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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Daniel I. Vanderpool, James W. Vanderpool, Elvira Vanderpool, Marion Vanderpool, Fox

Elvira was the daughter of Joel H Lunsford and Sarah Eddleman. She married John T Vanderpool, 2 Jun 1861, in Sullivan County, Missouri and they had one son, James W Vanderpool.

Home in 1860: Sullivan County, Missouri (1 Jun)
Joel Lunsford, 54, MO, Farmer
Sarah Lunsford, 48, MO
Isham Lunsford, 18, MO
**Ellen Lunsford, 17, MO
Thomas Lunsford, 15, MO
David Lunsford, 12, MO
Hiram Lunsford, 6, MO

Home in 1880: Buchanan, Sullivan, Missouri (1 Jun)
Sarah Lunsford, 70, NC, Widow, Infirm
**Elvira Vanderpool, Dau, 36, MO, Widow
James W. Vanderpool, Grandson, 15, MO

Home in 1900: Chillicothe Ward 4, Livingston, Missouri (1 Jun)
Jas W Vanderpool, 34, Aug 1865, MO-MO-MO, Sawyer in Saw Mill
**Elvira Vanderpool, Mother, 56, Apr 1844, MO-KY-TN, Children 1/1
Marion Vanderpool, Son, 12, Feb 1888, MO
Isom Vanderpool, Son, 8, Sep 1991, MO
Earnest Vanderpool, Son, 6, Jul 1893, MO
Lorin Vanderpool, Step Son, 13, Sep 1886, MO

Home in 1910: Buchanan, Sullivan, Missouri (15 Apr)
Peter Lunsford, 69, MO-NC-TN, Farmer
Elvira Vanderpool, Sister, 66, MO-NC-TN, Widow, Children 1/1

Elvira died October 13, 1928 in Sullivan County, Missouri, and is buried in the Haynes Cemetery, Putnam County.  70385805

In 1913 a camp meeting with a tent tabernacle was held at "the E. H. Adair place on the county road sixteen miles south of Yuma."  "Revs. Mercer, Williamson, and Vanderpool arrived on the camp ground last Saturday."

"Our Pioneer Nazarenes" has a section on Asa Everett Sanner, "Upon graduation from McGee Holiness College, where he had attended with D.I. Vanderpool and G.B. Williamson, Sanner launched forth in the field of pioneer evangelism.  While laboring in a campaign at Bethel, a community twelve miles from Yuma, Colorado, Sanner heard about the Church of the Nazarene.  The workers and converts of the Bethel revival called C.B. Widmeyer, Nazarene district superintendent from Colorado Springs to the community church.  Without hesitation Brother Widmeyer organized the Bethel church into the Nazarene movement - a most wonderful decision."

Daniel Isom Vanderpool registered in Yuma County, born September 6, 1891 in Missouri, "minister of the gospel of the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska", and was single.

In 1920 Mildred precinct, James W. 56, and Martha A. 62, both born in Missouri are farming.

Next household is D.I. 28, Missouri and Edith 25, South Dakota, with Wilford, 1, born in Colorado, Marion 32, brother, born in Missouri, and D.I.'s grandmother Elvira 75, widowed, born in Missouri. 

James proved up two quarters in 29 and 32, 3S 46W in 1920, Marion two quarters in section 30 in 1921, and Daniel 280 acres in 19, 20 and 29, also in 3S 46W, in 1921.

Elvira proved up 160 acres in 3, 4S 46W in 1922.

D.I. Vanderpool was delinquent on taxes in 1923 for land in section 11, 4S 47W - so he must have purchased some near Elvira's claim.

In 1923 he was also the District Superintendent for the Nazarene Church,.

  1924 Golden Colorado

In Denver - Fairmount Cemetery is a stone "Our Momma - Edith F. Vanderpool - 1892 - 1929"

In 1930 Pasadena, California, Daniel is a preacher, 37, widowed, with Wilford 11, Croford J. 9, Raymond P, 6, and Ramona 6, all four born in Colorado.  Martha M. 63, widowed, is with them

In 1940 Nampa, Idaho Daniel I. 48, a district church superintendent,  is married to Harriet E. 45, Kansas, a college teacher, with Ramona 15, Ramon  P. 15, and Crawford T. 18, all three born in Colorado.  They had been in Walla Walla in 1935.

The 1954 San Jose directory has Rev. Danl I. Vanderpool (H. Emma).

Daniel Isom Vanderpool 1891 - 1988 is buried in Phoenix  34260307 - a stone similar in design says "Emma W. Vanderpool 1895-1976.

Friday, August 3, 2012
Global Ministry Center
Daniel Vanderpool, grandson of General Superintendent Emeritus D. I. Vanderpool, donated some of his grandfather's memorabilia to Nazarene Archives last week. Nazarene Archivist Stan Ingersol received the items on behalf of the general church.

Included among the donated items were:
  • Numerous handwritten messages and speeches Vanderpool gave at missions and youth conventions
  • A three-ring notebook containing handwritten messages from Vanderpool’s ministry
  • The tan Stetson hat he wore during most of his travels
  • A book of helps for funerals with names of people whose funerals he conducted
  • Cassette recordings of his speeches at revivals, camp meetings, and pastors' retreats
  • Certificate presented at the 1960 General Assembly making him an honorary Kansas City, Missouri, citizen
Vanderpool served as general superintendent from 1949 to 1964. Prior to serving as general superintendent, he served as district superintendent on the Colorado-Wyoming District and the Northwest District. He also pastored churches in California, Washington, and on the Colorado-Wyoming District.

He passed away in 1988. His funeral was conducted in the Biltmore Church of the Nazarene, Phoenix, Arizona, where he is buried. Vanderpool and his wife, Edith Nelson, who passed away in March 1929, had three sons, Wilford and Crawford, who have passed away, and Ramon, who lives in Nampa, Idaho. They also had a daughter, Ramona McLean, who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Vanderpool later married Emmalyn Whittington.

Daniel has fond memories of his grandfather.

“Granddad traveled a lot when I was a boy, mostly on the train,” he said. “When he and grandmother would stop by for a visit or when we as a family went to visit them, I always remember his big smile. Norman Rockwell could have used him as a model for painting the picture of what a grandfather should look like.”

Daniel explained how D. I. Vanderpool got his name and how the name was passed down.

"Granddad named himself 'Daniel' so he could have three names like all the other preacher boys had in the Bible school he attended after being converted, sanctified, and called to the ministry," he said. "During one of the school breaks, he went home and while there told his father he wanted three names like all the other boys had at the school. His father asked him what he would like to be called, and without hesitation he said Daniel. At school he had been studying Daniel, and he thought that would be a good man to model his life after and so he would like to be named Daniel Isom Vanderpool. His father and mother went with him to the court house in the county where their farm was located and he officially added the name Daniel. Many years later people began calling him D. I. Vanderpool and the name stuck.

"When I was born, my father, Crawford, said he wanted to name me after his father. My mother (bless her heart) said, ‘That's fine, but don't you dare name him Isom.'"

Daniel Vanderpool is the executive pastor at the Olathe, Kansas, College Church of the Nazarene




Marion was the son of James W Vanderpool and Martha M Dixson.

Aged: 83 years, 4 months, 6 days.

Home in 1910: Morrow, Adair, Missouri
James W Vanderpool, 45, MO-MO-MO. Married 23 years, Laborer
Martha M Vanderpool, Wife, 42, MO-OH-PA, Children 7/4
Marion Vanderpool, Son, 22, MO
Isom Vanderpool, Son, 19, MO
Earnest Vanderpool, Son, 16, MO

Home in 1930: San Antonio, Bernalillo, New Mexico
M V Vanderpool, 42, MO-MO-MO, Age first married 32, Laborer
Anna M Vanderpool, Wife, 45, Sweden, Age first married 35, Immigrated 1887
Harold C Christman, Stepson, 15, NM-PA-Sweden
Leora Vanderpool, Dau, 8, CO
Leo Vanderpool, Son, 6, CO
Robert Vanderpool, Son, 5, CO

California Death Records:
Name: Marion Vanderpool
Birth Date: 18 Feb 1888
Birthplace: Missouri
Death Date: 23 Jun 1971
Death Place: Sacramento  - Buried Desert Memorial Park, Kern County   50717682

Anna was the daughter of Olof Nilsson and Edna Nilsdottir. She first married Charles Louis Christman and then Marion V Vanderpool.

Home in 1920: Schriever, Gregory, South Dakota
Anna M Christman, 36, Sweden, Divorced, Housekeeper, Immigrated 1890
Harold P Christman, Son, 5, NM


Marion was the son of Marion V Vanderpool and Anna Maria Nilsson.

US World War II Army Enlistment Record, 1943:
Name: Marion L Vanderpool
Birth Year: 1923
Nativity State or Country: Colorado
State of Residence: California
County or City: Tulare
Enlistment Date: 2 Mar 1943
Enlistment State: California
Enlistment City: Los Angeles
Education: 3 years of high school
Marital Status: Single, without dependents

Social Security Death Index:
Name: Marion Leo Vanderpool
Last Residence: Ridgecrest, Kern, California
Born: 14 Jul 1923
Died: 6 Dec 2006
State (Year) SSN issued: Washington (Before 1951)

Cemetery Records:
Deceased Name: Marion Leo Vanderpool
Deceased Birth Date: 07/14/1923
Deceased Death Date: 12/06/2006
Veteran Military Branch: US ARMY
Cemetery Address: 216 SOUTH NORMA STREET
Cemetery City: RIDGECREST
Cemetery State: CA



In 1920 Kirk precinct Earnest, 27, born in Missouri, is farming,.  Mamie 26, Kentucky has Durwood 4, Iowa, Andrew 2, Iowa, and Winifred four months - Colorado.

In 1921 Fort Dodge, Iowa Ernest H. is a laborer - he and Mammie live at 417 11th Ave S.W.

They're in Pasadena in 1930 - Ernest is a laborer for the city parks - with Durwood 14, Andrew 12, Winnifred 10, Irene 7, Rose M. 6, and Nellie 4 - these last three born in New Mexico.

In 1940 Pasadena Ernest is a truck driver.  He an Mamie have Andrew 22, Winnefred 20, Irene 17, Rose Mary 16, Nellie 13, and Lorraine 8.

Ernest Howard Vanderpool, born July 1, 1893, died August 8, 1949 in Los Angeles - mother's maiden name Dixson.

Mamie - born Oct 6, 1893 in Kentucky, died July 24, 1982 in Los Angeles - mother's maiden name Riley, father's Nicholson.

California Death Records:
Name: Winifred Ruth Hendrick
[Winifred Ruth Vanderpool]
Birth Date: 12 Sep 1919
Birthplace: Colorado
Death Date: 2 Nov 1993
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Nicholson
Father's Surname: Vanderpool


Nellie Louise (Vanderpool) Kostopoulos born in Albuquerque, died in Claremont California February 2002.

Edith Loraine Vanderpool was born Jan 25, 1932 - mother's maiden name Nicholson, died in Los Angeles Sep 4, 1987.

Dorothy I.  Vanderpool, born about 1922, married Dewey E. Smith Sep 26, 1959 in Los Angeles.

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