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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Margaret E. (Gilbert) Patee, daughter Anna V. Patee,  son Arthur and Nellie Kirk (Ingalls) Patee, Friend

In 1880 Peoria, Illinois, Margaret "Patte" is 40, Fred 20 - a hatter -, Arthur 18, and Anna 16.  All were born in Illinois.

Nellie is in Tazewell County in 1880, age 19, with parents Nathaniel and Elizabeth M. Ingalls, both 54, sister Lucy F. 19, and brother Charles E. 11.  - who also came to Yuma County.  Nathaniel died 1892 and is buried in Lucas Cemetery 52235769, Elizabeth in 1900 in Marshall County Kansas - Frankfort Cemetery 102247144

Arthur Patee married Nellie Kirk Ingalls February 9, 1885 in Tazewell County, Illinois.

Anna V. and Margaret Patee both cash-claimed quarters in 24, 4S 45W in 1889.

Margaret didn't stay, as she's in the Peoria directory for 1891 and 1892, living at 1007 Fifth (Widow of Lester)

Nellie cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 4S 45W in 1890, Arthur next to her in 1893.

Margaret, born Oct 1838 in Illinois, is a capitalist in Tazewell County in 1900, with Anna V., an assistant postmaster, Feb 1864.

Margaret E. Patee, born October 12, 1838 in Peoria to Henry Gilbert and Margaret A. Iash, married Lester Patee, and died Sep 14, 1919 in Peoria, buried in Springdale cemetery. 53920959 with Lester 1827-1864.

In 1905 Pottawatomie County, Kansas, Arthur is 49, Nellie 41, with Harold W. 17, Lois 3 15, Lucy M. 11, and Kirk G. 7.

In 1910 Marshall County Kansas (same county as the Derby family) Arthur is 49, Nellie K. 47, Lucy M. 16, born in Colorado., and Kirk G. 12, born in Illinois.

Kirk F. Patee and Kittie Ingalls graduated from the eighth grade in Wray in 1911.

October 1913 "Charles Ingals of the Idalia country came over Saturday bringing with him his son and daughter, Walter and Kitty the former to help his uncle, Arthur Patee of west of town with his farm work."


Arthur, son of Lester Patee and Margaret Gilbert, died in Clark County, Washington.

Nellie, born Aug 9, 1863 to Nathaniel Ingalls and Elizabeth Kirk, died in Woodford County, Illinois Aug 25, 1940.

Nellie - thanks to Mary Hart

Arthur - Sep 14, 1861 - May 31, 1953 and Nellie K. -1863-1940 are buried in Glendale Cemetery, Tazewell County, Illinois.

Kirk Gilbert Patee was born Sept. 18,1897, in Peoria Heights, a son of Arthur G. and Nellie Ingles Patee. He married Ruth Porter on June 20, 1920, in Washington. She died Jan. 23, 1994, in Peoria.
Surviving are a son, Robert; two daughters, Lauralee "Pat" (Robert) Randolph and Shirley Maeghn; eleven grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren.
He was preceded in death by his parents; two sisters and two brothers




Harold registered in Gooding Idaho, saying he was born March 24, 1888 in Idalia, was a lumberman, and claimed exemption because of religious affiliation.

He's in Clark County, Idaho in 1920 married to Alma D., 35, born in Ohio, with Harold W. Jr. 1, born in Idaho.

 They're in Portland Oregon in 1930, and have added Alma G. , 5, born in Colorado.

 Harold Wright Patee, born Mar 24, 1888 in Idalia, died August 1979 in Clark County, Washington.  He had married Alma Dell Hertzler

Harold - March 24, 1888 - August 1879 is buried in Ridgefield, Washington 42230245, with Alma D. 1884-1955


The tree said Lois Elizabeth Patee, born Jan 20, 1890 in Idalia, married Clyde R. Tilley in 1908 in Marshall County Kansas.

In 1910 Marshall County, C.R. Tilley is 25, born in Kansas, with Lois E. 20, Colorado, and Ruth, 1 Kansas.  Next household is J.J. 50 and Jenesha, 45 Tilley.

Clyde Ray Tilley registered in Marysville, Marshall County, born Oct 8, 1885, was an auto mechanic working for Oscar Tilley.

They're in Marshall County in 1920,  Sioux City, Iowa in 1923, Tacoma Washington in 1923 and in 1930, Spokane in 1935, and Portland Oregon in 1940, Portland in 1958 and Lois died Jan10, 1987 in Portland, Oregon.

 Lois died January 10, 1987 in Portland, Oregon.


The tree said Lucy Mae Patee, born Feb 11, 1894 in Idalia, died Sept 24, 1984 in Woodford County, Illinois.

Another said Lucy married Fayette Elmer Land - born Dec 20, 1888 in Marshall County, Kansas, married Lucy Mae Patee October 16, 1912 in Ellsworth Kansas.

In 1920 they're in Tazewell County, Illinois. Fay is a tailor, Lucie M. a seamstress, with Dorothy 6, Kansas and Miriam 4 Illinois

In 1930 Tazewell County Fay sells men's clothing.  He and Lucy have Dorothy, Miriam, and have added Harriett 7 and Carol 1.

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