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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Frank H. Benson, Eben L. Benson , Jaqua

In 1880 Boone County, Illinois, Leroy Benson is farming,  54, Adaline 48.  They have Frank 19, Eben 16, Cora 13, Mary J. 11, and Jessie 4.  Frank was born in California, the other kids in Illinois.

Frank and Eben both cash-claimed quarters in 15 and 22, 4S 42W in 1891.


In 1900 Boone County, Illinois, Frank, a metal polisher,  born Nov 1860, is married eleven years to Rose, Feb 1872 Missouri.  They have Addalene V. April 1890 Colorado, Edward F. April 1896 Illinois, and Floyd L. June 1899 Illinois.

In 1910 Boone County Frank is a letter carrier.  He and Rose have the three kids, Adeline a school teacher.

Adeline Viola (Benson) Ransley, born April 8, 1890 in Yuma County, Colorado, married Roy R. Ransley June 27, 1911, and died July 25, 1972, buried in Belvidere Cemetery, Boone County.  # 56905736

In 1920 they're still in Boone County, Edward an electrician, Floyd a machinist.

Frank and Rose are alone in 1930 Boone County.

Frank 1862-1932 is buried in Boone County, Illinois  # 109540529, with spouse Rose (Fuller) Benson 18872-1953 # 56905893.

Edward Fuller Benson, born April 11, 1896 in Illinois, an apprentice seaman 1917-1919, died June 13, 1959 in Los Angeles..  Per # 105143032, he's also buried in Whittier California.


Eben L. Benson married Edith Rippon June 20, 1891 in Salt Lake, Utah - she was 27.

Edith (Rippon) Benson 1869-1892 is buried in Summit County, Utah # 73560. 

Ogden Standard Examiner August 15, 1921
COALVILLE, Aug. 15-Military honors were accorded the memory of Leroy E. Benson, son of Evan L. Benson, at the Coalville tabernacle Sunday afternoon. The body of Mr. Benson, who died of wounds received in action in France, was received here Wednesday.

 In 1899 Eben was employed as a civil servant between Ogden, Utah and San Francisco.

In 1900 Oakland California, Eben L. Benson born May 1864 in Illinois, is a lodger, widowed, a railroad postal clerk.

In 1903 Eben was in the civil service from Grand Junction Colorado (a railroad hub).

In 1910 Summit County, Utah (another railroad town) Eben is a mail clerk, 45, married six years (his second marriage) to Martha 35, with Frank L. 4,John D. 2, and Fred seven months.

In 1920 Martha Benson is 44, widowed, in Cassia County Idaho with the three boys.  She's living with her mother Marintha Savage, 70, also widowed.

In 1930 Martha J. Field, 54, is married to Horace E. Field 64 in Power County, Idaho.  John B. Benson, , stepson, 22 is with them.

Fred M. Benson, son of Eben L. Benson and Martha Field, married Margaret May Franks October 7, 1935 in Missoula Montana.  Fred is a range conservationist with the   National Forest in 1960 Boise, Idaho.

Eben 1864-1924 is buried in Boone County, Illinois # 109345055

He died in Cook County, Illinois, a carpenter, spouse Edith.

Frank Benson, dying Dec 24, 1976, is buried in Whittier California, per # 105148921.


George D. Benson proved up a quarter in 28, 5S 43W in 1922.

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