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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Jenison and Martha Brower, Fox

 Adam Brower/Brewer married Charity Foust in North Carolina. At some point
they moved to Mercer Co MO, they had sons in IL, IA, and MO.

Their grandson was Jennison Brower, who possibly was born of Lovey Caroline
Brower, the daughter of Adam Brower and Charity.
It is possible that Jennison used his mother's maiden name

In 1880 Harrison County, Missouri, Jennison Brower, 15, is a farm laborer working for the Daid Roberts family.

Martha might be the Martha J. George, 12, in Dunklin County, Missouri in 1880, with Sarah A. 33, Rober t L 7, Sarah's widowed mother Jane M. Benson, 62, and Jane's granddaughter Marey J. Bensen, 11.

In 1900 Jenison, January 1868 in Missouri, parents North Carolina, is in Harrison County, Missouri -(maybe knew the Kindred family?) Martha J, born August 1868 in Missouri, Daisy C. Sep 1893 Missouri, and Goldie D. Feb 1899, Missouri.

In 1910 Vernon precinct they've added Mary Ada, 9, and Velma Marie, 3, both born in Missouri.

Jenison proved up on land in 2 and 3, 3S 46W in 1913, witnesses Charles W. Eastin, Emmet Piper, Nelson Stanbrough, and John C. Eastin.

1913 Happyville "J. Brower of Mildred hauled several loads of old corn to D.C. Bell's last week."

1916 "They say that Grandpa Brower, of Mildred, was at one of the neighbors one day last week helping shell corn and actually shoveled more corn into the machine than any three of the other scoopers.  Didn't think it would affect him that way, but we can't always tell."   (maybe a joke about his being energized by being a grandfather?)

 March 1916

In 1920 "Janeson Brown" and Martha are still in Mildred precinct, with Velma,13 born in Missouri.

In 1930 Mildred precinct Jenison and Martha have grandchildren Marjory J. Whiteaker 9, and Emmit D. Whiteaker, 12, both born in Colorado.

In 1940 Martha, 74, is living in southern Washington County with Harry M. Thomas, 31, Velma M. 33, James W. 11, Lois P. 8, Kenneth 4, and Merry Low, 1.


Goldie married Charles L. Baker, and they're in Mildred precinct in 1930.  Charles is 33, Goldie 31, Mina M. 12, Reva I. 10, Manlove O. 8, Emma L. 5, Dallas L. 4, and Charles J. eleven months.

They're in southern Washington County, Colorado in 1940, with Marie 22, Manlove 19, Lorraine 16, Dallas Lee 13, Junior 11, Fern 8, Margaret 5, and Lola 2. - Junior was born in Nebraska, all others in Colorado.

Goldie 1899-1992 and C .Lowell Baker 1896-1966 are buried in Johnstown Colorado. 39536036

Velma married Harry William Thomas in Wray February 27, 1928, and they're buried in Burlington 69298003.  Velma October 18, 1906-April 21, 2003.

"Ody Browyer" 18, married John Whiteaker, 19 , in Vernon on September 30, 1917.  F. Varcoe, minister, of Vernon, performed the ceremony.  They're in McCook, Nebraska in 1920, with Daris, sixteen months old, born in Colorado.  (Max M. Whiteaker proved up a quarter in 2N 43W - east of Wray - in 1919 - he registered in Yuma County, born Oct 20, 1882, nearest relative Myrtle Whiteaker of Laird.)

Marjorie Whiteaker married Jerry Crawford in Brighton, Colorado December 10, 1936 - but this isn't confirmed to be the Yuma one.   In 1940 Jerry, a coal miner,  and Margarie are in Boulder County.  She's 19, born in Colorado.

Mary Ada Whiteaker 1901-1920 is buried in Glendale, Vernon.

  Thank you DryValleyTennessee for Mary's wedding photograph.

Daisy Caroline Brower married Dallas W. Eastin, and they're buried in Yuma. 11570447.  Daisy - Aug 9, 1893 -January 15, 1972.

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