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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles Heath Nuckolls

"An interesting man, he was a homesteader, a policeman, town marshal, Justice of the Peace and he once took President Teddy Roosevelt hunting. "

In 1854, Heath Nuckolls was in the mercantile business dealing in groceries and general merchandise in Nebraska City, Nebraska. He married Susan Rutledge. In the 1860's he ran a store in Central City, Colorado Territory but spent the remainder of his life in Nebraska. Lafayette Nuckolls was a member of the First Territorial Session of Nebraska, when but nineteen years of age. When someone asked his age, shortly before the swearing in, his reply was "Ask my constituents, as Henry Clay once said." The average age of this group of men was thirty-two years of age. He served but one term. Later he made one trip to Colorado Territory with his brother Columbus. On the trip the wagon train was attacked by Indians.

He never made another trip to Colorado. He married Lizzie Moody. They moved to Texas to make their home.

During 1858, in Nebraska, there was much unrest about which town would be named the capitol. The Editor of the newspaper was about to be lynched by a mob. When all preparations had been made and the noose was around the neck of the Editor, Columbus Nuckolls came riding into town with a poke of gold from the Colorado Territory. Everyone left the hanging unfinished to see the gold and hear the story. Thus the life of the Editor was saved.

In 1867 Columbus was named Territorial Treasurer and School Superintendent.
His daughter Lillian Virginia born in Glenwood Iowa July 10, 1855 died in December 31. She married O.P. Fluke in Denver Sept 10, 1873, living in Georgetown Colorado ten years, then Hastings Nebraska, then to Idaho Springs Colorado in May 1894.

Columbus' second wife was a Palmer, related to William Jackson Palmer, the railroad man of Colorado Springs.

Charles cash-claimed 160 acres in sections 7 and 8, 1N 42W in 1882 touching what would be the site Laird after the railroad was built a couple of years later.
His claim might be tied to the Fahringer and Seigel claims a mile east, also in 1882.

Nuckolls, Charles H. lived in: 12 Precinct West Cliff, Clear Creek County, Colorado born February 1857, IA IA IA Carpenter
Maggie J, wife, b April 1857, married 18 yrs, 4 children, 4 living, Canada , Canada , Canada
Minnie J, dau, b Jan 1885, b CO
Maud L, dau, b November 1888, b CO
Oscar C, son, b December 1890 b CO
Harry L, son, b March 1893, b CO

Charles Heath Nuckolls married Margaret McHeffey 08 Aug 1881 Georgetown, Clear Creek County.
Mother of five children; 3 daughters & 2 sons

Oscar Charles Nuckolls was born at Arvada, Colorado December 29, 1890, and in Granby Colorado for WWI registration, a civil engineer, single.

David Moffat was trying to build a railroad from Denver to Salt Lake City, and wanted to use the Colorado River route from Granby to Grand Junction. He was opposing a utility company plans to build a dam across a gorge on the rier, and he needed that gorge for the fail line. In 1904, he solicited Teddy Roosevelt for a hunt, and Moffat had Charles along as one of the hunting guides. Moffat secured Roosevelt's support and got the route.
Charles H. Nuckolls married Sarah S. Barber April 29, 1903, recorded in Denver.

1909 "From a conversation with Mr. Charles Nuckolls, who has taken a leading part in politics in Grand county , we are informed of the extraordinary conditions which threw the county from the Republican column into Democratic ranks last fall. Local conditions, not general policies, were the moving force. This being true, it naturally suggests itself that when the Democrats are right, as in that county, the local organization should be alert and active enough to make those conditions Democracy thenceforward. By so doing, its ground is safely taken and with the adoption of the right the party can hold the allies which aided in winning the fight this time. — Idaho Springs Gazette."

In 1910 Granby Colorado, Charles H. Nuckolls is manager of the telephone company, and Mrs. C.H. Nuckolls is proprietor of the James Peak Hotel.

The 1910 census has Charles 53 born in Iowa, married seven years to Sara S. 40 Pennsylvania, with Oscar 20 Harris 17, and Margaret 9.

July 7, 1911 Sulphur Springs "Maud Nuckolls of Denver, daughter of C. H. Nuckolls of Granby, died suddenly in that city last Friday night and was brought here for burial last Monday afternoon. A short service was conducted at the grave by Pastor J. P. Campbell of the First Congregational church of this city."

1914 "The James Peak Hotel at Granby, which has been for several years a popular hostelry under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Nuckolls, has been leased by them to Bud Leach for the season. Judge and Mrs. Nuckolls are retiring to their summer home on the ranch for the present. The new proprietor has already taken charge and our latest information is that they already have an abundance of patronage, and we hope it will continue."

Minnie Z. Nuckolls married Harry Gilmore in Idaho Springs in November 1901.
Harry died March 13, 1907 in Denver, and is buried in Fairmonunt.

Minnie is in Grand County in 1910, too, now married to Lew Wallace 39 Colorado his first marriage. They have Gladys M. six months, and hMinnie's two daughter Virginia Gilmore 5 and Gladys Gilmore 3.
Minnie died in 1946, buried in Hot Sulphur Springs # 21953302.
That's the same Minnie Dunham 1885-1946 buried in Hot Sulphur Springs # 95324832.
She had married Lewis Wallace Feb 12, 1908 in Grand County, and then Albert Dunham in 1927 in Grand County.

Charles proved up a quarter in Grand County in 1918.

In 1920 Grand County, Charles is 60 farming, and Sarah B. 56 is the postmistress, born in Pennsylvania, parents in Ireland. Margaret 19 is with them.

August 13, 1924 "Charles H. Nuckolls of Granby died last week at St. Antonys hospital in Denver, of diabetes. In a final attempt to save his life at the hospital his right leg was amputated, but to no avail. The funeral services were held at Hot Sulphur Springs."

Charles Heath Nuckolls 1857-1924 is buried in Hot Sulphur Springs # 93908052. Margaret Jane "Maggie" McHeffey Nuckolls 1857-1901 is buried in Idaho Springs, # 95310851.
Sarah H. Nuckolls 1860-1942 is buried there too, # 21681542.

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