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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Joseph E. Brazee

In 1860 Chenango County, New York, Asa Brazee is a farm laborer, 36 born in New York, Carolina 32 in England, with James 6, William 4, and Joseph 1.
Asa 1822-1890 is buried in Chenango County # 146750168, with Caroline 146750202

James E. 1854-1913 is buried in Chenango County # 115820445.

Joseph cash-claimed a quarter in 18, 1N 42W in 1890 - about three miles south of Laird.

"Application filed July 26,1892.
Be it known that I, JOSEPH E. BRAZEE, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Denver, in the county of Arapahoe and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Wire stringers and Stretchers; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to whichitappertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.
My invention relates to an improved wire stringer and stretcher for use in the construction of wire fencing and the object of thein vention is to provide a device of the class stated which shall be simple in construction, economical in cost, reliable, durable and etiicient in use. "

In 1894 Denver, Joseph E. Brazee is a painter, living at 1118 eth.

Joseph E. Brazee married Narcissa B. Smith July 1, 1896, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1900 Brownville, Nebraska, Joseph is a shop keeper born Jan 1859 in New York, married four years to Narcissa, a dressmaker born August 1866 Tennessee

In 1910 Fresno, California, Joseph is a salesman in a notions, store, second marriage to N.B., with Edith 19 and Ethel 17 both born in Colorado salesladies , - their mother in Illinois.
In 1920 Fresno, California, Joseph is a tool mian in a foundry 61, with Narcissa 55 born in Tennessee, with Edith M. 25 Colorado. An orphan Rose Vasico 1 born in Claifornia is with them.

In 1930 Santa Cruz, California, Joseph is 71, a poultry man, with Narcissa 66. William H. 73, divborced is living with them, no occupation.

Joseph, born January 5, 1859, died December 27, 1949.
Narcissa Belle Brazee, born August 16, 1864 in Tennessee, died May 5, 1943 in Santa Cruz county, mother Nance, father Smith.

Ethel M. Johnston 1892-1985 is buried in Fresno, per # 90149910.


William H. Brazee timber-claimed a quarter in 26, 1N 42W (in Nebraska), but only a few miles from Laird, in 1895.

William H. Brazee married Jennie L. Baskins April 1, 1900, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1900 Wray, William is a drug clerk, born July 1856 in New York, married two years to Jennie E. June 1868 Canada, have Minnie Baskins October 1893 Iowa.

Minnie had been born in Clay County Iowa October 5, 1893 to Miner E Baskins and Jennie C. Munis.
Miner Baskins was divorced in 1900 Bremer County, Iowa, 38, living with hs father Joseph and uncle Abner K. Baskins.

1902 Wray "Wm. Brazee has built a chicken house and yard in the rear of his commission house in order to handle the snpply of poultry this fall to a better advantage. Evidently Mr. Brazee is in the business to stay. "
1903 courthouse items "Col. Billy Brazee is janitor pro tem , pending the advent of Mr. Pierson. The big safe is down stairs and Ben McGinnis plays the dumb waiter act between the safe and the clerks office."

1906 "Will Brazee, who has been in Missouri for the past year, returned to Wray last week and has accepted his old position as clerk for E. B. Borland."

William is single in 1910 Wray, a merchant. George Churchill 22 from Iowa a laborer, is rooming with him.
Jennie is married to Arthur Mosteller in 1910 Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with Minnie Baskins 16.

In 1920 Cedar Rapids, Minnie A. is 26, married to William J. Mocha 34, with George W. 7 and William Jr. two months. Jennie E. 49 Widowed born in Candad is living with them.
Jennie is still with them in 1930 Cedar Rapids, 59, and her brother James Munro 79 Canada is also wtih them.l
Jennie Mostoller 1870-1930 is buried in Cedar Rapids # 69273180.
In 1940 Tulsa Oklahoma, William J. is 54, Mamie A. 46, with William 20, Helen 15, and Richard L. 14.
Minnie 1894-1946 # 69273148 and William J. Mocha 1885-1960 are buried in Cedar Rapids.

June 19, 1913 "Word was received in Wray this week of the death of the brother of William Brazee at his home in Walton, New York, the death having occurred a week ago today. The brother has been quite seriously ill, Mr. Brazee having been called to his bedside about two months ago. Mr. Brazee is expected to arrive home Saturday."

July 3, 1913 "Those from out of town who attended the funeral of James E. Brazee Sunday, were: Mr. and Mrs. James R. Eccleston, Joseph Halberg, Misses Grace Leach and Lenora Jacobs, all of Norwich, and Neale Packard of Brisben, Chenango county. William Brazee, who has been in Walton some time with his brother, James E. Brazee has returned to his home at Wray, Colorado. —Walton Reporter."

1914 " Little Miss Lucile Brazee left this morning for her home in Denver, after spending three weeks with her uncle, William Brazee."

May 1915 "George Brazee and son, of Brownville Nebraska, stopped in Wray between trains last Friday, and visited with W. H. Brazee of thid place. The former filed on a homestead near Eckley, where he expects to make his home."

July 1918 "W. H. Brazee has sold his interest in the Brazee & Lambert store, Mr. McIntyre, brother-in-law of Mr. Lambert, being the purchaser."
1919 " Billie Brazee has returned to Denver after having visited with friends and attended to business matters in Wray."

W.H. Brazee is in a photo of 1900 Main Street in Wray, per a note on the Coston photograph.

In 1920 Denver, William Henry Brazee, 63 is working in a grocery store, living with the store owners Charles and Mttie Mooore.

In 1930 he's in Santa Cruz with Joseph.
September 3, 1932 Santa Cruz "William H. Brazee, a native of New York, aged 76 years, died today at his home at 24 Alts. avenue. Surviving relatives include a brother. John L. Brazee of Colorado, who will arrive here late today. The body is at the Chase mortuary."

William H. Brazee, age 76, was buried September 16, 1932 in Denver Riverside.

In 1894 Denver, John L. Brazee is a mail carrier, living at 3349 Lawrence.

In 1900 Denver, John L. Brazee born March 1862, married ten years to Lulu B. Augu 1865 Iowa, have Hazel Nov 1890 COlorado. Lulu's sister Etta Rock March 1870 Iowa is with them.

February 1903 "J. O. Brazee of Denver came down Wednesday night to visit his brother Wm. Brazee of this place."

July 1913 "John Brazee the brother who was visiting William Brazee, left Friday afternoon for Columbus Junction, Iowa to join his wife and daughter, as we reported in our last issue. Mr. Brazee is a mail carrier in Denver."
In 1920 Denver, John is 57, Lulu 54, with Hazel 29.
1931 Burlington, Iowa "Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rock gave a dinner Tuesday with Mr. Rock's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Brazee, Denver, Colo., Frank Rock and Mrs. Lina Bliven in attendance. Mrs. Brazee was a former resident in that part of town for Denver 41 years ago; Ernest Rock have lived and Mrs. Bliven about 50-years. Mr. and Mrs. Brazee visited here three months ago while enroute by auto on an eastern trip."

November 7, 1933 Salt Lake City " Melvin Scott Rock, 78, died at his home, 1311 Ninth East street, Monday afternoon of infirmities incident to age, after a lonj illness. Mr. Rock was born in Johnstown, Pa., March 10. 1855, and had lived in this city for many years. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Hannah Rock; two daughters, Mrs. Florence R Carlson and Miss Ruth Rock, all of Salt Lake; two sisters. Mrs. Lulu Brazee of Denver, Colo., and Mrs. Etta Mumper of Davenport, Iowa; one brother, Frank Rock of Columbus Junction, Iowa, and one grand-daughter." He's buried in Salt Lake City # 142701031.

1935 Muscatine, Iowa "Frank Rock returned Tuesday from a six months' visit with his sister, Mrs. Lulu Brazee, at Den ver, Colo."

John L. Brazee's estate was in Denver probate in 1951.


March 1917 "Alfred Brazee arrived Monday with a car of personal property from Adel, Iowa. Mrs. Brazee is visiting at Des Moines, Iowa, for a week or two, until her husband gets settled in their new home on the farm of Mrs. Susan Kirk, northwest of Yuma."
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