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James B. and Ellen (Roberts) Beckwith, father George W. Beckwith

History of Fremont County Iowa 1881 - Ross Township.
BECKWITH, G. W., blacksmith, P. O. Tabor; born in Muskingum county, Ohio, October 7, 1823. In 1839 he went to Cincinnati to learn the trade he now follows. After many removals and many times changing his business, he enlisted in 1850 in the filibustering expedition to Cuba. In 1856 came to Iowa, locating in Dallas county, at Adel. After another series of removals, he came to Tabor in 187-. He was married September 10, 1850, to Miss Mary Hill, a native of Ohio, who died March 16, 1862, leaving four children: Benjamin, Luella, James B. and Lenora. In 1864, February 6, he was again married to Miss Elizabeth Shepherd, by whom he has three children: Georgiana, Cora A. and Horace G.
George Beckwith married Mary Hill September 10, 1850 in Fremont County, Iowa.

In 1857 Pacific City, Mills County, Iowa, among those agreeing to accept checks of L. Nuckolls & Company was George W. Beckwith, carpenter.

In 1860 Mills County, Iowa, G.W. Beckworth is 38, Menerva 25, with Benjamin 8, Luella 6, and Jas. B. 3.

One tree said mary died March 16, 1862 in Fremont County, and George married Elizabeth Shepherd in Fremont County Feb 6, 1864.

In 1870 Fremont County, George "Beckwenth" is a blacksmith 46, Elizabeth 32, Benj. 17, Ohio, Luella 16 Ohio, James 13 Iowa, Lenora 9, Iowa, George 5 Iowa, and Cora 1, Iowa.

Luella Beckwith married C.M. Blue in Fremont County March 5, 1873.

In 1880 Fremont County, Iowa, George Beckworth is a blacksmith, 56, with Elizabeth 32 born in Virginia - one tree said she was a Shepherd. Georgiana is 15, Benjamin 27 (crossed out - he has his own family on the same page), James 22, Lenora 19, Coara A. 11, and Horace 7 or 9.
The 1900 census says George and Elizabeth had been married 36 years, so Minerva probably died in 1860-1864.

George W. Beckwith cash-claimed a tract in 31, 2N 44W in 1890 - the railroad cutting through one corner.
George proved up a quarter in 25, 2N 46W - twelve miles west - in 1894.
March 7, 1902


July 1904 "J. B. Beckwith visited his father in Fort Morgan last Sunday."
In 1810 Fort Morgan, George is 86, married 46 years to Elizabeth 61
George W. Beckwith 1823-1916 is buried in Fort Morgan # 38557497..
So is Elizabeth - October 5, 1848-September 24, 1942 # 38557429 - she was widowed in Fort Morgan living alone in 1920, 1930, and 1940.


Sebra Ella Roberts, age 21, married J.B. Beckwith in Mills County, Iowa December 31, 1881.
In 1885 Fremont County, Iowa, J.B. Beckwith is a mail carrier, 27, Sabra E. 24, with Gertie 2. Next household is William Rufus Roberts 39 and Sarah 34, with five kids from one to fouteen.

In Fremont County, patent # 339730 for Beckwith Benjamin F. and Beckwith James B. anti-freezing box for turbine shafts April 13, 1886.

1899 Wray

In 1900 Yuma County, James Beckwith is a livery man, born May 1857 in Ohio, married 19 years to Ellen Oct 1859 Illinois. Gerturde was born Dec 1882 in Iowa.
He's advertising in 1901 "Valley Stables" - and Mrs. J.B. Beckwith is advertising millinery goods.

May 1904 "J. B. Beckwith has received his new brick machine and installed it in his yards. He will soon be in operating order to turn out the best brick obtainable as rapidly as needed."

January 1905 "Mrs. J. B. Beckwith received word this week that the wife of her youngest brother, who resides in Iowa, had died."

December 1905 Wray

James B. Beckwith and Ellen Beckwith divorced in Yuma County in 1907.

July 9, 1908 "Mrs. J. B. Beckwith suffered a light stroke of paralysis last Saturday. While not so very serious she has not been able to continue her work of dressmaking since. It is hoped she will be at her usual health again in a short time.."

July 31, 1908 "Mrs. Ellen Beckwith left Thursday evening for Malvern, Iowa, where she expects to spend the next two months with her mother and many friends. This is the scene of old home associations and she anticipates a very pleasant visit. "

Word was received by Tabor friends of the death of Mrs. Ella Beckwith at her home in Malvern Wednesday morning. Her death was very sudden, caused by paralysis. (26 Mar 1909 - Tabor Beacon) "
FindaGrave 47659062 has her buried in the Malvern cemetery, mills County, Iowa.
FindaGrave # 137723124 has Sabra Elen Roberts That's what's on the tombstone.- October 30, 1860-March 24, 1909 buried in Malvern.
These certainly are the same person.

"The change from active life to death comes quickly to Mrs. Ella Roberts at her mother's home,"

November 1910 "J. B. Beckwith, who visited in Wray a few days this week, and returned to Yuma yesterday, expects to leave about the first of the month for White Plains, Nevada, where he will spend the winter with his daughter, and will also look after some mining claims that he owns out there,"

Yuma 1911

Benjamin F. Beckwith married Almira Scyoc in Fremont County, Iowa January 29, 1876.

July 1912 "B.F. Beckwith, of Sheridan, Wyoming, arrived in Yuma Tuesday for a shot visit with his brother. J.B> Beckwith."
Benjamin F. Beckwith 1852-1918 is buried in Sheridan # 68249290.

Horace Greeley Beckwith registered for WWI in Casper, Wyoming, born Sept 18, 1872, married to Daisy, a pipe fitter for Standard Oil.
Horace (born 1872 in Wray, Colorado?) died 1953 in Tonopah Nevada # 93325072. "Mr. Beckwith came to Tonopah about 30 years ago and followed mining. He had also lived in Wyoming where he also had mining interests. On September 2nd he suffered a stroke while driving his horses and wagon from Duckwater to Tonopah, he was placed in the Nye County Hospital where he died. He is survived by a niece, Bessie Baird of Fort Morgan, CO."
Bessie (Clark) Baird 1892-1969 is buried in Fort Morgan # 76406420.
In 1900 Fremont County, Iowa Herbert Clark is a postmaster, born April 1867, and Alice C. March 1869 have Bessie May 18932 and Roy Oct 1896.
(This is Cora Alice Beckwith) In 1925 the Tabor Iowa high school class of 1884 included "CLASS OF 1884 9 Alice Beckwith-Clark, Fort Morgan, Colorado. "

In 1920 Fort Morgan, Alice Clark is 44, Herbert 51, Bessie T. 27, and Roy G. 24, all born in Iowa.

Herbert 1867-1948 # 76392329 is buried in Fort Morgan, with Alice B. Clark 1869-1954 # 76392342.

This is Herbert Clark's sister - August 19, 1943 Malvern Iowa.
Mrs. Nellie Mary Evernham who died Wednesday, Aug. 11, was a native of Iowa, born at Springfield in Cedar county, January 1859, 84 years ago. She was the daughter of Dr. Prentice B. Clark and Abbie Bass Clark. She was two years old when the Civil war began and six years old when it closed. Her father was a veteran of the Civil war. She was born daring those stirring days that preceded the war, days that were intense with fearful apprehension. She was old enough to remember her father being in the service. In the fall of 1874 when she was 16 the family moved to Tabor, then a great religions and educational center, that the children might have the advantages of its college facilities. She at' tended the college and shared In the intense activities of the school, the church and the community. Her life was shared by two brothers, Herbert W. Clark ot Fort Morgan, Colo., Roy E, Clark, who was drowned in the Nishna river when a lad of 14, Mrs. Anna Wells and Miss Hattie Clark of Tabor. There was the closest fellowship between the members of this tarn- ily. The tour sistrs shared each others' joys and sorrows'for many years. On Christmas day, Dec. 26, 1884 she and Elmer C. Evernham were united In marriage. Four children wore born to them, Clarence of Los Angeles, Calif., Bernlce, now Mrs.. Will Dalton ot Olenwood, Walter ot Ogden, U., Abble, now Mrs. Claude E. Williams ot Olenwood. Mrs. Evernham spent her last days under the ministering care of her daughter Abble. The sorrow ot the two sons and the two daughters is shared by 14 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Three of her grandsons ...
Nellie is buried in Tabor, # 97793887.
Prentiss 1830-1892 is buried in Tabor # 92849323, with Abbie 1833-1917 #92849461.

July 1917
August 1917

James B. Beckwith is a bricklayer in Otis, Colorado in 1920, widowed, living alone.

James 1857-1925 is buried in Yuma # 48448286.
So is Cora 1869-1932 # 48448285.

February 1902 - Laird items "Sylvester Mohatt, of Cheyenne Wyoming is visiting friends.

May 1903 "Mrs. Gertie Mohatt left for her home at Cheyenne Wyoming last Monday night after a ten weeks visit to her parents in Wray. (J.B. Beckwith)"

July 1907 "J. B. Beckwith informs the Gazette that his daughter, Mrs. S. E. Mohatt, and husband, had moved from Washington to Ogden, Utah, and directs that their paper be forwarded to them at the latter place."

In 1920 Lovelock, Nevada, Sylvester is a railroad pumper, 45, with Gertrude R. 37, both born in Iowa, with Francis 14 born in Wyoming.

October 8, 1920 "Monday afternoon about three o’clock Mrs. S. E. Mohatt of Lovelock, Nevada, who was here visiting her father, was taken with an attack of heart failure which resulted in her death.
Mrs. Mohatt arrived Saturday, expecting to spend some time here in the hopes that a change of climate would be beneficial to her health. She was feeling unusually well Monday and she and her father had planned on driving over to Yuma to see an old friend of Mrs. Mohatt, who was going to accompany them home and spend a few days with them at Otis. After dinner she told her father that she felt well, but was sleepy. He told her there was no hurry about the trip and for her to go and lie down for awhile; this she did and got up after awhile and said she had a fine nap an was feeling good. She then went to an outhouse and her father after waiting a short time he becam uneasy and told Mrs. A. J. Loy that he wished she would go and look for her. Mrs. Loy went immediately and found her crumpled up on the floor. A doctor was summuoned, but upon examination pronounced live extinct.

She was born at Thurman, Fremont county, Iowa, December 19th, 1882. Of her immediate family, besides her father, she leaves to mourn her untimely death her husband, and one son, who were at their home at Lovelock, but who are expected on No. 14 today. ( Thursday )
No funeral arrangements will be made until after the arrival of husband and son.
It's a sad ending of an anticipated happy visit, but we must all pass on, so Providence decrees and it is only a matter of time until the Grim Destroyer visits our homes and takes away those whom we hold most dear. — Otis Independent."

Gertrude 1822-1920 # 102876827 and Sylvester Mohatt 1874-1936 are buried in Mount Olivet, Wheat Ridge.

March 25, 1891 Littleton, Colorado "H.B. Stigers and family moved Saturday to their new home in Denver. They recently sold their ranch to G. J. Mohatt, of Nevada. "
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