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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Nancy Goodin, daughter Mary Goodin Grauel, sons Charles R. Goodin, Perry N. Yingling,  and Greenberry Goodin, Hughes, Nephew William A.J. Goodin, also of Hughes.

In 1850 Knox County Kentucky Mary Goodin is 51, John 17, Robert 14.  So John's son William was cousin to Charles and Greenberry.

In 1850 Mercer County, Missouri, John Yingling is 49, Hannah 50, Charles 22, Margaret 20, Ann 18, Nathaniel 14, Lucinda 12, Serilda 10, and John 8.

Nathan 23, and Nancy 20 Yingling are farming in Mercer County, Missouri in 1860.  The household previous is John 58 and Hannah 59 Yingling, with Charles 27, daughters B.A. 23, L.H. 21, Cerilda 19, John J. 17.  All kids, including Nathan, born in Ohio.

MSM is Missouri State Militia  -

I'd guess that Nancy's first husband Nathaniel Yingling was hastily buried - along with the many others killed or dying in Springfield all that year - and records weren't kept, much less re-interrment.

In 1870 Mercer County Missouri Robert and Nancy Goodin have Perry (taking on his stepfather's name), Greenberry 6, Mary 4, A. Bell 1, and Robert's mother Mary, 75.

There's a Mary "Polly" Goodin, born 1800 in Virginia, dying August 13, 1873 in Mercer County.

In 1880 Mills County, Iowa, R.F. Goodin 44 and Nancy 40 have Greenberry 16, Mary 14, Arbelle 12, Icelonia 8, Flleetey 6, Charles 4, and Hulda 1.

Robert Thomas Goodin, born Oct 9, 1836 in Knox County Kentucky, died May 29, 1884 in Naponee, Nebraska.

In 1885 Franklin County, Nebraska, Nancy 45 has Perry 24, Greenberg 21, Arvelle 15, Fleety 11, Charly 9, and Nullah 6.

In 1900 Mercer County, Missouri, Charley, born May 1876 in Missouri, is with his uncle James Sept 1842 Kenurcky, and Lurinda Nov 1849 Indiana, their two daughters and a grandson.  On the same page is the William May 1896 and Sallie Aug 1871 Goodin, both born Missouri, and their family, and the next household is  John July 1876 and Lulie April 1875 Goodin   and their daughter

  Catharina Emilie "Millie" Graf was born Feb 2, 1879 in Cass County, Iowa, and died June 26, 1960 in Denver.

She married Charles Ruffus Goodin January 17, 1900

Charles proved up two quarters in 14, 3S 48W in 1914.

In 1910 Charles is in Franklin County, Nebraska, married to Millie 31, born in Iowa - they have Walter 9, Dora 6, Hazel 5, Orval 3, and Lucile 1.  All the kids were born in Nebraska.  

Dorothy Bernice, born June 7, 1902 in Naponee, married Merl Foster in 1919, died December 20, 1944 in Denver.

Orvil R. Goodin -1906-1918 is buried in Yuma.

Charles Rufis Goodin registered in Yuma County, saying he was born March 20, 1876, and nearest relative was Nellie Katie Goodin

In 1920 Yuma County they have Walter V. 19, Hazel V. 15, Lucille I. 11, Oscar P. 9, and Gladys M. 7.

One tree said Hazel Viola Goodin, born March 16, 1904 in Naponee, married Charles Townsend in 1937, and died in Denver in 1938 of a heart attack.

Louise Ida Goodin born 1908 died in California in 1956 during an operation.

Gladys Mary Goodin born May 15, 1913, married Russell Kile Sept 28, 1929 (the tree said he committed suicide in 1956 in Denver) and died January 1969.

In 1930 Yuma County Charles and Millie only have Oscar.

In 1940 Stratton Charley,  a helper in a garage, and  Millie have Walter and Oscar - both garage mechanics - with them. 

Millie K. 1879 - 1960 and Charles R. 1876-1965 are buried in Yuma

July 7, 1960

Oscar P. Mar 22, 1911-Nov 8, 2001 and Opal Marie (Brown) Goodin 1919-2002 are buried in Wray.

Walter V. 1900-1983 is buried in Yuma.


Nancy Johnson was born Sep 18, 1840 in Kentucky.  Nancy's 1st marriage was to Nathaniel Yingling in 1860 in Mercer County, Missouri. To this union, a son, Perry was born. Nathaniel was killed in the Civil War November 19, 1862. After his death, Nancy married Robert T. Goodin on March 6, 1863 in Mercer County, Missouri. To this union 8 children were born:

Greenbury - married Annie McGuire
Mary Frances , born October 30, 1865,  married William Martin Samson - died October 5, 1894 Plattsmouth, Nebraska, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Plattsmouth.
George Washington - died in infancy

Arabelle - married Eli Melton  One tree said she was born June 1869 in Missouri, married Eli Thomas Melton (born 6/22/1861) May 2, 1886. had Cora M. Melton March 1889 Kansas, Stella Maude Feb 4, 1891 Missouri-married Lester Joseph Voice, died in Jefferson County Colorado Feb 7, 1973, and Glen Melton January 1897 Missouri.   In 1900 Mercer County they have those three kids - probably the Elias Melton on the same page is his father, and Basil a brother.

In 1920 Lakewood, Colorado Lester J. Voice and Stella M. have Eli A. 7 and Norma B. 3.

They're in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1929, living at 502 2nd NW

 In 1920 Mercer County Eli is 58, Ara B. 50 - they have Orville 14 -all born Missouri.  In 1940 and 1944 Fort Dodge, Iowa Arabelle is the widow of Eli T, living at 505 2nd NW.

In 1956 Denver Stella M. (Widow of Lester J) lives at 3891 Vrain - Eli A (Lola M) is a sheet metal worker.

Iceland - died young

Fleeta Josephine - married Henry Cochran - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cochran were living in Charleston, Missouri in 1932 - funeral for Maggie Bush Crenshaw, 74, was held at their home.

In 1900 Franklin County, Nebraska, Henry, a day laborer, Oct 1872 and Fleety April 1874, both Missouri, have Tilly 1895 , Charles Feb 1897, and a daughter May 1900, all Nebraska.

In 1910 Franklin County Nebraska - the household preceding Greenberry Goodin - are Henry W. and Fleety J. Cochran, both born Missouri.  They have Nancy M. 15, Chas H. 13, Dolly M. 9, Willie M. 7, Hulda L. 5, and Garland J. 3.

Henry registered in Franklin County, saying he was born October 14, 1873, nearest relative was Fleet Josephine Cochran.

When Charley H. Cochran registered, he said he was born February 27, 1897 in Bloomington, Nebraska, and his father was born in Gallatin Missouri.

They're farming in Franklin County in 1920, with Hulda 15 and Garland 13.

In 1930 Webster County, Nebraska Henry is a laborer, and they have Charles 33, William 26, and Garland 23.

One tree said Henry died July 1937.

Fleeta is widowed in 1940, living with sons William 31, Charles 43, and Garland 33 in Webster County, Nebraska.

One tree said Fleeta died January 2, 1947 in Mercer County, Missouri.

Probably Dollie married Rodney Phelps - in 1920 Franklin County he's 28, she's 19, and they have Henry eighteen months.  They're in Harlan County in 1930, with Henry S. 12, Raymond D. 10, Leona F. 7, and Betty J. 5.  Rodney is a grader foreman for the railroad.

Rodney is divorced in 1940, living in Harlan County. Henry, Raymond, and Betty Jean are living with him.

Charles Rufus - married Millie Graff
Hulda Ellen - married Will Thompson  

In 1900 Franklin County William O. Thompson Nov 1863 Iowa is married two years to Huldah E., Dec 1878 Missouri.   They're still there in 1910, farming, no kids.

One tree said Will died Jul 14, 1946 in Lebanon, Nebraska, and Huldah died May 25, 1914 in Lebanon.

There's a Huda Ellen Thompson 12-18-1879 -5-25-1915 "Gone but not forgotten" in the Lebanon cemetery.

Robert Thomas Goodin 1836-1884 is buried in Naponee, Franklin County.

Nancy proved up two quarters in 21, 3S 48W in 1919

In 1938, Charles Goodin was administrator of Nancy's estate, and heirs were Charles, Greenbery Goodin, Perry Yingling, Belle Melton, Fleety Cochran, Alva Sampson, Len Sampson, George Sampson, Thomas Sampson and Mollie Sampson. The wereabouts of Len Sampson was unknown, and William was Len's father.
November 11, 1965


One tree said Greenberry married Anna E. McGuire Feb 2 , 1886 in Orleans, Nebraska.

Viola was born March 26, 1899 and died February 26, 1900.

In 1900 Franklin County, Nebraska Greenberry Goodin , born Feb 1866 in Nebraska ? is married to Annie July 1861 Pennsylvania.  They have Alvie Cornelius, Aug 22 1890 and Mary A. July 29, 1894, both Nebraska, mother Nancy Sept 1840 Kentucky, Perry Yingling, half-brother March 1861 Missouri, and a farm laborer John Donaldson.

In 1910 Franklin County Greenberry and Cora M., both 46, don't have any children.

Nancy is living with son Perry N. Yingling in Franklin County in 1910, and Greenberry's daughter Mary A. 15 is with them.

Greenberry Goodin -Feb 15, 1864- Sep 22, 1947 is buried in Yuma, and Anna Elizabeth (McGuire) Goodin 1861-1901 is buried in Naponee

Greenberry's son Alva was killed in 1915

Greenberry B. Goodin proved up two quarters in 25, 3S 48W in 1916.  His witnesses were Perry N. Yingling, Jesse E Tuttle, Earl E. Stiles, and Charles C. Goodin.

In 1920 Greenberry is single, living in Yuma County, and next household is  Perry Yingling, 59.

In 1930 Greenberry, 61, divorced, is living with Perry 69 in Yuma County - and a boarder Harry Thomas is a farm laborer.

Perry proved up two quarters in 24, 3S. 48W in 1916.


Paul and Richard Grauel came to Colorado in 1911 and took homesteads southeast of Abarr.  (3S 47W)  Richard soon sold his to Paul and went back to Norfolk, Nebraska, working as a brakeman on the railroad, and was killed on the job  October 8, 1943.

1920 Yuma County directory : Grauel, P E, Farmer, PO Hughes, 1911, Born Nebraska 1888, married Mary  Goodin, two children.

In 1920 Yuma County Paul E. Grauel is 30, married to Mary A., 24, with Lawrence E. 4. - on the same page as Charley Goodin

In 1930 Yuma County, they have Lawrence 14 and Mildred 8. - Isabelle Upham, 42, Iowa, is a school teacher boarding with them.  Next house on the census is Perry Yingling and Greenberry Goodin.

In 1934 P.E. Grauel was farming in 15, 3S 47W

In 1940 E. Paul and Mary are farming, and "B.G." Goodin , father, is with them.

In 1952 Paul Grauel of Joes sold 25 head at the Greeley market.


Paul E. Grauel 1888-1970 and Mary A. Grauel 1894-1981 are buried in Yuma.

March 19, 1981


William A. J. Goodin proved up 160 acres in 30, 3S 47W in 1925.  Maybe he's the W.A.J. Gooden, son of John and Jane Gooden in Mercer County, Missouri in 1860.  W.A.J. is 5, John 27, Jane 23.

Jane Ragan was 20 in 1860, with John 66 and Anna 58 in Jasper County, Missouri,

In 1880 Frontier County, Nebraska, Washington Goodin is 48, Jane C. is 43.  They have William A.J. 23, Pollie S.  17, Delphia A. 15, John O.R. 12, Striclar 10, Flora V. 7.  Also with them is grand-daughter Floar A. Donaldson 4, Elmer Goodin 21 son, and Orson Ragan 22, nephew.

John and Jane are in Franklin County, Nebraska in 1900 - just like Nancy

Cynthia E. Goodin died in June 1952

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