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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Amos and Ida (Jones) Binford, Eva Binford,  Heartstrong

Amos - per one tree- was born October 8, 1855 in Lee County Iowa, Ida April 18, 1861 in Henry County, Iowa.

In 1880 Lee County, Iowa Bengge Binford, 59 North Carolina, and Anna 54, Ohio, have Amos 24, Jasper 21, his wife Addie 17, Eveana 15, and three-month old granddaughter Eva - all kids born in Iowa.

In 1880 Henry County, Iowa Joel Jones 52 and Caroline 49 have Alvin 22, Arthur 20, Ida 17, Jessie 8, adopted daughter Bertha Kerr 15, and sister Abigail Jones 70.

Joel died in 1918 and is buried in Salem South...   73309107  Caroline in 1908  73309046

 In 1885 Ida is still with Joel and Caroline in Henry County.

In 1885 Lee County Benejah and Anne have Eva A. , 19 with them

In 1900 Benajah and Anna are in Henry County.

At the Old Settlers meeting in 1902 Salem the ladies of the Congregational Church served dinner in the park, and among the guests of honor were the following persons  "Benajah Binford, Salem, age 82. Ann Binford, Salem, age 76."  A number of Salem residents were Quaker - coming from North Carolina, and Benajah might have been part of that group.

1890 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. Amos Binford rejoiced over the advent of an eight-pound boy."

Amos cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 1S 47W in 1891, so he was there about the same time as the Mudge, James, and Soules families.  Eva cash-claimed a quarter in 24, also in 1891.

Eva died August 31, 1892, and is buried in Salem South Cemeter, Henry County, Iowa - "27y 7m 14d" 

September 1893 Humeston Iowa  "A. Binford and wife, of Yuma, Colorado, are visiting with his brother, I. B. Binford and family, at Cambria"  Iowa GraveStone says I. B. -Jul 20, 1845-Nov 9, 1904 is buried in Cambria Cemetery, Wayne County, Iowa.

1893-1894 Report of the Colorado State Board of Horticulture

1898 "Mrs. Lucy Dougls and three children of Bromfield, Neb., is visiting her cousin, Mrs. Ida Binford."

In 1899 Max Binford gave a recitation at an ice cream social at the Yuma Presbyterian church.

1899 Amos Binford was elected a trustee of the town of Yuma.

In 1900 Amos is living on Warren Street in Yuma, a stock raiser born Oct 1855 in Iowa, married 11 years to Ida, April 1861 Iowa.  Max June 1890 and Berda Aug 1896 were both born in Colorado.


1901 Amos Binford was visiting at Salem, Iowa for six weeks.  Mrs. Binford and children visited about three weeks longer.

1902 "Amos Binford went to Chicago this week with a train load of cattle."

1903 Amos filed for Timber Culture on a quarter in 13, 2S 47W, witnesses Willis E. Buel, Oliver P. Smith of Otis, David W. Irwin of Akron, Henry James of Yuma.

In 1903 Binford was secretary of the Yuma County Cattlemen's Association.

1903 Yuma "Mrs. Amos Binford has moved from the ranch to town again."

1903 "Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Binford of Lincoln, Neb. visited Saturday at the home of is brother Amos."

1905 "Mrs. Binford of Humston, Iowa is visiting at the Amos Binford home."  (Humiston, probably)

1905 Yuma "Berda Binford, a pupil in room 1, is absent owing to serious illness in the nature of appendicitis."



1906 "FOR SALE - My residence in Yuma; also some furniture.  Will give possession March 1. Amos Binford."


In 1910 Amos still calls himself a stock raiser, but is living on West Sheridan in Arapahoe County (Denver).  He and Ida have Max O., 19, a ranch foreman,  and Berda B.

1910 Yuma "Amos Binford, of Petersburgh, was down looking after his ranch interests this week." (Petersburgh is now Littleton)

Amos was also a vice-president of the Littleton State Bank in 1910.

In 1911 Amos, address in Littleton, applied to lease five quarters of school lands in 19, 30 and 31, 1S 46W

In 1911 the estate of Eva A. Binford was being settled, including land in 2, 2S 47W - and heirs were Jasper N. Binfor, Amos Binford, Eliza Stewart, Emmeline Bond, Emil H. Binford, Fred J. Binford, Lucy Binford, Claude Newby, Clem Newby, Clyde Newby, and Florence N. Morrow.

1918 another petition - Banejah Binford was the sole heir of Eva A. Binford, and the others were the heirs of Benajah.

1913 "Miss Berda Binford came in Wednesday afternoon from her home at Petersburg for a visit with her brother, Max, who lives southeast of town."

1914 "Miss Bernice Owen this week was the guest of Miss Birda Binford, at the Binford farm, in the Happyville country."

In 1920 Amos and Ida, no occupation, are still in Denver, and Berda is a school teacher.

Berda B. Binford married Frank Duff Cardinal July 9, 1921.


Fort Collins "Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Binford of 1121 Remington street went to Denver Thursday morning for the day, to attend the funeral of Mr. Binford's brother, Amos Binford."  J.N. Binford's will was probated in Larimer County March 1945.

In 1923 Denver Ida is (wid Amos) living at 2533 Williams.

July 26 1951 Castle Rock

Ida Jones Binford will was probated in 1952 in Arapahoe County.

Crown Hill Cemetery, in block 17, lot 15, has Amos in 3, Ida in 4, Berda Cardinal in 5, and Max O., Jr. in 6.


Max graduated from Littleton High School in 1908, one of the class of eleven students.

Max registered with an address of Castle Rock, saying he was born at Yuma June 25, 1890, was married, and a farmer/stock raiser.

In 1920 West Castle Rock Max is 29, with Cathleen 23, Kentucky, Max O., 1, and Olivia E. one month.

July 1929


Max and "Kathleen"  are still in Castle Rock in 1930, with Olivia E. 10, Esther Lou 8, Philip W. 5, and Robert A. 2.

The stone in Castle Rock has Max O. 1890-1978, Kathleen 1897-1979, Philip W. 1924 -2010,. and Shirley A. 1931-1979.



In 1916 Denver Berda is a stenographer, and she's living with Amos at 2533 Williams Street.  In 1919, still at the same address, Berda is a student.

Berda is at Colorado State University in 1918, a member of Delta Delta Delta.

In 1921 Amos, still at 2533 Williams, is with Oldham Mortgage Co, and Berda B. with him is a teacher.

In 1922 only Amos and Ida are at 2533 Williams - no occupation.

The sorority newsletter of 1922 says "March 7, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cardinal   (Berda Binford), a son, Binford."

Berda in 1930 is married to Frank D. Cardinal, a car salesman in Denver.  They have Binford D. 8, and Peggy R. 5.

1936 Greeley "Special guests Included Mrs. Berda Cardinal, candidate for state superintendent of public instruction."

In 1940 Frank manages a woodworking shop and Berda is an income tax examiner.  They're living with Ida in Littleton, with Binford 18 and Rae 15.

Peggy R. Cardinal was a member of the Dance Group at Colorado University in 1946.

Frank died September 14, 1949, and Binford applied to have his military stone shipped for placement in Evergreen Cemetery, Leadville.  Sept. 15, 1949 Cardinal, Frank age 56 Lot 31 Section Ma 

Berda Cardinal of Littleton was the Colorado Girls State Director in 1958.

Berda B. Cardinal -per SSDI - was born Aug 30, 1898 and died Mar 17, 1988, last address Canon City.

Walsenburg Colorado "1922 March 14: Mr and Mrs Frank Cardinal are the proud parents of a baby boy born on Monday the 6th."


Binford Duff -March 7, 1922 - January 30, 1980 is buried in South Carolina

WYATT, P-ROE The remarkable P-Roe Wyatt, 84, passed away peacefully at her home in Canon City, on Friday, September 11, 2009, surrounded by her family. P-Roe was born in Walsenburg, Colorado to Berda and Frank Cardinal. She is survived by her husband, Kon Wyatt, Jr. and her children. Private family memorial will be held. Arrangements handled through Holt Family Funeral Home.

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