Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles Frederick and Etta May Winters, John Austin and Maud (Winters) McNaught, Christopher Reuben and Lena Winters,  Heartstrong

In 1900 Dundy County Nebraska, Ettie M. is 10, with parents David Dewards 54 and Elon L. 48.

In 1900 Menard County, Illinois Charles F. Winters 12 and Ruby C. Winters 15 are stepchildren with John O. Turner 35 and Mary Turner 36 (Mary was born a Custer, so Charles might have come to Yuma with cousins)  Father Edward F. Winters, a Cavalry Sgt. Maj. had died May 26, 1888, and is buried in San Antonio National.

In 1900 Menard County Luilena Boles is 15, with H. Alven 55 and B. Rutha 49 Boles.

November 1909 "Charles F. Winters and brother came to town (Yuma)  Saturday to meet their sister, Miss Maud A. Winters, of Tice, Illinois, who came here to visit with them."

In 1910 Charles Winter 22, Illinois and wife Etta M. 20 Nebraska, are in Yuma County, with sister Maude 23, Illinois.

Christopher R. and Lena Winters, both 25, born in Illinois, are in Yuma County, with Mary Ruth, 2, Illinois.

1911 Maude Winters sold her claim to Miss Hardesty, but Maud A. Winters was still responsible for taxes on the improvements, and was delinquent in 1912 taxes - Section 10.

Maude Winters married J.A. McNaught November 6, 1911.

Charles proved up 320 acres in 22 and 23, 1S 47W in 1916, witnesses Samuel J. Ness, George L. Lane, John McNaught and Reuben C. Winters, all of Yuma.

C. Reuben Winters proved up two quarters in 2 and 3, 1S 47W , also in 1916.

Christopher is back in Menard County Illinois for registration, a clerk in a store in Oakford, born August 20, 1884.

Christopher and Lulena are still in Oakford in 1920, no children with them. They're in Kay County, Oklahoma in 1930, running a farm.

In 1940 they're in Ponca City Oklahoma, and were in Crawford County Arkansas in 1935.  Christopher is a carpenter.

Charles Frederick Winters registered in Wauneta, Nebraska, saying he was born January 20, 1888 in Tice, Illinois, with a wife and 3 children.

They're in Dundy County, Nebraska in 1920 - David E. 9 born in Nebraska, Warren C. 6, Colorado, and Earnest G 4 Nebraska.  So Etta, at least, didn't stay in Colorado long.

In 1930 they're in Menard County Illinois, where Charles is a commercial traveler for a roofing company.  All three boys are with them.  Charles registered for WWII in Springfield, Illinois - working at a garage.

Etta 1890-1944 and Charles 1888-1953 are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Menard County.  Etta's California death index says she was born Feb 21, 1890 and died May 31, 1944 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name Higgins, father's Edwards.

In 1900 Knox County, Illinois John is 16, son of John O. 48 and Emeline 50 McNaught.

John Austin McNaught registered in Yuma County, saying he was born March 3, 1884.

In 1920 Happyville precinct John and Maud have Cecil E. 7, Neldora 4, and John A. 2.

In 1930 Happyville they've added Ruby C. , 5.

There's a Cecil McNaught dying in 1934, buried in the Yuma cemetery - maybe that's a child of Cecil E.

John Austin McNaught Mar 3, 1884- 1957 and Maude Anne Winters McNaught (1886-1930) are buried in the Yuma cemetery.

Cecil E. is running a gasoline station in Yuma in 1940, married to Norma A. 32, Illinois.  They have Dora 2 and Terril J. nine months.  Cecil Nov 30, 1912-January 21, 1983  and Nema 1907-2007 are buried in Nampa, Idaho.

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