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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Lewis and Sophia Jacobson

John Jacobson 1832-1901 is buried in Haigler, Nebraska, and so is Ellen A. (Anderson) Jacobson.

March 17, 1911

1898 Laird items "Mrs. Jacobson, M. D., was in town on professional business this week."
In 1900 Laird precinct, Lewis is farming, born January 1867, married six years to Sophia April 1868, both born in Sweden. Elmer August 1894 and Emma L. January 1896 were born in Kansas. They have William Roach 23 born in Nebraska - William soon moved to Haigler Nebraska.
September 1900 Laird - apparently Ellen was doing medical treatment "Grandma Sample is very sick. Dr. Jacobson is treating her."

December 1900 "L. Jacobson and family ate Christmas dinner at Grandpa Jacobson's south of Haigler."

January 11, 1901 Laird "Mrs. L. Jacobson was waiting on Mr. Jacobson's father a few days."
January 12 "Mrs. Lewis Jacobson spent a few days the first of tbe week at Grandpa Jacobson's in Kansas."
1909 "Mrs. Sofa Jacobson of Laird, returned to her home in Denver Wednesday morning."

March 4, 1910 "Mrs. Jones Hulquist is spending a few days with Mrs. Dr. Jacobson near Haigler. Mrs. Jacobson and son Adolph will leave shortly for the Isle of Pines where they will make their home. The Jacobson's are among the oldest settlers in this part of the country and have many friends who regret to see them go."

March 1910 Haigler, Nebraska items "Jacobson and Adolph went to Laird Saturday and are visiting at the Lew Jacobson farm."

March 18, 1915 "Mr. and Mrs. Jacohson and Mr. and Mrs. Hultquist went to Haigler Friday, to attend the funeral of the little babe of Adolph Jacobson. The family have the sympathy of this community."

February 1917
In 1920 Wray, Lewis 53 and Sophia 51 have no occupations. Elmer 25 is a laborer, and Lily E. 23 is a teacher.

Lewis 1867-1928 is buried in Wray # 81537404.

In 1930 Wray, Sophia is widowed, 62, with E. Lily 31 a teacher.

In 1940 Wray, Sophia is widowed 72, and Emma L. 40 is a teacher, born in Kansas,
Sophia 1868-1951 is buried in Wray # 81537632.


1919 "Miss Harriette Short, teacher in the Lott district and Miss Lily Jacobson of South Independence joined schools Friday and spent the day in games and roasting 'weenies'."

Lily Jacobson was teaching in Yuma County in December 1927.

She's buried in Wary 1896-1974 # 81537458.


Elmer Albert Jacobson was born August 3, 1894 in Cheyenne County, Kansas, and registered for WWI working for Floyd Galbreath of Wray.

Elmer Jacobson and Mary Cruse married in Wray on June 10, 1923.

John Elmer Jacobson was born in Laird on September 17, 1927.

In 1930 Laird precinct, Elmer is farming, married six years to Mildred 23 born in Colorado. John L. is 2, and Mary C. seven months.

They're farming in Laird in 1940, Elmer 45, Mildred 38, John E. 12 and Mary E. 10.

Elmer is buried in Wray 1894-1977 # 81537365.
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