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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:


In 1884 Kansas City William S. McMains (McMains & Co.) lives at 200 E. 6th.

In 1886 he's with Schopp & McMains, doing business at 514 Walnut, living at 735 Cherry.

William cash-claimed a quarter in 13, 1S 47W  in 1891 - same time as the Binford and Soules claims.

In 1897 Denver he's the manager of A.F. McMains & Co - at 1440 Market.  A. F. and William, and Arthur H. McMains all room at 2203 Champa. 

In 1898 he's a commercial merchant, rooming at 2752 Champa.  Arthur H. is a repairer at A.O. Picard, also rooming at 2752 Champa.

In 1900 Denver William McMains March 1851 Kentucky is a wholesale fruit dealer.  Addie January 1862, Ohio, has had seven children, four living.  Arthur H. June 1880 Ohio, LaNorma  January 1882 Ohio, Warren S April 1888 Missouri, and Forest L. May 1890 Missouri

In 1903 William (Mrs. Adah) is in Colorado Springs, working for Sanderson Com Co, boards at 123 S Nevada.

In 1904 Wm. S. McMains is in Tacoma, Washington, manager for H.L. Klock, living at 266 Commerce.

Warren and Arthur are in California for the 1910 census and WWI registration, and Warren's death record says his mother's maiden name was Henderson.

In May 1911 Forrest McMains is a student at Berkeley High School, and was a stage manager for a class play.

In 1919 San Francisco Arthur H McMains - (A.H. McMains & Co.) are merchandise brokers at 24 California Street, Wm. S. works there, and both live in Oakland.  Warren S. is a cashier at Julius Levin Co, living at 949 Leavenworth.

Addie F. is divorced in 1920, living in San Francisco with Forrest L. 28,

In 1920 William is living with Arthur 38 and Eileen B. 34 and their two sons,  in Oakland, California, 69, widowed,

In 1921 Sacramento Wm. S. is a clerk, living at 503 M.

In 1922 Wm. S. is in Oakland, manager of Wm. S. McMains & Co smoked meats at 336 Franklin.

1924 Ukiah "Dr. and Mrs. G. AV. Stout are entertaining a house party of Bay city visitors this week, including -Mrs. L. E. Basford, of Berkeley, and Mrs. Arthur McMains and two sons, Arthur and Kenneth, of Oakland. Mrs. Basford is a sister of Mrs. Stout and Mrs. J. L. Brown, and has frequently visited here, where she is always cordially greeted"

In 1927 Oakland Wm. S. lives at 587 15th, and he and F.L. have a dairy products business at 430 Franklin.  Eileen is widow of Arthur H., and Forrest L. and Warren S. both work with Wm, but live in San Francisco

Forrest is living with brother Warren  in 1920, but in registering for WWII he's married to Sylvia , and they live at 4261 Detroit in Oakland, born May 14, 1890 in Kansas City.

1946 Ukiah "Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McMains and daughter Bonnie Jean arrived Wednesday from Oakland to pass the Fourth of July holiday with Mrs. W. G. Stout and Mrs. Ida L. Brown, aunts of Mr. McMains, until Sunday afternoon when they returned to their home In Oakland"

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