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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Jacob and Sara Elizabeth (Watt) Foreman, Vernon.
Photographs donated by Carol Ann Singer, 2g granddaughter of Jacob and Sara.

Jacob Foreman was born in Highland County, Ohio in 1840 and served in the Union army in the Civil War. Sara Elizabeth Watt was born in 1847 in Pike County, Illinois. They were married in 1867 in Illinois. The family came to Colorado in 1888 and homesteaded near Vernon. Jacob died in 1923 and Sara in 1928. They are buried in Vernon's Glendale Cemetery.

In 1900 Yuma County, Jacob, born Dec 1840 in Oho, married 59 years to Sarah E. Dec 1847 Illionoi, have William Sept 1881, John E. June 1884, and George E. Feb 1888, all three born in Missouri. On the same page are William Callaway 77 born in England and wife Francis 49 born in Ohio.

In 1910 Jacob 69 and Sarah 63 are in Canadian County, Oklahoma with George 22.

September 2, 1915
"Jacob Foreman, who has been spending some time with his three sons Will, John and George and his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Calloway, is spending this week in Wray at the G. P. Hix home and taking the sulphur baths."

Jacob Foreman Family

Jacob Foreman Family circa 1900
Front - John E., Jacob, Sara and George E.
Rear - Artie M, William T, Mary Bell, Robert S, and Nora K.

Jacob and Sarah had eight children. Seven survived into adulthood:
     Mary Bell, born 1869 in Pike Co, IL, married William Calloway
     Robert Sidney, born 1871 in Pike Co, IL, married Grace Irene Squires
     Nora Kate, born 1873 in Pike Co, IL, married 1) John W. York and 2) J.A. Beatty
     Artie Mesa, born 1875 in Pike Co, IL, married George Confer
     William Turner, born 1881 in Carroll Co, MO.
     John Everett, born 1884 in Carroll Co, MO, married Hanna Johnson.
     George Edwin, born 1888 in Carroll Co, MO, married Elizabeth Orr

David Foreman, Vernon
Photograph donated by Carol Ann Singer.

David Foreman was a brother of Jacob. David was born in 1834 in Highland County, Ohio and died in 1917 in Oregon. He came to Colorado in 1889 and operated a harness shop in Vernon where he was also the pastor of the Vernon Church of Christ for many years. He left Vernon about 1914 to move to Oregon.

Pastor David Foreman in Vernon c1900.

This photograph shows him on the front step of his house working on harness. That's the Vernon Church of Christ in the back. Looks like Rev. Foreman has a garden beside the church.

Reverend David Forman, Vernon
Contributed by Barbara Laughlin

Rev. Forman in his "working garb" circa 1908.
This photo was mailed to his niece, Vina Foreman, in December 1908.

The back of the card reads:
Vernon, Yuma Co., Colorado, xxday, Dec the 20th, 1908
Compliment of David Foreman to his niece Vina Foreman, Beecreek, Pike Co., Illinois.
Born in Highland Co., Ohio March the 11th, 1834.
Picture was taken in my working garb.  Moved from Ohio to Pike Co., Illinois with father and mother, brothers and sisters March 1850, and moved to Ruby, Seward Co., Nebraska, 18th of April 1887, from there to Vernon, Colorado in 1889. Phebe A. Foreman died at Ruby, Seward Co., Nebraska, September 27th, 1901.

David Foreman married four times: (1) Emily Johnson; (2) Nancy Russell-1/21/1855 - She was born 4/08/1837 and died 2/17/1885 in Pike Co., Ill.; (3) Phoebe Ann Long (mentioned above); and (4) Rachel Hirons-1/2/1912 in Yuma County. David Foreman died in Oregon in 1917.


William, 38, married Cora Failor in Canon City, Colorado on December 24, 1919.

Cora might be the Cora L. Failor in 1900 Webster County, Nebraska, 8, with grandmother Sarah Mathews 68 and aunt Rosa Mathews 25, born in Nebraska.

Sarah's husband Henry B. Mathews 1827-1899 is buried in Webster County "Hit by a train" # 81756857.
"Last Sunday forenoon about nine o'clock, an accident occurred a half mile west of this city which deprived H.B. Mathews of his life. The old gentleman was busily engaged along the railroad, and had just stepped from one track to another to avoid a train, when the switch engine, pushing an empty box car before it, came along and the corner of the car struck him in the back of the head, causing instant death. The body was taken to the station and placed in the baggage room to wait a coroner's inquest, that was held a little before noon. The jury rendered a verdict of accidental death and attached not blame to any person  or  persons.  Mr. Mathews has been a well known resident of this city for about twenty years, and his sudden demise  is regretted by all. He was seventy six years of age, and he leaves a wife, five sons and four daughters to mourn his  departure. The funeral services were held at the home in the south ward Monday afternoon. Rev. Dean officiating." Date of death: Oct. 1, 1899 "

Rosa Mathews, daughter of H.B. and Sarah Mathews, had married Henry Falor in Kearney, Nebraska on March 14, 1891.
1910 Santa Barbara, California, a telephone operator, 18 born in Nebraska. She's with her grandmother Sarah Mathews, 78, widowed, born in Ohio.
"Mrs. Wixom was born July 9, 1879, in Orange county, and spent most of her early life in Santa Ana. She is one of the daughters of the late John and Charlotte Prothro, a pioneer couple who reared a family of ten children. Mrs. Wixom also spent several years at the home of her aunt, Sarah Mathews."

Rosa was divorced in 1920 Haigler, Nebraska, farming, living alone.
She might be the R.L. Mathews in 1940 Leadville, Colorado, divorced, 66, born in Nebraska, living alone, no occupation.
Rosa's brother Wilbur M. Mathews 1868-1937 is buried in Santa Barbara, California # 90146456.
Joseph 1852-1936 is buried in Topeka, Kansas # 105706342.
Sister Fannie Elizabeth Carr 1856-1941 is buried in Red Cloud # 81756731.

William is a steel worker in Pueblo, Colorado in 1920, 38, with Cora 28 born in Kansas.

They had Geraldine Hope Foreman on June 7, 1928 in Craig, Colorado.

They're farming in Rio Blanco County, Colorado in 1930, William 48, Cora 38, and "Jule" 1.

In 1935 they were in Moffat County, and in 1940 are in Mesa County, Colorado. William is working for the WPA, 58, Cora 48, Geraldine 11, adn William J. 9.
1st wife was Cora L. Failor married 12/24/1919 in Canon City, Fremont Co, CO. She died 9/13/1953. William's 2nd wife was Cora Wagner who died 3/?/1958
William is buried in Delta, Colorado 1881-1969 # 17740202, with Cora Loretta Foreman 1891-1953 # 13494002.

Geraldine married Guy M. Hocker in Mesa County, Colorado on February 19, 1949, and died April 3, 2006.
She's buried in Delta County, in a different cemetery # 27932045, with Guy M. Hocker 1921-1998.

May 11, 2011


May 1909 Wray Rattler "Miss Hannah Johnson, of Riverton, Nebraska, filed on a 300 acre homestead on Prentice creek Thursday morning."

John Foreman, 27, married Hanna Johnson on April 25, 1912 in Wray.

John Everett Foreman registered for WWI in Vernon, a thresherman, born June 25, 1884.

In 1920 Yuma County, John is farming, 35, born in Missouri, with Hannah 35 born in Sweden.
Delmer is 5, Mary G. 2, both born in Colorado. They have two hired men.
In 1930 Yuma County, John is managing a corn shelling business,, with Hannah, born 45. Delmer is 15, Mary 12, and Rex M. 8.

John is buried in Vernon, per # 53484615.

Hanna Johnson came to America from her native Sweden in 1902 when she was 18 years old. She came with some neighbors who helped pay for her passage. In America she found enough work to pay her neighbors back, plus pay for her sister Bertha's passage to America as well. In 1909 Hanna took a homestead just north of Wray, Colorado

The East Yuma history book says that Hannah's sister Bertha Mattison was still alive in the 1970's. She might be the Bertah (Janssen) Mattison 1887-1980 buried in Webseter County, Nebraska # 118229737.
Bertha was married to Willie Mattison in 1910 Webster County, Nebraska, 22, born in Sweden, married one year, immigrating in 1904.

Children of John and Hannah:

1. Delmer Everett Foreman was born 1/4/1915 in Vernon, Yuma Co, CO. He married Florence Keenan, and they had one child, Carol, who married Don Marshall of San Juan Isles.

2. Mary Foreman married Bill Hartman and had one child, Gloria, who married Mike Clark of Wray, CO.

Mary 1917-2008 is buried in Idalia, # 64957097, with William H. Hartman 1909-1999, 64957138.

So is Gloria Clark 1945-2008 # 28985793.

3. Rex Milford Foreman was born 7/8/1921 in Wray, Yuma Co, CO. He married Loraine Paradise. They had one son and one daughter, who both moved to Tacoma, WA: John, a doctor, and Kay, a school teacher.

1963 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. Rex Foreman and daughter of Washington and Mrs. Mary Mary Hartman and Gloria of Wray were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Claude Kohlman on Tuesday (Eckley items in the Yuma Pioneer.)

John had a livery stable in Vernon and the Wray Hotel in Wray. He had the first steam car in Yuma County - the Stanley Steamer. He took Dr. Mathews on calls in the Steamer. In cold weather he kept the Steamer in a cellar in Vernon to avoid its freezing. John will also be remembered by his threshing machine days with the steam engines and corn shellers, and house moving throughout the county. His wife Hannah cooked in the cook shack with the help. John bought a Holt Catapiller in 1929 to pull a twenty foot Holt Combine and to power threshing machines. John took an active interest in the growth and welfare of the county. He was president of Farmers' Co-op Elevator and Farmers' Co-op Oil Company Boards, and was active until his death in 1938. 


George E. Foreman married Elizabeth A. Orr on Sept 13, 1910 in Canadian County, Oklahoma.

George Edwin Foreman proved up two quarters in section 6, 2S 46W in 1916.

June 1916 "George Foreman came in Sunday from south of Happyville and took his wife and boy home after a week or ten days in town. The little boy has been suffering from the after effects of a case of measles which settled in his head. While he was not entirely over the trouble it was thought that he was improved so that he could be taken home."

December 28, 1916 "George Foreman of the Center country, has sold his ranch to Fay Wheeler and will start in a few days to visit his parents in Oklahoma, after which he thinks of locating in Wyoming."

In February 1917 relatives attending the funeral of William Callaway included Mr. and Mrs. George Foreman of Oklahoma City Oklahoma and Robert Foreman of Elbert, Colorado.

March 1917 "Mrs. W. S. Calloway and little daughter, Esther, returned Friday from their three weeks trip to Oklahoma. They had accompanied Mr. and Mrs. George Foreman home to Oklahoma, making the trip in the Foreman car, but made the journey back to Colorado via rail."

July 26, 1917 West Vernon items in the Wray Rattler "Bob Hubbard spent Sunday at George Foremans "
" Mr. and Mrs. George Foreman and little son and Mrs. Mary Calloway and daughter Esther, were Wray shoppers Saturday.. "

In 1920 Yuma County, George is 31, born in Missouri, with Elizabeth O. 28 born in Oklahoma. Wilson 8 was born in Oklahoma.

May 25, 1922 "George Foreman of south of Wray had the misfortune to cut off one of his toes Monday while plowing."

In 1930 Yuma County, George and Elizabeth are farming, with Wilbur E. 18 born in Oklahoma, and Geneva 9 born in Colorado.

George is buried in Hillsboro, Oregon 1888-1972, with Elizabeth A 1891-1975.

Wilbur E. Foreman 1911-1989 is buried in Hillsboro, too with Erma L. (Reiling Foreman 1916-1971.

Leola G. Foreman, 25, daughter of Elizabeth Orr and George Foreman, married Melvin A. Nelson in Clark County, Washington on August 28, 1946.

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