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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James Henry and Edith (Stanbrough) Baker, Fox

In 1880 Harrison County, Missouri James H. is 7, with Charles G. 39 and Harriot 35 Baker, and five siblings, including Oscar L. seven months old.

In 1900 Harrison County, Missouri, James, born Sept 1872, and Edith Dec 1872, have been married six years, with Elsie G. Apr 1895, Charles L. Oct 1896, and Sylva L. Sep 1899.    With them is brother Oscar M. ,, Nov 1879 - all born in Missouri.

In 1910 Harrison County, Missouri, James H. 37 and Edith 37 Baker have Elsie, 15, Charley 13, Sylva 10, and Mina 8.  All six were born in Missouri.

James Henry Baker registered in Yuma County, born September 30, 1872, nearest relative Edith Baker.

1919 Wray "Miss Sylva Baker returned Monday evening to her home in Bartley, Nebr., after spending several days as the guest of her sister, Mrs. Stanley Yates."  - but Stanley's wife was Annie, born in Nebraska.

James proved up 320 acres in 23, 24, 25, and 26, 3S 46W - all in one rectangle - in 1920.

James J. Baker - born and died in 1923 - is buried in Glendale - the same year as Mildred Moore.

In 1930 James and Edith are alone in Haigler, Nebraska.  James is a farm laborer.

 In the Haigler, Nebraska cemetery are James H. Baker - 1872-1959, sharing a tombstone with Edith (Arnold)  Baker - 1872-1932.  FindAGrave lists him married to Dora Belle (Samson) Baker 1886-1954 - also buried in Haigler.

James H. Baker 1872-1959 is buried in Haigler # 67495448, with Edith (Arnold) Baker 1872-1932 # 67495427.

Mina Baker had married Napoleon Wilson in Yuma County on June 23, 1919, and Mina Leora Wilson divorced Napoleon on January 17, 1924 in Yuma County>
Mina's brother Charley Baker was in Mildred in 1930, 33, with Goldie 31, both born in Missouri. Mina 12, Reva 10, Manlon 8, Emma 5, Dallas L. 4, all born in Colorado, and Charles J. eleven months inNebraska.



Sylva  married Alva L. Kindred February 14, 1917 in Wray. "License to marry was issued yesterday, February 14, to Alvah L. Kindred and Sylvia Lee Baker, both parties of near Mildred."

 In 1930 Pueblo he's 34, she's 30, both born in Missouri.  They have son Marvin E. 5 Morvin and  daughter Thelma L. Morvin, 2, both born in Colorado. This is probably an error  -

In 1940 Pueblo "Alma L. Kendrid" and Sylvia have Marvin, Thelma, Maxine 9, Phyllis 5, Barbara, 2, and Erma newborn.  Brother Omer Kendrid, 48, is with them.  "Alma" "is a wringer at a laundry., and no one else has an occupation.

In 1945 Pueblo Alva and Sylvia - no occupation are living at 1516 W. 16th.  In the same directory is a Thelma Kindred, waiter at the Bell Cafe.

In 1955 Pueblo Alval L is a "washmn" at the State Hosp, living at 1516 W. 16th, and M.E. Kindred is a driver for Bowman Biscuit, living at 1531 W. 15th.

FindAGrave has Marvin Eugene Kindred, Dec 23, 1924  Oct 6, 2005 - buried in Pueblo. 49154834


Charles Lowell Baker registered in Yuma County, farming, born October 26, 1897, in Ridgeway, Missouri - father born in Bethany, Missouri., and was married to Goldie Baker. (Jennison and Martha Brower's daughter)

In 1930 Mildred precinct Charles L. and Goldie D. 31, born in Missouri, have Mina M. 12, Reva I. 10, Manlove O. 8, Emma L. 5, Dallas L. 4, and Charles J. eleven months.  All the older kids born in Colorado, Charles J. in Nebraska. 

They're in Washington County, Colorado in 1940, Lowell 48, Goldie 42, Marie 22, Manlove 19, Lorraine 16, Dallas Lee 13, "Junior" 11, Fern 18, Margaret 5, and Lola 2.


C. Lowell Baker 1896-1966 # 39536035, and Goldie D. Baker 1899-1992 # 39536036. are buried in Johnston Cemetery, Weld County.

April 2, 1992

Emma Lorrain (Baker) Osman 1924-2011 is buried in Akron # 78464844.

Juanetta Fern Baker married Dale Wesley Alexander on August 9, 1950 in Washington County, Colorado.

Juanetta Fern (Baker) Alexander 1930-2007 is buried in Yuma # 74355527, with Dale W. Alexander 1914-2003.

Margaret Morey 1934-2005 is buried in Yuma ARIZONA # 32668138.

Reva in 1992 was married to Leland Thomas, and they lived in Greeley.

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