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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Walter and Maggie (Palmer) Cross, sons George and Irene (Rice) Cross, Clarence, Fred, , Joes

In 1860 Monroe County, Iowa, Danford Cross is 49, Lucinda 39, Leroy 30, Alfred 18, Paulina 16, Malan 14, Orlando 8, Franklin 6, Granville 4, and Walter 1.

In 1880 Mitchell County, Kansas, Mahlon is 35, married to M. Anna 38 with four kids, and brother Walter 20 is with them.

In 1895 Decatur County, Kansas, Walter Cross is 40, Maggie 29, Fred 12, George 9, Clarence 5, Edward 3, and Roy 1.

In 1900 Furnas County, Nebraska, Walter August 1859 Iowa, married 12 years to Margaret March 1866 Iowa, have Fred Sept 1883, kKansas, George W. June 1886 Nebraska, Clarence Dec 1890 Nebraska, Edward W. Jan 1892 Colorado, Roy H. Jan 1894 Kansas, Lillie M. April 1896 Kansas, and Ezra H April 1898 Kansas.

In 1910 Cheyenne County, Kansas, Walter is 50, Margaret 44, Clarence 20, Roy 16, Lellie 14, Ezra 12, and Cora 9.

December 23, 1915 Joes items "The Cross boys have been hunting coyotes in this neighborhood recently. They have succeeded in running down a few with their pack of hounds."

Cora Cross, age 17, married Clayton Hobbs, age 19 at Wray on November 21, 1917. John Charles May, missionary, of Independence Missouri, performed the ceremony.

In 1885 Furnas County, Nebraska, Joseph Palmer is 45, Rebecca 45, Margaret 18, Martha 13, Edward 12, William 9, Ada 8, Marion 7, Aron 4, and Nina J. 2.
Joseph Palmer 1839-1894 has an unknown burial, per # 32284856. Rebecca 1839-1910 is buried in Furnas County # 6999643.

Walter Cross proved up two quarters in 17, 4S 48W in 1915.
April 10, 1930
January 22, 1931
March 12, 1931


In 1910 Cheyenne County, Kansas, Fred Cross 26 and Maggie 29 have Fred 12, George 9, Clarence 5, Edward 3, and Roy 1. and brother George 21 are farming.
Their grandmother Rebecca Palmer 70 Indiana and cousin Charles Cecil 11 Nebraska are with them.

George proved up two quarters in 22, 4S 48W in 1914 - about a mile from the Arickaree, and next to James G. Black.

George Wesley Cross registered for WWI with an address of Cope, farming, wife and two children, born June 20, 1886 at Wilsonville, Nebraska.

Thanksgiving 1923
1927 "Mr. Rice, of Garfield, Kansas, has been visiting his sister Irene Cross and Nora Follen. Mr. Rice was also looking for a new location. He ahs rented the C.C. Snyder farm and will move his family next week. This will add to our number in high school, as Mr. Rice has two children in high school."
1927 "The family of Jesse Rice have arrived from Garfield, Kansas, and the youngsters will be enrolled in school at this place."
1928 "Sam Palmer was moved here (Joes) from Yuma recently. He is now at the home of his son Lyle. Mrs. Irene Cross, who had been helping are for him in Yuma, is also here. Mr. Palmer is still unable to get about alone."

May 10, 1928 "Mrs. Sarah Palmer and daughter Ida Ingram?? of Wilsonville, Nebraska, are visiting at the George Cross home."

Irene M. Cross and George W. Cross divorced in Yuma County in 1929.
Irene Cross married S. M. Palmer May 28, 1929, recorded in Yuma County.
March 26, 1931 "Mrs. Mary Henry left Saturday morning on the 12 o'clock train, for Wilsonville, Nebraska, for a short visit with her daughter and husband, Mr.a nd Mrs. Ivan Palmer."
June 1931 "George Cross visited a dentist in Yuma Saturday. His children, Twyila and Wayne, accompanied him to town and were dinner guests at the home of their aunt, Mrs. Nora Follon."

October 12, 1933 "Mrs. Ivan Palmer and two small children of Wilsonville, Nebraska has been spending some time with her mother, Mrs. Mary Henry."
January 21, 1937 "Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Palmer and three children of Wilsonville, Nebraska, are here visiting with her mother, Mrs. Mary Henry. Mrs. Palmer was formerly Miss Nellie Henry and attended the Joes high school.""

Twyla Marietta Cross married Ray Lionel W. Pluckect April 24, 1937, recorded in Adams County, COlorado.

In 1940 Yuma County, Roy L. D. Plucheck is 22, Twyla 19, with Wayne L. 2 and Ramona eleven months.
1951 "Mrs. Twyla Plucheck of Denver, was gravely ill. Her sister Della Stallsworth.

1957 "The Plucheck and Montgomery families of Denver visited on the week end at the Wayne Cross home."
January 20, 1966 "Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Twyla Plucheck of Denver. She was a sister of Wayne Cross, a former resident of this community."
October 30, 1980 "Roy Plucheck passed away in Denver. His parents lived south of Cope for years."
William R. Plucheck 1917-1980 20029544 and Twyla M. Plucheck 1920-1966 # 20029512 are buried in Denver.

March 27, 1958.

George is buried in Cope 1886-1958 # 159025960.

In 1900 Franklin County, Kansas, George Rice born Aug 1857 in Kansas, married 18 years to Lizzie Dec 1856 Ohio, have Lemuel Dec 1883, Nora May 1886, Dora May 1886, Bessie Nov 1889, Jessie Nov 1889, and Maggie June 1897.
George Lewis Rice 1857-1915 is buried in Douglas County, Kansas, # 63901550, with Lizzie 1856-1922 # 63902853.

Harrison Fallon is buried in Yuma # 49689635.
March 23, 1922
December 30, 1943

December 29, 1949
1954 Joes "Irene Palmer of Denver is spending a few days visiting her son Wayne."

March 13, 1958, high winds blew down two huge cottonwood trees at the home of Mrs. Irene Palmer in north Wray. Two chimneys were knocked down, and her heating plant was out of service for a few days.
In 1940 Wayne is married to Marjorie M. 19 born in Colorado, and they're living with George, 53.

Marjorie M. Plucheck was in Laird in 1930, with parents Edward A. 49 and Goldie 34, with Edna 16, Arthur 14, William 13, Iva 10, Marjorie 8, Dorothy A. 5, and Stanley six months.

Clarence Cross proved up two quarters in 19 and 20, 4S 48W in 1916, and another 40 acres in 20 by Stock in 1923.
Clarence Alford Cross "Married to Mary Grace Gearhart on November 26, 1912 at Imperial, Nebraska. two children blessed their union, Clifford (Della Luella) Wince and Harlan Lee Cross, both of Joes. They made their home northwest of Joes where Clarence was engaged in farming.
Clarence 1899-1934 is buried in Yuma # 48944861, with Mary Grace (Gearhart) Cross 1895-1943.

March 22, 1934

September 10, 1936
Mrs. D.S. Wince of Nebraska came to be with her son during his bereavement.
March 26, 1942
March 4, 1937 George Gearhart died at Yuma. He was a brother of Mrs. Grace Cross, and had lived at Cope where he had many frients.

March 2, 1944.

September 10, 1942 "Mrs. Grace Cross spent a few days last week at the Scott Wince home, but was called to Yuma by the death of her sister, Mrs. Beverly."
December 23, 1943
Next to Walter, Fred proved up two quarters in 17 in 1915.

July 15, 1915 " Cora Cahill is working at Walter Nikkel's."

Roy Danford Cross registered for WWI with an address of Cope, born January 27, 1894 at Norcatur, Kansas, single, farming.

June 21, 1917 "County Clerk John Adcock issued a marriage license to Roy Cross and Miss Cora Cahill, both of Cope. They were married by Judge Barker."

Cora Lea Watson was born August 14, 1892 at Lyle, Decatur County Kansas to Marion F. Watson and Ida J. Carbel??.
(Roy Earl Watson registered for WWI in Hughes, Yuma County, born January 22, 1895 at Norcatur Kansas, single, farming.)
In 1900 Ness County, Kansas, Marion Born January 1855 in Indiana, married 19 years to Ida, Dec 1861 Ohio, have Nora E. April 1888 Kansas, Cora August 1892 Kansas, and Roy E. January 1895 Kansas.

Cora (Cahill) Cross proved up two quarters in 4, 4S 48W in 1919.

In 1920 Washington County, Colorado, Roy is 26, Cora 27, and Iva Elnor 7 a foster child, all born in Kansas.

Cora L. Cross divorced Roy D. Cross in Denver in 1925.
Cora Cross married Elmer E. Anderson May 27, 1925, recorded in Denver.
Ida Watson was the administratrix in 1919 of the estate of Marion Francis Watson, deceased.
Ida was the daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Palmer in 1880 Smith County, Kansas. They are 41, Ida J. 18, Magaret E. 14, Chas M.C. 9, Martha 7, Edmond 6, William A. 5, Adah M. 4, and Samuel M. 2.

October 10, 1929 "Mrs. Ida Watson and son Roy, accompanied by Mrs. Elmer Anderson and daughter, Eleanor, with their two children drove down from Denver Wednesday for a visit here with the Frank Gay family and other relatives."
"Miss Gay and her sister, Mrs. Anderson and their mother, Mrs. Ida Watson, called at the Will Elzey home."
"Mrs. Frank Gay (Nora Watson, born 1888), Mrs. Elmer Anderson and son, and Mrs. Lyle Palmer were Sunday dinner guests at the Walter Cross home."

In 1930 Denver, Elmer Anderson is a mechanical engineer, 30 born in Nebraska, Cora L. 36 , with Donald 4 Colorado. Next household is Ida Watson 68 Ohio, and her son Roy 34 Kansas.

In 1940 Denver Elmer is a construction foreman, and they have just Donald.
1982 "Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Anderson of Longmont were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Marshall. Sunday they all attended the birthday dinner for Della BUckles at Cope Recreation Hall."
Donald E. Anderson 1926-2002 is buried in Fort Logan # 103514741..

June 1929 "Roy Cross and his mother went to Yuma Sunday afternoon to meet Miss Rosa Halsey, who came down from Denver, and expects to visit a few weeks here."

Roy D. Cross married Rosie Bullock August 10, 1929, recorded in Yuma County.

June 1938 "Mrs. Bill Lloyd, who formerly resided northwest of Joes in the sandhills, came down from Denver last week to make her home with her half-sister, Mrs. Roy Cross. She has been living in Denver now for some time and having lost her husband last winter, she is now rather unsettled and undecided as to her future plans."

December 1939 "The Roy Cross family left early Friday for Carrier Oklahoma to visit Mrs. Cross' mother and other relatives in that state."

1950 "The Harlan Cross family returned last week from a trip to Oregon. The Roy Cross family at Aloah and the John Cooks at oos Bay. Harlan reports that the Roy Cross farmily are busy. LaVerne is in service, don a senior in highgh school and Betty a sophomore. Judge Bullock (known here as Junor Cross) has a good job in a lumber mill whee he has been for over two years. He was recently married.. The Cross family mvoed to Oregon a few years ago."

In 1958 Roy, his wife, and son LaVerne of Portland Oregon came to George Cross' funeral.

In 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cross their son Junior and wife of Hillsboro Oregon visited.

In 1966 James Beverly and family visited the Roy Cross family at Reedsport, Oregon.

In 1968 Roy Cross of Aloha Oregon was visiting in Joes while his wife Rose was at a brother's hom in Houston, Texas.

Roy died November 26, 1971, and is buried in Hillsboro, Oregon # 42664459

Mr. Cross was born in Lyle, Kansas on January 27, 1894. He moved with his parents to Colorado when he was 16 years old. He lived and farmed at Joes, Colorado until 1948 when he moved to Oregon. The family first came to Forest Grove and later they moved to Aloha where they have resided since. Mr. Cross was employed by General Foods at Birds Eye for ten years and retired in 1959.

Mr. Cross married Rose Bullock in Wray, Colorado on August 10, 1929 and she survives as do his children, Judge Bulock of Portland, Lorin L. Cross of Aloha, Donald R. Cross of Clackamas, and Mrs. Arlie (Betty) Curtiss of Aloha; one brother Ed Cross of Akron, Colorado and one sister Mrs. Lilly Johnson of Delta, Colorado. Fourteen grandchildren and one great-granddaughter also survive.

Rose May (Holsey) (Bullock) Crosss 1901-1995 is buried with him # 42664407.
Rose May Cross died Nov. 12 at age 94.

Mrs. Cross was born Aug. 30, 1901, in Shawnee, Okla. Her maiden name was Holsey.

The family moved to Colorado, and she worked as a restaurant cook and as head school cook in Cope, Colo.

In 1929 she married Roy; he died in 1971.

She moved to the Hillsboro and Aloha area in 1947 and worked for the Birds Eye Cannery from 1948 to 1962.

Surviving are her sons, Judge D. Bullock of Portland and Donald R. Cross of Eugene; daughter, Betty J. Curtiss of Beaverton; 14 grandchildren; and 28 great-grandchildren.


Eddie W. Cross proved up two quarters in 8 and 9, 4S 48W in 1916.
Eddie Willis Cross registered with an address of Cope, born Decmber 13, 1892 at Brookfield, Colorado. (PO 1887-1902, Las Animas Co. Site now in Baca Co. )

In 1920 Yuma County, Eddie is 28, Maggie 23 born in Oklahoma. Kenneth E. 3 and Harold W. 1 were born in Colorado.

1927 Hughes items "Leonard Wasson has been visiting his sister Mrs. Eddie Cross recently."

In 1930, they're in Washington County, Colorado, with Kenneth 13, Harold 11, Raymond 9, Melvin 7, and newborn Evelyn.

In 1940 Washington County, they still have the five kids.
Margaret Adaline (Wasson) Cross 1896-1981 is buried in Cope # 159026203, with Edward Willis Cross 1892-1974 # 15925933.

Kenneth was born Ootober 29, 1916 at Joes, Colorado to Edward W. Cross and Mrgaret A. Wasson, dying January 31, 1998.

Harold was born October 20, 1918 and died December 1985.
He might be the one buried in Adel Iowa # 959336, "U.S. Army WWII"

Raymond 1920-2000 is buried in Fort Logan # 98882050, with Verneal M. (Dunham) Cross 1930-2012.

Melvin D. Cross is buried in Cope, Colorado # 7786755.

"Ralph Ray Cross was born in Akron, Colorado, on May 22, 1951, the son of Harold and Jennie Ridpath Cross. He died on November 18, 1981, in a traffic accident.
Ralph grew up in Akron. He attended Akron Grade School and High School.
As a young boy, Ralph attended the services of the First Baptist Church, Akron.
Ralph admired and enjoyed horses, and was employed as a horse trainer at the time of his death.
On July 1, 1977, Ralph and Susan McCollough were united in marriage
Those left to mourn his absence are his parents, Harold and Jennie Cross, his wife, Susan, his children, Jennifer Kay Cross and Wendy Lee Cross, both of Yuma, Colo., his brothers, Stanley Cross of Canon City, Colo., John Cross of Copeland, Kansas, and Roland Cross, of Otis, Colorado. His sisters, Jeanetta Holiday, Ruth Everest and Virginia Madden, all of Riverton, Wyoming, his step-daughters, Maxine Bothwell, of Ft. Morgan, and Kathy Stewart and Deanna Stewart of Akron, and his step-son, Loyal Jackson of Denver.
Also surviving are aunts, uncles, other relatives and many friends.
Funeral services were held on Saturday, Nov. 21, 1981, at 2:30 p.m. from the Yeamans and Gordon Memorial Chapel, with Pastor Tim Dobson officiating, assisted by Robert Travis, officiating. Mrs. Kathy Williams was organist, and she accompanied Pastor Dobson, as he sang, "The Old Rugged Cross", and "Face to Face" Serving as casket bearers were: Richard McFarlin, Dennis Stewart, Charles Everest, W Willard Davisson, Johnnie Krien and Vern Burkhardt. Burial was in the Akron Cemetery."


In 1920 Yuma County, Lily is 24, married to Charles Johnson 28, born in Colorado.
They're farming in Pagosa Springs, Colorado in 1930, with Rosalie, 7.

They're in Dolores County, Colorado in 1940 (in Christian County Missouri in 1935_ with Rosalie 17 and Clarence 7.

Lillie Mae Johnson 1896-1983 is buried in Delta, Colorado # 14242931, with Charles William Johnson 1894-1961.
May 12, 1983 Joes items "Harlan Cross received word of the death of his aunt, Lillie Cross , of Delta."

Rosalie 1923-2008 is buried in Delta # 28018060 "Rosalie Johnson was born in a log cabin at the foot of Wolf Creek Pass. "


Ezra registered for WWI in Joes, born April 14, 1898, working for Walter.

Ezra H. Cross 1898-1952 is buried in Delta Colorado # 16647656.

Samuel Marion Palmer 1878-1952 is buried in Cope # 159064558.
He registered for WWI with a DeNova address in Washington County, Colorado, born March 3, 1878 married to Cora Bell Palmer.

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