiana.

Alfred 1884-1948 is buried in Seattle # 22657423.

December 20, 1902 Lincoln, Nebraska - Jennie is in the back row, second from right.

In 1910 Yuma County, Roy is 28, born in Nebraska, married seven years to Jennie 30 born in Arkansas ?

February 1911 "Roy Spelts was seen 'toting' a gang plow through the valley (Pleasant Valley community) one day last week.  He wishes to make his neighbors think that he intends working.. He only took it home and his wife will do the work."

In 1920, still without kids in Yuma County. In 1930 Yuma County, Roy 47, Jennie 47, and her brother Alfred T. Sailer 44, all born in Indiana.

In 1912 Leeroy (sic) Spelts proved up one quarter in 5N 47W and an adjoining one in 4N 47W.

June 11, 1931 "Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bowden, Mrs. Roy Spelts and Alfred Sailor motored to Denver Sunday to be with Roy Spelts, who is again in the hospital there."

July 21, 1932

May 9, 1940
Jennnie 1879-1940 is on the same stone in Pleasant Valley # 35478229 as Roy 1881-1932 ## 35478237.

December 1909 "Ralph Talbot of Denver was in Wray a part of this week as attorney in the Spelts vs. Korf and Lett cases.  They took up several days of county court."


In 1885 Lancaster County, Nebraska, "Mertie" R. Land is 12, with Sidney J. 48, a carpenter, and "Unice " D. Land 45.
Sidney 1837-1900 is buried in Waupaca County, # 82761263. Wisconsin. Eunice (Presher) Land is buried in Pleasant Valley 1840-1926 # 17980846.

William E. Spelts married Myrtle Land in Lancaster County, Nebraska - in 1900 they're living with William's parents.  In 1910 they have their own place, and have William Jr. 13.  (looks like they'd boarded William at age three with a  widow and her daughter back in Lancaster County, Nebraska).

It's confusing, because there's a William McKinley Spelts near the same age - but next-door Phillips County.

February 1910 "Will Spelts, the merchant of Ford, was in town (Yuma) this week."

William Conoway commenced breaking for W.E. Spelts this week.

F.D. Spelts is thinking of starting a blacksmith shop in Yuma, leaving W.E. Spelts to run the one in Ford.

Also in 1910 "Ford (the community name at the time) had quite an exciting time April 1st, when F.D. Spelts, W.E. Spelts, George Ormsbee and Snowball were breaking "Diamond," a big colt.  The three heavyweights deserve some credit, but Snowball was master of all."

March 1911 "Field Spelts ordered the fence for the Pleasant Valley cemetery last week and the committee expects to have the cemetery enclosed in a short time."

Will and George Spelts and Gardner Lett were the Ford residents debating the Waverly team of I.P. Beckett, Chas. Hirsch and Rev. Miller."

In  October 1911 "Felix Spelts moved his blacksmith shop to Haxtun last week

W.E. Spelts has left for Texas, where he will work for the Santa Fe as a machinist."

1913 "Will Spelts was plowing with his steam outfit this week, for his brother, Jack."

In 1920 William and Myrtle are living in Denver.  William is a salesman for an oil company, Myrtle is a nurse, and they're living with son Mack Spelts and family.

  Myrtle Land Spelts - thanks to Thora Thompson Myrtle and second husband

Thora wrote " Myrtle was married to William E. Spelts , son of John R and Martha Ann [Reynolds] Spelts.  Their son, William McKinley [Mack] Spelts married Elsie Fern Spelts she was born 10 May 1896.  She was the daughter of Curnel "Ky" Ellsworth and Malinda "Linda" Helen [Anderson] Spelts.

William 1870-1927 # 35478240 and Myrtle 1873-1953 # 35478234 are in the Pleasant Valley cemetery.

July 7, 1927 "A very large number attended the funeral of W.E. Spelts, who was laid to rest Friday. Interment was at the Pleasnt Valley cemetery."

July 23, 1953

William's son William McKinley (Mack) Spelts had a daughter Vivian with them in 1920 - and that's probably the infant Vivian in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

February 12, 1920 "The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Spelts died in Denver Tuesday and was brought to Yuma by the parents yesterday evening for burial. Funeral services will be conducted at the United Brethren church, northeast of Yuma this afternoon. She ws the ony child of the faily and also the only grandchild and great grandchild."


Haxtun Harvest, Haxtun, Colorado, March 18, 1942

Maxine Fern Spelts, daughter of Mack and Elsie Speltz, was born in the Highland Center community, near Haxtun, Colorado, March 5, 1921 and passed to the home beyond March 16, 1942, at the age 21 years and eleven days.

She received her early education in the Haxtun grade school, later moving with her parents to the South Rockland community. She was graduated from the New Haven high school with the class of ’39. At the age of ten years she united with the Methodist church of Haxtun, continuing her membership there until the time of her passing.

On March 16, 1939, Miss Spelts was united in marriage to Wilford Wisdom of the South Rockland community. There, this happy and devoted couple spent the three years of their married life, Maxine passing on the date of their third anniversary. Their marriage was a perfect and happy relationship. In her childhood and also in her married life, Maxine was always happy, loving and faithful. She was greatly loved, and admired by all who knew her.

Of her immediate family, she leaves to mourn her early passing, her devoted husband, her parents, one sister Nadine Spelts, one brother Jimmy Spelts of New Haven and her grandmother Mrs. Myrtle Spelts of Holyoke, Colorado.


July 9, 1953 "Mrs. C.R. Bowden received word Thursday that her nephew, Mac Spelts ahd died of a heart attack in Culver City California. The funeral was held Tuesday in Sterling and burial was in the Pleasant Valley cemetery."

July 23, 1953 "Mrs. C.R. Bowden received word her sister-in-law, Myrtle Spelts had passed away Sunday in Sterling."

July 30, 1953 Eckley items "Mrs. Myrtle Spelts, aged 80, and an aunt of the Spelts boys residing here, passed away at teh Sterling hospital July 19, and funeral services were held in that city on Wednesday, with buiral in the "Mount Pleasant" cemetry."


June 1913 "word has been received that George Spelts, son of John R. Spelts, who has been away for his health, is very low at the home of his brother in Lincoln, Nebraska"

July 17, 1914 "George Spelts died Monday afternoon at his home, twenty-five miles northeast of Yuma, aged 38 years and 14 days.  The deceased, who was unmarried, had been a sufferer from brights disease for the past two years.  The funeral services were held Wednesday, M. Weekley officiating, and the interment was at Pleasant Valley cemetery.  A father and mother, five brothers and a sister mourn his loss."

July 1914 "W.C. Spelts and family arrived from Lincoln, Nebr. having been summoned here by the death of his brother, Geo. Spelts."

Card of Thanks - We desire through this medium to express our thanks to the kind neighbors and friends who so tenderly assisted us during the sickness and death of our dear son and brother, George S. Spelts.  May the Lord reward you all - John R. Spelts and Family"


In 1917 the county commissioners proceedings included "The resignation of Colonel Spelts as road overseer (Dist. No. 14) accepted, and John M. Williams being recommended by Colonel Spelts is hereby appointed to fill the vacancy."  "Curnel" and Malinda are buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, but are not Elijah's descendants - they had been in Vigo Indiana at least through 1910.


Effie married Chester R. Bowden May 21 1906,  probably in Nebraska, and they arrived from Holt, Nebraska to a quarter in  4N 47W in 1910, proving up in 1913.


Willis was born February 16, 1879 at "Cemore" Indiana, when he registered for WWII with a Haxtun address.

Willis Curtis" Curt" Spelts married Ivy Maude Bowden, Chester's sister, March 6, 1905.   Ivy died May 17, 1919, and and is widowed in 1920, 40, with Lillie C. 13.
Willis married Lena Dilka Gum, a young widow, in 1923. 
In 1930 Willis is 51, Lena 39, with Lena's kids Eveline K. Gumm 16 adn August 12. Willis and Lena have Willis C. 6, Wilber 3, and Gelnn R. 1.
Willis and Lena had at least three children, and they were farming nearby in Logan County in 1940.    The Haxtun newspaper reported October 1940 that Willis Spelts had joined the CCC. Willis died in 1944, and is buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, # 35478241, with Paulina Mae (Dilka) Gumm 1890-1975.

June 15, 1944

October 16, 1975


September 24, 1925

Lillian C. (Spelts) Salvador, 95, died February 27, 2002, at Haxtun Hospital. Lillian was born November 25, 1906 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the daughter of Ivy Maude (Bowden) and Willis Curtis Spelts.

In 1909 Lillian and her parents moved from Iowa to Lincoln, Nebraska. When she was seven they moved to the United Brethren community north of Yuma. Lillian's mother died when she was 12 and she made her home with her grandparents until they died two years later. At that time she went to live with her father and stepmother where she attended the Pleasant Valley School until her graduation from eighth grade.

On September 16, 1925, Lillian married Richard M. Salvador. They made their home in Holyoke for a time and later moved to the Clarkville community where they farmed.

Lillian was a very good cook and a renowned cookie maker. Tea at her home was always served with a batch of fresh baked cookies. She enjoyed doing handiwork and making crafts such as doilies, afghans, and pillowcase dolls. Lillian was a member of the Order of Eastern Star for 54 years.

Survivors include: daughters Leona Hunt, Haxtun, and Phyllis Ashton and husband Bill, Arvada; sons Paul Salvador and wife Joan, Haxtun, and Richard Salvador, Greeley; sister-in-law/cousin Lorena Salvador, Yuma; brother-in-law Perk Salvador and wife Muriel, Yuma; sister-in-law Mary Newbanks, Wray; half brother Wilbur Spelts, Wyoming; half sister Audrey Mann, California; seven grandchildren; four step grandchildren; eight great grandchildren; five step great grandchildren; one great great grandson; and one step great great grandson.

Lillian was preceded in death by her husband; an infant son; son-in-law Charles Hunt; daughters-in-law Florence Salvador and Dorothy Salvador; and half brothers Willis and Glenn Spelts.

Funeral services were held on March 4, at the Haxtun United Methodist Church, Haxtun, with Reverends Mike Bergman and Jon Shaw officiating. Burial followed at Haxtun Cemetery.


  Written by Lorena BOWDEN Salvador, daughter of Chester and Effie SPELTS Bowden.  Lorena's cousin Lillian Spelts also married a Salvador.  (that's why Lorena was listed in Lillian's obituary as both  a cousin and sister-in-law..

Thomas Hughie Speltz was born in Vigo township, Knox County, Indiana on March 9, 1908 to Curnel Spelts age 45 and Malinda Anderson 44.

February 15, 1918
The stone for "Curnel" E. Spelts 1868-1918 # 35478222 has Malinda -September 28, 1863-July 12, 1938 # 35478231.

July 21, 1938

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