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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Lewis and Hanna M. (Steiner) Pounds, Fox

p>Fred and Emma (Gardner) Pounds, Eckley

Jay and Millie Pounds, Eckley

One tree says Hannah Maude Steiner, born 1889 in Kansas, married Lewis Anderson Pounds, and they were in Yuma County in 1920, Pueblo in 1930, and died in Tulsa.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas,  Ans and C.A. "Poundo" have Ges, Don, Fred, and Louis. 

In 1910 Catherine and Lewis are together in Smith County, and Anderson is in a separate household in the same area in Smith County.

 - Anderson Pounds - Feb 23, 1845- Apr 23, 1915 and Catharine Ann Pounds Apr 3, 1844 - Jan 15, 1916 are buried in Womer Cemetery, Smith County.

1913 Wray "J. A. Steiner, of Eckley, was seen on our streets on Friday of last week."

  Lincoln Valley was an area south of Eckley

Hanna proved up 320 acres in 4, 3S 46W and 33, 2S 46W in 1918, witnesses David C. Bell, Edward McCole, Hugh J. McCauley, and Percy Matson, all of Happyville.

Lewis E. proved up a quarter in 11, 4S 48W in 1922 - in the same area as Charles H. in 1916 and Date Pounds , also  1916.

Lewis registered in Yuma County born March 21, 1886, and nearest relative Hannah M. Pounds - the 1920 and 1930 census has "Maud" - so maybe she went by her middle name.

In 1920 Mildred precinct Lewis is 33, Maud 31, Kenneth 6, Roberta 5, Elma 4,  Phyllis 1, and month-old John -the last two born in Colorado, the rest in Kansas.

In 1930 Pueblo County, Colorado Lewis is a dairyman, and they have Kenneth 16, Roberta 15, Elma 14, Phyliss 11, Mary 10, Maxine 7, Geraldine 5, Sybella 3, and Bonnie, 1.  They said all the household was born in Kansas....

In 1940 they're in Tulsa, with Elma 24, Phylis 21, Mary 20, Maxine 17, Geraldine 15, Sybilla 13, and Bonnie 11. The first three born in Kansas, the rest in Colorado.   Lewis and Elma are cooks, Mary and Phylis waitresses, and Maxine  a nurse-maid in a private residence.

In 1941 Geraldine and Maxine are juniors at Central High, Tulsa.

Lewis A. Pounds, born March 21, 1886, died Nov 26, 1962 in Los Angeles - mother's maiden name Hughes.

There's a Cyrus A. Steiner in 1910 Smith County, Kansas - and in the Pleasant Plains Cemetery there are Cyrus A. Steiner 1851 -1913 and Hannah C. Steiner 1852-1922.  FindAGrave records child Fredrick Ira Steiner 1873-1951.

Phyllis was born in Wilma's house in Yuma County, CO. [Wilma Pounds Benjamin, niece of and raised by Dott and Alpha, according to her grand-child Kelly Howard s email of ca. 06/01]. The Pounds family then moved to Huerfano County, CO, where Grandpa Lewis Pounds worked in the mines (not in the actual shafts; he brought the coal cars out) (source: Aunt Phyllis).

(Maybe Frank E. Benjamin, homesteading in 11, 4S 47W )

Grandmother Hannah Maude worked at the boarding house at the mines (source: one of the sisters). Aunt Maxine and Mom, Jerry, were born "in the camps" in Huerfano.

From Rye, the family moved to Sulfur City, Arkansas, in 1934 (source: Aunt Phyllis). Kenny helped them move, then moved back to Rye, and stayed there from then on. In Arkansas, Aunt Mary and Aunt Phyllis had to board in Elkins to go to high school. (source: Aunt Billie). Phyllis liked Arkansas; there were nice people there. From there, the family moved to Tulsa, which had all sorts of advantages, like libraries and movies and jobs. Phyllis lived in Tulsa until she married. Her best friend knew Uncle Max's best friend in Aeronautics school. Phyllis was invited to double date (?) at a school (IAS) function; she said, "I'm not sure I want a date, but I wouldn't mind a steak dinner." Which is how she met Uncle Max. (source: Aunt Phyllis). Uncle Max enjoyed sailplanes; he flew one with his friend Gordon to Richfield Utah in 2001.

Lewis died at Aunt Phyllis' house in his sleep; of TB? (source: Aunt Phyllis)

Aunt Elma’s first job was as a teacher. (source: Aunt Phyllis)

Compiled August 5, 2001 from notes scribbled at the Pounds Reunion in Rye, Colorado, July 26th-29th, (unless otherwise noted), by Gretchen Margrit Lockwood

Thanks to the Pounds family for the nice photograph

Back Row: Elma, Maxine, Kenny, Billie, and Phyllis. Seated: Jerry, Mary, Lewis, Hannah, Bonnie, and Betty.


In 1895 Smith County, Kansas, Ans and Catharine Pounds are 50, J. 21, Tena 19, Lee 16, Dot 14, Fred 12, and Louis 9.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas, J. Pounds is single born July 1873 in Nebraska, a farm laborer. G.O. Lehr is a boarder with him.

Ans Pounds is farming in Smith County in 1900, born Feb 1845 in Indiana, married 33 years to C.A. April 1844 Pennsylvania. Teresa Dec 1877, Lee April 1879, Dor Aug 1881, Fred Feb 1893, and Louis March 1886 were all born in Kansas.

June 1909 "A.Pounds of Bellair, Kans., is on a visit with his brother, J. Pounds."

In 1910 Yuma County, J. is farming, 36, married eight years to Emma C. 34 Kansas. Wilma E. 6 and Vern W. 4 were born in Kansas, Wesley J. 2 in Colorado. Emma's sister Ora Clark 31 Kansas is with them, a school teacher.

February 17, 1911 " Death came to relieve the sufferings of Mrs. Jay Pounds in a sanitarium at Lincoln, Nebr., last Sunday. As stated in this paper at the time, she was a victim of extreme nervous prostration several weeks ago, following an exciting runaway she had while on her way to town in Yuma county , Colo. She suffered no bodily injury, but her reason was dethroned by the excitement and she failed gradually until death came to her relief. It was indeed a sad tragedy, made double so by the fact that her younger sistet, Miss Clark, became a raving maniac, from worry over Mrs. Pounds condition. Funeral services were held Tuesday at 2 p. m., in the Thornburg church, and burial made in the cemetery near by.
Emma C. Clark, eldest daughter of Walker S. and Sarah H. Clark, was born in Beaver township, Smith county. Kansas, on July 31, 1876. She grew to womanhood there and was one of Smith county's efficient teachers. October 20, 1901, she was united in marriage to J. S. Pounds and to them were born a daughter, Wilma, age 7 years, two sons, Vern, age 5 years and Wesley, age 3 years. In September 1907, the family removed to Yuma county, Colo. She departed this life February 5th, 1911, leaving a husband, three children, father, mother, two sisters, three brothers and a host of relatives and friends to mourn the early death of a beautiful, noble and good woman. She was converted and united with the U. B. church in early life and lived a true christian till called to her reward. She was loved by all who knew her, and it can be truly said that the world is better for her having lived here. While with sad, sad hearts we lay away the form of our loved one, we know that,"She is Risen" and look forward to that time when we shall meet to part no more forever. - Smith Couuty ( Kans. ) Pioneer."

December 1911 "Jay Pounds, Fred Pounds and wife and baby and Lester Krout and wife were visitors of John Brown and family Sunday."

Jay proved up a quarter in 27, 3N 48W in 1913.

January 10, 1913 "Jay Pounds came back from Yuma county, Colo., last Thursday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ans Pounds, up in Pawnee township. Jay says everything is humming out in Yuma. They had big crops the past season, especially wheat, which yielded about twenty-five bushels per acre. - Smith County,. Kansas, Pioneer. "
J. Pounds married Millie E. Allen August 28, 1918, recorded in Morgan County.

In 1920 Yuma County, J is a hardware dealer in Eckley, 46, now married to Lizzie 50 Iowa. Wilma 16 and Vera 14. Lizzie's daugher Dovey Allen, 9 is with them.

In 1930 Eckley, Jay is still a hardware dealer, with Mable E. 62, Dovie E. is 19, and they have two boarders.

Jay is in Placer County, California in 1940 - in Weld County Colorado in 1935. He's 66, single, a farmer.
Lizzy A. Pounds, 71 is in Eckley in 1940. She was the daughter of John W. Pletcher.

February 4, 1943 "Mrs. Lizzie Allen left for California Saturday night where she plans to spend the rest of the winter with her daughter, Dovie, and family."

November 22, 1945

March 18, 1948 "Mrs. Lizzie Allen and daughter, Mrs. Dovie Daniels of Fresno, California, spent a few days on the farm last week with their son and bohter, Wiley Allen and the boys."

Jay died December 1, 1959 in Placer County, born July 3, 1873 in Nebraska, mother Hughes. He's buried in Placer County # 137975988.

Vern Pounds, born December 20, 1905, died in Sacramento County July 16, 1990.
He's buried in Placer County # 88956389.

Wilma E. is in Placer County, California in 1930, married to Walter Benjamin 28 - a railroad fireman, with Phylis E. 2 born in California.
She's buried in Sacramento 1904-1998.

June 15, 1989

Jay Pounds, born July 3, 1873 in Nebraska, died December 1, 1959 in Placer County California, mother's maiden name Hughes.

Wilma E. Pounds, born about 1904, living in 1910 in Yuma County - north part - with J. 36, farming, born in Nebraska and Emma C. 34. Kansas, Vern W. 4, Kansas, and Wesley J. 2, Colorado. )

In 1920  Yuma County, Wilma is 16, Vern 14, stepdaughter Dovey Allen 9, Colorado, with J. Pounds 46, a hardware merchant, and Lizzie 50, Iowa.

In 1930 Jay is still running a hardware store in Eckley, 57, with Millie E. 62, Dorie E. 19, and two boarders, who teach at the high school.

Jay is in Placer, California in 1940, saying he's married but no spouse, and "Lizzy A. Pounds 71, is in Eckley, married with no spouse.


Fred married Emma Gardner, daughter of Charlie Gardner 1846-1908 # 28567605 and Sophia Wilhemina (Glintmeyer) Gardner 1852-1913 # 28567664 "All the children were at her bedside at the time of her death except Mrs. Pounds of Yuma, Colo., where she was detained at her home by reasons of sickness. "

August 1911 - Pleasant Valley items (This is the one south of Eckley, not the north one)
"Mrs. Fred Pounds and sister, of north of Eckley, were visitors at Lester Kraut's Sunday."

Fred H. Pounds proved up two quarters in 18, 2N 46W in 1913.
That's about four miles northwest of Eckley.

August 7, 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gardner, of Reamsville, Kansas, arrived last Saturday, via the auto route, and are visiting at the home of Mr, nnd Mrs. Fred Pounds, northeast of town "

February 23, 1917 "Dr. Ham reports the arrival of a little girl visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Pounds, nin miles east of Yuma, on Saturday, February 17."

November 9, 1917

Fred Harvey Pounds registered for WWI in Boulder County, with a dairy and stock farm, born March 26, 1883.
In 1920 Boulder County, Fred and Emma, both 37 born in Kansas, have Nina 9, Kansas, Lloyd 6 Colorado, and Mildred 3 Colorado.
Fred H. Pounds cash-claimed 133 acres in Boulder Count 2N 71W in 1920.

In 1930 Boulder County, Fred 47, Emma 48, Nina 20, Lloyd 16, Mildred 13, Floyd 9, and Eleeanor 7.

In 1940 Boulder County, Fred and Emma have Mildred 23 - a waitress, Floyd 19, and Eleanore 17.

Fred 1883-1971 # 199771929 and Emma 1882-1954 # 119771910 are buried in Boulder.

Nina Gertrude Pounds married William G. Hess December 28, 1935, recorded in Boulder County - and she's in El Paso COunty, Colorado in 1940.

Mildred Aileen (Pounds) Dillehay 1917-1966 is buried in Boulder, with Joseph Melvin Dillehay 1913-1993.


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