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Mary I. Olds, Friend


Mary cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 4S 45W in 1892.  Ancestry has a record of a filing for a timber claim in 9S 49W - that would be fifty miles away - and that claim wasn't finalized.


One possibility is the Mary I. Olds in 1900 Massachusetts, born Feb 1864 in Massachusetts, divorced - (Mary Goodsell is crossed out).  She's living with her mother Mary E. Olds, Feb 1837 in Canada. - both are dressmakers.

In 1910, 1920, and 1930 Massachusetts Mary I. Goodsell is still divorced, a sales lady at a departments store, living with widowed sister Luna A. Kramer.

No Kramer or Goodsell claimed land, and it doesn't seem likely that a dressmaker in Massachusetts would file.


 She MIGHT be the Mary J. Olds of Nebraska.  There were a lot of Kearney County people moving to Yuma, and she would have enough money after the sale of the Kearney County newspaper to complete her claim.  It would be very possible that the "J" was recorded as an "I" in the BLM data entry.

In 1880 Kearney County, Nebraska, Abel Olds is a newspaper editor, 46, Mary, 52, both born in New York.  Lilla is 22, Pennsylvania, Abel 18, New York.

M.J. Olds is widowed in 1885 Kearney County, 57, with Abel 23, farming.

In 1900 Hitchcock County, Nebraska, Mary J. born Dec 1827, is living with Abel W. Olds, May 1864.  Abel is a printer.  On the same page is Lillie A. Hurst, February 1857, widowed.  Five of her eight kids are living.  She's a milliner, with Lura M. July 1882, Gertie N. June 1886, Frank N,. Feb 188, Dollie E. June 1891, and Lila A. Feb 1894, all five in Nebraska.

In 1910 Hitchcock County, Abel is married to Kate M., and they have Warren A. 5.  Mary J., 82, is living with them.  Abel died in 1910, per FindAGrave

In 1920 Hitchcock County Mary is 92, living with Lillie A. Hurst - and they have three roomers.

Posted by Sherry:

I'm wondering if the death notice or obituary which appeared in the Kearney County Bee for A. W. Olds has any mention of where the family came from prior to his being the editor for the PAPER. I'm having trouble finding them in the 1870 census and any help would be appreciated. I can give you a little info on him and his family to add to the death notice that's on your site. He was Abel Warren Olds b. about 1834, Prattsburg, Steuben Co., NY, son of Ebenezer Canfield Olds and Jane DeGolier. He married Mary Jane Hayden b. Dec. 1827, Balway, Saratoga Co., NY, dau of Samuel Lewis Hayden and Sarah DeGolier. Mary Jane died sometime after 1920 (she was 92 then), probably in Trenton, Hitchcock Co., NE. There are a couple of mistakes in the notice as it appears on your site. Abel was 47 when he died, not 74 and his daughter's name was Lillie, not Nellie. Abel and Mary Jane had two children: Lillie A. Olds, b. July 1857, PA who married Oscar E. Hurst about 1881 and Abel Warren Olds Jr., b. May 1864, NY. If anyone has cemetery info on Abel Olds, I'd be grateful for the information. A tombstone might reveal his actual birthdate. Thanks very much.

REPLY from Karen: I researched the Minden City Cemetery index card file and found: Olds, Abel W. age 46 and Olds, Mary Jane (no proof that she is buried here as no dates are recorded). In Kearney County Cemeteries (book) I found Olds, Abel W. 1835-1881 G. A. R. no listing for his wife in this book. Also found a note in book Heroes Without Medals: A Pioneer History of Kearney County pp. 125: "The Kearney County Bee was the name given to "Review" when it was purchased by A. W. Olds in Sept 1878. Upon his death in 1881 publication continued in the name of his daughter, Lillie Olds, until her marriage to O. E. Hurst after which it was published by Mr. & Mrs. O. E. Hurst. " The paper was sold in 1882 and named was changed to The Kearney County Gazette.

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