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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

 Charles F. and Della M. (Aten) Plummer, Frank P. and Dora A. Aten, Jaqua

Ira J. Plummer 1833-1886 is buried in Pleasantville, Marion County, Iowa # 6 8892785

"Husband of Caroline Bailey Plummer  They Marr'd: 21 Mar 1854, Tipton, Cedar Co., IA
Mary Plummer
Philemon Plummer
A. Alice Plummer
Wm. Riley Plummer
Hiram Jasper Plummer
Chas. Freemont Plummer"

I have a Hiram Jasper Plummer 05-14-1874 Madison Missouri, m Eva Lena Thomas 1872 Madison Missouri, Hiram Jasper is the son of Ira J Plummer and Caroline Bailey from Indiana.  beckyusa@ipa.net

In 1870 Lawrence County, Missouri, Ira is 34, Caroline 30, William 15, Freemont 12, Philiman 10, and Allice 5.

In 1880 Marion County, Iowa, Fremont Plummer is 23 farming, born in Iowa, married to Alice 21, Iowa.  (This might be a different one)

In 1880 Montgomery County, Illinois, Della M. Aten is 15, born in Indiana - parents Jacob C. Aten and Mary J. Aten 55.  Siblings Hannah M. 30, Addie M. 23, and Frank P. 20.


was born in Warren Co., Ohio, May 18th, 1825. His mother died when he was but three years of age, after which he went to Butler Co. Ohio and lived with an Uncle until his marriage.


Nov. 10th, 1847 he was united in marriage with Miss Mary J. Squier.


In the year 1848 he moved to Johnson Co. near Franklin, Ind. He lived there until the Autumn of 1864 when he came to Butler, Illinois. and purchased a farm three miles North of the Village.


When about twenty seven years of age Mr. Aten made a profession of religion and united with the Presbyterian Church at Franklin Ind.




daughter of John and Mary Squier, and wife of Jacob C. Aten, was born April 20th, 1825 in Butler Co. Ohio, where she lived until the time of her marriage, Nov. 10th, 1847.


Of eleven children Mrs. Aten is the only one surviving. Her parents lived to see their ten other children all buried.


Mrs. Aten made a profession of religion and united with the Presbyterian Church in Franklin Ind. at the same time with her husband, about the 27th year of her age. About eight years after connecting with this church, Mr. and Mrs. Aten removed their membership to the Hopewell Presbyterian Church, the two churches being about equally distant from them. Upon their removal to Montgomery Co. Illinois, they connected themselves with the Presbyterian Church of Butler.


The children of Mr. and Mrs. Aten are all living, and are as follows :


Hannah Maria, born Jan. 15th, 1849.

John Russel, born July 14th, 1851.

Margaret Ann, born Dec. 9th, 1852.

Mary Adaline, born Dec. 23rd, 1856.

Frank Peterson, born Nov. 30th, 1859.

Martha Delia, born July 18th; 1864.

Note: Their first child, Samuel M, was listed with them in the 1850 census at age 1 but may have died young because he was not in the 1860.

In 1885 Johnson County, Nebraska, Della Aten is 20, sister-in-law of J.R. Aten 33, and Susie 36.

"Charley" F. Plummer proved up a quarter in 9S 42W in 1893 - Kit Carson County , about thirty miles south of the Yuma County Plummer claim.   In 1901 he timber-claimed a quarter in the same township.

 Della M. Aten cash-claimed a quarter in 9S 42W in 1891 - Kit Carson County.

Lennie Jacob Plummer was born Sept 17, 1889 at Burlington, Colorado, when he registered in Powell, Wyoming with a wife and child.

  Charles cash-claimed  a quarter in 28, 4S 42W in 1891, next to Charles C. Dietz and Harry Swander and Eleazor M. Snodgrass.

Sophia Plummer proved up 160 acres in 26 and 35, 1N 45W in 1896 - that's thirty miles from Charles' claim.

Charles Plummer is farming in Jefferson County Nebraska in 1900, born Feb 1862 in Illinois, married 12 years to Della M. July 1864 in  Indiana, with Lennie Sep 1889, Maud June 1891, Essie May 1893 - these three in Colorado, Addie - May 1895, Cora Aug 1897 and Birdlla Sept 1899 - these three in Nebraska.

In 1910 Morris County, Kansas, Charles is farming, 48, Della M. 46, Lennie 20, Maud 18, Lessie 16, Addie 14, Cora 12, Birdie 10, Charles 6, Vern 5, and Lewis 2. - the last six were born in Nebraska.

In 1920 Powell, Wyoming, Charles F., a retired farmer,  is 58, Della M. 55, Ora 22, Charles 16, Vera 15, and Louis 11.

Chas. Plummer, born   1862, died Sept 29, 1925 in Montana, buried in Missoula # 84566588, as is Della Martha Plummer 1864-1936 # 84566589.



In 1930 Spokane, Washington, Vera Plummer is 25, niece of James and Nora Frazier.


March 1912 Council Grove Kansas marriage license "Lennie J. Plummer, Wilsey, to Nellie M. Brownwell, Wilsey."

In 1930 Missoula, Montana, Leonard J. is a railroad machinist, 40, Nellie M. 37, Nellie M. 17, Mildred O. 12, Emory R. 10, and Ruby S. 8.

In 1940 Leonard and Nellie are still in Missoula, with Emroy R. 20 - a law clerk, and Ruby E. 18 - a clerk in the state university.

In Missoula Montana, Nov 25, 1938, L.J. Plummer, born at Burlington Colorado,  son of Charles Plummer and Martha Aten, married Sarah Easley, daughter of James Sloan and Rebecca Gilecath.

In Missoula February 18, 1940, Nellie M. Plummer, daughter of Chas. F. Plummer and Della Aten, married L.J.  Plummer.


Frank P. Aten is a laborer in 1890 in Denver, living at 1734 Market.

Frank cash-claimed a quarter in 9S 42W in 1891 - near Della's claim in Kit Carson County.  Mary J. Aten adn Richard F. Aten and Rachael Aten also claimed land in Kit Carson County....

In 1900 Audrain County, Missouri, Dorothy Waddington born Feb 1868 in Missouri, no occupation, is with parents Bart 1840 England and Mary A 1844 England.  Siblings are Elly 2, Belle 18, and Mary E. 15.

Frank Aten married Doloretta Waddington August 11, 1902, recorded in Weld County.

Frank and Dora are in Glendale precinct in 1910.  He's 50, born in Indiana, Dora 42 Missouri, with Mary B. 3, born in Oregon.

In 1920 Denver, Frank P. 60 and Dora 62 have Mary B. 12 and George 7.

Frank is a carpenter for the Tilden Health School Association in 1928 Denver.  He and Dora live at 2949 Zuni.

Frank 1859-1932 is buried in Crown Hill, Jefferson County, Colorado # 57961064.  So is Dora 1869-1948, per # 86248681.

In 1940 Denver, Dora is 72, widowed, and Mary 32, a stenographer, lives with her.

One tree said Mary B. married Anthony J. Clements in 1942, and they're in Denver in 1951 and 1959 at 2331 Grove.  Anthony is a taxi driver.

1904 Wray "R.F. Aten made a business trip to Ft. Morgan Wednesday."


In 1880 Cedar Falls, Iowa, Sarah Eiler is 13, youngest of four kids of Philipp 69 and Fredricka 50, Eiler.

Charles H. Plummer, born in Ontonogon, Michigan, to Daniel Plummer and Pauline Lamarondier, married Sarah E. Eiler November 17, 1892 in Black Hawk County, Iowa.

In 1900 Park County, Colorado, Charles H. Plummer is a mine manager, born Aug 1860 in Michigan, married seven years to Sarah E. Feb 1867 Wisconsin.    Frank E. Sep 1881 and Roger W. Feb 1899, both born in Colorado.

In 1910 Black Hawk County, Iowa, Charles H. Plummer is the county recorder, first marriage ?, with Sarah 43, Rodger W. 11 Colorado and Daniel C. 6, Iowa.

Charles H. Plummer, born Aug 27, 1861 in Michigan, died Nov 26, 1913 in Black Hawk County, Iowa, buried in Cedar Falls.I

In 1920 Sioux City, Iowa, Sarah E. 52, widowed, and Daniel E. 15 are living with John Hefner, 85, widowed, Bavarian  Frank is a hired man in 1920 Park County.  In 1930 Frank is still in Park County, single, an ore sorter.

Sarah E. Plummer, born Feb 21, 1867, died March 16, 1940 in Los Angeles County.

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