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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Joseph E. Emmons, brother Julius Kizer Emmons, sister Julia Elizabeth (Emmons) Babcock

Joseph cash-claimed a quarter in 9, 1N 42W in 1890 - about two miles east of Laird. The railroad passed through the northeast corner of his quarter.
Julius cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 2N 42W in 1891.

Juneau County Wisconsin " Richard WEBSTER, Erastus EMMONS and John SANDERSON settled near FINDLEY's mill in 1851. "

In 1860 Juneau County, A. G. Emmons, 22 is a laborer, Mary 44. Nelson is 20, Roswell 18, Joseph 12, Joanna 12, Amanda 9, Hanley 9, Julius 6, Julia 6, and John 2.

In 1870 Juneau County, Mary is 54, Joseph 22, Joie 22 a milliner, Hanley 19, "Kezia" 16, Lizzie 16, and "Sofford" 12.

Mary 1818-1880 is buried in Juneau County # 89315301 "Mary was the daughter of Ezra and Sally Sweet from New York. She married Erastus Emmons in 1831. They moved to Wisconsin in 1819, and moved to New Lisbon in 1851. When he died in 1858, she was left a widow with 12 children, eight sons and four daughters. "
E.N. Emmons was associated with the Washington Republican in 1873, and in 1874 bought it from John Guinn. In 1876 Mr. Emmons sold his interest to J.B. Besack.

JULIA and Edwin Leander Babcock

Edwin's aunt might be Mary J. (Babcock) Higby 1833-1890 bureid in Wabaunesee County, Kansas, # 22048589.

In 1860 Juneau County, Wisconsin, Edwin is 9, born in Wisconisn. John Babcock is 77 born in Massachusetts, Elizabeth 6 Connecticut. All three are living with John 29 and Alzina Whaley 33, both born in Pennsylvania, with their three kids.
On the same page is Jesse Winsor 33 New York and Olive 33 Connecticut.

In 1870 Juneau County, Edwin L. Babcock is 19, a farm hand, for Jesse and Mary Winsor - they wrote that he was born in Wisconsin.

br>Julia Emmons married Edwin Babcock.
In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, E. L. Babcock is 28, born in Rhode Island, running a restaurant, with Elizabeth 26 Wisconsin, son Frankie 4, and Alice Maud 1.

In 1885 Washington County, E.L Babcock is a baker, 32, Julia #. 28, Frank E. 9, and Alice M. 5.

Edwin L. Babcock cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 1N 42W in 1889. The map shows "Babevck."
This is a mile east of Laird and a mile west of Joseph's 1890 claim.

Edwin Babcock 1851-1894 is buried in Washington, Kansas # 36865300.

In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, Joseph Emmons is a day laborer, born March 1848 in Pennsylvania. He's an uncle of milliner Maude 21 and Alta M. Babcock 13. Maud was born in Wisconsin, Alta in Kansas.
Julia E. Babcock is in Gage County, Nebraska in 1900, widowed, born April 1854, a milliner. She's living with son Frank E., a cook, born April 1876 Wisconsin, married two years to Julia M. June 1877 Kansas. Alta M. born April 1887 is with them - so Alta was in two census pages for that year.

J.E. Babcock is 51 in 1905 Washington County, with Alta 18. Maud is 25, married to Chas Campbell 23.

Lizzie E. Babcock 1854-1915 is buried in Washington, Kansas, # 3686539.


"Julias" K. Emmons cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 2N 42W in 1891.

Per one tree, he married Caroline A. Lehrbas, daughter of Albert Lehrbas and Louise Laschoueski, and they had Laura L. Emmons.

Julis Kiser Emmons 1853-1897 is buried in Juneau County, Wisconsin, with no stone # 89315502.

"Augusta Caroline Lehrbas first married Julius Kizer Emmons in New Lisbon, Juneau, Wisconsin on May 9, 1880. Julius died in 1897 and is buried back in New Lisbon, Juneau, Wisconsin. She later married a Mr. Eldredge. She is buried in the Inglewood Cemetery in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California. She is buried in the Cedars Section, Plot B49. She was buried on June 10, 1952. There is no headstone. "
Julius' daughter Lizzie Amelia Emmons 1881-1899 is buried in the same New Lisbon cemetery # 89315662.

Laura Emmons, 19, married Fred L. Baldwin on Dec 2, 1907 in Whtiman County, Washington
In 1910 Whitman County, Washington, "Lena" Baldwin in 21, married to Alfred L. Baldwin 32, with William A. 1.

Laura L. Ayler 32, born in Wisconsin, is widowed in 1920 Los ANgeles. Her sons Alfred Baldwin and Noel J. were born in Washington.
Laura Emmons, 35, born in Denver to Julius and Augusta (Lehrbas), married Edward Mason on August 2, 1923 in Whitman County, Washington. It was his second marriage, her third.

In 1930 Los Angeles, Edward Mason 55 and Laua L. 42, have Noel Baldwin 16. Her mother Augusta Eldridge 70, iwdowed, born in Germany is with them.

Ed, 65, Laura 52, and Augusta 81 are in Los Angeles COunty in 1940.

Laura, born March 28, 1888 in Colorado, died April 14, 1948 in Los Angeles County.


In 1880 Juneau County, Mary is 63, Joseph E. 32 a cooper born in Pennsylvania, Johs S. 22 a labore, Charles W. grandson 12, Eugene E. 9 gandson, and Ralph G. grandson 5.

ERASTUS (not in Yuma County, but close to Joseph)
In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, Erastus Emmons 36 is a real estate agent, with Kate 30, Roswell 9, and Norva 4. Hanleyy C., borther is a printer 28 with them.

In 1895 Washington County, Kansas, E. W. Emmons is a real estate agent, 40, Sarah E. 35. They have Roswell 13, Norval O. 8, Stella 2, - Joseph E. no age or occupation , and Hanley C. 33 - a printer/painter are with them.
Erastus Narmal Emmons 1846-1919 is buried in Glendale, California # 144216557. <
In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, Joseph Emmons is a day laborer, born March 1848 in Pennsylvania. He's an uncle of milliner Maude 21 and Alta M. Babcock 13. Maud was born in Wisconsin, Alta in Kansas.

Joseph E. Emmons 1848-1910 is buried in Washington County Kansas # 39891661.
So is sister Amanda Groody 1851-1890 # 40097511.
So is brother John Safford Emmons 1858-1918 # 68360392.

There's an Emmons cemetery in Washington County, Kansas, with no Emmons burieals in it. four miles northeast of Washington. Back to Pioneer Photographs.

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