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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Prudence (Lewis)(Murdock) Snyder, daughters Dualla and Alfretta, sons Alonzo, Bashford, Daniel

In 1860 Polk County, Missouri, Daniel Murdock is 48, a clergyman, with Prudence 40, Charles 16, Mary 14, Alonzo 12, Bashford 10, Louisa 8, Daola R. 6 and Effie 2.

Daniel died April 5, 1863, a chaplain in the U.S. Army, and is buried in Springfield National, Missouri.

In 1870 Washington County, Kansas, S.L. Sinder is 61, Prudence 48. B.E. W. Murdock 20 male, A.D. 22 male, A. 17 female, and A. D. 15 Murdock female

In 1875 Washington County, P.F. Snider is 66, Prudence 54, John Dixon 25, D.A. Murdock 20, and Daniel Murdock 14.

February 25, 1899

Prudence "Snider" 1821-1899 is buried in Wymore, Nebraska # 63655384.

Homesteading in section 18, next to Dualla, Jonathan B. Snider in 1891 and Edward G. Snider in 1894.
October 1899 "J.B. Snider of Laird was shaking hands with the good democrats in Yuma."
Emma M. (Sample) Murdock 1869-1955 is buried in Wray # 30695109, with Daniel A. 1861-1931 # 30695096.


In 1900 Yuma County, on the same page as Daniel and Duella, Alfretta L.. Hayes is widowed, born Sept 1853 in OHio, with Earl F. July 1883 and Jessey M. August 1886, both born in Nebraska.

She's living with Earl in 1920 Yuma County. Earl is 36, married to Magaret H. 20, born in Kansas.
Earl and Margaret are in Los Angeles in 1930, where he is a carpenter. Eugene M. is 9, and Ruthe E. 7.

Alfretta is living alone in 1930 Laird, Yuma County.

Alfretta 1852-1933 is buried in Wray # 63831394.
Earl Felix Hayes was born July 10, 1883 at Grand Island, Nebraska, and died May 1962.
Earl registered for WWI in Whittier California, working for teh Stae Highway Department, reference Mr. T. W. Martin of 615 N. Bright, Whittier.

In 1940 Los Angeles, Margaret is 40, married to William Sterling 66. Eugene M. and Ruth are both with them.
Eugene's SS record says his mother was a Summers.

Eugene 1920-1992 is buried in Kent, Washington # 40746776 - "Major USAF, WWII Korea, Vietnam, Phillipsine Ex-POW.

Jessie M. (Hayes) McGinnis 1886-1986 is buried in Wray # 55046927.

Dualla proved up a quarter in 20, 1N 42W in 1896 - about three miles south of Laird.
She timber-claimed a quarter in 7 in 1903.

December 1901 "Miss Dualla Murdock, who has been with the Counter family in Fort Collins since September, has returned home."
Dualla died June 25, 1908, and is buried in Wymore # 62445822.

July 3, 1908 "Duella R. Murdock of Laird, who has been ill for about a year, died in a hospital at Lincoln, Nebraska, June 20, from a cancer.
Miss Murdock had been a sufferer for upwards of twelve mouths, the last two of which were severe. Last week she was taken to the hospital by her brother, Lou Murdock, in the hope that something to relieve her could be done, but she was past help and passed peacefully away, within a few days after her arrival there. The remains were taken to Wymore, Nebraska, and interred by the side of those of her mother. Deceased was nearly 51 years of age, and had been a faithful member of the Presbyterian church the past eighteen years, passing away in the full knowledge of a happy life beyond.
She leaves two brothers in this county, Lon and Manny Murdock, and a sister, Mrs. Hays of Laird, and a brother Captain Murdock of Wymore Nebraska, to mourn her demise. She had been a resident of this county nineteen years."

"On this 11th day of April A. D. 1910, upon the petition of D. A. Murdock and Earl Hayes administrators of said estate of Dulla R. Murdock,, for the sale of the following described real estate, to-wit: Southwest Quarter, Section Seven Township One North, Range Forty two West, in Yuma County, Colorado, for the purpose of distribution of the estate among the heirs. Now, therefore, it is ordered by the Court that Bashford Murdock, Jesse McGinnis, Frank Murdock, Arthur Murdock, Glen E. Murdock, Earl Hayes and Daniel A. Murdock, guardian of Dualla Louise Murdock, Daniel L. Murdock, Earl F. Murdock and Infant son of Daniel A. Murdock... "

"Heirs of Bashford Murdock" proved up a quarter in 6 and 7, 1N 42W in 1892.
Bashford died July 24, 1888, and is buried in Wymore # 62445820.


In 1900 Yuma County, Daniel born January 1862 and sister Duella October 1857, both born in MIssouri, are farming.

Daniel A. Murdock proved up a quarter in 12, 1N 43W in 1892, and another 120 acres timber-claimed in 1903.

In 1910 Yuma County, Daniel and Emma have been married ten years. Emma is 42, born in Iowa. Daniel is 8, Earl 6, Duella 5, and Fred 2.
They have the same four kids in 1920 Yuma County.

In 1930 Yuma County, they have Fred 22 and grandson Stanley two months. Louise ( Duela Louise)_is 25 born in Colorado, married to Ephraim Carlock 20, born in MIssouri.

In 1940 E.D. and D. Louise Carlock are in Amarillo, Texas, and Emma M. 71 is with them.

Emma M. (Sample) Murdock 1869-1955 is buried in Wray, # 30695109, with Daniel A. 1861-1931 # 30695096.

In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, Alonzo is a railroad employee, 32, married to Sada 21, with Bashford 2. Sada's brother Charles Halse, a carpenter, 17 is with them.

Charles Francis Murdock was born December 5, 1882 at Hastings, Nebraska to Alonzo D. Murdock and Zaddie Hultz.

Alonzo D. Murdock proved up a quarter in 1 and 12, 1N 43W in 1892.

June 23, 1900 "D. A. Murdock and Miss Emma Sample were married by Rev. Ellis last Sunday morning."

October 26, 1901 "A. D. Murdock Thursday received a telegram that Mrs. Nellie Orrendorf had died at Ouray . "

Alonzo D. 1847-1927 is buried in Wray # 30695084

So is Mary Alice (Jordan) Murdock 1848-1930 # 30695119.

December 1900 "O. M. Murdock of Wymore, Neb., was here this week for a visit to his brothers, D. A. and A. D. Murdock. Mr. Murdock is the publisher of the Wymore Reporter. He will soon take orders for an automatic pump. He says it will fill a long-felt want among farmers and stockmen."

August 8, 1918 Laird items "Lon Murdock is in receipt of a letter from his son Frank, who is engaged in ship building at the Government ship yards at Portland, Oregon. Frank says there are 4 000 men employed there, and among them are Alex and Fred Sample, formerly of Laird. The writer likes the work very much."

March 2, 1922 "A. D. Murdock received a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hayes a few days ago, in which they state that they are much pleased with California. It will be recalled that Mr. and Mrs. Hayes, formerly of Laird, left that town several months ago and went to California, hoping that the change might prove beneficial to Mrs. Hayes, who was suffering from heart trouble. The Rattler is glad to note that the change has resulted in much good for Mrs. Hayes and that she is much improved in health even at this early date.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes are living at Los Angeles, where Mr. Hayes has steady employment."

June 5, 1903 "The following in regard to the death of Ertle Murdock, niece of Mr. Lou Murdock, of Laird, was clipped from a Wymore, Nebr., paper.
While her life was bright with girlish joys and future hopes, Death suddenly snatched from our midst Ertle Murtlock, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Murdock of this city, Wednesday afternoon. A picnic party of ninth grade students had gone to Fink's lake to spend the day under the chaperonage of Miss Mae Todd, and after lunch the young people sought plensure by wading and learning to swim. At places the lake is deep and before the child realized it they were in water beyond their depth. Miss Murdock and Maude Burright were the only two who went under water and the latter was saved only by the heroic effort of her friends. But Ertle could not be reached and before their very eyes she sank beneath the waters never to rise again. It is distressingly sad for only a few moments before she had been the life of the crowd. She was of a sunny disposition and the friends who gathered at her bier to lay floral tributes bore silent confirmation of her popularity among her associates and classmates. She was a bright accomplished girl and was the only child at home. The body was recovered late in the evening of the same day, but life was extinct and no amount of medical skill could bring color back to the pallid cheeks. The funeral was held from the family home yesterday afternoon and was largely attended."

May 23, 1918 "Mr. and Mrs. Alexander motored down from Fort Morgan Sunday and are visiting Mrs. A. L. Hayes and D. A. Murdock, who are cousins of Mrs. Alexander, and Mrs. D. C. McGinnis, who is a niece. The Alexanders home is in Pittsburg, Penn. They are spending the summer in Colorado to benefit Mrs. Alexander's health." "

May 19, 1905 "Invitations were received in the city Saturday, to the wedding of Mr. Francis Murdock and Miss Maude Sample, which occurred in Newberg, Oregon, yesterday. These young people were former residents of the vicinity of Laird, and have a host of Yuma county friends who will join with the Gazette in extending congratulations."

Maude was the daughter of Joel O. Sample, son of John Sample.

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