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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Christian J. Shumaker, son Ora Shumaker, Armel

  In 1860 Coshocton County, Ohio, Christian is 7, with parents Christiana and Rosanna, both 30.  Siblings are John 9, William 4, and David two months.

They're in Putnam County, Missouri in 1870, with John 19, Christian 17, David 9, Mary7m Lydia 6, Annie 3, Emama 1, and mother Elizabeth 74.

In 1870 Putnam County, Isaac Gilstrap is 50, Nancy 45 (This must be second wife Jane), John 16, and Owen B. 15, Emily Guffey 11, and Thos Gilstrap 10.  On the same page is the John Shoemaker family.  John is 54, Barbara 45 John 22, Barbara 18, Christine 20, Christian 16, Frederick 14, Mary 10, Phebe 7, and Emma 5.

  Christian Shumaker  timber-claimed a quarter in 19, 3S 42W in 1894, and Ora E. Shumaker proved up a quarter in 5, 3S 42W in 1910. 

Ora's witnesses were Ira Allen, Syra Gilstrap, Fred Wilkening, and Andrew Abraham.

In 1885 Otoe County, Nebraska, C. I Shoemaker 33 is farming, with Isabelle 24, Ora 5, and Vernice 3.

In 1900 Lansing precinct, Christian, farming, born May 1853 in Ohio, married 21 years to Isabelle Feb 1861 Missouri.  Ora E. Jan 1880 Nebraska, Vernie Feb 1883 Nebraska, Bertha July 1889 Nebraska, Elsie July 1891 Nebraska, Edith January 1895 Colorado, and Velma Sept 1897 Colorado.

His father Christian Shoemaker, born Dec 1825 in Germany and Annie Dec 1828 Switzerland, are in neighboring Cheyenne County, Kansas in 1900, living with daughter Annie Winegar Sept 1866 and her husband Agustus Oct 1859 Iowa.  Eddy August Wininger 1859-1934 and Anna Catherine (Shumaker( Wininger are buried in Saint Francis, Kansas  # 126638930.

  Rosanna Shumaker 1827-1903 # 80628594 and Christian Shumaker 1821-1906 # 80629047 are buried in Colorado Springs, both in lot T-052.

1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Burnham of St. Francis visited the week end with their daughter, Mrs. Ora Shumaker."  In 1885 Dallas County, Iowa, George Burnham is 29, Lucy 26, with Lula 2 and Dora 1.  In 1900 George and Lula are in Cheyenne County, Kansas, with Lula M. 17, Dora E. born March 1884 in Iowa, Bennie D. 11, Jessie O. 9, Ira C. 6, and Ida C. 3.

1944 Topeka, Kansas "Jesse Burnham yesterday was appointed sheriff of Cheyenne county by Gov. Andrew Schoeppel. Burnham succeeds C. L. Baxter and will serve the un-expired term ending in January, 1945."

George Burnham 1855-1926 is buried in Saint Francis, Kansas # 88449984, with Lucy R. (Barton) Burnham 1858-1946 # 125302534.

Christian J. Shumaker 1853-1909  # 81884196 and Mary Isabelle (Hensley) Shumaker 1860-1907 are buried in Armel  # 81884260


Emma R. Shumaker, 20 and Ira W. Allen 23, both of Arapahoe County, Colorado, married in St. Francis, Kansas October 24, 1889.

In 1900 Lansing precinct, Yuma County, Ira W. born Nov 1865 in Nebraska, and Emma May 1869 Ohio have Glen Aug 1890, Lynn Sep 1892, Bryce Dec 1894, and Merle March 1897, all sons born in Colorado.  On the same page is Charles A. Wininger Oct 1858 Iowa and Neva April 1872 Iowa and their four kids.

In 1910 Lansing precinct, Ira is 43, Emma 41, Lynn L. 17, Bryce R. 15, Merle M. 13, Albert L. 9, and Harvey H. 7.

In 1920 Lansing precinct, Ira is 54, Emma 50, and they have Lynn L. 26, Bryce R. 24, Merle M. 22, Lee A. 19, and Harvey H. 17.

Ira and Emma are alone in 1930 Yuma County.

Harvey H. 27 and his wife Mabel L. 18 are in Greeley County Kansas in 1930.  Living with them are Lynn L. 37, Bryce R. 35, and nine-month-old Mabel Jean.

As a child, Glen and his family spent several winters at Cripple Creek while his father, Ira, worked in the silver mines.  They would then return home for the summer to work the farm and pay for their homestead.  Glen began first grade at Cripple Creek.  He told Gwen his name was etched in the desk he sat in at the Cripple Creek school.

Glen & Nora (Busby) Allen were married January 29, 1910.  Glen picked up Nora in a "One Horse Open Shay'" and took her to Wray to become his beloved wife for 65 years.

They first lived at Beecher Island for a year and a half in the dugout that Velma & John Ekberg had lived in.  Glen worked for Harry Strangways and Henry McKinney.  Two black haired boys were added to the family, Kenneth Wilson and Byron Berl. Then Glen and Nora signed up to take over a homestead one mile southeast of Beecher.  When you signed up for a homestead, you had to pay the taxes and then make improvements to the land within 5 years.  After a year and a half they were able to build a sod house on this land.  Bernice Rose was the first child born in the sod house.  During this time, Glen made trips to Haigler, Nebraska with wheat which he had ground into flour for cooking and baking and to purchase lumber.  In 1916 he had enough lumber for a barn.  In 1917 Glen was able to purchase a Model-T which sped up the transportation of these necessary items.  In 1919 he bought a Model-T truck.  This truck he also used to make trips to Haigler, Nebraska to trade wheat for flour.  Soon he was bringing loads of lumber back to use to build a five-room house.  Bernice was so excited and ran over to the new house on move-in day. Three more black haired children were added to the family -  Melvin, Gwendolyn and Darlene.

Glen was extremely good at exemplifying confidence as he and his sons tilled the soil together using six to eight teams of horses and in 1929 thought they had struck it rich.  They were able to buy new  cars!  Berl bought a Model-A Roadster, Ken a Sports Coupe with a rumble seat, and Glen a 29 Whippet.  I wonder if this is the year that Glen also bought Pete a new bicycle!  Glen had his money in one bank, so Berl put his in the other bank.

One year the horses were turned out into the corn field and a bunch of them died.  Ken spouted off saying I am not going to buy any horses that are going to die on you, so he went and bought a tractor.  Tragedy struck when Ken was working for Bill Schieble with a early model tractor.  Ken took the cap off of the radiator while the tractor was still hot and the steam spewed out all over his face and chest burning his chest badly.  Nora rushed over to care for him and returned home to attend to the rest of her family once she thought he well on the road to recovery.  Ken later developed pneumonia and was gone before they could blink.  It really shook the family but Glen and Nora believed that a strong family could endure almost anything.  They believed that somehow, someway, things would eventually come out all right.  Later that year, the bank they had put their money in also when under costing them all of their savings.  Bernice had to come home from college.  It had been a devastating time.

Then the depression and the dust bowl days hit, so again they buckled down and tightened their belts.  Nora sold eggs for three cents a dozen and corn was sold for anywhere between nine and twelve cents a bushel.

 In 1948 they gave the farm to Gwen and Hubert and left everything behind except Grandpa's fiddle and a few cooking utensils and moved to Berthoud, Colorado.  They spent 10 delightful years there.  Bernice went up and helped Nora pick out a new bedroom set for $199.95 and a dining room set for $129.95.  Nora planted a beautiful garden of flowers that she loved to putter in.  During the week they maintained the Estes Park golf course for extra income.  Glen mowed the lawns on the course and Nora attended the flower beds.  They batched in a little cabin near the golf course during the week and returned to their house in Berthoud on the weekends.  They really enjoyed life at the foot of the mountains they so loved so much.  They entertained friends in Berthoud and played cards with the Lindgrens.  In 1958 they moved back to Wray and bought the house at 405 West 10th street.  It had a few acres that Glen planted to alfalfa which he enjoyed growing and harvesting.   Nora planted another beautiful flower garden here that she loved to share with her family and friends and especially with her grandchildren.    


In 1910 Lansing precinct, Ora is 30, Dora 26, with Winnie M. 6, and Maggie L. 3, and sisters Elsie M. 18 and Della E. 15.

Ora Edgar Shumaker born January 26, 1880, registered with an Armel address, nearest relative Mrs. Dora Shumaker.

In 1920 Lansing precinct, Ora is 39, Nebraska, Dora 34 Iowa, Winnie M. 16, Maggie L. 13, Cecil A. 8, Nola I. 5, Wayne A. 2, Murvin C. newborn, and a hired man Roy A. Hefley 30.

In 1930 Armel precinct, Ora is 50, married 22 years but no spouse, with Wayne A. 13 and Mervin C. 10.  Next household is Noah Gilstrap.

In 1940 Armel, Ora E. "Shoemaker" is divorced, 60, and Mervin 20 and Margaret 19 Kansas are living with him.  Margaret was in Saint Francis Kansas in 1935.


Velma F. "Schumacher" Steacy born at Wray Sept 10, 1897, died December 9, 1978 at Port Lavaca, Texas, widowed, informant  Ray LeGalley.

She's buried in Cuero, Texas # 125589086


Della Edith married C.W. Lundell, and died in Austin Texas in 1947  #  26216279.


An Ancestry photo of about 1950 at Cuero Texas has "L-R: Clyde Legalley, Frank Powers, Velma Steacy, Carroll Harvey, Mike Harvey, Ronnie Harvey, Maxie Schooley, Sherilyn Schooley, Laure Harvey, Fern Harvey, Barbara Schooley, Bill Dannels, Patsy Harvey"



Elsie May (Shoemaker) Powers 1891-1964 is buried in Palacios, Texas # 47096110 "Daughter of Christian Jay Shumaker and Mary Isabel Hensley. Elsie May and two sisters changed name from Shumaker to Shoemaker after moving to Texas."


Vernie L. Shumaker 1883-1901 is buried in Armel # 81884293.



Mervin C. Shumaker was enrolled in the CCC list for Yuma County.

He might be the Marvin C. Shumaker - October 13, 1919 - July 12, 1976 buried in Fort Logan.


In 1930 Denver, Nola I. Shumaker 15 is a patient at the Cottage Home Hospital.  She married Robert A. Bretthauer , had Ralph Edward Bertthauer 1937-2012, and they're in Cheyenne County, Kansas in 1940, with Ralph.   Carolyn Joyce Bretthauer, 1935-1936 is buried in Saint Francis, Kanss # 125408361.  Nola  apparently married  Joseph R. Moeller 1918-1985.  Nola  1914-1979 is buried in Enumclaw, Washington # 106975294.

Robert Clinton Bertthauer 1904-1970 is buried in Saint Francis Kansas, per # 125408513.


Alberta Shumaker married Harley Crites Dec 19, 1928, recorded in Yuma County, and they divorced in Yuma County in 1932..

In 1930 Boulder, Alberta C. Crites is 17, a kitchen helper at the City Community Hospital, married.

In 1940 King County, Washington, Cecile A. Wilson is 29, married to Earl W. Wilson, 30, with Barbara Lee 8 and Norma Jean 6.

Alberta C. Cadwalader, born Aug 16, 1911 in Colorado, died Jan 19, 1986 in Tehama County, California, father Shumaker, mother Burnham.

Harley Raymond Crites youngest of 10 children, was born to Harrison W. and Amelia A. Crites, on July 24, 1907 near Hale, Colorado. Harley departed this life on June 4, 1986, at Presbyterian Hospital in Denver, Colorado. He was married to Mabel Owens on October 17, 1931 at Atwood, Kansas. To this union one daughter was born, Wilma Jean Bailey. He was received into God's family December 11, 1955, by the washing of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. This was also the day of his confirmation of his faith in Christ at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Wild Horse, Colorado. Harley farmed and ranched all of his life. He began in Yuma County, Colorado, except two years when he moved to Washington. He came back to Colorado in 1940 and farmed in Yuma County three miles north of Hale until the fall of 1947. He bought a place northwest of Wild Horse and lived there until December 1973 when he sold his farm and moved into Kit Carson. He was a loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather, and he was a friend and neighbor of everyone. Harley is survived by his wife Mabel of Kit Carson, their daughter Wilma (Alfred) Bailey of Hugo, Colorado, seven grandchildren, Irene (Bill) Wood, Bonnie (Park G.) Wood, Connie (Monty) Mattson, Cathy Pfost, Karen (Lloyd) Beck, Betty Jo Bailey and Raymond Bailey; ten great grandchildren, Allen, Theresa, Steven, Chad, Tonya, Tera, Derik, Charlene, Jena and Daren; two sisters-in-law, Leah Crites of Burlington and Clara Crites of Wray; several nieces and nephews, other relatives and a host of friends. He was preceded in death by his parents, 7 brothers and 2 sisters and 1 grandson, Lonnie Bailey. Harley will be laid to rest in evergreen Cemetery at Hugo, Colorado. 


In 1910 Hale precinct, Yuma County, Leon J. Wilson, 31, born in Minnesota, is a blacksmith.  with Myrtle M. 22 Nebraska, Kenneth 2 and Harold M. three months.  On the same page is Benno B. Britthauer, 47, Georgia A. 37,Charlie A. 17, Ida M. 15, Ferline M. 10, Robert C. 5, and Ralph 6.  Robert is probably the first husband of Nola.......

Myrtle May Wilson was fifty years old in 1938 when she applied for admission to the Washington Veterans Home at Retsil. She was the wife of Spanish American War veteran Leon J. Wilson and the couple entered the Home in September 1938.

She was born January 14, 1888 in Fairbury, Nebraska to Harrison Wesley Crites and Amelia Ann Shineflew Crites. She had married Mr. Wilson Feb. 19, 1905 in Hale, Colorado. The couple resided in Enumclaw, Washington from 1935 to 1936; they moved to Snohomish for two years, and then moved to Retsil in 1938. Her husband died at Retsil in 1951. She was discharged from the home on July 2, 1961. She returned to Hale, Colorado on extended furlough and reapplied to come back to Retsil in 1963. She spent 24 years of her life at Retsil.

Her three children were Kenneth L. Wilson of Snohomish, Willard J. Wilson of Seattle, and Louis E. Wilson of Chehalis.


In 1940 Pueblo Colorado, Wayne A. Shumaker is a bartender,  23, born in Colorado - in Yuma County in 1935, with Rose 26 born in North Dakota (in Salina Kansas in 1935). They have Larry, 1 born in Colorado.

In 1945 Tacoma, Washington Wayne A. (Rose) is a "mtctr SSInc" - maybe a meat cutter ?

Wayne Argile Shumaker was married to Margaret Jean (Larson)  in 1970 when their daughter Peggy Lee married Jerry Paul Scott.

He married and had two children Larry and Shirley.  He then met Margaret when she was working in a diner and she began to babysit his children and soon they had Patricia and were married.  Wayne was 12 years older than Margaret. 

I, his grand-daughter Rhonda, daughter of Peggy, remember his job in Tacoma was that he had an office window in a building on 48th street.

I was 16 years old with my drivers license driving down 48th Street when I discovered grandpa's office window was the bar stool in the window of the 48th Street Pub! 

Wayne A. Shumaker, born about 1917, died June 10, 1991 in Tacoma, Washington.

Ora E. 1880-1946 is buried in Armel 81884272.


In 1880 Putnam County, Isaac Gilstrap is 60, Jane 55, Thomas 19, stepdaughter Emily Guffey 20, and Emily Vestil 5 granddaughter.

On the same page is John Shoemaker, 29, his wife Prova J. 19, and Syra 2.  Next is John Shoemaker 62, Barbara 54, Frederick 22, and Annie 14.


Sarah Elizabeth Gilstrap, born 1853, married John C. Shumaker, born in 1850, in Putnam County in 1872.

In 1885 Frontier/Franklin County Nebraska, living with ranchers W. Lempey 24 and C. Lempey 23, J.C. Shumaker is 34, S.E. 31, Wm. 11, Effie 9, and Pearl 6.

 In 1900 John, a merchant,  and Sarah are in Red Willow County, Nebraska, with Pearl E. son 1878, Alice E. 1886, and Marjorie H. 1894, all three born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Red Willow County, John C. is a merchandise salesman, 59, Sarah E. 56, with Marjorie H. 15.

In 1920 Okanogan County, Washington, John, 69 says he's a farmer, and Sarah E. operates a hotel.  They have seven boarders.

John is widowed in 1930 Pierce County, Washington, living with daughter Margery H. Thomas and her husband Robert H. Thomas and their five kids.

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