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James William and Margaret (McDonald) Gardner, brother Archie Gardner,  Otis and Heartstrong


He must be the John Gardner dying March 3, 1897 at age 80, buried in Prairie View East Cemetery, O'Brien County.

From the Collection of the Browns - Thank you


Archie Gardner married Cora Etta Baker in Lafayette County, Wisconsin January 29, 1876.

In 1880 Jo Daviess County, Illinois, Archie  27 and Cora E. 22 have William 3, born in Wisconsin, Charles 2, and Burton eight months.

In 1885 O'Brien County, Iowa, Archie is 32, Cora E. 27, with William 8, Charles A. 6, Burton 5, John A. 3, Nellie M. 1, and newborn Archie.

Cora Etta (Baker) Gardner 1857-1887 is buried in Paullina, Iowa # 67940453.

Archie Gardner, son of John Gardner and Hellenor Maze, married Susan H. Martin  November 27, 1888 in Primghar, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Edward Martin and Harriet Wiggins.

1892 Salem Oregon

1893 Salem, Oregon

1894 Salem "Mr. and Mrs. Archie Gardner and Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Blackburn, of Plainview, are in the city taking in the fair and visiting their numerous Iowa friends."


  Archie - thanks to the Warner family of Canada.

In 1900, Archie  Aug 1853 and Susan Gardner Dec 1867  - saying they'd been married 24 years - are in Linn County, Oregon, with Burton 19, John A. 18, Nellie M. 17, Archie 14, Harry 12, Joseph E. 9, and Ettie B. 6. 

The Ancestry tree said Archie was in the 1906 census of Alberta, Canada, age 58.

In 1910 Rock Creek precinct, Washington County, Colorado, Archie Gardner is 57, Susan 58, and  son Joseph E. is 20, born in Iowa.

In 1920 Otis Colorado, Archie 56 born in Ireland, immigrating 1872, naturalized 1875 is a hardware merchant.  Sarah H. is also 67 born in Ireland, immigrating 1875, naturalized 1877.


Archie Gardner 1852-1938 is buried in Fairmount, Denver.

One tree said  Charles Gardner was born  1878 in Warren, Illinois, John Albert Gardner born in O'Brien County Iowa in 1881 died June 1967 in Salem Oregon,  Nellie May Gardner born 1883 in O'Brien County died February 1975 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, William Robert Gardner was born 1876 in Chippewa County, Wisconsin and died May 1959 in Salem Oregon.


 Harry Ray Gardner registered in Dunkerton, Iowa, born August 24, 1887 in Cherokee County, Iowa.  His wife Cleo (Smelser) Gardner 1894-1934 is buried in Black Hawk County, Iowa  # 70904153. - so is Harry 1887-1950 # 72971341.

Joseph E. Gardner proved up two quarters in 14, 4N 50W in 1917.  


In 1920 Rock Creek, Joe E. has no age, and neither does Edith. He's on the ballot for constable of precinct No. 7, with an address of Burdett.


When Joe registered for WWII, he said he was born Sept 21, 1889 at Primghar, Iowa, living in Salem Oregon, working for F.L. Rose Company.  John A. Gardner of Salem would always know his address. (John A. Gardner was in Canada 1905- 1920, where seven kids were born to him and Alice.  John and Alice are in Salem in 1940, with LaVaren 23, Archie R. 22, and John E. 20.  "John and Alice Gardner lived next door to their daughter Jewell and her husband Nick Brinkley in identical houses. (Both are still there on River Road.) The Brinkleys were co-developers of Man-Brin Gardens neighborhood.
".  Per
49234937, Jewell Inez Brinkley 1908-2005 is buried in Salem)


One tree said he was in Lewis County, Washington - but that Charles A. Gardner has ifferent places for parents births.


In 1900 Linn County, Oregon, William born Nov 1876 in Wisconsin, and Charles August 1878 Illinois are farm laborers for Isaac Wheeldon family.

"My paternal grandmother was Roberta Lee Gardner (Sawyer), daughter of Mark Sawyer and Susannah James. She was born in May ,1883 in Shareden, OR. and died Jan.19, 1946 in Red Deer, Alberta, and is buried nearby in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. She was married to my Grandfather, William Robert Gardner. They came to Alberta from OR. about 1905 and homesteaded about 12 miles S.E. of the small town of Vulcan in southern Alberta. They returned to OR. about 1920 for 10 yrs. with my dad and 2 other children and returned to Alberta only to lose their farm in the depression (dirty 30s) They moved further north in Alberta to Sylvan Lake where my Grandmother later died. My Grandfather later returned to Salem OR. and married a child hood sweetheart. He is buried in Lebanon, OR. I was born in Alberta but have lived in Calif. for the past 25 yrs. Please feel free to contact me again if you want. I'll be happy to help you search in any way I can.

My grandfather, Wm. Robert Gardner, was born 28 Nov. 1876 of Irish ancestors, in extreme southern Wisconsin. He married Roberta Lee Sawyer at Sheridan, OR. 5 Nov. 1902. In 1903 he came to Alberta with his father and several brothers and filed homesteads near the town of Cayley in SW Alberta. Alberta, at that time, was part of the NW Territories and did not become a province until 1905. He later relinquished this homestead and returned to OR. where he taught school for 2 terms. In 1905 he and his wife, Roberta Lee, returned to Alberta and filed a homestead about 12 miles SE. of the town of Vulcan. He started breaking land with a walking plow and a horse and bull harnessed together. They built a small house and in 1917-18 built a larger house and barn, both of which stood till very recently. (about 2009) Will and Lee had 4 children. Rupert Kenneth (my uncle Ken) born 21 Apr. 1906 in Sheridan, OR. Lee went back to OR. by train to give birth. My father, Gordon Andrew, was born on the farm in Alberta, on 2 Feb. 1911. My Aunt, Norma Adell, was also born on the farm on 17 Apr. 1914. The youngest son William Lealand, was born 16 May 1919 in Vulcan. In 1920 the Gardners moved back to OR. due to Lee's poor health (lung problems) They returned to Alberta in 1929, just as the Depression and "dirty 30s" were beginning. My Grandfather later lost his farm over a $1700.00 debt which he could not repay to a neighbor. In 1934 my grandparents along with my Dad moved to a rented farm about 170 miles north of Vulcan, just outside of the small town of Sylvan Lake, Alberta. My Dad felt his parents could not survive there on their own. I, Ralph Gordon Gardner, was born 25 Aug. 1938 in the town of Bentley, about 10 miles north of Sylvan Lake. One thing I remember about my grandmother was her talent for telling stories to her grandchildren, making them up as she went along. My sister Connie was born in Red Deer, about 15 miles east on 17 Apr. 1944. Grandmother Gardner (Roberta Lee) died 19 Jan. 1946 of a chronic lung infection which drained continually and weakened her so much. She was born 8 May 1883, so was only 62 years old. She is buried at the Sylvan Lake cemetery. So sad, all alone. She died in Red Deer. My grandfather stayed with Norma who at the time lived in Sylvan Lake.

Granddad Gardner went back to OR. in 1953 where he married a former school friend, Bertha Irving, who had never married. My grandfather died 24 May 1959 in Salem OR. He is buried in Lebanon, OR., again, all alone.
In the spring of 1946, my Mom, Dad, and my sister and I, moved "back" to the Vulcan area where we at first rented a farm from some people who had come from Cairo, Ohio in 1909 (no relation but just interesting, with so many Americans in the area then.) My parents later bought a farm about 10 miles east of Vulcan near where both of them wre born. My sister, Constance Norma (Connie)now lives in Ponoka, Alberta with her husband, Rick Klassen. Their daughter is Catrena Lee, born 16 Oct. 1964 and an Adopted son Lance born 21 May 1977.
Ralph Gardner"

William   Gardner is in the 1916 census of Alberta,

William R. Gardner died May 24, 1959 in Marion County, Oregon, spouse Bertha.

FindaGrave 28389004 has him buried in Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon.


Edna Irina Meats was born 1883.  Burton Gardner married her January 14, 1903 in Benton County, Oregon.

In 1904, the Meats family moved to Glenwood, an unincorporated area between Springfield and Eugene, Oregon. During the census of 1910 Edna and her son Lyndel were living with her parents in Lane County, Oregon. Edna was said to be "widowed," but she was actually divorced. Burton, a hardware merchant, had moved to Colorado and remarried before 1918.Burton Gardner proved up a quarter in 11, 4N 50W in 1913.  Burton Gardner married Nora Barnes June 4, 1917, recorded in Logan County.

Burton registered in Otis, a hardware merchant, born Oct 20, 1879.  Nora M. Gardner of Otis was his wife.

Burton Gardner 1879-1944 is buried in Glendale, California.# 85405653



In 1920 Archie - the son - is farming in Rock Creek precinct, 38, born in Iowa, widowed.

Archie E. Gardner married Mrs. Lula H. Kiff April 21, 1923, recorded in Weld County.

1930 Greeley "Mrs. Archie Gardner visited In Denver Sunday. Mr. Gardner Is employed there"

March 1930 Greeley "Mr. and Mrs. A. Gardner of Otis, Colo., are guests this week, of their son, Archie Gardner, of 1009 Tenth street"

Arch E. Gardner is doing odd jobs in Greeley in 1930, married to Luellan 43, Iowa a saleslady in a department store  , with Dorothy 19 born in Oregon.  Dorothy, a floor walker at Woolworth's,  said her mother was born in Nebraska, so it might be a second marriage for Arch.

Harold E. Gardner, born about 1913 in Oregon, is in a boarding house in Denver in 1930, single.

 One tree mentions "four generations - Archie, Grandpa, Harold, Richard" "Miss Helen Taylor, Edith 11, Dorothy 9, Harold 7" "Archie E and Royal Willard Gardner" "Archie Fay Emma Wilson and Louellen Kiff (Gardner  kids)" "Harold Emerson Gardner (born 1912)" "Harold, Peggy, Dick (Richard) and Diane the four of us in front of Dad Marje's place. He glassed it all in. Dick,5 years old and Diana, 2 years old. Picture printed, Nov 27, 1940, BRI-TONE PRINTS, Trade Mark Reg. Denver" 

Maybe Peggy is the Marguerite L. Maze who married Harold E. Gardner August 29, 1931,  in Denver, recorded in Boulder County.

Harold is a baker in Denver in 1940, both 27, Marguerite born in Colorado, with Richard 4, and Diane 1.

1931 Greeley "Dorothy Gardner and Ernest Mayfield were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Currlo of Denver on a trip to Canon City and the Royal Gorge."

1932 "Dorothy Gardner and Ernest Mayfield Married Sunday Dorothy Gardner and Ernest Mayfield were married in Denver last Sunday. Mrs. Mayfield has been manager of the lunch counter In the Woolworth Store in Greeley for some time. She graduated from Greeley high school. Her parents are living in Albuquerque, N. M., where they moved recently. Mayfield is manager of the Safeway Skaggs  company in Brush where the couple will make their home. "

Dorothy married Ernest Mayfield in 1932, and they're running a grocery store  in Casper, Wyoming in 1940 (in Brush Colorado in 1935), with Neill 3 and Cludia 1, both born in Colorado.

Neill R. Mayfield of Fort Collins died January 31, 2012. He was born in Brush, Colo. April 7, 1936 and was reared in Casper, Wyo. He graduated from NCHS in Casper, attended Casper College, and received a degree in Business & Finance at Denver University. After his service in the Army, he and his wife, Shirley Rutledge Mayfield, reared their family in Fort Collins. Neill leaves his son, Kirk Mayfield; daughter, Lora Allbrandt; his beloved grandchildren, great-grandchildren of Fort Collins and Casper, Wyo.; as well as a sister in Arizona. There will be a private, family memorial service. Donations may be made to the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

In 1940 Albuquerque, New Mexico, Archie is a building custodian, 54, Iowa, Luellen 54 ILLINOIS.


In 1948 Denver, Archie works at Fontius Shoe Co, and he and Luellen live at 2554 Race.


One tree says:

Archie GARDNER or Archie Edwin GARDNER, son of Archie Gardner and Cora BAKER , born 15 Sept 1884 Primghar Obrien Co IA, died 3 Jan 1959 Denver Denver Co CO.  There were other marriages of Archie. They had one known child
............... Royal GARDNER or Royal Willard GARDNER, born 2 June 1917 (ssdi), Otis, Washington Co CO , died 20  Feb 1971 (ssdi) Tillamook Co OR  . Raised by his aunt Ada Padgett (c1920,c1930). He married 1947  
............... Fay WILLIAMS, born 21 April 1920 Terrebonne, died 19 July 2007  , address Mollala, Clackamas Co OR (ssdi), had daughters and a son
.................... Richard GARDNER who died in 2001 possibly the Dick E Gardner (ssdi) or Richard Everett Gardner, born 23 Sept 1947, died 10 March 2001 Grasham, Multnomah Co OR a Vietnam helicopter pilot 

1916 Washington County, Colorado "Archie Gardner, Jr., Miss Lizzie Gardner, Lelly Bevins and Miss Galloway motored to Sterling last Monday."

1918 Oregon "Mrs. Bertha Gardner, wife of Archie Gardner, of Colorado, died at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Galloway, of
near Leisyville, Monday, May 27. 1918. after a few months illness. She is survived by her husband, three children, parents and a brother, Walter Galloway, of Corvallis, and two sisters, 11 Ruby and Ada. The funeral takes place this Thursday afternoon at 8:30, at Evangelical church.
Mrs. Gardner was well known in Hillsboro, and was aged about 80 (THIS DOESN'T MATCH THE 1900 CENSUS) years. She was born at Albany."

"Mrs. Bertha Gardner died May 27, 1918 at home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Galloway of Hillsboro. She married Archie E. Gardner of Lebanon in 1915. They lived in Otis, CO. Husband, two children, three step children, no names mentioned. Interment in Hillsboro. [June 7, 1918 paper] "

The 1900 census of Washington County Oregon has a Bertha E. Galloway 12 daughter of Samuel J. Galloway 41 and Matilda 37.  Siblings are Willie R. 18, Adah L. 16, Walter C. 14, Ruby E. 10, and Vivian E. 4 (son)

In 1920 Pierce County, Washington, Royal, 2 is living with uncle George Padgett and Ada L. Padgett.  He's with them in 1930 and 1940, and married Fay in 1945.  He's a teacher in 1946 Medford, Oregon.

Royal and Fay Gardner 1946 - thanks to the Padgett family

Royal 1917-1971 41300456 and Fay 1920-2007 are buried in Terrebonne, Oregon.



In 1885 O'Brien County, Iowa, James Gardner is 43, Maggie J. 35, Lizzie E. 11, Anna J. 9, both Illinois, James A. 5, Cora E. 2, and newborn Emma M., the last three born in Wisconsin. John Gardner, 68, is with them.

In 1900 O'Brien County, Iowa, James Gardner is 59, Margaret 51.  They have Lizzie P. 27, Annie J. 24, James A. 20, Cora E. 18, Emily M. 16, , and J. William, 13.

Paullina, Iowa Class of 1900:
Cora Gardner
 Class of 1901:
 Emily Gardner

Class of 1904:
William Gardner

James and Margaret, with six kids, are in Paullina in the 1905 census.

In 1910 Washington County, Colorado, James and Margaret have just Lizzie E. Annie J. , and Cora E. All three daughters are teaching in grammar schools.

J. William Gardner and James Gardner each proved up a quarter in 28, 4N 49W in 1913 - Washington County.

1913 Yuma "A deal was closed yesterday whereby J. W. Gardner sold his interest in the Gardner-Ritchey Hardware Company to R.C. Ritchey, a brother of Frank Ritchey, after which Mr. Gardner, together with his father, Jas. Gardner, purchased the hardware and furniture stock of J.F. Heiserman & Son, which in the future will be known as Jas. Gardner & Son."

1915 Yuma "a deal was closed Tuesday whereby E.J. Knight sold his stock of furniture to Jas. Gardner & Son, and the goods will be moved to the store rooms of the latter.  Mr. Knight retains control of the building he has been occupying, and will fit it up as a first class mortuary establishment."


1916 "The James Gardners entertained the Archie Gardners and James Innes at a Christmas dinner."

James Gardner, born 1841 in Ireland, died 1928, and is buried in Akron.  # 75568588

His wife Margaret Jane McDonald Gardner 1848-1930 is also buried in Akron # 75568589



Lizzie E. Gardner proved up a quarter in 20, 4N 49W in 1913.


1915 Lone Star section of the Akron Colorado newspaper  "Miss Lizzie Gardner is in Sioux City visiting her sisters, Mrs. Floyd Brown and Mrs. Harry Bogard."

In 1919 the Burdette church had  a field meet, with morning programs of songs and recitations  The afternoon  competitions included Edith Gardner winning the egg race. "This was quite pretty as Miss Lizzie Gardner had colored the eggs, making  pretty display of Easter eggs carried by the little Misses."

Lizzie Ellen Gardner 1873-1970 is buried in Akron.



Annie J. Gardner married James G. Innes December 28, 1910, recorded in Washington County.

Annie J. Innes "formerly Annie J. Gardner" proved up a quarter in 18, 4N 49W in 1915.

In 1920 Rock Creek precinct, Washington County, she's 44, married to James 49, with Florence A. 12 and Marjorie E. 9.

March 8, 1934 "James George Innes was born near Blair, Nebraska Septermber 24, 1870 and passed away at Sterling March 1, 1934.

His childhood and youth were spent in Nebraska. When a young man he became an earnest Christian, and later served for a number of years as a home missionary among the Sioux Indians at Sisseton, South Dakota. On December 28, 1910 he married Annie J . Gardner. He leaves his beloved wife and two daughters, Florence and Marjorie, five sisters and one brother; Mrs. Margaret Marsh of Hermon, NEbraska, Misses Lydia, Georgia, and Lena Innes of Thermopolis Wyoming, Mrs. Helen Morrison of Boulder, and Fred N. Innes of Battle Creek, Michigan."

1922 Lone Star items "Miss Florence Innes gave an auto race party Tuesday evening.  The races and the lunch at the end of the journey were both greatly enjoyed."
Florence Innes married Raymond Barnes November 5, 1926, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1930 Beverly Hills, California, Benjamin R. is 28, Florence 22, with Geneive R. 2, Roland R. 1, and Mary E . Barnes 58.

One tree said "Her mother was not married. Don't know name of father. Therefore, we're using the last name of her adoptive family, Innes. About age 18, Florence learned who her real mother was. ("Grandma Baum" or "Bum") she was later called, short for Ruth Baumgardner). Florence went to live with her. Amicable, Innes family agreed.  Married after became pregnant with Genevieve. Raymond was 25. She was married 5 times: Barnes, Landen, Royal Carroll (pro motorcycle racer, killed on a motorcycle), Banta + the last one in the 1970s, don't know, Italian"

Marjorie E. Innes married Samuel A. Leech August 22, 1928, recorded in Logan County.

In 1930 Rock Creek Annie is  54, James G. 59, farming.

Also in Rock Creek in 1930 are Samuel A. Leech, 23, born in Washington -   his wife Ruth M. Leech, 20, born in Washington

On the same page is Joe E. "Gardiner" 40, born in Iowa, married to Ruth L. 37, born in New Mexico.

n 1940 Akron  Annie is widowed, 64, born in Wisconsin, , a housekeeper for the widowed Charlotte Johnson.  She was in Otis in 1935.

In 1960 Boulder she's at 1244 Grandview, widow of Jas. G.


In 1940 Montezuma County, Colorado, Samuel is 33, Marjorie 30 - with Robert  born in Colorado - between 1935- and 1940.  Sam's parents Samuel ?? born in Iowa and Anna ?? born in Indiana are with them.  All adults were in Washington County Colorado in 1935.

Samuel Solomon Leech 1861-1949 and Fianna R. (Kinzy) Leech 1867-1940 are buried in Cortez.  He died in Mendocino County, California.

n 1957 Sam and Marjorie are in Glendale California, where he's with the city police.

In 1963 Samuel A. and Marjorie E. Leech are living on Belmont Street in Glendale, California.

Marjorie E. Leech, age 76, died May 8, 1986 in Sedro Woolley, resident of Skagit County.

Samuel 1906-1990 is buried in Bay View Cemetery, Skagit County, Washington # 105970961

So is Robert Samuel Leech 1937-2001 # 105971093.




Cora Etta Gardner cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 4N 49W in 1911.

Cora E. Gardner married Floyd R. Brown June 27, 1911

1913 Iowa Alumni "Brown, Mrs. Floyd — Cora Etta Gardner, B. Di. '03. Primghar. "



1922 Akron

In 1925 O'Brien County, Floyd R. and Cora E. Brown are both 42, with John G. 11 and Floyd D. 6.

Floyd died in 1926, per the burial in O'Brien County, and in 1930 Akron Cora is teaching school, with John G. 17 and Floyd D. 12.  Lizzie Gardner, 57, sister is with them, a bookkeeper in a hardware store.

Cora G. Brown 1882-1983 is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, O'Brien County 133411432

Floyd Donald Brown 1918-1999 is buried in Boulder # 114000956 - retired from the University of Colorado finance office. "FLOYD DONALD BROWN, 81, of Boulder died March 22. Services were March 25, with burial at Mountain View Memorial Park, Boulder"

John Gardner Brown, longtime Holdenville, Oklahoma resident, passed away Friday, Sept. 24, 1999 at his home.

He was born on Jan. 26, 1913 in Primghar, Iowa and moved to Holdenville in 1937.

John was devoted to God and family, and lived his life with these priorities in his mind and heart.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Winona (Christian) Brown, in 1996. 

Survivors are two daughters and sons-in-law, Carolyn and Bud Keesee, Holdenville, and Linda and Larry Hampton, Seminole.

He has eight grandchildren, Randal Hallum and his wife, Debbie, Mark Hallum, Ryan Hallum, Seminole, Cory Hallum, Corpus Christi, Texas, Susan (Keesee) Jackson and husband Robert, Plano, Texas, Aubie Keesee and his wife, Jackie, Stillwater, Lisa (Hampton) Daughterty and her husband, Shawn, Edmond.

He was also blessed with eight great-grandchildren.

John earned a BA degree in business from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and also completed coursework at Harvard Business College in Boston, Mass. Following graduation, he began his salesman career with Blish, Mize and Silliman Hardware in Atchison, Kan.

He was transferred to Holdenville in 1937 and met Winona Christian. They were married the same year. During World War II, he served in the US Navy, earning the rank of Lieutenant J.G.

After his military duty, he resumed his job with Blish, Mize and Silliman. Following his retirement, he worked part time at Ramsey Lumber, Curry Hardware in Wewoka and Wetumka Hardware.

John was a member of Barnard Memorial United Methodist Church in Holdenville. He was the founder and teacher of the "John Brown Sunday School" class for more than 35 years. He also served as the District Lay Leader Director and Church School Superintendent.

Services are scheduled for Monday, Sept. 27 at 3 p.m. at Barnard Memorial United Methodist Church under the direction of Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home.

Grandsons will serve as pallbearers. Honorary pallbearers will be the men of the John Brown Sunday School Class.

Memorials may be made to the Barnard Memorial United Methodist Church in Holdenville.

John 1913-1999 and Winona 1916-1996 are buried in Holdenville, Hughes County, Oklahoma  # 44273308



In 1910 Sioux City, Iowa, Harold G. Bogert 27 is a bank bookkeeper, He and Emily, 25,  have Margaret , eleven months. All were born in Iowa.

In 1920 Woodbury County Iowa (Sioux City) Harrold G. Bogert 37 is a bank bookkeeper, with Emily G. 35.  They have Margaret A. 10 and Ruth L. 3.

In 1930 Akron Harry G. Bogert is running a hardware store,  47, and Emily 45 have Margaret A. 20 and Ruth L. 13, both born in Iowa.

Margaret A. Bogert married R. Dewitt Jones June 16, 1932, recorded in Boulder County.

Ruth L. Bogert married Landon M. Persons April 17, 1938, recorded in Washington County.

In 1940 Akron, H.G. Bogert is running a hardware store, 57, born in Iowa, Emily 55, Iowa, with three lodgers, sister Lizzie Gardner 66 Illinois, and father Frank Bogert 85, Pennsylvania.

O'Brien County Bell, 12 Sep 1945, p. 1

Harry Bogert, Denver businessman, and son of former post-master Bogert of Paullina, died Friday afternoon of a heart attack. He was buried Tuesday, September 4th at Denver, Colorado. He leaves a wife, two married daughters and two granddaughters. Mrs. Floyd Brown, Donald Brown and Mr. and Mrs. James Gardner of Kinbrae, Minnesota, attended the funeral. Mrs. Brown is a sister of Mrs. Bogert.   # 93334208

In 1947 Denver Emily (widow of Harry G.) is regional commander of the American Cancer Society, living at 837 Medea Way.

September 1960 Death Claims Civic Aide, Club Worker Mrs. Emily G. Bogert, 470 13th East, active Salt Lake club woman and civic worker, died Tuesday at 3 p.m. at her home of natural causes. She was past regional director of the American Cancer Society. Mrs. Bogert was also a member of the Ladies Literary Club, the Salt Lake Soroptimist Club, the Salt Lake Legislative Council and the University of Utah Mothers Club.  She was a member of the Wasatch Presbyterian Church where she was affiliated with the Women's Assn. . Bogert moved to Salt Lake City three years ago from Denver. Born in Paullina, Iowa, she was the daughter of James and Margaret McDonald Gardner. She was married to Harry G. Bogert June 14, 1906, in Paullina. He died Aug. 31, 1945. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Landon Persons, Salt Lake City; Mrs. R DeWitt Jones, Vancouver Wash.; four grandchildren; a brother and four sisters, 3. W. Yuma, Colo.; Mrs. Cora Brown, Mrs. Annie Innes Boulder, Colo., and Miss Lizzie Gardner, Salt Lake City. Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 10 a.m. at 574 E. 1st South. Graveside services and burial will be Saturday noon in the Fairmount Cemetery, Denver  #  93334179

Ruth and Landon are in Salt Lake City in 1953, and she may have moved to Vancouver, Washington, where  she died April 3, 2007 at age 90.

Landon M. Persons, 85, passed away peacefully at home in Indian Wells, California on Oct. 19, 2000.

Born July 6, 1915, in Nebraska, son of Arlon Byron and Vera Blance McCay Persons. Married Dorothy Chamberlain Sept. 20, 1963.

Lanny was the vice president and manager of Dixon Paper for many years. He was a member of the Salt Lake Country Club, Rotary Club, Salt Shakers and many other community organizations over the years. He graduated from the University of Colorado and served as an officer in the Navy during World War II.

Lanny is survived by his wife, Dorothy, of Indian Wells; son, De Witt, of Vancouver Washington; daughter, Debra Saunders of Park City; son, Stephen Chamberlain and daughter, Lisa Singer of Salt Lake City. He is also survived by nine grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Private memorial services were held at the home of Debra and Hy Saunders in Park City.


In 1940 Vancouver, Washington, Dewitt and Margaret have Robert, 6 born in Colorado and Emilou 1, Washington.

Robert "Bob" DeWitt Jones, native resident of Vancouver, WA, passed away December 16,  2013,  just days before his 80th birthday. He was born Dec. 29, 1933 to DeWitt and Margaret Jones in Vancouver where he graduated from Fort Vancouver High School, later earning his BA at Stanford University and a Masters in Business at U. of Portland.

Bob served in the U.S. Army as a Sergeant. While serving in Germany in 1958, he met Margarete who came to Vancouver in 1959, and they were married 10 days later. Bob worked for Boise Cascade and later was self- employed before retiring.

Bob was a wonderful grandfather spending time everyday with his young granddaughters doing homework and being with them. He was artistic, his talent exemplified in his home. He enjoyed gardening, caring for their lovely yard.

Bob is survived by his wife of 54 years, Margarete; son, Rob Jones; granddaughters, Madeleine and Gabrielle; son-in-law, Scott Kennedy; sister, Emilou and brother-in-law, Marv Nelson. He was preceded in death by his parents, DeWitt and Margaret Jones; and daughter, Alison.

A memorial service will be held at Vancouver Funeral Chapel on Fri., Dec. 27, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.


This is probably Margaret's father-in-law

VANCOUVER, Wash. - R. DeWitt Jones, Clark County's prosecutor for more than three decades, has died. He was 84.

Mr. Jones died Wednesday at a Vancouver care home a week after learning he had cancer. His wife, Helene Schoen Jones, said he was still practicing law just weeks before his death. "He could have been a wealthy man, but he devoted his life to the community," Mrs. Jones said yesterday. "During his last years he mainly did pro bono (free) work."

Mr. Jones was Clark County prosecutor from 1935 to 1969. For many of those years, he was essentially a one-man shop. "He was the only person doing all the cases, even during the war years," said Superior Court Judge Robert Harris. Mr. Jones eventually added two deputy prosecutors to handle the workload. Harris was one of them.

In 1950, Mr. Jones tried the notorious Wilson brothers case. Turman and Utah Wilson were found guilty and hanged for abducting, raping and murdering an 18-year-old Vancouver woman.

Mr. Jones resigned in 1969. He had practiced general law in Vancouver since his retirement. Survivors include his wife, Helene.




In 1910 Nobles County, Minnesota, James 29 and Josephine 27 Gardner have William V. 2, and Robert J. two months.   James was born in Wisconsin, Josephine Iowa, and the sons in Minnesota.   Josephine is probably the Josephine Uhlman, born April 1883 in Iowa, in O'Brien County Iowa in 1900 with Wendel J. and Ida Uhlman.  W. J.  ULLMAN - per # 29762165 and Ida per #29762091 are  buried in Paullina, Iowa.

James Arthur Gardner registered in Kinbrae, Nobles County, Minnesota, born August 6, 1879, farming, with a wife.

In 1920 Nobles County, Minnesota, James A. is 40, Josephine E. 36, William U. 12, Robt. J. 8, Helen E. 3, and Margaret J. six months.

James and Josephine Gardner are in Minnesota, (Nobles County in 1940) with Helen 23 and Margaret 20, farming.

James died Oct 12, 1959 in Nobles County, mother's maiden name McDonald.



John William Gardner was born January 5,1887 near Paulina, Iowa, the youngest of seven children, and came to Washington County in 1907.   

William J. was in 1910 Washington County, single, 25, farming.

 Florence (Floss) the daughter of Dr. Charles S. Paul and Sadie Jennings Paul,  born May 16, 1888 in Paullina, attended Drake and taught school at North Platte Nebraska.  They  married in Paullina August 14, 1913.

Bill started a furniture and hardware business and in 1916 became a partner in the Farmers Implement Co., with Jack Tribbett.  They had Paul W. Gardner Nov 21, 1919 and John WIlliam Gardner born in 1923 dying in infancy.

John W. Gardner is an implement dealer in Yuma in 1920, 33, born in Iowa, with Florence 31 Iowa, and  Paul William -one month old.

Bill died June 28, 1967 and Floss April 25, 1974.  # 49997151.  Both are buried in Yuma


These are probably other branches of the Gardners

William A. Gardner cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 3N 48W in 1890.

Also in 1890, John Gardner cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 2N 47W.

Then in 1894, John Gardner proved up a quarter in 10, 2N 47W.

William Gardner proved up a quarter in 13, 2N 47W in 1914.  


Paul "Soapy" William Gardner was born in Denver, Colorado, November 21, 1919, the only surviving child of John William "Bill" Gardner and Florence "Floss" (Paul) Gardner, and died February 20, 2015, at the Yuma Life Care Center at the age of 95. Paul grew up in Yuma, working at the family's implement business from the time he was a young boy and playing football long before the days of Yuma Indian's proud colors of red and white—somewhere in the basement is his Yuma Cornhusker's purple and gold team sweater. Paul graduated from Yuma High School in 1937 and attended CU Boulder, graduating in 1942 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business. It was during his college days that he received his nickname "Soapy". Apparently, there were four "Pauls" in the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house and since his initials were "P & G" (as in Procter and Gamble), he was from then on known as "Soapy." On April 7, 1942, Paul was inducted into the U.S. Army. While on leave, he married Julia "Anne" Bewley on November 14, 1943, at St. John's Episcopal Church in Denver. Paul met Anne while she was visiting her Aunt Stella Vaughn, former owner of Hotel Yuma. The couple honeymooned at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs and then made their home in Brownwood, Texas, where Paul was stationed until the summer of 1944. Anne returned to Colorado when Paul was transferred to Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. During his furlough, before he was deployed to France during World War II, their first son, Paul "Soapy" Jr., was born October 15, 1944. Throughout his years in the Army, Paul worked in various field and general hospital units in France and sent weekly, sometimes daily, correspondence to his "folks" and wife and son, detailing his travels and sights in his near-perfect penmanship. In a letter dated August 9, 1945, he wrote of the "new atomic weapon" he had heard about on the Truman radio address, following the August 6 bombing of Hiroshima. In this letter, he talked of his hopes that the war would soon end. His wishes came true, and in January 1946, he was discharged from the Army. Once back from the Army, Paul and his family lived at 220 W. 2nd Avenue and soon welcomed a second son to the family. John Winton was born on Anne's birthday, September 7, 1948. Paul was proud to work with his dad at Farmers Implement, buying into the business in 1949 and beginning plans to build a ranch-style house just one block south of his childhood home, where his parents still resided. In 1950, Paul, Anne, their two boys, and dog, Brownie, moved into their forever home at 501 S. Birch Street, where he resided until he entered the Yuma Life Care Center in December 2011. Working at Farmers Implement—often seven days a week—until 2011, Paul carried on the father-son tradition of the family business with John, who began his career as an implement dealer following his graduation from CSU in 1970. Paul's longtime business partner, Howard Crowley, sold his share of the business to John in 1990. John eventually bought Paul's share as well, allowing Paul to slow down—though he still worked every day, sometimes enjoying an extended lunch hour with his newfound "retirement", and proudly using his manual typewriter and balancing the books to precision. When thinking about Paul's hobbies, it's easy to conclude that he viewed Farmers Implement not only as his career, but as a true passion and even as his hobby. He spent many Sundays "at the store" and later picked up "Annie" for a trip to Woody's Drive-In and a country drive to see the crops. He loved the golden wheat and green corn fields and always worried about the weather.
Paul was a member of the United Methodist Church, Chamber of Commerce, American Legion and Masonic Lodge, and a former member of the Yuma Hospital Board, County Fair Board and Lions Club.
He was a patient and kind husband and accompanied Anne on many Denver shopping sprees, always happy to carry her purse and coat, as well as those of the grandkids who often tagged along. As a couple, they also enjoyed playing Bridge together.
Paul loved his boys and seldom missed any of their events—he even attended most of his grandchildren's events, by then answering to the name "Granddad" and usually wearing his IH, and later Case IH, work shirts. Paul threw the football and baseball to his boys and grandkids, never seeming to tire. He mowed his yard and scooped his walk for years longer than he should have. He trimmed the rose bushes, and once, in an overzealous attempt to "clean up the yard", he pulled out all of Anne's beloved gooseberry and raspberry bushes—never would he hear the end of that one. Each Christmas, he happily hung his wooden snowman and "Hi" on the front on the house and greeted visitors with a "Ho, Ho, Ho." When he wasn't at work, Paul loved to travel, taking his extended family on vacations to Texas, Oregon/Canada, Hawaii and many weekend trips to Denver for fancy meals and plays at the Buell Theatre. Paul and Anne continued traveling as long as they could with the Heritage Club and were known for their many visits to see their grandchildren, and eventually great grandchildren.
In 2004, Paul attended the dedication of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. During this trip, he was asked to speak at the National Archives, where his tales of his years in the war were recorded and will forever remain. Also in 2004, though not on his Washington, D.C. trip, he met President George W. Bush and proudly gave framed copies of their picture shaking hands to his family that Christmas. Paul was preceded in death by his wife, Anne Gardner; son, Paul "Soapy" Gardner; parents, John William "Bill" and Florence "Floss" Gardner; baby brother, John Wilmer Gardner; and father- and mother-in-law, George and Verla Bewley. He is survived by son, John, and wife, Cindy Gardner; grandchildren, Robert Woodward (wife Cheyenne), Lisa Gardner-Pettigrew (husband Aaron and son Caden Kokes), Jeff Woodward (wife Angela), Cory Gardner (wife Jaime and children, Alyson, John Thatcher and Caitlyn) and Paul William III "Trip" Gardner.
He was a hard worker, loyal husband, dedicated father, and proud granddad and great-grandfather. His family likes to think of him standing beside Annie in Heaven, holding her purse and admiring the fields in the perfect weather—no hail or drought and always just the right amount of rain, and best of all, only International Harvester tractors.
The Memorial Service was held Monday, March 2, 2015, at 10 a.m. at the Yuma Methodist Church in Yuma, Colorado, with Pastor Jaime Nieves officiating. The inurnment followed at the Yuma Cemetery, directed by Baucke Funeral Home.

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