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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Thomas George Weaver, Martha Rebecca Weaver, Wray

 Thomas H. Weaver, Jeanette Weaver, Kirk


 In 1880 Thomas is in Kearney County, Nebraska, 16, born in Illinois, with widowed father William E. Weaver and brother Samuel 20.  One tree says he was born Jan 22, 1864 in Henderson County, Illinois.

In 1885 Kearney County Martha Miller is 11, with Elizabeth, 44, Frederick 76, Harriet 15, Jacob 30 and Susan 68.

In 1900 Kearney County Thomas C. "Wever"  is 36, Martha 26, married eleven years, with Laverne E. 9, Ernest F. 7, and Jessie M. 3.

In 1910 West Wray precinct, Thomas G. Weaver is 46, with Martha R. 36, born in Pennsylvania, Laverne E. 20, Ernest F. 17, and Jessie M. 4.  - two sons and daughter all born in Nebraska.

Wray 1909

April 1909

In 1910 Thomas G. Weaver bought a quarter in 8, 5S 47W,.

1910 Wray "Tom Weaver piloted a bunch of land seekers up to the northwest part of the county Wednesday, and established a few more settlers in the garden spot of the west."

Thomas and Martha are alone in 1920 Wray precinct.

In 1923 Thomas G. Weaver of Wray was selling excursion tickets to buy land in Texas.

Thomas is widowed in 1930 Wray precinct.

Martha Rebecca Weaver  - July 10, 1873 - Dec 1, 1920 is buried in Wray 81491814

and Thomas George Weaver - Jan 22, 1864 - Jan 10,  1943) 81491841


Laverne Ellis Weaver registered in Harlan County, Nebraska, saying he was born June 15, 1890.


1912 Wray  "L.E. Weaver of Denver stopped off between trains here yesterday morning to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weaver.  He has accepted a position as fireman on the run between St. Francis, Kansas and Orleans, Nebr."

 He's in Harlan County in 1920, married to Genopha M., both 29, with Ralph 6, Ernest 4, Bernard 2, and newborn twin daughters.

In 1928 Laverne is an engineer in Denver.

They're in Denver in 1930, with just the five kids.

Genopha is widowed in 1940 Denver, 49, with Ernest L. 25, Bernard C. 23, and Lola May, 20.


Ernest Floyd Weaver registered in Yuma County, born January 4, 1893 in Nebraska.

In 1920 Joes precinct Ernest is 26, married to Ina I. 21, born in Illinois, with Audrey 4, Llewellyn 2, and Laura nine months.

(Inez I. Aston is in Phillips County, Colorado in 1910, 12, with parents Leslie A. and Ella.)

They're in Long Beach, California in 1930, with Audrey M., Llewellin E., Laura L. and have added Thomas L. 8, Lois L.L. 7. amnd Geraldine E. 5.

In 1940 they're still in Long Beach, with Thomas 18, Lois 17, and Geraldine 14.

California death index has Ernest Floyd Weaver born January 4, 1893 in Nebraska, dying AApril 14, 1951 in Orange County.


Jessie M. (Love) Reed - Sep 20, 1896 - Jun 16, 1986 is buried in Wray, per 63096725



In 1880 Thomas Weaver is in York County, Nebraska, 6, with H. 39 and Malsia 33, brother Geroge 12 and sister Cora 10,

In 1885 Anson and Malsie Weaver are still in York County, with George, Cory, Thomas, and Edward.

In 1900 Thomas Weaver is in York County, Nebraska 25, with Nettie 20 and Elvin nine months.

This 1927 obituary might be incorrect OR even another Thomas Weaver

Anson R. Weaver passed away at his home, 1604 Lincoln Avenue. Mr. Weaver suffered a stroke of paralysis last Saturday and due to his advanced age could not recover.
He was born in Line, Jefferson County, New York, and had he lived until March 30, would have been 86 years of age. He served with the 29th Wisconsin Infantry for three years and four months during the Civil War, receiving an honorable discharge at the end of that time. He was married to Melissa Horn at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who died last June 23, 1926.
In 1870 Mr. and Mrs. Weaver came to York County, settling on a homestead in West Blue Township. They came from Wisconsin in a covered wagon and at the time of their arrival here, Lincoln was the closest town. In 1902 they moved into York where they made their home.
Mr. Weaver is survived by three children, one son, George, having preceded him in death. The surviving members of the family are: Mrs. Cora B. Stammers of York, Thomas Weaver of York, and Edward Weaver of Minneapolis, Kansas.

Tom is in the 1908 photo in the Idalia saloon.

In 1910 Kirk precinct Thomas H. Weaver is 36, born in Nebraska, with Jeanette 30, Ohio, and Elmer R. 10.

1910 Kirk items "Mr. Ryle and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Ryle's sister, Mrs. Tom Weaver."

1913 "Mrs. V.E. Ryel and children spent one day last week with her sister, Mrs. Tom Weaver, northeast of Kirk"

He must be the Thomas Weaver contesting the land claim on Henry Gross in 5S 46W. in 1910.

Thomas H. Weaver proved up on two quarters in 10, 5S 46W in 1914 - next to Wilford D. Upchurch.

He registered in Kit Carson County, saying he was born March 29, 1874.

They're in Kit Carson County in 1920, with Elmer R. 20, Virgil L. 6, and Lucilla 4.

In 1930 Kit Carson County they have only Virgil and Lucille.

And in 1940 they're in Idaho Springs, alone, saying they were in Vona precinct, Kit Carson County in 1935.

The Kit Carson history has 

"Weaver, T. H., Farmer, S.11, T. 6, R. 48, P. O. Vona. Mr. Weaver was born in Nebraska in 1874, settled in the County in 1918,. and married Jennett Sharpe. They have three children."

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