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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Lucy L. (Jumper) Clarke, Idalia

Lucy Luellin Jumper born November 22, 1857 in Dearborn County, Indiana.

In 1880 Osage County, Kansas, A. H. Jumper is farming, 61, with Amanda F. 54. Horace is 24, Lucy 22, Hattie 19, Indiana M. 17 - all three teaching school, and Carrie 11.

Amanda 1825-1917 is buried in Melvern, Osage County # 54700279, with Alden H. Jumper 1819-1888 # 54700261.

In 1870 Osage County, Kansas, Wyot H. Clark is 38, Janette 36, Arthur D. 16, Ferdinand 13, and Charley 1.
Wiot is buried in Emporia, Kansas # 59212987.
"Wiot H. Clark, who came to Lyon county from Wisconsin and settled in June, 1860, and whom many of our old settlers will remember, died suddenly at El Dorado, on Sunday, the 10th, 1878 of typhoid pneumonia, aged 46 years. Mr. Clark lived for some time in Emporia after settling here, but left about eight years ago. He was an accomplished musician, and taught music here; was a member of the first band organized in Emporia. At the time of his death he was a member of the El Dorado band, and his remains were escorted to the depot in that city by that organization. He has three sisters now living in this city, Mrs. L. E. Spicer, Mrs. D. L. Clark and Mrs. Tarbell. He was brought here on Tuesday and bursed from the residence of Mrs. Spicer on Wednesday, Rev. O. J. Shannon conducting the services. 
Lucy L. Jumper, 23, married Ferdinand O. Clarke in Osage County, Kansas on April 22, 1881.

In 1885 Osage County, Kansas, F. O. Clark is 28, Lucy L. 27, Bradley L. 3, and Alden W. ten months.

In 1887 Ferdinand applied for final proof on his land in 17, 33S. 15W,

12-25-97 Ruskin, Tennessee - the "Ruskin Colony"
They were utopians from the North, intellectuals and farmers in search of a new life and a new community. As they cut down the pines from the surrounding turpentine groves and set about building their community, they named its shady but rocky streets after some of the men whose principles they held dear – Carlyle, Bellamy, and Morris. The newly-born village itself was named after John Ruskin, whose ideas and hopes had brought them a new way of life in the Florida wilds.

"F. O. Clarke and family of Fryatt, Ark. arrived Thursday to remain permanently, and have been temporarily housed at the Annex with Kennedy's people. He exchanged his farm with H. Chillcoate for a share in the R.C.A., and the latter has moved his family and effects to Fryatt. Mr. Clarke, like Mr. Kennedy, is a practical farmer, and having conducted that business in about this latitude and on similar soil, both these new members will be very valuable to the colony.
We are pleased to say that two other farmers from the same neighborhood are expected soon. They are Chas. W. Clarke and Wm. Horton. All four of these gentlemen visited us over a year ago, and have been arranging to move here ever since. They are all genuine Socialists."
"The last issue from Ruskin, Tenn included a list of those who were staying with the colony and moving to Waycross (Duke) Georgia.Included:
F. O. Clarke, wife and five children
C. W. Clarke, wife and three children
G. M. Kennedy, wife and seven children"

"Feb. 1st, 1899. Resolution by F. O. Clarke:
"We therefore request all members of this association to remember that 'eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.' That it does honest men no harm to watch them and rascals need it."
"That we believe the right of petition to be as sacred as the right of speech (in fact, a part of what the term 'free speech' implies). We there- fore request all members of this association to make their wishes known by initiating such measures as they want adopted by this board, or referred to the stockholders."
This same man and his wife signed the gag- law petition on May 11, 1899, in three months afterwards. "5-13-99 "We have two young lads in the colony, Thad and Orville Clarke, that Bro. Gwynn wants to back against the world for all around plowing.They are exceptionally handy and willing workers."

In 1900 Ware County, Georgia, Fred Clark is farming, born Dec 1857 in Wisconsin, married 19 years to Lucy Nov 1856 Indiana. Bradley Feb 1882 in Kansas, Aldin June 1884 in Kanas, Thadius Dec 1885 in Kansas, Orville Jan 1888 Arkansas, and Flo July 1890 Arkansas.

Ferdanand O. Clarke 1856-1906 is buried in Fulton County, Arkansas, # 18704887.

Lucy L. Clark proved up two quarters in section 2 and 11, 4S 46W in 1914.

Lucy, born November 22, 1857, died September 27, 1921 in Yuma County.
She's buried in the Lucas Cemetery # 52235685.


February 1913 "Mrs. Flo Clarke came down from Denver Tuesday morning and went out to her place near Idalia the following day, where she will remain a few weeks."

Idalia news of March 26, 1914 "Miss Flo Clarke visited home folks Sunday."

Flo Clark married John Ramseier on May 1, 1918, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1920 Idalia precinct, John is farming 35, born in Kansas, with Flo 29 in Arkansas. Edna is one month old.

In 1930 Idalia, John is 43, Floral E. 31, Edna R. 11, Verne C. 9, and Lloyd L. 5.
In 1940 Yuma County, John is 54, farming alone, married but a question mark.

In 1955 Boulder, John is a carpenter, Florell a laundry department employee at the University, and John L. is a student there - all at 1727 Athens.

John is buried in the Lucas Cemetery 1886-1981 # 52235831
So is Florell E. Ramseier 1890-1983 # 52235830.

Edna Rose Ramseier was born December 30, 1919, name as Gordanier in 1949.
She's buried in Kitsap County, Washington 1919-1995 # 2918285. So is William F. Gordanier 1915-2002.

Verne C. Ramseier 1921-1986 is buried in Lucas # 52235835.


B.L. Clarke, 26, married Georgia L. Sager, 19 in Fulton County, Arkansas on September 13, 1908.

She had been in Fulton County in 1900, 11, with Oliver 47 (married Alice Myers in 1894 in Mammoth Spring, Fulton County) and Alice 45. Earl is 15, Fred 14.
When she applied for a delayed birth certificate, she said she was Georgia Luodoroid Sager born in Pottawattamie County Iowa on October 13, 1888 to Oliver Burgess Sager of Ohio and Julia Ann Benedict of Iowa, and was living in 1954 in Los Angeles.

In 1910 Yuma County, Bradley is 28, married one year to Georgia 21 born in Iowa, with Ferdinand 2 born in Arkansas.

In 1920 Kirk precinct, Bradley is farming, 38, with Georgia 31, Ferdinand 100 born in Arkansas, Mervin 8 and Gerald 5 in Colorado.

Bradley L. Clarke proved up a quarter in 2, 4S 47W in 1922 - this touched the Arickaree river.

Bradley is a carpenter in 1930 Denver, with Georgia in a lodging house, with Fred 20, Merlin 17, and Gerald 15.

Bradley Lee Clark 1881-1934 is buried in Denver # 176758507.

Georgia is living in the Colonial Hotel on California Street in Denver in 1940, no occupation.

She died in Los Angeles County March 5, 1963, born September 13, 1889.

Ferdinand 1914-1990 is buried in De Soto, Kansas # 17169428, with Viola (Oshel) Clark 19132011 - they married October 10, 1933 in Olathe, Kansas.

Merlin, 37, married Georgia L. Donaldson /Whitworth on August 29, 1949 in Los Angeles.
Merlin B. Clarke, born May 31, 1912 in Colorado, died November 22, 1977 in Los Angeles COunty.
Gerald Charles Clarke was born on 16 Dec 1913 in Kirk, Yuma, Colo. He died on 30 Mar 1978. "

1914 Idalia news "Orville Clarke is sick with pneumonia fever this week."

Orville, 30, married Inez Collette on March 18, 1918 in Wray.

Inez was in Osage County, Kansas in 1910, 12, with Jesse 45, Alida 43, Bessie 23, CArl 19, Ralph 17, and Myrtle 14.

Her father Jesse E. Collette is buried in Olivet Cemetery, Yuma County 1855-1928 # 67407143, with Alida 1856-1942 # 67407140.

Sarah Elizabeth 'Bessie' (Collette) Lohmeyer 1885-1974 is buried in Kirk # 67354575, with Ernes Lohmeyer 1887-1960.

Edwin Carl Collette married Marian Lorene Darling on November 14, 1920 in Kit Carson County. Carl E. Collette 1890-1977 is buried in Wray # 17087051. He was in Yuma COunty in 1930, age 39, wtih Marian L. 39, Weyman 8, Ana 6, and Coral R. 2.
Marian Lorene (Darling) Collette is buried in Wray 1891-1970 # 17087059.

Coral R. Collette, 25, married Barbara A. Clapp in Kern County California June 6, 1953.

Weyman Carlyle Collette 1921-1965 is buried in Fort Logan 3 508641.

In 1920 Yuma County, Orville 32 and Inez 26 are living with his mother Lucy L. 62 widowed born in Indiana. Thaddeus 34 is also with them.

Orville proved up two quarters in 34 and 34, 3S 46W, and 2, 4S 45W in 1920, and another 160 acres for Stock in 1926.

In 1930 Yuma County, Orville is farming, 42, born in Arkansas, with Inez L. 32 Tennessee. Eugene V 9, and Orville L. 8 were born in Colorado.
Brother Thaddeus W. 44 born in Kansas is with them.

In 1940 Yuma County, Orville is farming 52, Inez 42, Eugene 19, Orville Jr. 18, John R. 7.l
Thad W. 54 is still living with them.

In 1940 Orville and Inez were sued by the Federal Land Bank for land in 35, 3S, and 2 adn 11 of 4S, with parties Thadeus W. Clark , Martha A. Holstine and Calvin L. Holstine.

Inez Lucy Clarke 1897-1982 is buried in Leavenworth # 3668929, with Orville 1888-1965 # 3652714.

July 26, 1965 "Orville C. Clarke, 77, of 6021 Agnes, Kansas City, died yesterday at veterans hospital. He was born in Elizabeth, Ark., and lived here five years. Mr. Clarke was a retired carpenter and brick mason. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Inez Clarke of the home; three sons, Eugene V. Clarke, 10100 Hardesty; John R. Clarke, Greenville, N. C., and Orville T. Clarke, Des Moines, and a sister Mrs. Flo Ramseier, Boulder, Colo. Services will be held in the National cemetery. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas."

November 4, 1982

1968 Kirk items "Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Clark and Linda of Kansas City, Missouri were dinner guests of the Donnie Greene's August 12."
"Mrs. Inez Clarke of Kansas City, Missouri visited Mrs. Mrs. Helen Meade from Monday until Wednesday."

"Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Collette took Mrs. Inez Clarke to Wray where she will spend some time visiting the Carl and Jack Collettes before going to Denver to visit her son, John."

Eugene V. Clarke, born May 9, 1921, died September 5, 2003, last residence Sacramento, California.

Agnes M. (Strick) Clarke 1926-1971 is buried in Des Moines, Iowa # 72990485.

Orville T. Clarke 1922-2009 is buried in Fort Logan # 72598525, with Dicy L. Clarke 1920-2011.

"Orville Clarke, 87, speaks with a hospice volunteer as therapy dog Bailey sits nearby at the Hospice of Saint John on August 20, 2009 in Lakewood, Colorado. Therapy dogs are brought in to the hospice throughout the week to help reduce anxiety in many of the terminally ill residents. The non-profit hospice, the second oldest in the United States, accepts the terminally ill regardless of their ability to pay, although most residents are covered by Medicare. "

"CLARKE, Dicy L. 90, of Lakewood. Born in Liverpool, LA on November 14, 1920. Preceded in death by her husbands Orville T. Clarke and Ted J. Conlon. Loving mother of Rick (Cyndi) Conlon, Kathleen (Dennis) Page, Greg Conlon, Sheryl (Scott Moore) Conlon and Joan Johnson. Beloved grandmother of Sheila Conlon, Patricia Conlon, Jennifer Page, Sean Conlon, Nathan (Rachel) Brannberg, Cristin (Nate) Muscavage, Jeffrey Page, Brooke Johnson, Steven Conlon and Devin Johnson. Great Grandmother of 11. Sister of Audrey Pace, Dorothy (Frank) Naul, also survived by many nieces, nephews, friends and her beloved little Kitty. Funeral Service, Saturday, 10:00 AM, Viewing at 9:00AM, Green Mountain Presbyterian Church, 12900 W. Alameda Ave., Lakewood. Interment, Monday, Ft. Logan National Cemetery,"

May 8, 1878 Hammond Louisiana "Services for Mrs. Mary Venable Thompson, 86, were at 2 p.m. Sunday at the McKneely Funeral Home in Amite. She died Friday in Baton Rouge. She was a native of St. Helena Parish and a resident of Greensburg. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Jerl Watkins.
Burial was in the Roseland Cemetery in Areola. Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Audrey Pace and Mrs. Dorothy Naul, both of Baton Rouge, and Mrs. Dicy Conlon of Lakewood, Colo; three sons, Jeff Thompson of Livingston, Dewey Thompson of Greensburg, and DeWitt Thompson of Bay St. Louis, Miss.; four sisters, Mrs. Effie Breithaupt of Jena, Mrs. Rena Roberts of DeRidder, Mrs. Ena Foster and Mrs. Esther Courtney, both of Greensburg; 27 grandchildren; 28 greatgrandchildren, and a number of nieces and nephews.    * She was preceded in death by her husband, John Richard Thompson and two sons."

Kansas City "Eugene V. Clarke, 91, passed away April 25, 2012. Visitation will be 10:00 to 11:00 am Friday, April 27 at Park Lawn Funeral Home, 8251 Hillcrest Rd. Private burial in Green Lawn Cemetery. Eugene leaves his children, Keith Clarke and Linda Kelly; brother, John Clarke; four grandchildren"

1973 "Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Thorp, 816 N. Fuller, Independence, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary July 7 with a reception at Eagles Hall in Independence. Mrs. Eugene V. Clarke, Kansas City, gave the reception for her parents, with the assistance of Mrs. Frank Bookery, 14408 E. 33rd St. The approximately 70 persons attending included Mrs. Stella Lewis and Mrs. L. J. Hutsell of Moberly; Mr. and Mrs. Everette Best of Kearney, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly of Grandview; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly of Gladstone; and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Powers of Blue Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Thorp, who were married in Moberly, have lived in Independence for 43 years."

Thadeus W. Clarke proved up two quarters in 2, 4S 46W in 1917.

Thadeus registered for WWI in Idalia, farming, born Dec 11, 1885. His reference was his mother Lucy L. Clarke of Idalia.

Thaddeus registered for WWII in Kirk, born December 11, 1885 at "Melvern" Kansas, farming for Ray Richardson. His reference was Orville C. Clarke of 4163 Kentucky Aveneue, Denver.

Thaddeus W. Clarke 1885-1960 is buried in Fulton County, Arkansas # 18704894.


In 1910 Yuma County, Alden 25 is farming, and Lucy 53 is with him.

1915 Alden W. Clarke of Idalia filed for land in 11, 4S 46W, witnesses John W. Doling, William S. Lucas, Ben W. Payne, and Emmet A. Fox, all of Idalia.

Alden is single in 1920 Yuma County, farming near Kirk.

In 1930 Phoenix, Arizona, Alden is doing odd jobs, single, in a boarding house.
He's in Phoenix in 1940, no occupation, 55, in a rooming house.

Alden Wiot Clarke registered for WWII in Cheyenne Wyoming, living in a rooming house

He was born June 13, 1884 at Melvern Kansas, and his reference was Mrs. Flo Ramseier of Boulder, Colorado.

One tree said Alden died in 1947 in Denver, but he's not in the obituary listings from 1945-1954.

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