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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Alexander and Arminta McCulloch, son Edward,  son Marion,  daughter Arminta "Minnie" (McCulloch) Carlson, daughter Martha I. (McCullock) Kirkland, daughter  Lillie E. (McCullough) and Frank A. Allen, Jaqua

Alexander McCulloch married Arminta Lininna Church in Indiana in 1863.

ALEXANDER JAMES2 MCCULLOCH (Robert1) was born in 1833 in Indiana. He died on 22 Jul 1894. He married (1) MARTHA ISABELLA BURNHAM on 16 Feb 1854 in Vigo Co., Indiana. She was born about 1837. She died about 1861. He married (2) ARMINTA LIVINNA CHURCH on 14 Jun 1863 in Vigo Co., Indiana.

Marion H. McCulloch, who recently went to Deuel county, near Chappell, from this county, is eligible to membership in the old timers’ society of Nebraska and Johnson county.  His father, Alexander McCulloch, with his family, including his wife and three children, Mrs. Emily Young now of Cook,  Mrs. Mattie Kirkland now of Yuma county, Colo., and Robert McCulloch, left Terre Haute, Ind., in March, 1864, and landed at Nebraska City the next month.  The trip was made by rail to St. Louis, and by boat to Nebraska City.  Marion was born at Nebraska City June 9, 1865.  In the fall of 1866 the senior Mr. McCulloch filed on a homestead in the Mt. Hope neighborhood, eleven miles north-east of Tecumseh, and in 1867 the family moved to Johnson county.  Mr. McCulloch says the young folks of this day complain that their lots are hard, and he is wondering how they would like to be raised on corn bread and molasses, as the boys were in his day.

 Alexander James McCulloch and Martha Isabella Burnham had the following children:

 i. ROBERT3 MCCULLOCH was born in Jan 1855 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana. He died on 03 Mar 1925 in Glendora, Los Angeles Co., California. He married MARY MAGDALENE SEAY. She was born on 02 Jun 1855 in Mason City, Illinois. She died on 20 Apr 1905 in Cheyenne Co., Kansas.

In 1901 Kemnitz and some other cowhands from Manhattan, Kan., had hired on at the sprawling Oak Ranch on Beaver Creek in southwestern Rawlins County. Soon after their arrival, long-simmering differences had heated up between their cattleman boss and a family of tenacious sodbusters named Berry. It had become routine for the Berrys to fire rifle shots over the heads of Dewey cowboys while they were out herding cattle and fixing fences. That had been a routine young Kemnitz could not get used to no matter how hard he tried. Things had gotten so bad that Kemnitz just knew someone was going to be killed. That someone would not be him. What happened next was probably even worse than Antone Kemnitz had imagined. Just a few weeks after Kemnitz lit out with his souvenir Colt, Daniel, Alpheaus and Burch Berry lay dead in Alpheaus Berry's farmyard in neighboring Cheyenne County, and word spread that Roy Berry would likely die from a bullet wound to his face.

Who fired first is uncertain, but there is no doubt about the outcome. Within minutes, Daniel, Alpheaus and Burch Berry lay dead or dying of gunshot wounds. -

 It was the 20th century, but this big rancher–small farmer feud had turned as deadly as most any Western land squabble of the Wild West days. Following the bloodbath, Chauncey Dewey and his cowboys holed up at the Oak Ranch, refusing to surrender until Sheriff Robert McCulloch of Cheyenne County could guarantee their safety from angry mobs of settlers said to be gathering at the Berry farm. Dewey claimed that the Berrys had fired first and he and his cowboys had returned fire in self-defense. 

As a result of the inquest, charges were filed and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Chauncey Dewey, William McBride and Clyde Wilson. However, when Cheyenne County Sheriff McCulloch went to the Oak Ranch, Dewey refused to surrender until the sheriff could guarantee his safety from the armed mob rumored to be gathering at the Berry farm.  McCulloch rode back to St. Francis, where he telegraphed Governor W.J. Bailey, asking for the assistance of the Kansas National Guard. The governor ordered out Company G, 2nd Regiment, from Osborne, Kan., under the command of V.E. Cunningham. Chauncey Dewey, McBride, Wilson and O'Neill–accompanied by Cheyenne County Deputy E.B. Robertson and an escort of Dewey cowboys–lit out across the prairie to meet the militia in Colby. The 54 men of Company G arrived in that Thomas County town by special train at 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 7. By that time, Sheriff McCulloch had also arrived in Colby, and he and Deputy Robertson relinquished custody of their prisoners to Captain Cunningham -

Buried in Saint Francis :  Seay, Mary Magnolia, 02 Jun 1855--20 Apr 1905, w/o Robert McCulloch,
d/o James Seay and Barbara ___

ii. SARAH EMILY MCCULLOCH was born about 1858 in Indiana.

 iii. MARTHA ISABEL MCCULLOCH was born on 01 Oct 1861 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana. She died on 11 May 1929 in St. Francis, Cheyenne Co., Kansas. She married Charles Clark Kirkland on 01 Feb 1886 in Johnson County, Nebraska. He was born on 08 Apr 1861 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He died on 12 Nov 1938 in St. Francis, Cheyenne Co., Kansas.

Alexander James McCulloch and Arminta Livinna Church had the following children:

 iv. MARION MCCULLOCH was born in Jun 1864 in Nebraska. He married Alice Cornelia Gooseman about 1887. She was born in Apr 1868 in Nebraska.

  v. MINNIE MCCULLOCH was born about 1868 in Nebraska. She died on 18 Aug 1948 in Armel, Yuma Co.,Colorado. She married Swan Carlson about 1890. He was born on 30 May 1855 in Sweden. He died on 29 Jan 1918 in Armel, Yuma Co., Colorado.

 . vi. JOHN MCCULLOCH was born on 20 Jul 1870 in Nebraska. He married JOSEPHINE P DENNOM. She was born in 1875 in Illinois.

 vii. LILLIE ELINOR MCCULLOCH was born in Oct 1872 in Nebraska. She died on 04 Oct 1953 in St. Francis, Cheyenne Co., Kansas. She married Franklin Asbury Allen about 1891. He was born on 26 Sep 1869 in Earlham, Madison Co., Iowa. He died on 03 Aug 1908 in Cheyenne Co., Kansas.

. viii. EDWARD MCCULLOCH was born in May 1875 in Nebraska. He died about 1912. He married Florence about 1900. She was born about 1880 in Tennessee.

ix. WARREN E. MCCULLOCH was born on 19 Aug 1877 in Nebraska.

x. LUCY AMY MCCULLOCH was born about 1878 in Nebraska. She married CHARLES CHRIST. (In 1900 Ellis, Kansas, Charles Crist is an upholsterer,  born Nov 1864 in Ohio, married two years to Amy August 1877 Nebraska.  "Anny" Crist is in Los Angeles in 1910, widowed, a nurse.  In 1920 Los Angeles Amy Crist is a nurse 42, widowed, with four boarders.)



In 1880 Johnson County, Nebraska, Alexander McCulloch is 48, Arminta 38, Martha 18, Marion 15, Minnie 12, John 10, Lillie 7, Edward 5, Warren and Amy, both 2.

In 1885 Johnson County, Alex, and Araminta have Marion 19, Minnie 17, John 14, Edwin 10, Warren and Amy both 7.

Alex McCulloch cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 3S 42W in 1891, and "Heirs of Alex McCulloch"  timber-claimed a quarter in section 32 in 1904.

McCulloch, Alexander [b1833 d1894]

Lansing Valley



Sept 11, 1903 "Ariminta McCulloch widow of Alexander McCulloch deceased... filed notice of the timber claimm"  witnesses Francis A. Geratsinger, Albert Hall, Armel S. Breninger, and Swan Carlson, all of Lansing, Colorado.

In 1900 Lansing precinct, Frank Allen born Sept 1869 in Iowa, married nine years to Lillie Oct 1872 Nebraska.  Violet April 1893 and Ray May 1895 both born in Colorado.

Further down the page is Ira W. Allen, Nov 1865 Nebraska, married eleven years to Emma May 1869 Ohio, Glen Aug 1890, Lynn Sept 1892, Bryce Dec 1894, and Merle March 1897, all four in Colorado.

On the same page are Arminda McCulloch Nov 1845 Indiana, widowed, and her son Edward May 1875 Nebraska.

In 1904 Colorado Springs Arminta (wid Alexander) boards at 1125 S. Tejoh.  Edard A. a laborer, lives at that address.

1906 Armel "Marion McCulloch of Tecumseh, Nebraska, has been visiting with friends in these parts.  He intends to settle in this neighborhood."

In 1910 Lansing, Lily is 37, widowed, with Violet 17, Ray 14, Elvin 9, Velma V. 7, Orville E. 4.  Her mother Arminta L. McCulloch, widowed, 67, born in Indiana, is with her.

Lillie proved up 320 acres in 10, 4S 42W in 1916, then 120 acres in 9 for Stock raising in 1926.

In 1920 Lansing precinct Lillie is 47, widowed, born in Nebraska, with kids Ray E. 24, Colorado, Violet H. 26 Colorado, Elvin L. 19 Colorado, and Orvil E. 14 Kansas.

On the same page in 1920 is Ira W. Allen 54, Nebraska, his wife Emma R. 50 Ohio, sons Lynn L. 26, Bryce R. 24, Merle M. 22, Lee A. 19, and Harvey H. 17 all born in Colorado.

Further down is Glen L. Allen and his wife Nora, both 29, with Kenneth N. 9, Byron B. 8, and Bernice R. 6.

Arminta (Church) McCulloch 1842-1922 is buried in Armel # 81874129.

Amy Payette, born Aug 17, 1877, died Sept 25, 1946, buried in Forest Lawn, Glendale California, # 85485325, mother Church, father McCullough.



 Mr. Kirkland is a native of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, where he was born in 1861. When five years of age he moved with his parents to Illinois, where he received his education and grew to manhood. In 1879 the young man went to Nebraska, where he engaged in farming for eight years. Then he came to Colorado and located in that portion of Arapahoe county that is now a part of Yuma county. He entered homestead and pre-emption claims thirty miles south-east of Wray and proceeded to improve his 320 acres of raw, prairie land. Mr. Kirkland was in very moderate circumstances, but he faced his new responsibilities with a courage and untiring industry that soon commenced to achieve gratifying results. He engaged in general farming, as well as cattle and hogs, and fortune smiled upon his efforts until the drought, when he endured two years of
trials and discouragements. Since then, however, his progress has been most cheering. He has 200 acres under cultivation and grows fine crops of wheat, corn, oats, cane and vegetables. He has garnered twenty bushels of wheat per acre, thirty bushels of corn and three tons of cane per acre. In 1902 he threshed 2,200 bushels of wheat, and had a bountiful yield of other crops. At present he owns sixteen horses, thirty cattle and a herd of thirty hogs.

Last year Mr. Kirkland erected a handsome residence, which would be a credit to farm life in any state. The main building is 18x28 feet in size, with a wing 16x18 feet, and it is furnished with every comfort requisite in a contented and happy home.

In 1886 Mr. Kirkland married Miss Martha McCulloch, an estimable Nebraska lady, who has cheered and assisted him with signal devotion in fighting the battle of life. They have two interesting children. Fraternally Mr. Kirkland is a member of the A.O.U.W. He is a genial, honorable gentleman, who is public spirited and generous hearted and he well merits the general esteem in which he is held, as well as the pronounced popularity he has achieved.

Charles 1861-1938  buried in Armel # 81840434.  So is Martha I. Kirkland 1861-1929


Marion H. McCulloch proved up a quarter in 13, 3S 43W in 1892.


Swan Carlson cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 3S 43W in 1890.  In 1897 Swan proved p aquarter in 9, 4S 42W - nexat to Lilie Allen.

In 1900 Lansing precinct, Swan Carlson born May 1855 in Sweden, is married ten years to Arminta Feb 1867 Nebraska, with Mae Feb 1892, Esther March 1896, and Ross June 1898, all three born in Colorado.

In 1910 Lansing precinct, Swan is 54, Arminta 42, Mary L. 18, Ester B. 14, Ross K. 12, Oscar C. 8, Annie 6, and Sophie six months.

1914 "Swan Carlson is erecting a large barn on his farm south of Armel."

In 1930 Armel precinct, Minnie is widowed, 62 with Esther 34, Ross 32, and Oscar 28.

# 81650910 says Minnie Carlson 1868-1948 is buried in Armel, with Swan 1855-1918.


Edward McCulloch and Florence McNulty married Oct 4, 1906, recorded in Jefferson County.

In 1920 Edward is a laborer in Jaqua, Cheyenne County, Kansas, married to Florence, 30, with Stella 2 and Cora one month.

# 111280231 says Edward died March 21, 1912, and is buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo, Colorado.

In 1920 Pueblo, Florence, 39, is married to Isaac Milliner.  Stella 11 and Cora 9 are with them, and Robert Milliner is 5.

In 1930 Pueblo, Florence 44 is married to Otto Jones 45, and Cora and Stella McCulloch and Robert Milner are with them.

Stella is a bookkeeper in 1940 Pueblo, in a boarding house.

Cora is a nurse in 1940 at the Payette Home for the Aged in Glendale, California.

Florence Milner, widowed, is in Pueblo in 1940, living alone, no occupation.

Robert I. Milner - Pueblo Chieftain - August 18, 1998 - Robert I. Milner, 84, passed away Aug. 15, 1998. Survived by his nephew, Joe (Pat) Sweeney of Pueblo- niece, Tomisene Ruick of California- grandniece, Katie Sweeney of Pueblo- grandnephew, Tim Sweeney of Colorado Springs. Preceded in death by his wife, Lucille Milner, on March 4, 1995. Born on July 26, 1914, in Boone. Bob retired from the D&RGW Railroad in 1974 after more than 30 years of service as a switchman. He will lie in state at the funeral home from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 19, 1998, at Our Lady of Assumption Church, 919 E. Evans, with the Rev. Ervin Schmitt as celebrant. Interment will follow at Roselawn Cemetery. The family wishes to extend their thanks to Sangre de Cristo Hospice and staff at Life Care Center for their wonderful care of Bob. In lieu of food and flowers, memorials may be made to Sangre de Cristo Hospice through the funeral home. 

One tree said Stella married Joseph Michael Sweeney in 1942, and died September 15, 1993, in Pueblo.

 # 111280230 says Cora Marie McCulloch died July 11, 1997 at age 87 and is also buried in Roselawn.


Violet Hazel (Allen) Owens 1893-1979 is buried in Saint Francis with husband Rollie Chester Owens

SISTER OF: VELMA VIOLA married Rollie's brother Lemuel Leonard (Lem).


In 1930 Hale precinct, Yuma County, Elvin Allen 29 is newly married to Eva 20, Iowa.  They're in Armel precinct in 1940, and Elvin's widowed mother Lily 67 is with them.

In 1940, on the same page as Elvin, Ira is 74, widowed, with sons Lee 39 and Bryce 45.

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