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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Julius and Sarah (Finch) Mohatt

"Julias Mohot" married Sarah Finch in Harrison County, Iowa February 6, 1873.

In 1880 Pottawattamie County, Iowa, J. "Mohat" is farming 28, with Sarah 26, Syulvester 6, Geroge 2, and Eddie three months.

Julius proved up a quarter in 7, 1N 42W in 1894 - a mile south of Laird.
Julius 1851-1921 # 72024343, and Sarah Philomena Mohatt 1854-1913 are buried in Mount Olivet, Jefferson County, Colorado.
October 17, 1913

In 1900 Cheyenne, Wyoming, J. W., Born Jan 1851 in New York, a carpenter, married 27 years to Sarah March 1854 Ohio, have Sylvester April 1874, George Sept 1877, Edward Feb 1879, and Joseph Aug 1880 - these four in Iowa. Rose Aug 1885 and Samueal Dec 1890 were born in Nebraska.


February 1902 - Laird items "Sylvester Mohatt, of Cheyenne Wyoming is visiting friends.

May 1903 "Mrs. Gertie Mohatt left for her home at Cheyenne Wyoming last Monday night after a ten weeks visit to her parents in Wray. (J.B. Beckwith)"

July 1907 "J. B. Beckwith informs the Gazette that his daughter, Mrs. S. E. Mohatt, and husband, had moved from Washington to Ogden, Utah, and directs that their paper be forwarded to them at the latter place."

In 1920 Lovelock, Nevada, Sylvester is a railroad pumper, 45, with Gertrude R. 37, both born in Iowa, with Francis 14 born in Wyoming.

October 8, 1920 "Monday afternoon about three o’clock Mrs. S. E. Mohatt of Lovelock, Nevada, who was here visiting her father, was taken with an attack of heart failure which resulted in her death.
Mrs. Mohatt arrived Saturday, expecting to spend some time here in the hopes that a change of climate would be beneficial to her health. She was feeling unusually well Monday and she and her father had planned on driving over to Yuma to see an old friend of Mrs. Mohatt, who was going to accompany them home and spend a few days with them at Otis. After dinner she told her father that she felt well, but was sleepy. He told her there was no hurry about the trip and for her to go and lie down for awhile; this she did and got up after awhile and said she had a fine nap an was feeling good. She then went to an outhouse and her father after waiting a short time he becam uneasy and told Mrs. A. J. Loy that he wished she would go and look for her. Mrs. Loy went immediately and found her crumpled up on the floor. A doctor was summuoned, but upon examination pronounced live extinct.

She was born at Thurman, Fremont county, Iowa, December 19th, 1882. Of her immediate family, besides her father, she leaves to mourn her untimely death her husband, and one son, who were at their home at Lovelock, but who are expected on No. 14 today. ( Thursday )
No funeral arrangements will be made until after the arrival of husband and son.
It's a sad ending of an anticipated happy visit, but we must all pass on, so Providence decrees and it is only a mattcr of time until the Grim Destroyer visits our homes and takes away those whom we hold most dear. — Otis Independent."

Gertrude 1822-1920 # 102876827 and Sylvester Mohatt 1874-1936 are buried in Mount Olivet, Wheat Ridge.

March 25, 1891 Littleton, Colorado "H.B. Stigers and family moved Saturday to their new home in Denver. They recently sold their ranch to G. J. Mohatt, of Nevada. "
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