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Andrew B. and Alice M. Camp, Friend

Andrew is  the son of Daniel A. Camp, a miller in 1860 McDonough County, Illinois, and Elizabeth Kellough.

This family history was written by in 1880 by Thomas W. Kellough, who was born in 1829 in Pennsylvania and died in So. Dakota in 1902.  The family was composed of his grandfather, Thomas E. Kellough, his parents Richard A. and Sarah Maxwell Kellough and their thirteen children.  Portions of it are quoted here:
"We came to this state (Illinois) in the fall of 1837, from Rising Sun, Maryland.  We came in wagons to Columbia, Penn., thence by canal to Pittsburgh, then down the Ohio river to Cairo (Ill.), then up the Mississippi river till we reached the Illinois river, and from there up to Frederic, then in a wagon to Schuyler county, (Ill.) landing on the banks of Crooked creek, opposite Brooklyn, in just four weeks from the time we started.  There was at that time six children of us, Thomas W. (the writer), James M., John G., Charles H., Andrew L., and Elizabeth J.
"In a few days we moved into a big log cabin close to the mill.  Father could get a school, but there was no school house, so the settlers went to work and built a log house, made windows by cutting out holes on three sides large enough to put in one pane of glass at each place.  The stove used in this house was the first one in the neighborhood.  There was no public money at that time, but he commenced his school and was to receive two dollars per scholar for three months.  He taught nearly a year at that time, and for several years afterwards.  The postage on a letter was twenty-five cents, and our closest post office was Rushville, eighteen miles away.
"Father then rented a farm and commenced building a house, but sickness came, and Frances A. died in Aug. 1839.  She was born after we came here.  The sixth of Jan. 1840 we moved to Plymouth, where Mary E. was born.  That summer I hired out to feed silk worms at one dollar per week.  Father rented a farm; we stayed there two years, then our only horse died.  We then rented a farm where the landlord furnished team, seed and feed and received half the crop.  We raised a good crop of oats, sold some to travelers at twelve and a half cents a bushel, sent some to Quincy, which sold there for thirteen cents a bushel, the man who hauled then charged twelve and a half cents per bushel for hauling.
"Albert M. was born in 1842 and died in 1845.  The fall of ’43 we moved back to Brooklyn. Richard M. was born in ’44. The place proved to be sickly, and we moved back to Plymouth in ’46. The older boys then hired out; wages ranged from five to 12 dollars per month.  Margaret A. was born in ’47, George and Mira in 50. In ’54 father bought 160 acres of land in McDonough county, and in the spring of ’55 we moved on to the old place near Macomb, which we all called home so long.  It was about this time that one after another we began to strike out for ourselves.  Then came the (Civil) war, with its distractions.  Daniel Camp, Elizabeth’s husband, was the first to enlist.  He soon fell victim to disease and died, and now lies buried in Missouri. Thomas and Andrew enlisted in the fall of ’61.  Andrew was killed the sixth of May, ’62, on the skirmish line in front of Corinth, Miss.  He was buried by a citizen where he fell.  His body now rests in an unmarked grave in Mississippi. Richard enlisted in ’62 and remained until the close of the ear. Mother died in ’68. . ."

Daniel died Nov 13, 1861 in Franklin County Missouri. "Died in the Civil War, Co. B of McDonough Co. in the 10th MO Infantry;"

Which cemetery in or near Pacific is most likely to contain the Union soldiers who died while stationed at Pacific in the fall of 1861? My gggrandfather Pvt. Daniel A. Camp died on Nov. 13, 1861 of disease. We don't know if he was buried at Pacific. Thanks. Dave.
Andrew Kellough, of co. D, 1st Battalion Yates Sharp-shooters, was killed May 8th, while out on a reconnoitering expedition.  He was shot through the breast and killed almost instantly.  His body was not recovered, it being too close to the fire of a battery to obtain it.  He has a respectable circle of friends and relatives residing near Macomb, including a loving father and mother, brothers and sisters, who will deeply mourn his untimely death.  He also has a brother in the same company to which he himself belonged.  He is spoken of by all who knew him as a highly respectable and esteemed young man.

Fell in battle by a ball from the enemy through the heart, near Corinth, on the 5th day of May, 1862, Mr. Andrew L. Kellough, of Capt. Stewart’s company, Yates Sharpshooters.  A young man of unblemished character and noble aspirations, conscientiously moral and religious – a patriot – a Christian.  He resided with his parents about three miles from this city until last autumn, when at the call of his country he took the tented field where, as at home, the purity of his life, and the faithful unselfish discharge of every duty made him a favorite with all.  Though this is the second from this family sacrificed on the altar of their country, (Daniel A. Camp of Dr. Bayne’s Company, who fell a victim to exposure and disease in early winter, being a son-in-law) yet these parents now in the “sear and yellow leaf” of life, and feeling most deeply their loss do not regret that they had sons to give to their country in its time of peril and sore trial; and let us who are enjoying the peace and comforts of home cherish the memories of those dear ones and their compeers, who have fought and fallen to secure us these blessings.  Let the names of McDonald, Camp, Bailey, Gill, Milligan, Pierson, Welch, Teas and Kellough, and as many more as may be called to follow them, be as household words, not dishonored or forgotten; and let a tear of sympathy and a helping hand ever be extended to their families and friends left behind.     

 Elizabeth J. Camp married Nathan Nichols Mar 15, 1877 in McDonough County, then married Edward Madison, and died Sep2 2, 1899, buried in Oakwood Cemetery McDonough County 21774623

William L., born February 12, 1842. He was married December 19. 1861, to Mary E. May. She was born April 19, 1843;
and died November 21, 1900. She was a daughter of William and Susan (Harrison) May. To William L. Snapp and wife the
following-named children were born :

Alice Maud, born November 16, 1862 ; married Andrew B. Camp, January. 18, 1883.

Thomas, born February 23, 1864 ; married Mary J. Hendricks, January 5, 1889.

]Mary, born July 4, 1867; died March 21, 1869.

William L., born August 2, 1871 ; married Minnie West, November 7, 1899.

Carrie M., born August 19, 1874.

Delos v., born August 17, 1876 ; married Emma Pauline Fowler, February 18, 1903.

Russell, born March 9, 1878 ; married Maud D. Stokes, July 17, 1899.

Ezekiel M., born January 28, 1880.

Sumner, born November 25, 1881.

William L. Snapp has held the offices in the township of  town clerk, tax collector, justice of the peace, notary public,
and school treasurer, and is the author of this work. In religion he is a Methodist. In politics he is a democrat.



William died Dec 8, 1918, and is buried in Bond Cemetery, Warren County 52309783

So is Mary E.- April 19, 1843 - Nov 21, 1900.


Ezekiel moved to Nebraska, twenty years after sister Alice - and is buried in Lincoln.

Sumner died in Texas 1881-1978, and is buried in Pearland 125585686

Alice Maud Snapp married Andrew B. Camp in Warren County, Illinois Jan 18, 1883.

A.B. Camp, 27, and Alice M. 22, both born in Illinois,  are in Saline County, Nebraska in 1885.

The McDonough County history says that his brother Lewis Whetsel Camp went to Hubbell, Thayer County, Nebraska in 1888, where he conducted a livery business one year, and then returned to Illinois.

Andrew cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 4S 45W in 1890. 

Ancestry has records of his filing three other claims, one being a timber claim, but those apparently weren't completed.

In 1900 Van Buren County, Iowa, Andrew, born July 1857, and Alice, November 1862, have Carl C. born September 1888, and Archie May 1890, both born in Colorado.


One family researcher says that these are  Frank Munz and Andrew Camp - if you know which one is Andrew, please let me know !


In 1910 Bartlesville, Oklahoma Andrew is a janitor at a "Ward School", and he and Alice have Crl, a garage machinist, and Archie, a demonstrator at a garage.  They have five lodgers with them.

Carl Clifford Camp registered in Sanders County, Montana, born September 2, 1888 in Laird Colorado.

Archie R. Camp registered in Alice Gulch Montana, saying he was born May 5, 1890 in Yuma Colorado, was single, and had served in the National Guard.

Andrew, Alice and Carl are in Sanders County, Montana in 1920.  Andrew is farming, Carl is a  mechanic.

FindAGrave has a burial in Plains Cemetery, Sanders County of Andrew B. Campbell, dying March 6, 1926.

In 1930 and 1940  Los Angeles Alice and Carl are together, with Carl a mechanic.

FindAGrave has Alice M. (SNAPP) Camp, born November 16, 1862, dying June 16, 1940 and buried in Forest Lawn Glendale, California. 85360825

Carl C. Camp born Sept 24, 1888, died Jun 5, 1973 in Merced County, California, and is buried in Mariposa, California


Archie Camp, son of Andrew Camp and Alice Slapp, married Nellie Williams, born in Biersford, South Dakota, on Jan 21, 1920 in Kalispell, Montana.  She was the daughter of Morgan Williams and Minnie Benjamin.

In Kalispell, Montana there's a stone "Archie R. Camp 1890 - Oct 31, 1929 and Kenneth A. Camp - 1922 - Jun 24, 1945."

The 1930 Kalispell directory has "Camp Archie R. aged 39 died Oct 31, 1929 - Camp, Nellie J. (Wid A.R. _ Clk W.W> Bull, home 292 4TH ave E North.

The 1930 census has Nellie J. 33, born in South Dakota, widowed, with Kenneth A. 8, Marian A. and Marjory M., both 6, all kids born in Montana.  Sister Lena Williams, 16, Montana, is also with them.

Nellie is married to Ernest C. Cooper in 1940, and they have Ernest M. 5.  Kenneth, Marjorie and Marion are also with them.

June 25, 1945

Kenneth A. Camp passed away  suddenly at his home near Creston early Sunday morning. Mr. Camp was nearly 24 years of age and was  in Navy Officers training at Ames College, Iowa. He came home Friday on leave and was ill only a few minutes before death. Service arrangements arc incomplete and will be announced later by the Waggener & Campbell Funeral home.

Kalispell, June 30, 1945

Funeral services for Kenneth H Archie Camp were held Friday June at the Campbell chapel by Rev. F. B. Hillis: M Phillip Buck sang two hymn selections accompanied at the organ by Mrs. J. M. Carlson with a color guard by the casket in the service and the military salute of taps at the grave.

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