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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

J. Douglas Grady, Friend

In 1888 J. Douglas Grady sued James D. Porter over payment on a mortgage by Wickliff Newell.

 J. Douglas cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 4S 45W in 1890.

In 1908 T.B. Groves - of Wray - sued James Douglass Grady and James Henry Morrison over the non-payment of a note on land in 1N 44W.

1908 Armel items "James Grady was in this neighborhood last week with some insurance agents."

Might be the James Grady in 1900 Haigler, Nebraska, born Oct 1853 in Connecticut, Maggie July 1863 indiana, Nellie June 1887  Frank Apr 1889, and Roy Oct 1892 - all three in Nebraska.

1902 Laird "Mesdames Perkins and James Grady of Haigler visited at the Tom Ashton home Monday."  

1902 Haigler items "Mr. James Grady went out to Mr. Nunns and brought in his cattle to dip"

1909 "James Grady of Haigler stopped in Wray between trains Tuesday.  Mr. Grady had been in Brush for a few days."

This family is in Brush in 1910, with Nellie 22, Frank 21, and Roy 17.  James is a horse dealer.  With that occupation, he'd certainly be the type to speculate on some land.

Nellie Grady married Chalres (sic) Wittwer in Brush May 4, 1916. - performed by J.L. Juily, Catholic priest in Ft. Morgan (Juily served the Wray parish)

Thomas Leroy Grady registered in Brush, born October 22, 1893 in Haigler Negraska.  He was a farm hand for Charley Wittwer of Smith County, Kansas, and was single.

 Frank J. Grady is a cattle buyer in Brush Colorado in 1930, 41, born in Nebraska .  He's married to Vernie, 38, Kansas.  Gerrude N. 20 born in Kansas, Claudia E 14 and Leonard S. 4 both in Colorado. Frank's  father in Connecticutt, mohte Indiana

Thomas LeRoy Grady married Hazel Irene Ross in Brighton, Colorado May 5, 1930.

Roy Grady - 1892 - Nov 5, 1952 is buried in Brush next to James.

In 1940 Brush Frank and Vernie have just Gertrude and Leonard.


A stone in Brush says James Grady -1864 1942 - and Margaret 1864-April 17, 1949.

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