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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John and Mariah Porter Mealey

John was born October 1859 in Illinois, Mariah born 1863 in Illinois . 

Mealey, Minerva Ann born June 3, 1829 Maryland Married October 18, 1848 Delaware Co. Ohio, died August 29, 1897 Blandinsville, IL.


In 1880 Mariah L. Porter is with Paschal and Eunice P. McGee in Blandinsville, McDonough County, Illinois.  She's Paschal's step-daughter.  John was also in Blandinsville, working for Thomas Blackhurst as a farm hand.

 They married in 1883

John proved-up a cash claim in 1894 for a quarter about four miles southeast of Laird

In 1898 Eunice Porter (mother-in-law) was in Laird.  She, and Mrs. J.B. Porter of Haigler, were among the guests at a birthday party.

This is labeled as Eunice in Wray in 1914 -

1899 "Last week John Mealey purchased from Mrs. Eva E.C. Scott of Oregon City, Ore, the northeast quarter 2 1-43, known as the A.E. Cumpton quarter.  The deal was made through the Wray Real Estate Agency."  Albert CUMPSTON had claimed a quarter just northwest of Mealey's.

1898 Laird items "John Mealey and son visited the Porter ranch."

The 1900 census of Laird has John, Maria L., with Crystal B, December 1883 in Illinois, Charles B. October 1885 in Nebraska, Henry A.. December 1887 in Nebraska, Roscoe A. October 1889 in Nebraska, Lucy L. August 1892 in Colorado, Fredric G. November 1893 in Colorado, and Bryan J. February 1896 in Colorado

1900 "John Mealey left on Thursday of this week for Blandinsville, Ill, for a short visit.  Mrs. Mealey will return with him.  Miss Ann Jordan will keep house for the children until the parents return."

1902 "John Mealey is building a commodious house on his farm southeast of town.  L.R. Parker is the boss carpenter."

1909 "R.F. Roberts, south of Laird, purchased a farm of John Mealey this week.  Consideration: $4,000."

Also in 1909 "John Mealey purchased the F.M. Otick half-section of land west of town Wednesday.  Mr. Mealey has lived long enough in eastern Colorado to have faith in the future of the county."

January 1910 John Mealey had a residence in Wray for sale.

February 1910 "John Mealey and little son arrived Tuesday morning from Franklin, Nebraska, where they are now located."

The 1910 census has John and Maria in Franklin County, Nebraska, with Roscoe, Lucy, Bryan, and two-year-old Allen P., born in Colorado.

October 1913 "Mrs. Laney Myers, who had been visiting for the month with her sisters, Mrs. Julia DeHaven and Mrs. Eunice Porter left Tuesday morning for Denver where she goes to spend the winter with her daughter Mrs. William Dardis, and family who reside in that city and who are know to a good many of the older people of this community, having been residents her a number of years ago.  Mrs. Myers resides in Blandsville (sic) Illinois."

1937 directory  "Miller, J P, District Manager of the Security Benefit Association, Wray, arrived 1916, Born Missouri 1859, married Julia A DeHaven."

Julia DeHaven claimed land in 2N 42W - homestead in 1898 joining William H. Porter's 1898 homestead. and 2N 46W a "tree claim" west of Eckley.  -the quarters would be about twenty miles apart

November 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Houchins of west of Vernon, came in Saturday and remained over Sunday with the latter's mother, Mrs. Eunice Porter."  Another article had it spelled HOUCHING.   Land patents were issued to George R. Houtchens, Anna J. (Hill) Houtchens, and Eunice Houtchens in 5S 45W

In 1910 B. Mealey had filed a claim for land in 5S 45 W (near Beecher Island), with witnesses  including Anna Houtchesn, Eunice Wilbut (Anna's daughter)

September 1916 "Mrs. John Mealey of six miles southeast of Wray left yesterday morning for Denver where she goes to spend a short time with her brother, Will Porter, and family.  Mrs. Ralph Runyon, her daughter from Yuma, is taking care of household affairs while Mrs. Mealy (sic) is away"

June 1917 "Will Porter and children, accompanied b y his mother, Mrs. Eunice Porter, who has been with him ever since the death of his wife ten months ago, came down from Denver, arriving Friday.  Mrs. Porter and children will visit relatives and old friends here two or three weeks and then may go east on a visit with his brother, Ed Porter, and family before returning to Denver."

1919 "Mrs. Eunice Porter of Denver is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Miller, and at the home of the former's daughter, Mrs. John Mealey."

The 1920 census has John and Maria in Wray,  with Allen 15, and Lucel Doane, widowed, with daughters Lyle Doane 7 and Maxine Doane 3.

1930 a marriage license issued in Denver to John F. Mealey and Amelia M. Schmidt

The 1930 census of Denver has John and Maria, with Bryan D. and John A.  Eunice Porter, 90, widowed  mother-in-law, is living with them.

The 1932 Denver directory has John as a landscape gardener, living at 1291 Gaylord.  Bryan J and Pearl live at 1620 Grant, Henry J (Willard) has cattle, also at 1291 Gaylord.  John A. (Louise T is an assistant secretary at the Capitol Building) is a student, living at 2761 Zenobia.  Pearl (Willis) is a phone operator at the White Co, also living at 1620 Grant. Mae C is a seamstress, living at 4121 Winona.  Fairmount Cemetery said John Mealey was cremated 1940 - birth date of October 6, 1859. and Maria is there, 1864-1945

Denver Public Library : None of the obituaries gave a burial place, but we checked our cemetery records and Eunice Porter appears to be interred at Riverside Cemetery (although she was cremated and the record does not give a burial plot location).
  Rocky Mountain News August 2, 1938





1900 Crystal Mealey was among those taking teachers' examinations in Wray.

1906 "Miss Crystal Mealey is assisting in the store of Wm. Pyle."

1909 "John Mealey, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Crystal, went to Idalia precinct this week where she goes to reside on her homestead."

November 1909 "Miss Crystal Mealey was on the sick list a few days this week.  She was not able to attend to her duties as clerk in the Webster and Mason store for several days."

1913  Wray "Ralph Runion (sic) has accepted a position with the Electric Light company of this place.  He with his family, is occupying the residence of Mrs. Runyon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mealey, during their absence in Montrose."

1913 "Mrs. John Mealey and son, Bryan, left Friday noon for Denver where they will remain a week or two in order that Bryan may undergo treatment for his eyes.  Bryan will then go on to Olathe and Marble, Colorado where he will spend the summer with his sister, Mrs. Ollie Doan.  Mrs. Mealey may accompany him but has not fully decided."

October 1912 "Mr. Ralph Runyon, of Yuma, brought the remains of their infant child down Monday for interment in Grand View cemetery.  Rev. D.A. Brown, assisted by the choir of the Christian church, held services at the cemetery.  We join with the friends of the bereaved ones in extending sympathy."

January 1913 "Warren Runyon returned to his home in Bird City, Kan., the fore part of the week.  He was here visiting with his son, Ralph Runyon and wife for a few days."

January 1914 ""Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Runyon enjoyed a visit from Mrs. R.B. Runyon of Benkelman from Saturday until Tuesday."

1915 "Mrs. Ralph Runyon returned to her home in Yuma Sunday after visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mealey, of southeast of Wray.  While here, Mrs. Runyon attended the Beecher Island encampment."

The Yuma 1920 census has Ralph E. Runnion, 45, born in Nebraska, as a hardware salesman in Yuja.  He and Crystal - 36, have Lois 17, born Nebraska, and Ralph E. Jr. thirteen months.

In 1910 Harlan County, Nebraska, Ralph Runion was widowed, with eight-year-old Lois.  In 1900 Johnson County Nebraska he's married to Clara B., 23, and they have Florence G. 3 and Dale W. 1.  Clare died in 1903, Florence in 1909.

He's probably the Eli R, age 4, in 1880 Johnson County, Nebraska.  Father Warren is 35, mother Melissa 37.  Brothers Harry 12, Elmer H 9, one-month-old Warren.

The Tecumseh Chieftain mentions a Ralph Runnion in its March 1891 issue.

In 1930 Yuma, with Ralph C. 11, and Crystal - Ralph is a real estate / insurance agent.

In 1940 Yuma Ralph and Crystal are alone, with no occupation


December 1901 "Henry, son of John Mealey living southeast of Wray was thrown from his horse last Saturday.  He fell on his shoulder and while he was not seriously hurt yet the result of the accident was very painful.  He was attended by Dr. E.J. Bales."

1907 "John Mealey went to Denver yesterday to visit his son, Henry, who is sick with the mumps.  Henry has been attending school there the past winter."

December 1909

Mary Curtis Alexander is in the South \Dakota birth records - June 20, 1886 in Beadle County, daughter of Gustavus Sawtell Alexander and Sarah Ann Wilsonl.

In 1900 they were in the Dalles, Oregon.

In 1910 Henry and Mae are living on a rented farm in the Eckley district.

July 1912

Henry Ashwel Mealey registered for WWI in Wray as a farmer, with a wife and three children.

In 1920 Denver Henry and Mae have Donna 5, Henry 4, and Gwendolyn 2.

In 1930 Henry A., 42 and Mae C. 43 are in Denver.  Henry is a cattleman.  Dale is 15, and Guen, daughter is 12.  Daughter Donna S. 16 and her new husband Earl Wilson 22 are living with them.

Henry A. Mealey married Willard I. Smith in Denver November 30, 1930.

Henry is still a livestock trader in 1940 Denver, but is married to Willard, 30 born in Arkansas.

In 1940 Denver Mae C. is 53, divorced.  Gwen is living with her, with her truck-driver husband Frank Courtney and daughter Patricia.  Mae C. Mealey is in the California Death Index, dying May 20, 1971 in Los Angeles.

Henry in in SSDI as born December 11, 1887, dying February 1877 - last address Arvada, Colorado.

Henry Dale Mealey married Lois L. Boyce in Denver June 21, 1938 - recorded it in Jefferson County.

In 1940 Henry Dale Mealey, 25,  works in the parts department at a trucking firm, and Lou is a cashier in a dress shop.  They live on Tennyson Street in Denver.

Henry D. Mealey - March 10, 1915 - February 8, 1994 - is in Fort Logan Cemetery.

John F. Mealey married Amelia M. Schmidt in Golden May 4, 1930


Harvey D. Mealey married Gwendolyn R. Pennington in Denver December 14, 1938

Bryon J. Mealey, 33, married Pearl A. Willis, age 21, in Denver November 16, 1931.

Christopeher F. Mealey married Ruth C. Batch July 12, 1917 in Denver.


Charles B. is a tenant farmer by Laird in 1910, 24, married to Grace D. 22, born Missouri.  She must be the Grace Darling Shell, marrying Charles Mealey in St. Joseph, Missouri February 4, 1909.



Charles Bernard Mealey registered for WWI as a farmer  in Olathe, Montrose County, Colorado, saying he was born October 29, 1885

The 1920 census (index has Mealen) has Charles as an agent for a stock company (probably livestock) in Olathe, with Grace, Audrey, J. Lowell, and Max B.

In 1930 they're still in the Montrose area, with Lowell J. 17 and Max B. 11.  (Mealy in the census index)

In 1940 all four (with Audrey Mealey 29, a sales lady) are in Montrose on a poultry farm.  Lowell works as a poultry man, and Max is a grocery clerk.

J Lowell Mealey,  Sr. married Dorothy Marilyn Barker (b: October 13, 1914) in 1939 in Phoenix, Arizona. They had one child J Lowell Mealey Jr. February 20, 1943 in Scottsdale, AZ. married Sheila Jane Bell (b: July 15, 1943) on July 22, 1961.

Grace - January 6, 1887 - May 2, 1950 and Charles October 29, 1885 - January 15, 1969 are buried in Cedar Cemetery, Montrose.



January 1912

"Allie" Doan was a foundry worker in Kansas City, Kansas in 1910, boarding with a family.

September 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. John Mealy (sic) and two sons, Bryan and Allen, returned Saturday evening from their summer's trip in several points of western Colorado.  While away, they visited their son, Charles, and family of Olathe and their daughter, Mrs. Ollie Doan, and family of Marble besides the number of former Wray families who moved into the Montrose country two years ago."

Ollie Doane registered for WWI in Salt Lake City, working as a marble worker for the Mt. Nebo Marble Company, with a wife and two children.  He said he was born September 18, 1889 in Marshall, Missouri

Ollie M. Doane - 9/18/1889 - 7/13/1918 - is in the Wray cemetery

November 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mealey are expecting to leave tomorrow or Saturday for a visit of several months with Mrs. Mealey's relatives in Portland and other points in Oregon.   On their way out, they will stop for a visit of a week or two with Mr. Mealey's sister, Mrs. Ollie Doan, and family in Salt Lake City."

In 1930 Lucille is married to R.H. Miller, a building & loan salesman in Phoenix.  Maxine, born in Utah is living with them.

Lucille and Russell Miller are in Phoenix in 1940, too.  But they said they were in Denver in 1935.

(Russell's parents George and Luna Miller had moved around - Kansas, Oklahoma, and were in Yuma in 1920.  George is a wholesale grain dealer, and Russell doesn't have an occupation.

Another 1915 article mentioned "little daughter Lois"


1917 "Mrs. Ralph Runyon and daughter Lois, of Yuma, came down Saturday and remained over until today visiting Mrs. Runyon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mealey of six miles southeast of town."

In 1921 a Ralph Runyon enlisted in the Colorado National Guard (Longmont Ledger)



June 1919

In 1940 Maria is living alone in a rented house in Jefferson County - right next to Denver.  She said she was living in Denver in 1935.

Bryan is also living in Jefferson County, married to Pearl Ann, 29, with year-old Richard John Mealey

Frederick Charles Mealey was buried in 1934 in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs.

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