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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

George E. Coryell

George cash-claimed 160 acres in 1N 42W and 2N 42W in 1885 - a little north of Laird.

In 1860 Schuyler County, New York, Nathan Coryell is a surveyer 45, Harriet 44, Clara M. 18, Charles 17, George 14, and Hariet Robinson 21.

In 1870 Dane County, Wisconsin, Charles Coryell is farming, 27, with Florance 28 and George 24, all born in New York. George has no occupation.

In 1880 Denver, George E. Coryell is a grocery clerk, 34, born in New York, single, living with William McClaine, 31 a civil engineer. With them is sister Clara Beebe 38, who keeps house. Dwight Beebe is 41, a hardware clerk, with Anna 8 and Bertie 4.
Dwight Beebe, 1st Lieutenant, 3rd NY Infantry is buried in Denver 1837-1880.

Anna C. Beebe had a guardianship case in Denver in 1885.

"Harriet Baldwin (Halstead)Coryell was born 1816 in NY a daughter of Elihu and Phebe (Woodworth) Halstead. She married Nathan Coryell on Oct. 17,1838 in Waterloo, Seneca, NY. They were the parents of four children:Catharine Elvira b. 1840,Clara Maria b. 1841,Charles Abel b. 1843 and George Elliot b. 1846.
Harriet and Nathan divorced Jan. 11,1876 in Dane Co.,Wisconsin."

Harriet is with daughter Elvira "Campton" in 1870 Schuyler County. Emma Evans 26 is a servant with them.
Elvira had been in California in 1860 with Andrew.
Harriet is widowed in 1880 Denver, 64, mother of Elvira Compton 39, divorced born in New York . (Elvira 1841-1916 died in Alameda County, California..(

George served in B, 141 New York Infantry, from 1836 to 1865, living in Denver at the time of his dicscharge from Leavenworth in 1907, a carpenter, married, nearest relative his brother C.A. Coryell of 1515 Curtis St. in Denver.
His pension record says it commenced June 1905 and he died October 19, 1909.

George's record at the military hospital said he was born at Havana, Schuyler County, New York,
George died October 19, 1909 at the Marion, Indiana military hospital, with his wife's address not known.
He's buried at the national cemetery in Marion, # 66509589, son of Nathan A. COryell and Harriet Baldwin (Halstead) Coryell.

His brother Charles Abel Coryell 1843-1917 is buried in Denver with his mother Harriet 1816-1890 and sister Clara. Clara married Dwight Beebe in 1867, then Charles F. Wilson in 1882.
Charles was a miner, living at 838 S. Water in Denver in 1897. At the same address was Scott Coryell, a clerk, and Wallace Coyell.

Among the letters requesting help from the Rockefeller family is : Finally, much of the correspondence came from women, often the wives of failed businessmen. Their letters are a marvelous window on marriages strained by economic trouble and men’s failures and on the diverse compensatory activities women took on to make ends meet. "My husband does not know I wrote this,"Mrs. George E. Coryell wrote from Colorado in 1889, in a typical letter. "As we have no secrets—I shall tell him, though he will censure me for he is so proud, but pride and poverty do not correspond."

Salida Mail - February 28, 1893

While the mystery of the parentage of "Little Arthur" is deep as ever, late developments point to the fact that he is not the child ot Mrs. George Coryell, whose attempt to gain possession of the child introduced such a chain of complications. Charles Coryell returned Thursday morning from Salida. As a result of his investigations be is more than ever convinced that little Arthur is not Mrs. Coryell’s child, and that the woman never even had a child. It is also begining to be evident that Mrs. Coryell is more or less insane upon certain subjects.

Following is a summary of Mr. Coryell’s researches into Mrs. George Coryell's claims; "D. H. Craig, of the Arm ot Craig & Israel, agents of the Craig & Jones block, consented to an interview in the Coryell I matter. The books ot that firm show that Mrs. George E. Coryell paid on September 1, 1892, $lO for the rent of rooms for the month ot September.

"Mrs. Mary M. Cope is proprietor of the Palmer house, with Charles E. Cope as manager. The books of the Palmer house show that Mrs. Coryell commenced work at the Palmer on August 8, 1892, and was dismissed on September 3, 1892. Mrs. Cope is strong in her belief that Lizzie Coryell is not of sound mind.

"S. H. Comstock is proprietor ot the Saddle Rock restaurant. His books show that Lizzie Coryell commenced work in that restaurant on September 8, 1892 and quit work September 24, 1892. Mr. Comstock also says Mrs. Coryell is crazy.

"Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stanley room at the Craig & Jones block, and have for a long time. Mrs. Stanley is well acquainted with Mrs. Coryell. She, too, thinks Mrs. Coryell daft. She never knew of her having had a child. Does not believe that she ever did have one. She never saw anything to indicate that she was to be a mother.
"Mrs. Stanley is the wife of one of Salida’s business men. Mrs. J. H. Burnham has roomed in the Craig-Jones block for two years. She knew Mrs. Coryell well, saw her every day and night during the month of September, 1892. She says she positively knows that Mrs. Coryell did not have a baby, but has heard her say many times that she wished she could get a baby somewhere; that if she could it would be the means of bringing her husband back.
"Mrs. Coryell has often said to Mrs. Burnham: 'I have written Charlie Coryell again and I will bring him to time. I have written to his sisters and have telegraphed them. I will make them come to my time.'
"Mrs. Burnham fully believes Mrs. Coryell insane.
"Dr. McGiff, whom Mrs. Coryell says delivered her of her child, died in this city February 4,1893. His late partner. Dr. Mattoon, chief surgeon ot the county and Denver & Rio Grande hospitals, knows nothing ot Dr. McGiff having delivered Mrs. Coryell of a child.
"The books of the late Dr. McGiff are now in the hands of Frank Stead, cashier of the Salida First National bank. Mr. Stead is at this time in Leadville. A request has been made of Mr. Stead that he make a careful examination of the books and inform The Times of the result of his search.
"Probably not less than fifty of Salida's citizens have been interviewed as to the sanity Of Mrs. Coryell, and not one person has vet been found who believes her of sound mind.
"Salida people have taken an unusual interest in this case, as the crime of abduction was alleged to have been committed in this county and against one of her citizens. "The dates taken from the books of reputable business men of this city ought for all time to put a stop to the belief that Charles A. Coryell stole the baby. It is purely the imagination of a diseased mind.

—Denver Times.
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