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Rube C. and Eula Kouba Joseph D. Kouba,  Heartstrong

Jeremiah and Etta Hawes, daughter Tod D. and Callie (Hawes) Kouba,  Wray

I am searching for ancestors of John and Mary Kouba from Fait(Fayette)County,Texas. Both John and Mary's birthplace was Bohemia. They came to America sometime about mid 1800's. They had nine? children, Todd, Amelia, Reuben, Joe, Lee, Amiel, Johnny, Bettie, and Matilda. I'm not sure about the spellings of their names,they have been spelled 2 to 3 different ways. John Kouba, age 56 and children Bettie,age 16, Tilda,age 12, and Ameale, age 10, were listed on the 1990 census with no wife, had Mary Kouba died by then? By my estimation the last child was born in 1889?. I have a Baptismal certificate for Albin?, and Betha (Bohemia for Bettie)Kouba, Baptized on July 27, 1884, at St. Stephen's Church, Weatherford, Texas Parker County. Alban's birthdate was Jan. 23, 1883. Bettie's birthday has been listed as, Nov. 2, 1883, Nov. 2, 1880, on her death notice, and on the 1900 census she was listed as an age of 16, then she would have been born in 1884. When Bettie married John Horn in Cheyenne, Ok, on May 16,1906, they moved to Canute, Ok. I have been unable to located John and Bettie on the 1910 census. Bettie (Kouba) Horn was my grandmother. She died Nov. 15, 1954, laid to rest at Canute, Ok. John and Bettie Horn had 2 children, Lilea (Lillian), and Louis Amil. JOhn and Mary(Marie?) children: Last know where abouts of the following children of John and Mary(Marie?) Kouba, as of 1954; Todd Kouba DOD 2/5/1948 Greely,Co. wife, Callie Hawes: married nov. 28, 1907, Duncan,OK. Homestead at Wray, Co, in 1911. Todd and Callie Kouba had seven children: Howard, Mable, Maude, Jack, Evelyn, lee, and Mattie. Lee Kouba died before his father, Todd. Amelia Kouba, San Francisco, Reuben Kouba, Rye,Co. Joe Kouba, Sedalia, Co. ( Joe and Reuben were twins) Lee Kouba, Amarillo, Tx. Amil Kouba, Osage, Wyo, Johnny Kouba, San Francisco. Matilda, passed on Oct.15, 1953, as stated by the Hampert of St.Louis, Mo., Hampert's children were as of 1943 Kathy, DOB 1949?, Linda DOB 1952. Mrs. Humpert had a real estate office in St. Louis.


I'm Betty, living in Oklahoma City
 My grandmother was Bettie Kouba Horn, John C.Kouba's daughter born in1880. Amiel was her younger brother born in 1890. Their birth mother was Marie Kobasta Kouba, haven't been able to find any info about the kobasta family.

John's first Family Members:
John Kouba's son's were Adolph, Rube, Joe, Todd, Amiel, they were John and Mary's children. Mary died a few years after Amiel was born. She is buried in North Dexter Texas Cemetery, Cook cty, Dexter, Tx. Went to get pics in the late 1990"s and the marker was deteriorating at that time. 

The family moved from Weatherford, TX Fayette cty, to dexter, tx about 1892's I'm guessing, this is due to the records in the Fayette cty, court house. 

After Mary's death, the family moved to Oklahoma Territory, passing through Stephens cty, Duncan, Ok where Todd and Callie were married. Todd and Callie lived and or had land on Duncan. Searched as much as I could in Duncan, court records and the local historical library.  
The family pushed on to Northern Oklahoma Territory, Dudley, Oklahoma in Roger Mills county just west of Moorewood, Ok. 

Dudley is located near Strong City and Cheyenne, Ok.   They lived there from 1895 to 1910-1920's,

John's Second Family:
 John remarried in May of 1903 to Antonia (Tony/Toni/Tonii) Vanecek Kouba on May 15/16 1903 in Washita Cty, Oklahoma territory, Schiedle, Ok. This town is south and east of present day Canute, Ok.    John and Tony had 4 children, Emma, Rosa Amelia and John jr. Their years of birth were from 1905 to 1914.  emma-1905, rosa-1907, Amelia 1911 and john about 1914, he was in the army and  is buried in military cemetery in San Manto, Calif.   Emma was kicked in the head by a mule and died a few days later, buried somewhere in roger mills cty. Unmarked graved, or weathered away not to be seen.  this was told to me by Marvin Schmite also of Roger Mills cty.Ok  His mother and antonia Vanecek were sisters from bohemia( Czech Republic) .  Amelia had lived in St Louis, Mo at some point.
 As my mother Betty Horn Hale- Betty Douba Horn's daughter and my mother.  Mother told me stories of an aunt who would sent her pretty dress from St. louis 

John C. Kouba moved with most of his family, John, Rose and Amelia to Colorado just before 1920 I've never found where his wife, Antonia went with him. It appears on record that he signed over the land they owned in Dudley, Ok. It appears she stayed there and in 1920-1930 she and Amelia (melia) are listed in record at Polk cty, Mena, Ark.    I have located those records in the polk cty court house, as well as the local historical library, along with John's death records from Aug 24, 1930. Amelia being the person whom burried him. After John's death, sometime before 1940, Amelia, her mother Antonia (Toni) moved to California.  I guess to be with John kouba, jr.  Amelia was married to Charles Breasheras. I assumed it was a terrible marriage, as the divorce records show mental cruelty and mistreatment.  She had a child with him, Charlene Breashears born April 20, 1939.   I am currently trying to locate her. She could very well still be living. and the last connection the John's side of the family .

Antonia is the sister of another Vanecek/Schmite (I think that's the correct spelling)  in Roger Mills County, Ok.  Haven't found any info about them as yet.  Marvin Schmyte? contacted me several years ago and gave me some family info of how they were connected, haven't been able to contact his again. 

In 1910 Rube C. Kouba, 29, born in Texas, with Eula 25, born in Texas, are farming in Comanche County, Oklahoma, with David R. 4, born in Oklahoma - they even have a hired man. - must be Eula's brother

December 1910 "R. C. Kouba and wife arrived Thursday from Oklahoma to make their home in Yuma County."

1911 "Rube Kouba built a house on his homestead this week."

June 1912

 Rube proved up a quarter in 25, 1S 47W in 1916.

1916 "Mrs. C. B. Kouba returned to her home in Happyville Saturday after a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Gartrell in Wray.  Mrs. Kouba was in during the trial of the People vs. John Bush, as her husband was a witness in that case."

He registered in Rye, Colorado, saying he was born November 15, 1877, and had his own ranch, nearest relative Eula.

In 1920 they're in Huerfano County, with Jake Koss, 31, brother-in-law.

In 1930 Rube "Kowba", Eulah, and David are farming in Huerfano County.

In 1940 Huerfano County it's just Rube and Eula.

Frank J. Kos Mar 14, 1890 - Jan 25, 1975 is buried in Oakland Cemetery Weatherford Texas.

So is Eula Sevina "Julie" KOS Kouba, whose FindAGrave says she was born Mar 17, 1883 and died in Wray March 20, 1950.  Bet that's RYE, not Wray.  Her will was probated April 18, 1958 in Pueblo County.

 Rye, Colorado

Kouba, David Reuben born 12/29/1904 died 8/6/1982 A1B

Kouba, Jennie Leona born 3/4/1918 died 9/19/1995 A1C

Kouba, Reuben C. born 1874 died 1964 A1A


Sterman H. Lawver proved up 320 acres in 20, 20 and 29 of 2S 46W in 1918,

and Helen A. Lawver two quarters in 2S 47W in 1916. 


In 1900 Green County Wisconsin George Lawver, June 1847 Illinois, has been married 33 years to Eliza J. Mar 1848, also Illinois.  They have Ana July 1878 , Sterman Apr 1881, George July 1883, Alvin Oct 1885, and Earl Aug 1890, all Wisconsin. 


1912 "Isaac Pelton of Akron came down Monday being attorney for J.D. Kouba in Justice Lamphere's court."

1913 Joseph D. Kouba did his three-year proof for land in 10 and 15, 2S 46W, witnesses Alloysious Brady, Sterman H. Lawver, Reuben C. Kouba, and Claude E. McCoy.

1914 "Mrs. Trough bought a team of Joe Kouba Monday."

1915 "Joe Kouba called on C.B. Davis Thursday.

1915 Center news "Joe Kouba is fencing'16' now and Charley Brown is putting down a well for him in the northeast corner."  (16 would be the school section)

1917 "Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Kouba of Happyville were in Wray Saturday fixing up the necessary papers in the purchase of a ranch near Castle Rock."

History Allis Ranch and Allis Ranch House     Joe Kouba was the original homesteader on the property. He purchased the property during the mid 1800s probably for around $17/acre. The ranch was both a cattle and horse ranch known for the horses raised for the U.S. Calvary. 1917 - Joe Kouba's wife used her inheritance to buy the house. It was delivered by rail to the Sedalia railroad station. The house is a Sears Catalog House and cost $3,000, including upgrades. house passed to the Allis Family in the 1970s. Pat Allis passed away in 1990 and the family sold the ranch to Colorado Open Lands as a land conservancy.  David and Margaret purchased their property at Allis Ranch in 1998 and built their home is 2001. The Rhynes traded some land with the Allis Ranch Conservancy for the derelict Ranch House in 2004 to provide a place for a caregiver family to live and help with their handicapped daughter Alexis. Alexis unexpectedly passed away during the renovation of the Ranch House, when completed  it was dedicated in her honored and renamed "Alexis House".   After Alexis House was completed David and Margaret renovated the 1000 square foot basement into Allis Ranch Winery. Tastings and events are held in the living/dining room, the office is housed on the second floor.

In 1920 Douglas County, Colorado Joseph is 42, Texas, Helen 40 Illinois, with Leadia 5 and Earl 2, both born in Colorado.

All four are still there in 1930, with two hired men.

Leota had a 1934 certificate for teaching experience in Elbert County.

In 1940 all four are there, and Leota is teaching school  They hae three hired men.

1953 Castle Rock  

So the Kouba and Binford families both moved from Yuma County to Castle Rock.

1954 Castle Rock

1959 Castle Rock "Rube Kouba of Pueblo came last Thursday to visit his brother, J.D. Kouba and family."

Joseph D. Kouba -Oct 15, 1874 - Feb 7, 1967 is buried in Bear Canon Cemetery, Sedalia.   with Helen Amarantha Kouba  July 7, 1879 - Dec 5, 1961     11441129

Minnesota death index has Joseph dying in Mille Lacs County.

Leota Lucille Allis - Mar 28, 1914 - Mar 15, 1997 is also buried there 11440370  on a stone with Fred H. AAllis 1906-1996

Earl Columbus Kouba, born Jan 21, 1918, died Mar 29, 1992 in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota, mother's maiden name Lawver.

He's buried with Ethelyn -1930-2005 there  52569750

Dubbed as "The Hay Barber from Sedalia" early in his career, Earl Kouba wove a trail of colorful stories and varied friendships that helped create the mystical fabric of racing's Golden Era. Earl's moniker came from Mat McEniry, a Denver radio personality and announcer at Lakeside Speedway's midget programs. Earl's "other"
life as a cattle rancher near the little town of Sedalia, Colorado was somewhat unique among Denver's racing crowd. The title made for colorful patter and good print material in a time when fan entertainment and drama were the keys to success. Earl carried many other tags throughout his life including cowboy, soldier, farmer,
restauranteur and (the ones he wore most proudly) husband and father.
Earl transcended those dangerous and magical times of early open wheel competition to become, in the words of Tom Savage, a "dusty hero of a by-gone era".


Diana, I am Earl and Ethel's daughter Judy. Now living in North Carolina. I have some information I have dug up, maybe if we put our heads together we can come up with some more history.

In 1910 Stephens County Oklahoma Tod Kouba is 30, born in Texas, with Callie 24, also Texas, and Howard nine months, born in Oklahoma.

Tod registered in Wray, saying he was born March 17, 1878, and had a wife Callie.

December 1912 "Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Hawes of Dunkin, Oklahoma, arrived in Wray Tuesday night and were taken out to the home of their son-in-law, Todd Kouba, Wednesday.  Mr. and Mrs. Hawes will locate here permanently."

1913 "Wanted - 500 cattle for pasture.  Good Range, Good Water.  For terms write P.A. Bunn or T.D. Kouba, Wray, Colo., or phone No. 0156"

"W. Ford is helping T. Kouba gather his corn."

November 1913  '

Todd D. Kouba proved up on two quarters in 1, 2N 45W in 1917, and Amiel Kouba two quarters in 2, 2N 45W, in 1922.

A mile south of Todd, also in 1917, Jerry M. Hawes proved up 320 acres in 11 and 12, 2N 45W, witnesses Jacob E. Brown, John L. Brown, James W. Jones, and George W. Plumleigh, all of Wray.

In 1920 Jerry M. Hawes, 59, Texas, and Georgia Etta 40, Alabama, have Halley 10 and Allie M. , both born in Oklahoma.

Jeremiah M. "Jerry" Hawes, born Nov 25, 1861, died August 13, 1929 in El Paso.

In 1870 Freestone County Jeremiah "Bryant" is 10, with Samuel and California.

In 1880 Freestone County Texas Jeremiah is 19, with his mother Calafornia Bryant 43 and his stepfather Samuel Bryant 45.

California had married Samuel Bryant in 1865 in Freestone County.

Son of California Welch and James W. Hawes. After his father died during the Civil War, Jerry's mother married Samuel Lee Bryant which is probably why "Bryant" is listed as Jerry's father on the accompanying death certificate.

In 1885, Jeremiah married Elizabeth Ann Lucius in Freestone County, Texas. 

Sarah "Callie" Hawes m. Todd D. Kouba
Susan Hawes m. Oliver Knott
John Samuel Hawes m. Adah Etna Mullens

Elizabeth (Lucius) Hawes died 1 Mar 1907 at Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma.

Jeremiah married second, Etta H. Peacock, in 1909.

Hallie Hawes m. William Taylor Brooks
Allie Ann Hawes

Jeremiah M. Hawes wife Elizbeth Ann Lucius Hawes son John Samuel Hawes, daughters, Sarah Calle and Susan Hawes, 1907 



In 1920 Yuma County there are three Kouba households on the same page.

Todd 40 and Callie 34 have Howard, then Mable M. 8, Maudie M. 5, Amiel R. 4, Mary e. 1 - all born in Colorado, and a 16-year-old helper, Jasher Mahaffey.

Jon C. Kouba is 72, Germany, with Rosa 12, Melie 9, and John 6, all born Oklahoma.  Maybe the Joan Kouba arriving Baltimore from Bremen April 20, 1874, 25 years old....

Amiel Kouba is 27, Texas, single.  Amiel registered in Wray, saying he was born August 6, 1892 in Grenibull, Texas, employed by William Beck in Weston County, Wyoming, and was single.

In 1930 Yuma County Tod D. is 53, Calie S. 44, Howard 20, Mabel a. 18, Maude 16, Amiel R. 14, Evelyn M. 12, Samuel L. 10, and Mathilda L. 7.

Grandview Cemetery

Kouba, Howard  1909 1945 8 11 42 7
 Kouba, Lee J.  1920 1947 8 11 42 8
 Kouba, Sarah C.  1886 1966 8 11 42 5
 Kouba, Todd D.  1887 1948 8 11 42 6

Brown, Maude (Kouba)
1914-2007  Burial: Wray
Wray Gazette 9/12/2007

The younger Amiel  in 1966 was living at 22101 S. Figueroa in Los Angels, when his daughter Shirley Kouba married Garry Weaver.  He divorced Geneva Holden in Los Angeles in February, 1972 married Florence L. Robbins /McCoy born about 1924 September 23, 1972 in Los Angeles. He died April 21, 1993 in Colfax, Washington.

Sundance Wyoming May 1926 

In 1930 Amiel is farming  in Weston County, Wyoming married to Hattie M. 21, Kansas.  They have Dellamae, 6, Betty M. seven months - both born Wyoming.

All four are still there in 1940.

I am the son of Betty Marshall. Betty is the daughter of Amiel Kouba. She would like to exchange imformation with you. Her address is
Joe Marshall
12474 North Highway 59
Gillette, WY 82716

Amiel  - born Aug 6, 1890 died July 2, 1960 in Hot Springs - probably at the veterans hospital there  His headstone application said he was a corporal in Battalion A, 341st Field Artillery, 89th Division.  Enlisting 9/4/17, discharged 6/10/19   - 3320478

October 1960 Mrs. Amiel Kouba, 2320 7th Avenue Greeley, Colorado, was admitted to the hospital there.  She was admitted to hospital there in April 1959.

In 1937 Evelyn Kouba is a housemaid, living at 311 Blake, phone 207. (a half-dozen people have that phone number, so it must be a rooming house.)

Hibler, Evelyn M (Kouba)
1918-2004  Burial: Greeley
Wray Gazette 11/17/2004


 Mabel married Merle Blackwell - they're in Weld County in 1940 with Patricia, nine months.

Mabel Blackwell, 101, of Greeley passed away December 15, 2012 at her home. Mabel was born November 17, 1911 in Wray, Colorado to Todd Kouba and Sarah (Howes) Kouba.

Mabel was raised on her Father’s Homestead North West of Wray.

She married Merle E. Blackwell January 18, 1936 in Wray. Merle passed away January 19, 2007.

Mabel graduated from Colorado Public School System in Wray in 1926.

Mabel and Merle worked the family farm North of Greeley, she was a homemaker, caregiver at Weld County Nursing Home and Weld County General Hospital. She was a member of the First Church of the Nazarene.

Mabel is preceded in death by her mother, father, six siblings, daughter, Judith L. Harvey and husband, Merle Blackwell of 71 years.

She is survived by Daughter, Patricia A. Cottrell (Dale) of Mountain Home, Arkansas and son, Ronald Blackwell of Greeley; seven grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren and several great-great-grandchildren.

Visitation from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Friday followed by the Funeral service at 10:00 a.m. at the First Church of the Nazarene. Interment Sunset Memorial Gardens.

Amiel R. born about 1916, died in Whitman Washington April 21, 1993.

Evelyn M. is a lodger in 1940 El Paso County, Colorado, a waitress in a cafe.  She was in Yuma County in 1935.

Matilda Louise Grams, born April 10, 1923 in Colorado, died June 17, 1989 in San Diego, mother's maiden name Hawes, father's Kouba.  She's buried in Fort Rosecrans National, San Diego  3403016


1917 "the dance at Kouba's Friday Night was well attended and a good time reported 

Amil Kouba started Saturday for Wyoming to put in the next few months at Riding."

1919 Emil Kouba was one of the members of "the famous Eighty-Ninth division" who left Wray in September 1917 and were sent to France in April 1918.

Hi: I'm one of John and Mary's great grand children. My grandfather was Joseph Kouba, the twin brother of Ruben. Joe grew up around Dexter, TX and worked as a hand on Bill Washington's ranch. Mary is buried there in the North cemetary, I believe. My wife and I tried to find her marker last November, but spent our time in the south cemetary and ran out of light before finding the north one.

Joe moved to Yuma County, CO (Happyville). He was on his way to Montana with a herd of horses (pay-off from Mr. Washington)when he was snowed in in CO. There he met my grandmother and chose to settle in. He then moved to Sedalia, CO around 1920. He started the Lake Valley Hereford Ranch there. Joe had two children Leota and Earl. Earl was my Dad. We moved to Onamia, MN in 1966 with Joe. Joe passed away in 1967 at the age of 92. He is buried in a cemetary near the Colorado ranch southwest of Sedalia.

Rube moved to Rey, CO. Many of his descendants are still in that area. Emil Kouba (the spelling on his grave I think), Joe's younger brother, moved to South Dakota. He is buried in the Black Hills area, Custer if I remember correctly.

If this is helpful, I may have more info of use.

We also believe that Les Kouba, the wildlife painter was the great grand child of a cousin of John's. John immigrated to the US with 3 other brothers through Duluth, MN roughly in 1873. John went to Texas, the rest settled in the Minnesota/Iowa area. Les came from one of 2 brothers who immigrated along the same route, but 20 or so years earlier. They settled in the south central MN area. These 2 were believed to be cousins of the later 4.

Hope this was helpful.

James Kouba


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