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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Henry Fagan, sons John Cyrus Fagan, Hughes  and William Gilbert and Lelah Maud (Lasater) Fagan,  Joes

In 1900 Nuckolls County, Nebraska John, born in Iowa, has been married three years to Edna Feb 1877, also Iowa. They have daughter Orby Feb 1897 and Frank Nov 1898, both Nebraska, and father Henry Nov 1842, widowed, born in Pennsylvania.

They're still in Nuckolls County in 1910, and have added Elizabeth, 9.  Henry is not with them.

Henry is with William in 1910 Nuckolls County.  William is 35, Maud 31, Maurice 14, Cora 12, Cecil 10, Ward 6, and Hazle 4.

W.A. Fagan arrived in 1912 with John Marr and Alf Erickson - all of Oak, Nebraska, to locate south of Yuma.

John proved up two quarters in 7, 3S 48W in 1917.

Samuel M. Fagan proved up 320 acres in 1 and 2, 3S 48W in 1919.

In 1920 Center precinct, Samuel and Mamie, both 23 born in Nebraska, are on the same census page as Charles and Orby Kuffler.

In 1930 "Maurice" and Mamie, both 34, are farming near Abarr.  Mamie's mother Ada D. Tuttle, 54, widowed and brother Clarence Tuttle, 17 are living with them.

In 1940 Samuel, Marie, and Ada are in Valley precinct, but in 1941 Maurice S. (Mamie A) are in Denver, living at 100 S. Cook - Maurice works at Grand Junction Fruit Market.  Ada D. (widow of Jesse) Tuttle is also at that address.

William proved up a quarter in 11 and one in 14, 3S 48W in 1915. Witnesses were Byron A. Taylor, William Kuffler, Leroy Lester, and John Stiles, all of Yuma.

William Gilbert Fagan registered with a Joes address, saying he was born January 18, 1874.

John registered with a Hughes address, saying he was born June 10, 1876, farmed, and nearest relative was Mary Edna Fagan.

William Cecil Fagan of Joes was called up in 1918.

Frank Henry Fagan also registered, saying he was born Nov 6, 1898, and was working for John on the farm.

In 1920 Center Precinct, Yuma County, John and Edna M. have Frank H. 21, and Henry, 80.

In 1920 Center, William G. Fagan is 46, Lela M. 40, William C. 19, Thomas W. 16, Hazel J. 13, and Walena G. 9.

In 1930 William 55 and Maude L. 52, and niece Hila Jacobson 15 are farming near Eckley

Henry 1842-1923 is buried in the Yuma cemetery.

So are William G. dying 1939 and Lela M. dying 1934.

In 1930 Wray John, the janitor at the courthouse, and Edna live at the courthouse.

John - June 10, 1876- April 24, 1933 and Edna Feb 6, 1877 - April 25, 1959 are buried in the Yuma cemetery.

Mary Edna (Free) Fagan died in Los Angeles, with mother's maiden name Gilliland.

May 7, 1959

Mary Elizabeth Eyler - Oct 22, 1902 - June 24, 1988 and Clarence O. Eyler Feb 9, 1900-April10, 1981 are buried in Saint Helena, Napa County, California.  Mary's mother's maiden name was Jones.

Frank enlisted October 16 1942 as a private in Sacramento.

Frank died October 12, 1960, and is buried in Oakridge Cemetery, Goshen, Indiana.

In 1920 Orby M. 23, is married to Charles W. Kuffler, and they're in Center Precinct with Gerald O., eighteen months.

In 1930 Yuma County they have Gerald, and have added Charlotte 9 and Vera 4.

Charles 1889-1962 and Orby 1897-1987 are buried in Skyline, Portland, Oregon, as is son Orville G., 1918-2006.

Ward and his wife were teaching in Adams County, Colorado in the 1930's - and his will was probabted there in 1957.

Ward 1903-1957 and Lelia 1903-1969 are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Brighton.

Hazel Jannette Fagan, born April 15, 1906 in Oak, Nebraska, to William and Lelah Fagan, married Wilbur Jay Stedwell September 20, 1926 in Akron, had Darrell Lynn 1928-1950, Ovalyn Joyce 1929-1992, Burl Dean 1933-2001, and Alice Jean 1942 -

Hazel died November 28, 1984 in Northglenn and is buried in Wray.

Children of Allen Small and Lula Sheard are:
    Zeila Small, born January 17, 1897 in Esbom Kansas.
   Ruth Small, born March 15, 1898 in Esbom Kansas. She married Cecil Fagan May 17, 1929 in Akron Colo..
     Elma Small, born February 22, 1900 in Esbom Kansas; died November 4, 1904.
   Beach Small, born October 20, 1901 in St.Francis Kansas; died June 5, 1908.
    Leila Small, born August 4, 1903 in St.Francis Kansas. She married T. Ward Fagan September 12, 1926 in Akron Colo..
     Clara Small, born January 3, 1905 in Burr Oak Kansas; died June 5, 1908.
    Lawrence Small, born January 15, 1908 in Esbom Kansas.
 .   Gail Small, born January 15, 1910.
     Alvin Small, born August 12, 1911 in Esbom Kansas.


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