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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Morgan Donham, son James W. Donham, step-daughter Minerva Miller, Friend

One tree says Morgan was born in 1833 to Abel Donham, born Oct 11, 1811  - another tree says Oct 5, 1812 - in Ohio, dying September 16, 1892 in Clay County, Indiana.   

In 1860 Clay County Abel 50 and Matilda 46 have Henry L. 16 (next to Jackson Miller in 1885 Kansas census), William 4. 15, Eliza 11, Sedam 8 (Ledom M. - 1851-1940 - buried in Terre Haute), Margaret E. 6, amf Ruthe E. 3.

In 1880 Clay County, Indiana, Morgan Donham is 46, Susan 53, with Morgan St. C. 21, James W. 13, Manerva Miller 30, Morgan H. Miller 3, and Susan Miller 1.  So Manerva stayed with her mother while husband Jackson was out in Kansas.

Morgan served in the 6th Indiana Cavalry.  He filed for an invalid pension in 1866, for service in the 71st Indiana Infantry and the 6th Indiana Cavalry.

In 1885 Rooks County Kansas - following Jackson Miller's family - H.E. Dunham is 40, R. L. 37, with R.J. 13 (m), M.E. 11 (f), H. V. 9 (f), L.M. 5 (f), E.M 3 (f) and V. ? three months (f).  H.E. served in the 6th Indiana Cavalry, Company D., per this state census.

This must be Henry C. Donham - in 1880 Jewell County Kansas he's 36, with Rachel L. 33, Reece T. 8. , Margaret E. 6, Merty V. 3, and year-old daughter.

1899 Wray "Uncle Joe Nixon and M. Donham were up from the Arickaree with the boys who used to wear the blue."

1899 Vernon items "A. Lucas and J. Miller of Friend went overland to Wray this week."

James proved up a quarter in 15, 4S 45W in 1903 - about two miles north of Friend.

Minerva E. Miller filed in 1907 for a quarter in 12, 4S 45W, witnesses James Q. Conrad, Luelia G. Conrad, William E. Good, and James Donham.

In 1900 Idalia precinct Morgan Donham, Aug 1833 in Ohio, is living alone.



In 1850 Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Jackson Miller is newborn, with parents Nicholas 33 and Hannah 35.

In 1860 Clay County, Indiana Jackson Miller is 10, with father Nicholas Miller, 42.

In 1870 Clay County Nicholas Miller is 53, with  Elmira 30, Jackson 18, Emanuel 9, Peter 6, Allen 5, Nancy 4, Benjamin 2, and Sarah four months.

Josiah E. Miller married Lydia J. Krise October 8, 1871 in Clay County, Indiana.  Wonder if that's the Louisa J. born in 1850.....

Jackson Miller married Minerva E. Krise in Clay County August 31, 1873 - Jas. Short, Justice of the peace.

In 1880 Pike County Illinois William Lucas is 10, with parents Andrew and Nancy Lucas.  David H. Foreman, 23 is also in that household.

Jackson Miller, 30, born in Pennsylvania, is living alone in 1880 Rooks County, Kansas.

Jackson Miller proved up a quarter in Rooks County, Kansas in 1882.

In 1885 Rooks County Jackson Miller is 34, M.E. 37, M. H. (son) 8, M. G. 6 (daughter)

Artee Miller married William E. Lucas October 31, 1897, recorded in Denver (that was the county seat for Idalia at that time)

May 1899 Idalia items  "Jack Miller, Andrew Lucas and Mr. Dunham hauled wheat to St. Francis this week"

In 1900 Idalia precinct Jackson Miller is 50, born in Pennsylvania, living with daughter Artie M. 21 and her husband William E. Lucas, 29.

1900 Wray "Jolly Jack Miller was in town Thursday.  He was chaperoned by his friend Lucas.  The latter says Jack was in search of Plymouth Rock chicken wire and got bettled barb (sic) instead."

1901 Wray "Hon. Jack Miller was in from the south divide this week.  He came to to (sic) the office and shed copious tears, and between sobs told us a woeful tale of misplaced affection and rejected love.  We consoled him best way we could - with kind and soothing words -(being short on jugs) and last seen of him he apparently had drowned his sorrow."

March 1904

1904 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Lucas of near Idalia, are... at their home on the 25th inst.  Grandpa Jack Miller has presented him with a high chair and hobby-horse."

1905 "Andrew Lucas, who has been visiting his son, William, near Idalia, for the past two or three months, departed Tuesday for his home near Salem, Oregon."

1905 "E.E. Miller, of Indiana, arrived yesterday morning, and has gone out near Vernon where he is visiting his uncle, Jack Miller.  Mr. Miller's mother is also visiting here."

1906 Wray "Will Lucas, one of the Idalia merchants, has been in town a few days this week taking treatment for threatened blood poison caused by a wounded hand."

1907 in the Paul Delto insanity hearing "Will Lucas, of Idalia, was the officer in charge, and Barney Devlin also came along with him."

Bill Lucas is also in the photo of a mock shooting in the Idalia saloon

1909 "Jack Miller of Idalia was over to the city the first of the week with a load of potatoes of his own raising for which he received sixty cents per bushel.  Jack says he raised nearly three hundred bushels from one acre of ground."


Jackson Miller was awarded an Old Age Pension July 1933 in Adams County, Colorado.

Jackson might be in Brighton, Colorado Elmwood cemetery - 1850-1937 36476904 - William 1870-1940 and Artemeca Lucas - 1879-1980 are buried there.


In 1850 Hancock County, Illinois Leve C. Krise is 28, Susan 25, Minerva C. 2, Louisa J. newborn., and Matilda Jeffres 20.

Minerva Criss is 12, Louisa J. Criss 10,  in 1860 Clay County, with Morgan 26 and Susan 34 Denham.  Leman E. Denham is 3, St Clair "Daskam" 1.

Louisa J. Krise is 21 in 1870 Clay County, Indiana, with Jinces 77 and Margaret 76 Jeffers, and Matilda Wooldrix, 48, and her sons Benjamin 10 and Fredrico 8.

Minerva E. is living alone in 1910 Idalia precinct, but on the next household is Morgan H. Miller, 33, and his father Jackson Miller, 61, born in Pennsylvania.  Both Minerva and Jackson have been married 35 years.

In 1920 Idalia precinct "Murna" Miller is 72, Morgan H. 42, with step-brother James W. "Donhagan"

Morgan Miller, 63, born in Kansas, is living alone in 1940 Idalia precinct, with no occupation.


In 1900 Idalia precinct James, born Nov 1866 in Indiana is living with his sister Minerva Miller and her son Morgan.  Maud Stoddard, January 1880 is a school teacher boarding with them.  (The next household is Acie Cantley - whose boarder-to-be-her-husband Henry Vogel is also in the Idalia saloon photo)

1906 "Harry Donham, of Idalia, left for Ames, Iowa, last Monday where he will visit his brother."

In 1908 he posed for a mock shooting in the Idalia saloon

James is living alone in 1910 Idalia precinct.

In 1930 he's living with sister Minerva and her son Morgan, again.

James W. Donham - 1866-1950 "Son" and Morgan S. Donham -1855-1904 "Father" share a tombstone in the Lucas cemetery.

Sinclair Donham - 1859-1942 and Effie 1865-1949 share a tombstone in Vigo County, Indiana.64189557

So is Susan Donham "Mother" 1860-1923.

1. Morgan Sinclair Donham (1833-) & Susan Jeffers (1829-)
                    1. Elliott L Donham (1857-1936) & Alice Josephine Deal
                         1. Morgan Donham
                         2. Ernest Donham
                         3. Mollie Donham  & Leverett Tiffey
                    2. Sinclair Donham (1859-1942) & Effie Staggs (1865-1949)
                         1. Laura Donham (1882-1975) & Fred Lonzo Myers (1866-1963)
                              1. Effie Myers  & Jimmie Loveless
                              2. Nellie Myers  & Roland Mitchell
                              3. William S Myers (1916-1990) & Marguerite Mitchell
                              4. Harley Myers  & Ruth Jean Jackson
                         2. Flora Donham (1886-) & Lloyd Rector (1874-1934)
                              1. Ethel Rector  & Woodrow Wey
                                   1. Kenny Wey  & ___ Price
                                   2. Carolyn Wey  & Mike Nussell
                              2. Effie Rector  & Wilson Wey
                                   1. Norma Wey
                                   2. Sharon Wey
                              3. Roy Sinclair Rector  & Agnes Wey
                                   1. Roy Rector  & Judy Nash
                                        1. Sandi Jo Rector
                                        2. James Christian Rector
                                        3. Julia Ann Rector
                         3. Etta Ona Donham (1890-1977)
                         4. Roy S Donham* (1895-1989) & Inez Halt (1899-1922)
                              1. Wanda Donham  & Kenneth Backfish
                                   1. Larry Backfish  & Cheryl Denny



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