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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John W. Billings

John proved up 80 acres in 15, 1N 42W in 1897 - right on the Nebraska border.
He timber-claimed another quarter in 28, 2N 42W in 1896.

June 16, 1894, Omaha, Nebraska

He was delinquent on taxes in 1900.


In 1850 Medina County, Ohio, John Billings is 1, with Charles 35 a shoemaker, Jane 33, Findley 10, Charles 8, Geirge 5, Sophia 4. One the same page is Emery S. Billings 41 a tailor, with caroline 38 and their kids.
They're in Genesee County, Michigan in 1860, Charles 44, Jane 43, Finley 21, Charles 17, George 16, JUulia 14, and John 11.

Jane Billings was widowed in 1880 Kane County, Illinois, living with daughter Julia Barkham, married to R.W. Barkham 40 a miller.

John W. Billings, age 35, married Mary E. Bell, age 20, in Beatrice, Nebraska May 15, 1884.

In 1897 John W. Billings of Grinnell Iowa was issued a patent for a toy gun.

In 1900 Gage County, Nebraska, John W. Billings is an engineer, born August 1847 in Ohio, married 16 years to Mary E. May 1864 Illinois, have John A. May 1885, Julia M April 1888, Edith Oct 1890, Collins K. Aug 1892, Mary A. Jan 1894, Mable R. Oct 1896, and Clarence C. October 1899, all kids born iin Nebaska.
1907 "George M. Billings of Honduras, Central Ameica, is visiting in the city with his brother , J.W. Billings. Mr. Billings owns a large plantation there."

John Wilson Billings' patent for an egg tester was filed in 1909, with one-half interest assigned to Arthur John Billings.
Other assignees were George M. Billings and Arthur John Billings.

In 1910 John is an inventor, 61, second marriage, with Mary 45, her first. She's had nine kids, eight living.
Arthur is 24, Collins 17, Gertrude 15, Mabel 13, Clarence 10, and Beulah S. 7.

Possibly the John W. Billings who married Emma Hinckley in Cuyahoga County, Ohio Sept 14, 1869.
John, a peanut peddler, 25 and Emma 20 were in Saginaw County, Michigan in 1870.

June 28, 1912

John 1849-1916 # 90393841 and Mary E. (Bell) Billings 1862-1912 # 90393842 are buried in Beatrice, NGage County.

Lincoln Star, January 20, 1916 "J. W. Billings, a pioneer of Beatrice, died early Wednesday morning of pneumonia after a brief illness, aged 67 ears. He is survived bv a number of children, all grown. His wife died a year ago. "

Arthur John Billings married Olga Sklandany in Gage County in 1912.

Arthur 1885-1927 is buried in Beatrice # 90393839.

Samuel S. Billings married Mrs. Bonnie (Craig) Ross in 1914 in Gage County.

ANOTHER POSSIBLE - but almost certainly too young.

John W. Billings 1881-1962 buried in Trego County Kansas
1900 McCook "John Billings, who left, close of last week, for Cheyenne, to work at the machinist trade, was robbed in a Denver hotel of allhis money save 25 cents."

In 1901 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Anna M. Billings was ganted a divorce from John Billings, alimony and attorney's fees $ 565.

March 6, 1908
"Nathan Billings was somewhat of a scoundrel and can be found heavily mentioned in the histories of Norton Co., KS. Anna divorced Nathan and remarried in 1885 to John Notley in Cloud Co., KS, where her father, Carmi Jones, and sisters were living."

April 17, 1986


In 1850 Blackstone, Worcester County, Massachusetts, Samuel Billings is 60, Abigail 60, Julia A. 24, Milton B. 19, Elias M. 15, Mary E. 13, John W. 10.
(Milton R. Billings 1831-1910 is buried in Blackstone # 57070755, served in G. 18th Massachusetts Infantry)

In 1865 Blackstone, Massachusetts, Horace L. Mann is 39, a bootmaker, with Mary T. 37, Lucius H. 18 a bootmaker, Phebe L. 16, Walter Frank 12, Fremont A. 8, and Willi F. 2.
(Mary T. Britton is in Woonsocket, R.I. in 1900 born April 1830, mother of Lucius Mann born Feb 1849, widowed)
Fremont 1857-1925 is buried in Rhode Island # 61861099. So is Lucius 1843-1920 # 61861103. Mary Thompson Mann 1831-1913 is also buried there.

In 1860 John W. "Rillings" is 21, with Abigail 60, Julia A. 33, Elias M. 26,
John W. Billings, a carpenter, 29, married P.L. Mann, age 20, in Blackston, Massachusetts on June 21, 1868

In 1870 Blackstone, John is a carpenter, with Phoebe 21. With them is Abigail A. Billings, 70, born in Massachusetts, and Julia A. Billings, 44 born in Massachusetts.

In 1880 Blacksone, Worcester County, Massachusetts, John is farming, with Phebe. William Mann, 17, is a alaborer.
In 1900 Woonsocket, R.I., John W. Billings, born Sept 1839 , married 32 years to Phoebe July 1850 , both born in Connecticut.

John W. Billings, for service as a private in C, 4th Massachusetts H. Arty, had a pension granted to Phebe L. Billings in NNovember 1920.
His invalid pension commenced February 1907, to 232 Front Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island.
In 1910 Woonsocket, John W. Billings is a janitor in a public building, 70, Phebe 60 both born in Connecticut, married 41 years.

In 1920 John is a fireman in a dry goods store, 80, with Phoebe 70.

John Willard Billings 1839-1920 # 61738786, son of Samuel and Abigail (Adams) Billings. and Phebe L. (Mann) Billings 1849-1937 # 61738787 are buried in Rhode Island.


This might be the John M. Billings 17 in 1900 Red Willow County, with brother Earl I. 11. Their mother Anna E. is married now to John P. Notley .
He would be the son of Nathan H. billings age 32 in 1880 Trego County, Kansas, with Anne E. 29, Herbert 12, and Emma J. 7.
This one is too young to have claimed land.

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