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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:


March 15, 1889 "Albert Turney and family, from Washington County, came up Saturday and remained over Sunday with father Varney.  Mr. Turney is one of the leading republicans in the new county of Yuma."
Alice claimed in 5 n 46 - so she must be C.C.'s daughter
November 1887 "work on Albert Turney's well is at a standstill at the depth of 238 feed, owing to the drill owners having the misfotune to break a cog wheel, and will have to wait until a new one can arrive from Indiana."
Holyoke December 1888 "Albert Turney, of Weld City, was up Tuesday."
August 1898 William Fall was claiming land, and listed as witnesses Joyn Y.Eckman, Rinda Eckman, Albert N. Turney, and William Bingaman, all of Yuma.
September 2, 1898 "Two more prairie fires have been reported this week.  One in the neighborhood of the Turney ranch, where several miles of range grass was burnt, and the other was at the O. H. Johnson ranch, where about one iles of the range was destroyed."
September 1898 "Representative-elect Turney visited his ranch, twenty-five miles north of Yuma, the first of the week."
October 1898 - \

June 1899 "Mrs. A.N. Turney entertained Yuma's little folks Thursday afternoon in honor of the seventh birthday of her little daughter, Edith.  During the afternoon lunch was served.  The lilttle ones who attended enjoyed an excellent time."
October 1899 Among those with perfect attendance at the Inteermediate Department in Yuma schools were Bertine Turney and Vera Turney.
March 1900 Turney and two other board members, visited the school.
May 4, 1900 "A.N. Turney has another little girl at his home, born Friday, April 20.  Both mother and child are doing well, and Albert was generous with cigars and candy.  Better late than never."
March 30, 1900 Yuma "A.N. Turney is painting his residence."
July 1900 "R.M. Crenshaw has purchased the A.N. Turney residence."


August 3 1900 LEAVES YUMA
Hon. A.M. Turney and his estimable wife and family left Yuma the fore part of the week for Loveland, their future home.  Mrs. and Mrs. Turney and the little folks will be greatly missed.  They were good workers in church and social circles.  Mrs. Turney was for eight years treasurer of Yuma county, and represented this representative district in the Twelfth General Assembly, where his course was considered consistent.  They have purchased a residence property in Loveland.




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