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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Mary Nevils and her many children, Friend

In 1860 Kansas City, Patrick Nevell is a laborer, 26, Mary 20, Anna 6 born in Iowa, and Thomas 1 born in Missouri.

In 1870 Cedar County, Iowa,  Patrick Nevils is 30, Mary 29, Thomas 12, Bridget 10, Michael 7, Mary A. 5, James 4, Patrick 2, and John two months.

In 1880 Crawford County, Iowa, Patrick Nevills is 48, Mary 37, both born in Ireland.  Thomas is 21, Missouri, Bridget 19, Mary A. 15, James 13, Patrick 12, John 10, Margaret 8, Katie 6, William and Nora 3, all the later kids born in Iowa.

In 1885 Cedar County, Iowa Mary has Thomas, Bridget, Michael, Mary, James, Patrick, John, Margret, Katie, Dora and William, and Edward.

Wonder if the Patrick Neville, in 1895 Marshall County Iowa - 57, born in Ireland - is the same.

There was a Robert Nevills marrying in Buchanan County, Iowa January 25, 1923 - age 35, born in Linn County, Iowa (same place that one of Patrick's daughters lived).  Robert said his father was Patrick Nevills, mother Mary Blackburn.


In 1900 Idalia precinct Mary Nevils - May 1842 in Ireland, is married 42 years.  She's had 12 kids, nine living, and immigrated in 1851.  With her are Patrick Feb 1870, William Aug 1876, and Nora August 1876, all in Iowa.  John, March 1872, is a farm laborer for Patrick Oneil (sic) on the same census page.

1900 Idalia "Miss Nevils arrived Monday for a short visit with her mother."

Mary proved up a quarter in 32, 4S 45W in 1904

June 10, 1904 "Mrs. Nevils, mother of Tom and Ned Nevils living near Idalia, died the first of the week and was shipped to Iowa Wednesday for burial."


Mary Ann Nevills, 18, married Samuel I. Deforest, 28, in Council Bluffs July 28, 1885.

Iowa birth records have Kathryn May Deforest born May 10, 1889 in Linn County to Samuel Deforest and Mary KEVILLS Deforest.  She married Feb 3, 1910 in Linn County - this record has her mother as Mary Neville.  She's buried in Cedar Rapids, as is Mary.

In 1900 Linn County, Iowa, Mary A. DeForrest, born August 1864 in Iowa, parents Irish, is married to  Samuel I DeForrest, Dec 1857, and has five children, all born in Iowa.

Samuel DEFOREST was born in Harris Grove in a cabin on the NW 1/4 of Sec. 12, LaGrange Township, Dec. 21, 1856. His education was limited, his father dying when he was ten years old. At the age of 17 he began work on the railroad, and has followed this avocation up to this time. He is now employed in the freight department of the Milwaukee at Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
 In 1885 at Council Bluffs, he was married to Mary NEVILLS of Big Rock, Iowa. She died in 1906. The children living are: Bert, Kate, James, Charles and Pearl.


  Mary Ann DeForest -1863-1906 buried in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 69873481   - daughter Kathryn Isaacs is in the same cemetery.




Michael proved up 320 acres in 15, 4N 44W in 1911.  This was about thirty miles from the other Nevills land.

1912 Wray "Mike Nevils was in from the south divide and brought hogs for the local market, Tuesday."

1915 Idalia "Mike Nevil's uncle is here from Wyoming visiting a few days."

The 1922 atlas has M.C. Nevils with an address of Idalia, "came to Yuma County 1894, born Iowa 1864"  

The 1922 map has Thomas Nevils with two quarters in section 32, Michael with a quarter in 29, and Patrick with 480 acres in 30 and 31, all 4S 45W.  Michael actually lived in section 21, on two quarters owned by James Garcia (doctor of Idalia)



In 1910 Idalia Patrick is living alone, farming.

Patrick proved up two quarters in 30, 4S 45W in 1913, witnesses Otis G. Criss, Patrick J. O'Neil, Thomas Nevills, and Henry Vogel.

Pat Nevils -1868-1938 is buried in Lucas Cemetery. 52235820 - on the same stone as John 1870-1938 and Tom 1858-1932, Nora March 16, 1876- September 5, 1938 and Albert W. Riedesel 1850-Nov 18, 1955

His estate was being processed in 1939-1940.


The Riedesel history says she was born March 16, 1878 at Inland, Iowa.

Nora proved up a quarter in 31,  4S 45W in 1904

Albert married Nora Nevills in 1933,


Some articles mention him as "Ned"




 1904 Wray  "Ned Nevils and wife moved into the Cy Galbreath house his week."

Ed Nevills, undersheriff, was paid $22.45 for his claim in the Van Wyk case in 1909.

1909 Wray "Deputy Sheriff Nevills made a trip to the South Divide Tuesday."

He was manager of the City Dray Line in Wray in 1910.

1910 Wray



1910 "Ned Nevils left on No. 13 Monday morning in response to a telegram stating that his sister living at Albuquerque, New Mexico was dead."


1916 Cosie Banchard, realtor arranged a sale of 320 acres from D.W. Clark to Edd Nevils.

1917 "Ed Nevills of Idalia, was a business visitor to Wray last Saturday.  Mr. Nevills has charge of the Conrad garage at Idlia (sic)"


There's an Edward D. Nevills that FindAGrave has in Corvallis, Oregon 27222758 - born July 20, 1879 in Iowa, dying Jan 10, 1959 - married to Grace Smith Nevils born in Cedar County, Iowa.

Shedd, Oregon 1951

Leonard's wife Alice K. (Bailey) Smith, also buried in Wray, in 1928., with the obituary says her daughter is Grace Nevils, residing in Oregon.


1899  "Bill Nevils is breaking horses for J.D. Gillespie."

William cash-claimed about 80 acres in 19 and 30, 5S 43W in 1901.  This was an area of really odd-shaped claims along the South Fork and Landsman Creek area.





Martin "Farmer" Burns (February 15, 1861 – January 8, 1937) was an American world champion "catch-as-catch-can" wrestler as well as wrestling coach and teacher. Born in Cedar County, Iowa he started wrestling as a teenager and made money traveling around the Midwest wrestling in carnivals and fairs.


Thomas, 56, Missouri,  and sister Nora 33, Iowa are in Idalia precinct in 1920.

Tom is in the 1908 photo in the Idalia saloon.

The 1922 atlas has "Nevils, Thos, Rancher, Idalia came 1892, born Missouri 1861."


Bridget Neville married Ed Salsbury Nov 10, 1884 in Cass County, Indiana.

James F. Salsbury was born in Indiana Oct 26, 1884 to Edward Salsbury and Bridget Nevels, and died in Iowa in 1914.

In 1900 Haigler, Nebraska Edward D. 52 and Martha J. 40 have Pearl C. 19, Claud W. 15, Mary A. 12 - these three kids born in Iowa, Harold B 5, Mildred E. 4 and Raymond - ten months.

In 1910 Laird precinct Edward D. is 62, Indiana, with Martha J. 50, Illinois, Harold 16, and Raymond 11 - both boys born in Nebraska.

In 1920 Laird precinct Edward is 73, Martha 62, Harold 26, Ramond 21, and Laretta L?ng, 4, granddaughter.

Edward D. Salisbury was a private in Co D, 12th Indiana Cavalry, and died May 12, 1924, buried in Grandview, Wray.60289044

Martha Jane - March 11, 1860 - March 10, 1955 is also buried in Grandview.


Harold B. Salisbury 1895-1936 is buried in Grandview.63202101


In 1920 Laird precinct Harold is 36, married to Ella M. 26, and nephew Harold M. Bingham, 8, is with them.

In 1940 Ella is in Sterling, widowed, with Benton H. 8. - nephew Harley E. Holt 33, is with them.



Pearl Sampson 1881-1969 and Albert 1872-1940 are buried in Wray.


In 1910 Alta M. is married to Frank Holt, and they're in Denver with Harley E. 2 and Theodore, six months.  sister Mildred Salisbury, 14 is living with them.


In 1920 Otis T. Ashwood, 29 and Mildred E. 23 are in Perkins County, Nebraska, with Leona 4, Donald 2, Edward two months,

They're still in Perkins County in 1930 and 1940, but in 1955 are in Portland, Oregon, where Otis is a dishwasher.  Mildred died in Oregon.

Mildred 1896-1973 and Otis 1890-1961 Ashwood are buried in Grant, Nebraska 62000120


There's a stone in Wood River Nebraska Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery - no dates - Joseph, Patrick W., James P.



1910 Wray "Jack Nevils of Friend, Colo., was in the city this week with hogs."

In 1910 John Nevills, 38, Iowa, is living alone in Idalia precinct.

He's probably the John Neville in Goshen County, Wyoming in 1920, farming, living alone.

And in 1930 Goshen County, still farming alone.

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