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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Conrad J. Leuch, Charles G. Leuch, Fox

In 1900 Hitchcock County, Nebraska, Conrad born September 1851 and Rosa September 1859, both born in Switzerland, have Anna July 1886, Conrad Jr. May 1888, Charles Jan 1890, Earnest Oct 1891, Otto Feb 1893, Walter Dec 1894, Lena Dec 1896, and Paul May 1898 - all born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Conrad J., Charles, and Anna - siblings, are farming in Hitchcock County.

"Maude" Wise was in Kirk in 1910, 20, born in Nebraska,  with parents Perry P. and Addie.

Conrad proved up two quarters in 28, 3S 46W in 1916, and Charles next to him in 1917.  Charles added another 120 acres Stock in 1922.

    March 15, 1917

Conrad registered in Yuma County, saying he was single, and had a baby.

March 28, 1918 "Conrad Leuch and Lena Gladys Bryan, both of Yuma" were issued a marriage license.

In 1920 Conrad J. is in Kirk precinct, married to Lena G. 25, born in Kansas.  They have Ethelyn A. two and Virgil , eleven months, both born in Colorado.

Charles was still in 3S 46W in 1922, but Conrad had moved to 5S 47W.

In 1930 Pasadena, California Conrad is a house painter, with Lena, Ethelyn A. 13, Virgil L. 11, and Lois M. 5, all born in Colorado.

In 1940 Lois is a "lodger" with the Nels Magnuson family in Pasadena.

Ethelyn A. Leuch, 36, married Fred W. Hertwig, 39, April 12, 1953 in Los Angeles.  She died Feb 11, 1992, and is buried in Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills. 85890507

Conrad J. 1888-1976 and Laura M. Leuch - Aug 25, 1889- Mar 8, 1917 are buried in Kirk.

Conrad 1851-1939 and Rosa 1859-1934 are buried in Trenton, Nebraska 70437176


Charles registered in Yuma County, born January 13, 1890 at Trenton, Nebraska, and was single.

1917 "Charles G. Leuch and Frank Harlan, both young men residing near Happyville, left Tuesday for Denver to enlist in the regular army for service wherever required."

In 1930 Charles is in Mildred precinct, 40, with Anna Pickette, 48, Nebraska, widowed, and her son Kenneth, 14, born in Nebraska.

In 1940 Mildred precinct Charles G. is 50, with housekeeper Lillian Burns, 44, Indiana, widowed.

One tree said Charles Godfred Leuch died  in Boulder, Colorado, and his wife was Alice Jane Paxton.

In Trenton Cemetery is Charles G. Leuch - Colorado - 2nd cook, 164th Depot Brigade - Jan 13, 1890 - Sep 25, 1970.

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