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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Fred Fuller  and Marie Rose Delima (Racine) Felker, John A. Felker,  Heartstrong

In 1900 Hitchcock County Nebraska Fred - born March 1875 in Nebraska, is living alone, right after Albert S. Felker, born Dec 1869 in Illinois.

1900 TRENTON. Neb., Sept. 13.--(Special.) --Fred F. Felker, a young and prosperous farmer and Mary Racine were married at the Catholic church at 10 a. m.. by Father Hickey of McCook. A number attended the ceremony.

Elzéar Joseph Michel Racine was born in Apr 1851 in Laprairie,Québec,Canada. He was buried on 17 Jul 1939 in Trenton,Nebraska. Elzéar married Rose-de-Lima Brossard on 8 Jul 1879 in Laprairie,Québec,Canada.
They had the following children:
  Wilfrid Racine 1 was born 2 in Jun 1880 in Laprairie,Québec,Canada. He died 3 on 27 Feb 1947 in Red Mountain,California,USA. Wilfrid was baptized 4 on 1 Jun 1880 in Laprairie, Québec, Canada. 
    Marie Racine 1 was born 2 in Jan 1882 in Laprairie,Québec,Canada. She died 3 on 13 Dec 1936 in McCook,Nebraska,USA. Marie was baptized 4 on 15 Jan 1882 in Laprairie, Québec, Canada. 
        Marie married Frederick Felker on 12 Sep 1900 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. 
  Angéline Racine 1 was born 2 in Oct 1883 in Laprairie,Québec,Canada. She died 3 on 9 Mar 1964 in Torrington,Wisconsin,USA. She was buried 4 on 9 Mar 1964 in Torrington,Nebraska. Angéline was baptized 5 on 22 Oct 1883 in Laprairie, Québec, Canada. 
        Angéline married William Altie Gillapsie on 29 Aug 1903 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. 
 Clara Elizabeth Racine 1 was born 2 in Oct 1884 in Central City,Nebraska,USA. She died 3 on 9 Mar 1959 in McCook,Nebraska,USA. She was buried 4 on 9 Mar 1959 in Mc Cook.Nebraska. Clara was baptized 5 on 26 Oct 1884 in Central.City.Nebraska. 
        Clara married (1) Joseph Lenard Roberts on 30 Apr 1905 in McCook,Nebraska,USA. 
        Clara married (2) Frank T Foley. 
  Bertha Marie Racine 1 was born 2 in Jul 1887 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. She died 3 on 26 Nov 1947 in Stratton,Nebraska,USA. Bertha was baptized 4 on 10 Jul 1887 in Trenton, Nebraska, USA. 
        Bertha married William Roach on 8 Jul 1904 in Benkelman,Nebraska,USA. 
 Joseph Michel Racine
 Marguerite Racine 1 was born 2 in Sep 1890 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. She died 3 on 17 Jul 1961 in Denver,Colorado,USA. Marguerite was baptized 4 on 22 Sep 1890 in Trento.Nebraska. 
        Marguerite married (1) Elmer Roy Henderson on 16 Mar 1909 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. 
        Marguerite married (2) Otis Anderson. 
 Louise Racine 1 was born 2 in Apr 1893 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. She died 3 on 14 May 1925 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. Louise was baptized 4 on 13 Apr 1893 in Trenton, Nebraska, USA. 
        Louise married Harry Edward Gisbon on 6 Jan 1909 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. 
  Eva Racine 1, 2 was born 3 on 4 Jun 1895 in Manistee,Michigan,USA. She died 4 in Dec 1910 in Manistee,Michigan,USA. 
        Eva married (1) Tom Holm. 
        Eva married (2) Claude Parrot. 
        Eva married (3) Glen Harbaugh. 
        Eva married (4) Joe Vera. 
        Eva married (5) Lloyd Foster. 
 Emilia Racine 1 was born 2 in Sep 1896 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. She died 3 on 17 Oct 1989 in Trenton,Nebraska,USA. Emilia was baptized 4 on 24 Sep 1896 in Trenton, Nebraska, USA. 
        Emilia married Frederick Williamson. 
   Ernest Victor Racine


Dr. Hugg of Trenton, Nebraska, reports the arrival of a ten pound baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Felker, June 10.
Atwood Patriot -- June 22, 1906

In 1910 Hitchcock County, Nebraska Fred and Mary, 27,  have Raland 8, Nellie 6, David 3, and Edna six months.  She says she's born in England, but later census say Canada  - One tree says she was born  Jan 15, 1882 in La Prairie, Roussillon, Quebec, and married Fred September 12, 1900 in Hitchcock County.

April 14, 1911 "F.F. Felker, of Trenton, Nebraska, arrived with a car of goods Wednesday and will become a resident of Yuma county."

1912 Happyville items "The dance at Fred Felkers Thursday night was well attended and everybody present reports a fine time."

1912 "Mrs. John Van Buskirk returned last Saturday from a two weeks' visit with friends and relatives in Nebraska.  She was accompanied by Miss Eva Racine, who will spend the summer with her sister, Mrs. Fred. Felker, south of town."

1914 "Mrs. Lila Felker, who had been visiting relatives southeast of Yuma, departed Friday evening for her home at Trenton, Nebraska.  She was accompanied on her homeward trip by her daughter, Mrs. D.A. Dellinger, who will visit in the Nebraska city for a few weeks."

1914 "Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Felker and Mrs. L.E. Felker, of Trenton, Nebr., are visiting with John and Fred Felker, southeast of town."

 Fred proved up two quarters in 21 and 28,  1S 47W   in 1916

Fred Fuller Felker registered in Hitchcock County, Nebraska, saying he was born March 21, 1876,

In 1920 Hitchcock County Nebraska Fred and Marie have Roland, Nellie, David, Edna 1, Albert 7 Delbert 5, and Jacob 3 - the last three born in Colorado.

In 1930 Hitchcock County they just have Albert B., Debert E., Jake 12, and Edna B. 20.

Fred - March 22, 1876- Feb 2, 1937 and Marie Rose Felker 1882-1936 are buried in Trenton, Nebraska.


In 1900 Shannon County Missouri, Frank Holm 49 and Sue B 46, have Rolla M. 22, Della M. 16, Willie L. 12, and Ray M. 10.

In Shannon County in 1910 Susan B. is widowed, with John T. 28 and Roy M. 18.

Eva Racine married Thomas Holm July 2, 1912 in Yuma

John Thomas Holm born June 8, 1881 registered in Yuma, with his nearest relative Mrs. Susan B. Korland ? Birch Tree, NM

September 1, 1920 Eva Holm married Bert L Wheable.

Mar 18, 1924 Thomas J. Holm married Nana Glad.


In 1900 Hitchcock County John born Dec 1882, is with David W. July 1837, Maryland, and Lila J Sept 1857 Pennsylvania.  Carl E. Jun 1879 is also with them.

In 1910 Hitchcock County John A. is married to Anna, 20, born in Nebraska.

In 1912 - 1913 John advertises a stallion for breeding.

John proved up 320 acres in 28, 1S 48W in 1916.

John Abram Felker registered in Yuma County, born Dec 15, 1882, nearest relative Anne Marie Felker of Yuma.

John and Annie are in Yuma County in 1920, with Ida May 7, Merle Ralph 6, and Dorothy Adella 2, all born in Colorado.

Anna is widowed in 1930 Denver, with Merl 16 and Dorothy 12.

John is divorced in 1930, with Ida May in Trenton.

Ida is in Denver in 1932, a saleslady, living at 1065 Acoma.  Anna is living at 1067 Acoma.  Merle O. is a cook for J.E. Carlton.

She divorced John Abram Felker in 1933 in Denver, then an Anna Felker married Peter Wegele Feb 10, 1936.

John A. 1882-1958 is buried in the Trenton, Nebraska cemetery.

Peter Wegile is widowed in Brighton Colorado in 1930, with six kids.  In 1940 he and Anna are in California, with only Edward, 13.

Anna Marie Wegele, born Dec 20, 1889 in Nebraska, died in Sacramento April 17, 1953, mother's maiden name Dietrich, fathers' Wyss. 

She's buried in the Trenton cemetery, too.

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